Lessons from Genghis Khan and Subedei: Tech-Nomadism, Minimalism and The New Modern Man

Genghis Khan conquered much of the world, in part through the power of minimalism

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Relampago Furioso’s blog focuses on improving men’s lives in a practical way. The minimalist lifestyle is one of the most interesting concepts explored here – reducing living expenses to a bare minimum opens up enormous opportunities for men dissatisfied with Anglo-American life. From a recreational standpoint, the money saved by minimalist living can fund stimulating jaunts to man-friendly societies. And with persistence the enlightened man can ultimately relocate for good, as so many of us wish to do. There to taste soft, laughing lips and loving smiles on golden foreign shores…

While there are some interesting minimalist books and videos available, it must be said that far more inspiring models of applied minimalism can be found in the pages of history. For example, Genghis Khan conquered the largest land empire ever known. His army achieved this using extreme minimalism augmented by mobility and firepower. Each Mongol warrior was a one man army: he carried sixty arrows, a sword, his bow and even a needle and thread. He could live off mare’s milk and horse blood if no food was available, obviating the need for a costly supply train. And anything else he required could be acquired on the march by raid and rapine. Genghis Khan himself despised the hoarding of wealth or possessions, finding pleasure in only sex and conquest: one in every two hundred men alive today is his descendant, an astonishing genetic achievement.

The legendary General Subedei, one of Genghis Khan’s Four Dogs of War, was the ultimate embodiment of nomadic minimalism. His final campaign against Europe in 1241 involved marching thousands of miles before outwitting and destroying Europe’s finest warriors in a brilliant sequence of battles using rockets, creeping barrages and smoke screens – none of which the West had seen before. Subedei had been commanding troops since his teens and most of his officers had campaigned with him in many lands. The renowned Hungarian cavalry were crushed at Mohi on the Sajo River after decisive European defeats at Legnica and Transylvania. Only the death of the Great Khan Ogedei prevented the total subjugation of Europe at Subedei’s hands. Like his master Genghis Khan, the great general was buried in an unmarked grave now lost to history. For what mattered to these men was a glorious life, not raising futile monuments over rotting bones. Although derided as unlettered and barbaric, the Mongols had a tragic self-awareness far beyond that of their ‘sophisticated’ neighbours; for ultimately, everything is pointless in the face of eternity.

Yes, the modern world is corrupt and insipid; but if he chooses, a man can walk in the footsteps of ancient heroes. And since the rise of the Internet, nomadic minimalism has become a perfect lifestyle for the enlightened man. Today, all anyone needs for survival is a phone/tablet/laptop linked to the Internet, an online bank account, a place to crash (any motel will do) and a motor vehicle. Whores and food can be ordered as necessity requires. Thus equipped, the modern tech-nomad has all the far-ranging mobility of his Mongol forebears. Liberated from place and circumstance, he spits on the sheeple and their sedentary lifestyle as the Mongols despised their ‘civilized’ neighbours. And having no ties or responsibilities makes him impossible to coerce or corral, as modern authorities are finding to their cost. The instantaneous nature of the Internet allows him to move money, search out opportunities and communicate with the flick of a finger. He is the supreme minimalist, completely impervious to marketing, advertising and other consumerist brainwashing.

No wonder the Matrix trembles before us.

However, the Mongols offer lessons beyond radical minimalism. Their empire incorporated nations from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific, yet ruled them all effectively. This short-lived ‘Pax Mongolica’ linked east and west for the first time ever; some even call it the world’s first global civilization. And it was largely achieved by developing a flexible, internationalist outlook. Learning to think beyond one’s birth country and indeed, the Anglosphere itself, is vitally important for the Enlightened Man. The Anglo-American Matrix insinuates that nothing of note exists beyond its confines – or worse, that only Anglosphere countries have legal protections for their citizens (when the US locks up a huge percentage of its male population). Foreign travel quickly breaks down these lame assumptions; and bilingualism allows one to think outside the Matrix and build a lifestyle beyond it.

Beyond that, clear similarities between Thirteenth Century Asia and the contemporary Anglosphere make the Mongol revolution a valid lifestyle model for enlightened men. Both regions were/are ruled by weary, discredited elites ripe for overthrow. Both cultures were/are brittle, defined by alienated citizens, exalted women and low trust relationships. Both regions were/are living on past glories, folk memories of a lost golden age which can never return. These weaknesses make the contemporary Anglosphere ideal for exploitation using nomadism, minimalism and other Mongol methods. Like the vast Khwaresmian Empire shattered by Genghis Khan and Subedei, it is a lumbering giant easy to outwit.

