Manufactured Terrorism: Is Las Vegas Another Chapter in State Sponsored Terror?


Are Western powers manufacturing terror events to strip civil liberties and keep sheeple in a state of panic?

It seems Western shadow governments, often referred to as the Deep State are ramping up the frequency and intensity of their psyop assaults on the Western populace. The latest mass shooting tragedy comes out of Las Vegas, and it happened during a country music concert. This crisis comes right on the heels of government-paid thugs in blue attacking Catalonians in Spain for having a referendum that would give them independence from globalist, EU-linked Spain. From The Daily Mail:

Police say 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock used automatic weapons to rain down gunfire on a crowd of 22,000 people attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday night, from his room across the street in the Mandalay Bay hotel.

How did Paddock get automatic weapons into a casino in the first place? And, did the weapons have the range to inflict the death and injury reported by American media? Infowars brings up this interesting point:

What weapon was he using? That is important in deciding whether Paddock could, from a significant distance, inflict the reported destruction of life. Or whether, as earlier reports/rumors suggested, there was more than one shooter.

The “lone nut gunman who committed suicide or was killed” narrative is a well-worn plot device of The Corrupt Media and the power mad U.S. government going all the way back to the days of Lee Harvey Oswald, used to explain away nearly every mass shooting of recent years. Continuing from the Daily Mail:

[Police] used explosives to blow the door off his room, but by then it was too late – Paddock had shot himself dead. Inside the room they found an ‘arsenal’ including 10 rifles.

No motive has surfaced. By some accounts, Paddock just liked to gamble and waste time at the slots in Vegas with his Asian wife. Infowars reports:

In an interview, Paddock’s brother said he was absolutely shocked, and his brother, Stephen, was “just a guy.” No motive, no reason to go on a rampage.

Then, the New York Post reveals – perhaps unsurprisingly to those acquainted with false flag terror models – Paddock is indirectly linked to the FBI since his father was on the agency’s most wanted list, which according to Global Research is connected to every major terror event going back to 2001:

Lurking behind the shadowy armies of would-be jihadis in the popular imagination is the sober reality that every single major terror bust in the U.S. since 9/11 has been sourced back to the same group. A single entity that is in every single case, funded, equipped, and even incited the would-be terrorists into action: the FBI.


Webster Tarpley’s State Sponsored False Flag Terrorism model (click to enlarge)

Enter Webster Tarpley’s insightful model of State Sponsored False Flag terrorism. Tarpley uses it to convincingly show how the events of 9/11 were in all probability conducted by shadow elements within the U.S. government.

Other research shows Tim Osman, later known as Osama bin Laden, was trained and equipped by the CIA, and labeled a “freedom fighter” before the U.S. government decided it wanted to destroy one of the last patriarchal societies on the planet and hung Osman out to dry. In essence, Tim Osman/Osama bin Laden was a patsy blamed for the crimes of 9/11 who actually died in 2001.

TNMM has previously revealed how the official story of how Osama bin Laden was killed a decade later by Seal Team Six, his body mysteriously buried at sea without any evidence, and then Seal Team Six themselves later dying in a helicopter crash a short time after is so farcical it is beyond belief. Yet another stunning account of events the government expects the public to chew on like so much cud.


Why are two windows blown out at the Mandalay Bay if the shooter was a lone gunman?

Was Paddock a Patsy?


Paddock, the purported mass shooter, pictured with his wife

Could Paddock, like Osman, also have been a Patsy in yet another state-sponsored false flag terror event? It’s easy to imagine the CIA or FBI feeling out, then setting up Paddock to scapegoat him as a patsy, moving in with surgical precision to murder him with the very professional killers, technicians, and special forces (from Tarpley’s model) who then proceed to conduct a mass shooting from not one but two windows of the Mandalay Bay casino. The deed done, the professional killers then pin the crime on him.

A married, hard-drinking, gambling 64-year old retiree with no criminal record seems an unlikely terrorist mastermind. Of course, the above photo of not one but two blown out windows at Mandalay Bay lends credence to the idea there were at least two guns being used at the time of the mass shooting. How did a big oaf like this manage to shoot thousands of rounds out of two windows of the casino? Moreover, how did he even get access to military weapons, which are illegal for the public to buy?

