Reader Mailbag: Female Betrayal and Male Reversion to Caveman Instincts


There’s no incentive for men to create without sexual and social rewards

TNMM reader Tim brought us an insightful comment in response to Rookh Kshatriya’s excellent expose on Genghis Khan and the art of minimalism. If you haven’t read Rookh’s piece already, it’s a real gem, and helps lay down new pavement on the road we are building towards enlightenment of those hearty souls who would avail themselves of the truths laid down at this humble outpost.

Tim’s take on minimalism is an interesting one. Women think they’ve empowered themselves with feminism, thereby disposing of those pesky men, but in reality they and the rest of humanity will suffer now that they’ve damned males – the innovators, laborers, and thinkers of society –  to caveman status again.

Delusional Western women must think a magic wand was waved to create the iPhone they swipe their way through Tinder with, looking to hop on their next ride on the cock carousel. But nothing could be further from the truth. Men imagined and built the entire world around them, and betrayal is our thanks. Not just betrayal, but bitter, in-your-face, “Fuck you guys!” betrayal. Women, in their all-consuming lust for materialism and consumerism, have forgotten that incentives matter, and that men aren’t just labor objects, we need a little love, too.

You’ve got to pet a dog once in a while and feed him if you want him to be a good boy, not kick him in the guts every time he wags his tail at you. As Tim puts it:

It’s why men have consistently built, maintained and improved all upon the Earth. It was all for women. It was all to pay women for the privilege of access to the poon. Once you realize why you’re a builder, maintainer and war fighter, and how women have used your astonishing achievements and sacrifices only to label you a misogynist and oppressor and to force your wealth and power to themselves (stab you in the back/play you like a fool) you become a minimalist.

When one realizes the incredible truth of what Tim just said, it makes a man with an already low opinion of women downgrade his opinion of them further. They are the ultimate users and abusers of male utility value, shameless manipulators, and in many ways the ultimate predators. Naturally, when women find a way to do an end run around the very men doing their bidding, they take it.

Why put up with the man when you can use the state to steal what he produces? This thievery works out for a while, before it doesn’t. Tim continues:

There’s no longer an incentive to build, fight and maintain, so you revert to your minimalist (caveman) instincts. It is there you’ll find sovereignty and freedom from the only real oppression; indentured slavery to women & their true husband, the state.

And thus, MGTOW and/or minimalism are an inevitable result. Society is irrevocably damaged by the female being set loose to do what she does best: betraying. Men stop innovating, stop caring, and withdraw from a society that throws them overboard.

Men don’t need big homes, new shiny cars, expensive clothes, thousands in expensive furniture, etc, if they’re not preening like peacocks to be selected worthy of the poon or when the juice becomes unworthy of the squeeze; hence MGTOW. MGTOW isn’t the cancer. Feminists, male disposability, gynocentrism and Tradcons are the cancer. All came on the scene long before MGTOW came to the fore. MGTOW is what happens when men get woke.

Tim is right. MGTOW is what happens when men wake up to the reality of a world that still wants to use their productivity, but wants to treat them like pariahs in return for their hard work and good conduct. Becoming a minimalist is true to male nature when women have decided they can shit on him while times are good.

Predictably, women will come crawling back when tough times surface again, and they need a “real man” to take care of them or protect them from the very hordes they let in as another shit test of the men in their tribe. (See how males are nothing but utilities in the eyes of the female?) Fuck ’em.

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  • Feminists, to Tradcons: “You hold him down while we rob him.” (h/t Dalrock)


  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    Where are these supergirls we’ve been hearing about?

    I guess you didn’t see the wonderfulness that was the new Wonder Woman movie. Even Honest Trailers had to toe the line and refrain from completely ripping it apart.


  • Thanks for the featurette, Relampago. Encore:

    Number of substantial structures on Earth built by women: 0
    Number of substantial structures on Earth built by men: ALL
    Number of wars in which women were trafficked and disposed of for our rights: 0
    Number of wars in which men were trafficked and disposed of for our rights: ALL

    Feminism isn’t about equality. It’s about equity (socialism). Feminism is about forced wealth & power transfer. That’s why they call it socialism in panties. Feminism is simply hyper-gynocentrism (gynocentrism 2.0). Gynocentrism is Tradcon feminism (feminism 1.0). Feminism is about forcing wealth and power from men to women & her true husband, the state; hence Title IX, Affirmative Action, Affirmative Consent, No-Fault Divorce, quotas for women (positive discrimination against men), alimony, asset division, child support (alimony++), SNAP, WIC and on and on and on. Equity. Equity. Equity. Socialism. Socialism. Socialism. Toxic masculinity, man-spreading and man-splaining, oh my! Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

    The funny part is, you hear men complain of the coming man tax. That’s how deep the brainwashing and social conditioning goes. Most men are entirely clueless – and they’re meant to be kept that way by women & the state. They didn’t call it a man tax and it has been with us for several decades already. Man gets down on one knee, offers up a diamond and vows to provide for and protect his bride (prostitute) for life. Then he gets divorce raped, pays alimony, asset division and child support whilst x-wifey does the pool boy & cute bartender and buys them pretty things with x-hubby’s hard earned $$$. They call it marriage, the biggest long con and forced wealth transfer scam in all of inhuman history. What was the attraction for men? Validation. Self-esteem. Ego. The chance to be a ‘real man’, because real men kneel before their benevolent rulers.

