Reader Mailbag: You’re Just a Bitter, Rejected Man


TNMM reader Kimberly continues the same, tired old attacks chicks always use against Red Pill men

Is there a rubber stamp from which bitches ink and clunk out their boilerplate attacks? The vitriol spewed against men who have decided there’s more to life than enslaving themselves for a depreciating ASSet never rises beyond the level of trite cliché. Witness this saucy screed from TNMM reader Kimberly:

Misogynist garbage obviously written by a rejected, bitter man.

A man who has slept with 150+ women from virtually all races and backgrounds, and who has at least half a dozen hoes on call around the world is hardly a rejected, bitter man. I’ve had more ass than I care to think about. In fact, I’ve had so much ass women have become nothing but a novelty to me, and any mystical powers they had over my mind in the past have evaporated because I know exactly what kind of creature I’m dealing with.

Maybe this “rejected, bitter man” just knows the female game better than y’all do and decided to write about it so other men could learn to extract from women what guys want before you’re able to stick your stingers into them, like the proverbial scorpion killing the very frog carrying it across the stream. In this case, getting “stung” is being cheated on while at work, frivorce raped, placed into child support penury, etc, etc, etc.

It’s cruel to blame women for staying single when you men have done the same thing! And what about those of us who just weren’t ready for marriage?

Women stay single these days because a) The Anglo-American Matrix has brainwashed them into believing they can live the Have It All™ lifestyle without a pesky man around to provide anything. However, post-feminism the vast majority of women have become serfs on the corporate plantation and welfare state dependents who use Big Daddy Government to extract goodies (i.e. gibsmedats) from Beta males by force; and b) women want to spend their sexual and reproductive prime riding the cock carousel chasing after Alpha/Sigma badboys and layabouts because hardworking, decent Beta males repulse them deep down.

This mating strategy is adopted pre- or post-civilization so women can chase after bad boy seed, extracting it to father the children they want. After copulation and delivery, they can then (chicks hope) drop the little bastards into Beta Bucks guy’s lap because the unstable relationship with asshole guy has ended. It’s evolutionary baggage (selecting for the baddest, most cunning males to ensure genetic survival) that’s arguably no longer useful in civilized societies. Around here, it’s known as Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

Men aren’t getting married because women now represent all risk and no reward thanks to the “not ready for marriage” pablum you just spouted. Marriages that last the longest are those that begin when the female is in her prime and hasn’t been jaded by a decade+ on the cock carousel. Men don’t want chicks who can only offer up anatomy with the equivalent of 250,000 miles on the odometer and some dried up eggs in exchange for the huge risks (think misandrist Anglo court system and bankruptcy) they bring to the table.

Our grandparents married young and stayed together a lifetime. This isn’t a coincidence. This is why marriage and female sexuality have been tightly controlled for thousands of years, in virtually all cultures. The sad truth is women don’t want good guys, because good guys don’t give them tingles the way guys who are going to use and abuse them do. Societies evolved to guide young women into making wiser decisions about who they spread their legs for. Feminism destroyed all this, and therefore destroyed civilization. It’s why everything is falling apart in the West.

Does the fact that I am 35 mean I don’t deserve a good man? And before you say I’m fat or ugly or something, I assure you I am NOT. Most people guess me to be in my 20s. I’m glad that men like you aren’t going for me, I’m better off without someone like that. So it’s a win-win in my books.

You may not be fat or ugly (which is doubtable if you have to say it) but you have reached your expiration date and your email reeks of imminent Wall impact coming your way. Your eggs are drying up, and the decade or so you were actually of use to a man for producing productive members of society to move civilization forward were wasted. Now, you’re nothing but a big, expensive liability to any man foolish enough to have anything to do with you.

The truth of the matter is, all those good guys who weren’t good enough for you in your prime have moved on to younger, more nubile and fecund flesh or have said to hell with women altogether. Now, you have the rest of your life to be a bitter bitch pining for the “one that got away” and hating on men who have figured out how women operate and want nothing to do with you, your manipulation, mind games, materialism, consumerism, solipsism, financial and medical baggage, nor the high expense/low return investment you represent.

At least, that’s my take on the matter. I’m sure the comments section will be able to bring up even more points than I have. Have a nice life, Kim.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    In the future, your phone will have so much memory and so much computing power that its developers will imbue it with a primitive “artificial intelligence” …

    One that can scan your E-mail for irritating women who send you messages, one that can create custom little voices.

    I’m looking forward to one that can have a snarky little falsetto quasi-female voice tell me, “You’ve got FEMAIL!”

    My fear is that it’ll sound like the naggy bitch automaton at Kroger, however.




    So I’m figuring I’ll be a late adopter of this technology. 🙂


  • did not even bother to play the video, but damn she has some hard miles on her. we have all done some weird and fun at the same time shit as players and i will give you two plus a third unfucked example. in playing i hooked up with two women much older than this one who put even younger women to shame. one, in her fifties, yes, you read that right, had two children. both great skin, smiles, figures, boobs, attitude, you name it. my local player club of sorts although they found me a bit nuts for doing them and having mini relationships with said that they were hot and cute. worked for a woman in her fifties with three children, excellent body and would have done her if she was not as totally in love with her husband who I knew. blew away 20 somethings in body alone with a pretty face too.

    this bitch here is ugly on the inside and it shows on the outside and this is why she cannot get a man. what man with options would want her? she projects this on the men instead of changing herself. at her age, if she did things intensively health wise and worked on herself psychologically could turn things around, maybe heal the inside and a lot of the outside damage without surgery. but the problem is that she does not realize that the problem is inside. i am 45 and turn down bitches like her all of the time who later tell people that i know that something is wrong with me for not wanting them. no, i just tell everyone that i do not want toxic in my life. she is a toxic person.

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  • 35 is way, way, way too late for her to be looking for a ‘good man’. Doesn’t matter if she’s hot-Cougar-MILF material, the decent men are gone. If she looks as good as she says she’s got ten guys in her smartphone, probably two who would wife her up within the year if she’d let them move the ball down the field. She hasn’t done that because her choices horrify her now.

    The window is what it always was, 18 to 28 (absolute max). Mother Nature – and its other species of human, namely Men – don’t give a rat’s ass about cupcake’s political views, career goals or thirst for ‘adventure’. Who she gives her best decade to is WHO SHE IS.

    She’s had her Fun, now she wants Comfort. And Comfort guys have figured out that she’s going to be absolutely No. Fucking. Fun.


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  • Check out the comments on this crazy broad’s channel. She got swamped by MGTOW:


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      It has been a while since I talked to women about online dating. Yes, they get frustrated, but they are further along in the process. For instance, she has men talking to her. It’s tough for men to get women to talk to them.


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