There is precedent for this hypothesis. Judge Napolitano revealed on national television that in the case of the Orlando mass shooting nobody actually died at the Pulse nightclub until SWAT teams started entering at 5:13 a.m.! This astonishing revelation is not a matter of conjecture, but of the official police record! It is, of course, a strong insinuation that SWAT teams were responsible for the deaths at the nightclub, not the incompetent “lone nut” gunman blamed for the incident.

Then, there’s the bad acting from supposed eyewitnesses in the mainstream media that add another layer of fishiness to the “official” accounts of the events in Las Vegas. Check out possible Crisis Actor #1 and Crisis Actor #2. The women they picked for these interviews are terrible actresses.

In any case, George Carlin said it best when listening to “official” accounts of anything issued by the U.S. government and its puppets in the mainstream media:

I have certain rules I live by. My first rule I don’t believe anything the government tells me. And I don’t take very seriously the media, or the press, in this country. Most of the time their function is kind of an unofficial public relations agency for the United States government, so I don’t listen to them.

Indeed, in the Orwellian world we now find ourselves living in all “official” sources seem to be playing both sides for the One World Government, globalist cabal. Both right and left leaning news sources are not to be trusted. As Bernie Suarez for The Waking Times put it:

Anyone can step back and see that the only beneficiary of ALL of these shooting events is … government. More than ever in the history of humankind there is an urgent need for you the individual to think on your own; and not doing so means you will die or be permanently enslaved.

The sheeple may just drag all of us down with them with their inability to see the cold, hard truth of reality. The U.S. government has gone rogue.

No matter what happened in Las Vegas, the takeaway message is we should all be questioning our masters, their motives, and what they hope to accomplish after this tragedy, i.e. what liberties they want to strip away from us after this and every coming crisis looming on the horizon.

We live in interesting, and dangerous times.

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  • Let’s not forget another bloody hoax massacre, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

    It’s got Clinton Inc fingerprints all over it. Three months into the revolutionary Contract With America where a major threat to the deep state – a power shift away from DC – was underway and this staged event effectively derailed its momentum.

    Fake suspects, quick trial and execution, and the mysterious disappearance of John Doe #2 neatly played out in Oswaldish fashion.


  • This incident/activity is also a convenient distraction from the rape of Puerto Rico, again. The oligarchs want another play ground and are using the now man-made crisis as an anvil/hammer, such as not allowing food and clothing not being allowed to leave the docks which would help the people. The oligarchs and others believe that the best time to steal assets is when there is blood in the streets.


    • Manhandling the Anglosphere

      Anton Popov. I fully agree. Since they can’t rape Cuba and the Dominican Republic like they use to Puerto Rico is the next best thing. Since they are a territory of the US they’re in a limbo status not theoretically a free sovereign state nor are they a US state with full legal rights, guaranteed funding, and federal bankruptcy bailout.


  • Yeah these peices dont fit in my mind but time will show more details. He could be a puppet or maybe a manifesto will emerge. His brother seems honestly bewildered. No criminal history at 64 then the biggest mass shooter overnight. Two dozen guns? How many were needed/used? Sounds like he had assistance to say the least. One man @ 1100+ feet shots? 59 dead 527 injured. Bull. Too fishy. Very sad the croud was singing God bless America just before hundreds of bullets ripped through their bodies and god was nowhere to be found. Trump prays for families. Pfft. What good does that do? I know hes just playing the role, & people resume their normal attitudes shortly thereafter.


  • yeah sure take away the peoples rights to hold guns and let’s be just like Socialist countries where only thieves have access to guns and homeowners are at their mercy.


    • Remember, when the SHTF there will be a gun in the trunk of almost any unattended police car. There is probably a key to the trunk concealed somewhere accessible on the outside of the car. There will also be sticks to make spears, bows and arrows and rocks to put in a sling or in your hand. Until then keep your head down, learn to walk quietly, find a partner.


  • It is my belief that all of these gunmen are left wing (i.e. mentally unstable) tools against the normies (e.g. blue pillers .. cuz red-pillers see right thru this crap).

    I would also bet he was on anti-depressents or other psycho-tro-pic drugs .. prescribed by doctors (e.g. agents of th FBI).


  • Funny how this guy & his wife were at an Anti-Trump rally wearing pink shirts & that stupid pink pussy cat hat ..

    In fact it’s odd how the FBI could clear him of all ISIS ties in less than an hour and we still have a special (waste of money) special coumselbinto Putin – Trump .. lol ..