    Feminism is civilization-level appropriation of men’s stunning achievements by women and the state. Feminism is hyper-gynocentrism. Feminism & gynocentrism drive male disposability. Gynocentrism is the exploitation, trafficking, manipulation & disposal of men for women’s and the state’s advancement.

    Men are being taken bigly and most haven’t the slightest clue. Male sexism, misogyny and the evil patriarchy are projections upon men by feminists (hyper-gynocentrists) to conceal the exploitation, trafficking, manipulation, brainwashing and disposal of men. Tradcon = Good Cop. Feminist = Bad Cop. They’re attacks meant to put men on their heels in defense. They’re attacks meant to shame men into silence and compliance. They’re attacks meant to condition men into thinking everything bad is men’s fault – when everything good is the result of men’s stunning achievements. We’ve all been conditioned not to care about men.

    POON PSYOPS 101. Know thine enemy.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


    • Major gaslighting too. Men have been gaslighted into always doubting their own decency, intentions, general nature etc.

      Hyper productive, subservient tradcons are the most gullible, exploited dopes in world history. Watch them gush about their ‘bride’ of 30 years and then massively overtip at the golf club in order to justify the weekly perved-out shoulder rub they’re allowed to give to the disgusted 25 year old waitress. Better to spend your retirement in Jakarta, by far.

      Minimalism, reasonable workload and overseas sexual privileges are the proper play in the face of it all.


    • “Tradcon=good cop, feminist=bad cop”

      Solid gold right there.

      Feminists are just insane at this point. The tradcons routing other men into subservience and a life devoid of pleasure are far more insidious. They’re only doing it to stave off their own regret at being stuck with a hard 1, turkey-skinned idiot of a wife once their money comes rolling in in their fifties and beyond. They can’t stand that other guys (“losers,” of course) were able to see that emperor had no clothes. The ‘losers’ off in some corner of the world with a set of 20 year old’s knockers mashing against their face.


  • This is the Big Adjust to feminism. PUA assholery and MGTOW.

    I think it’s happened before in human history, but modern comms are unleashing this one with extreme rapidity.

    Men have suffered horribly (me included) by playing by the old rules and it feels good to push back.

    But I see that women, especially younger ones, didn’t really ask for this. They’re just happily running the female survival life-script as they have for eons.

    They’re oblivious to men’s hardships and that cultural marxists are using them to destroy society.

    Over the last several years i’ve started to not blame women personally for this mess. Men would probably do they same thing if given unwarranted power.

    So, as woke men, we can negotiate the best deal we can get with women in our lives. Often it will mean walking away, because a particular woman is asking too much and giving too little.

    But some particular woman may offer you a good deal. And you should take it, knowing what you require and what you won’t put up with.


    • “Men would probably do they same thing if given unwarranted power.”

      You seem to have missed that whole 7000 years of civilization building, innovation and social development. Females are ruining it all in their first few decades of power.


  • Because man created civilization, he transcends it.

    Because civilization was created for women, they never can.

    Nomadic barbarism is man’s natural state, and will always return when civilization moves too far from Nature.

    Misandrist feminism, sexual deviance and males adopting nomadism are universal signs of societal collapse.


  • Men’s ability to live very well, on very little, in a way that women simply can’t is always the dynamic that has ended every attempt at female ’empowerment’. And it is all the more powerful for not being a considered reaction – for it is purely instinctive. This trait is the nuclear option that nature gifts men for times when women get out of control.

    We are seeing it being invoked in more and more men every day. MGTOW is not a movement, it’s an instinct, one that has resided in men forever. Good luck suppressing that with fifty years of a failed ideology.


  • Exactly the same thing that happened under communism. Except Marx was mistaken to thing that rich men wanted these feminine materialist accoutrements for their own sake, rather than to attract women, and to control other men. There is speculation that Putin may be the richest man in the world, yet he shows few signs of living like Versace. This money is to control other men, to exercise power, to pay other men so they can use the money to get pussy themselves and be grateful for their position.

    Contrast that with having anglo nerds get rich in tech and not understand how to properly spend their money. Donating it to causes and politicians working for feminist causes. Unmanly “Christian” men wasting money on the lost cause of “starving children” like some sob-sister like Sally Struthers. Or the “Human Trafficking” hoax by missionaries and feminists to ban male sexual access to prostitutes world wide by a downright blood libel turing cunning voluntary whores into “trafficked children” in the minds of square anglos who have no actual experience with the mongering life.


    • Working girls party, snort coke, have thousands a month of discretionary income and then when the wall approaches, all of a sudden they were ‘trafficked.’ Then they get bailed out with all kinds of gov’t money (your money).


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Women have blown it big time. Without being able to harness beta male energy, civilization is going nowhere but through the floor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 40 years of being told constantly that women are better, stronger, smarter and more innately wonderful than men and this is what we get? I’m so disappointed in them. I thought they were better, stronger, smarter and more innately wonderful, blameless, faultless etc. Where are these supergirls we’ve been hearing about? Sweden? Our ‘better halves’ in Sweden drove the world’s most nearly flawless country into the ground in just a few decades. Thought they were better, stronger, smarter….hmmm….confused.


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