Be about it.

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  • ‘MGTOW isn’t the cancer. Feminists, male disposability, gynocentrism and Tradcons are the cancer. All came on the scene long before MGTOW came to the fore. MGTOW is what happens when men get woke.’

    All true. However, living like a caveman or nomad isn’t some ‘second best’ option for men if they opt out of society. In truth, men instinctively PREFER these lifestyles – they confer levels of adventure, freedom and choice completely lacking in the gynocentric, legalistic and puritanical Anglosphere. Healthy men WANT to eat meat roasted over an open fire in some virgin wilderness. Civilization is something men endure to keep women happy, like shopping; nothing more.


  • Wasn’t there a villain race on one of the 90s Star Trek series who were like the Mongols? Not the Klingons, but another rehash of them? As poisonous with the lefty agenda as the Star Trek series were, you could still get something out of it if you sided with the “villain” races who were the embodiment of exactly what type of social arrangements scared the liberal sissies and feminists who write this drivel in Hollywood. I wonder how long it would take in a breakdown of order-survival situation for men to stop listening to women and let the men who are proven problem solvers give the orders. Would we putter through a generation or two who still were so infected with liberal democracy they’d call together a council of all the wives, faggots, weak men, and let everyone a voice? Or if this liberal feminist crap would evaporate fairly quickly, the real problem solving men never believed in it to begin with and secretly longed for this “HR” crap to go away and the career bitch to get out of their way.


  • Feminism is a lie of truly monstrous proportions. Feminism is the epitome of psychopathy. Women weren’t blocked from working nor forced into the home as slaves to men. The real truth is, a) women weren’t capable of doing the highly laborious, dangerous and life threatening/shortening jobs men did in those days, b) gynocentrism forbade men from thinking this slavery of men for women’s & the states benefit unfair to men overall and c) society mandated that men of any real value (real men) provide for and protect women and the state. These were social constructs women of the time fully supported and enforced through the withholding of sex without marriage (forcing men to pay for the poon).

    Feminism allowed women to cast off their burden and suffering through the evils of patriarchal marriage, deny men the sex they’d in reality paid for, deny men access to their children and to forcefully transfer men’s property, assets and income to said strong, powerful, independent and newly liberated women. It’s why men have consistently built, maintained and improved all upon the Earth. It was all for women. It was all to pay women for the privilege of access to the poon. Once you realize why you’re a builder, maintainer and war fighter, and how women have used your astonishing achievements and sacrifices only to label you a misogynist and oppressor and to force your wealth and power to themselves (stab you in the back/play you like a fool) you become a minimalist. There’s no longer an incentive to build, fight and maintain, so you revert to your minimalist (caveman) instincts. It is there you’ll find sovereignty and freedom from the only real oppression; indentured slavery to women & their true husband, the state.

    Giving those with little to no skin in the game the right to vote was the primary downfall. Women have built zero upon the Earth and it was only men who were trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for the advancement of women & the state. That’s still true even today. Gulf War Combat Related Deaths: 3000 men, <100 women. It's why we have the male-only draft. People without a certain level of standing in society, when given the vote, vote only for what's in their own best interests regardless of how that might damage society as a whole. It's why unmarried women, feminists, gays, lesbians, transgenders, blacks and browns all voted for Hillary and why mostly married women and whites voted for Trump. Democrats want wealth and power forcefully transferred to themselves via state aggression (socialism). Feminists want wealth and power forcefully transferred via state power from men to women and the state (socialism).

    Once the power of the vote was given to those that simply use that power to forcefully transfer wealth and power, via state aggression, from others to themselves, it was all over. There's a famous quote that basically says that once people figure out this flaw in our republic, it's all down hill.

    Men don't need big homes, new shiny cars, expensive clothes, thousands in expensive furniture, etc, if they're not preening like peacocks to be selected worthy of the poon or when the juice becomes unworthy of the squeeze; hence MGTOW. MGTOW isn't the cancer. Feminists, male disposability, gynocentrism and Tradcons are the cancer. All came on the scene long before MGTOW came to the fore. MGTOW is what happens when men get woke.


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