    Nothing says the FBI was involved faster than them having i fo on this guy right away.


  • I would answer, yes, this is state sponsored. Moreover, it is church sponsored as in all roads lead to Rome either via the apostolic nuncios or the Jesuit pipeline which includes all universities, hospitals, corporations, military and police.
    The logistics involved in preparing and shooting 250 – 1,000 bullets in 10 minutes point to at least 2 shooters with exceptional training and ability.
    A lone gunner with a grudge is more inclined to NOT suicide so he can air his grudge.
    Some police photos were quite obviously staged with citizens walking around while police were ready with fingers on the trigger.
    Unidentified witnesses are not witnesses at all.
    The takeaway is that whether at a seamy bar in Orlando or at a madhouse concert in Las Vegas you take great risks for a little thrill.
    The Red Pill man, or woman, would know better than to be at these events and should prepare for many others.
    You might survive as a Guerrilla when the time comes but that requires competent companions and cohesion. Probably better just to be a pariah outcast with a mate or two and wives for each.
    We are being warned!


    • Manhandling the Anglosphere

      The church has little to nothing to do with this.
      The STATE is the RELIGION of the masses.
      This smells like Orlando and Paris all over again; the global elites are trying to stir the pot and distract us.


      • Obviously you are a little ignorant. Allow me to clarify the matter: The Papacy (white and black) controls the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Garter, Knights of St. John (the Hospitaliers), Knights of Columbus, The Golden Knights, York Rite Masons, Scottish Rite Masons, Jesuits, etc. and every Protestant Church head. That includes The Church of England, Scotland, Ireland, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, etc. All of their bibles say so. Every President, and Vice Pres., is sworn in with a Bible some Catholic, some Baptist, some Pentecostal but all lead to Rome. NO war is fought but that it is blessed by the head Priest of each nation. EVERY police, fire, military and hospital order of rank is under the control of various Knights as above. EVERY Global Elite pays homage to the church of Rome and rules only with their permission. Religion is about money. The original scriptures are about righteousness. These are not compatible.
        The largest single encampment of Jesuits is the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.
        Trump went to high school, then military academy, and then, the Jesuit Fordham University.
        Reagan called the Pope every week for advice.
        Do you really think Trump is antithetical to the Pope?
        The global Elite, as you might like to call them, are all of the Universal Church. They dictate law, medicine, war, chaos as they see fit.
        What is played out today was planned 500 yrs ago. You are a bit player if you want to be.


      • Manhandling the Anglosphere

        No. I’m not ignorant just because I disagree with you. The STATE is the RELIGION of the masses. Very few people go to “church” anymore but many call on the government not God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit for help when they face a crisis.


      • I was not arguing what you said. I was substantiating what I said. You obviously don’t know about the relationship between the church and government which goes back thousands of years.
        The state may well be the religion of the masses. The masses do think their government is going to save them from the government’s own criminals. Imagine that!
        What they don’t realize, and you don’t understand, is that the governments (govern mints) are ruled by the church of Rome directly or indirectly through all other churches. That is what I was expounding for your benefit because you are obviously ignorant.
        Govern-ment IS control of the mind. The church, through the government(s), controls the minds that chase the mint, or moneta, or money. Moneta was the goddess of Rome who controlled the money supply. Same as medicine, from the medicis who gave you the mafia aligned with Rome, the medical system is ruled by the god Mercury of Rome. All roads lead to Rome. All kings rule at the pleasure of Rome. Trump is allowed to rule by Rome. If not he would be dead now.
        I did not insinuate you were ignorant because you don’t agree with me but because you obviously don’t know about the relationship between the church of Rome and all government(s) of the world.
        Nor am I going to prove the argument to you here as it would, apparently, take several books.
        You can, however, attempt to prove me wrong and in the process prove me right. Or not.
        You stated that the church has little to nothing to do with this. I say it has everything to do with it.
        You said, effectively, that I was wrong. I said you are ignorant; that you don’t know. That’s what ignorant means. If I wanted to say you were stupid, or retarded, as in cannot learn then I would have said that. If I meant you were a fool, knowing better but doing otherwise, then I would have said that.
        I still say that you are ignorant and need to study. Or not.
        You have not proven me wrong but I have proven me right, or, at least uncontested by you.


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