The Screeching Sound of Women Crashing into The Wall at 100 mph


Nature gifts women with special privileges, but the enormous power they wield over men has an expiration date

An interesting discussion has arisen, brought on by an aging chick who was taken aback by our wine and milk article about how men and women age.

As women age in this post-feminist world, they start noticing – to their horror – the pussy pass they enjoy flaunting in front of “worthless” and/or “not good enough” and/or “not exciting enough” guys, tormenting and teasing them, is regularly downgraded from Platinum card to Gold card to Silver status as the years roll by. Once they hit 35 or so that pass quickly downgrades even further to the equivalent of a starter Secured credit card.

They start to panic, realizing they’ve wasted the only decade or so of their lives that they’ll actually be an ASSet to a man, and are facing an imminent stock market crash brought on by sagging vagina futures. They grasp for a well-heeled Beta male, and those poor souls not versed in Red Pill arts are at risk of financial predation by these women. But, luckily, men are catching on like TNMM reader JD who left this insight about a woman who was incensed that no man wanted to take on her baggage now that she is forced to settle:

35 is way, way, way too late for her to be looking for a ‘good man’. Doesn’t matter if she’s hot-Cougar-MILF material, the decent men are gone. If she looks as good as she says she’s got ten guys in her smartphone, probably two who would wife her up within the year if she’d let them move the ball down the field. She hasn’t done that because her choices horrify her now.

Yep. Living the fantasy of the Sex In The City mainstream media mindfuck has its price. There’s more sand in the bottom of the SMV hourglass than in the top by the time women wake up from their whirlwind ride on the cock carousel. Panic ensues once chicks realize their privilege is running out, grain by grain. Questions like these pop up:

  • Why don’t men find me as attractive as they used to?
  • Will I ever have children?
  • Who’s going to take care of me?
  • Who’s going to pay for all this debt I’ve run up?
  • What will I do now that I realize the YouGoGrrl/careerism narrative is a farce?
  • Will I be destitute?
  • Will I die alone?

JD answers all these questions for us, as women in Anglo culture careen out of control, screeching towards imminent Wall impact at 100 miles per hour.

The window is what it always was, 18 to 28 (absolute max). Mother Nature – and its other species of human, namely Men – don’t give a rat’s ass about cupcake’s political views, career goals or thirst for ‘adventure’. Who she gives her best decade to is WHO SHE IS.

All of the above is what men need to realize, but especially this point: If she doesn’t give you the best decade of her life, why should you give her the remaining 2 or 3 generations of yours?

She’s had her Fun, now she wants Comfort. And Comfort guys have figured out that she’s going to be absolutely No. Fucking. Fun.

Yep. How the tables turn when women realize they can’t run roughshod over men their entire lives on the basis of having been gifted with the magical meat cave.

Without men or children to take care of them, women have placed themselves into quite a pickle. Of course, they expect Big Daddy Government will keep writing checks. But, as we have pointed out in the past, men should absolutely refuse to fund the coming spinster bubble that could very well bankrupt the West even further. Why should the men women refused to have anything to do with in their prime work harder and longer so their tax dollars can be taken by force to fund former YouGoGrrls’ spinster lives?

Feminism’s chickens are coming home to roost. Stand back and enjoy the show, preferably poolside.

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  • Relampago something that I have been noticing recently is that there is a clear shift in the age that women hit the wall. I mean in the past most women use to hit the wall at 30-32, but nowadays I have met girls that were quite cute in their earlies 20´s but then hit the wall very hard at 26-27. Have you been noticing the same?


  • “an imminent stock market crash brought on by sagging vagina futures.” LMAO

    Due to intense market Bernankification, PSY is in a 50-year bubble and PNS is in a deep depression.

    However, longer-dated PSY is running out of buyers and swaps for PNS have No Bid.

    Recommend double-shorting PSY and holding PNS for the long-term (but wash your hands once in a while, jeez)


  • If a woman has her own business and home then they will carry on with or without a man, relatively well through retirement and old age. Now having stated that, I have seen that both men and woman in the US (my home country), Western Europe (where I went to University)and Egypt (where I lived for sometime), become lonely over the years regardless of their success. Men and woman by nature are meant to be paired up. I see so many lonely sad people in their late 30s and beyond it boggles the mind. The 40s for men tend to be a time where men who never married actively seek out ” ready made families” which is where they seek a woman who they hope is unattached who has a couple of young kids, that way he won’t have to wait to have the family he always wanted, often if he finds this mate they have a child or two more fairly quickly, see Brad Pitt he fit this profile perfectly, when he left his non-childbearing wife for mother of one Angelina Jolie (soon to be two when she quikly added her adopted daughter Zahara), then they had 3 of their own.

    I do agree that the American women and the European women have lost the plot, they will age poorly and sadly, literally wasting their lives in sadness. I have heard
    sucessful women say that they regret not creating a family and would give all their sucess and possesions up in exchange for a husband and family. I have heard divorced women lament divorcing and would give anything to get that marriage back. Sadly man as they age are in the same boat if they never marry and create a family. Humans can try to pervert natures built in plans for them at their own parrell. I suggest finding a woman who has the same interests and beliefs that you do, preferably before the age of 40 and creating a family and a family business and at the same time creating a personal happiness. The key is finding the right girl of course. In the end what does anyone have but family and hence love, around them everyday until and during the time of demise.

    Lastly the IQ of Americans and Europeans are dropping rapidly, through the consumption of GMOs and pesticides, herbicides, fungicides air and water pollution, as well as indoctrination in all levels of schooling.. You can expect things to get much worse before they get better. You can see the low IQs in the Feminazis, overweight and illogical girls and boys, men and woman. So, be cautious. The health of the brain and body are paramount to sucess and happiness of a man and his wife and family. Time and life is short, use it wisely. And good luck to all, a good life and family takes work and dedication.


  • I see this play out in my own social circle. I know a few women, now 35+ who just go on 100’s of dates but can never get anything long term going. These same girls were really cute in their prime years when I first knew them but they let that all go to waste getting fucked by bad boys (myself being one of those guys, just glad I hit it in the primo years), smoking and boozin. Now they are looking every bit their age(doing the botox thing now), gaining weight, still getting shit faced every weekend BUT still think they are great catches. I wouldn’t even bother banging them anymore-just not worth it. A few cashed in their chips right before 30 and snagged some dullard who now bores them to death but at least it’s something I guess.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      The botox thing stretches these chicks’ faces to the point where you wonder if something’s going to burst through.

      Every time I see Jennifer Man-iston on the Tee-Vee doing advertisements for how to stay “young”, I wonder about this little guy from Spaceballs … as in, where ya been, haven’t seen ya in a while, have ya been hiding out … or hiding in that ragtime gal?

      I also love that Permanently SURPRISED Look that chicks who have had too much botox tend to have.


      I’m with those two guys from Spaceballs …



  • Like this but faster and older:

    Maybe the Arabs are the best last hope for these women? Although I don’t think even those guys are that horny…


  • In the past I’ve documented how became a ghost to women after a bachelor life of as many women as possible.

    In the end now .. when I get women who want me to persue them .. I friend-zone them .. be prepared to defend your life .. hell I’ve been attacked by women who want sex & I say no.

    These wimminz (re: older spinsters trying to nail the landing) will get violent so be prepared.

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    • Based on what I have seen, I don’t think you are being over dramatic in your warning. Without the advantage of youth, women lose their dominance socially and sexually. They are not going to react to that too well in a society that does not hold them to account.

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      • Normally throughout my life after about 3 months any woman I dated would demand more of my time / commitment.

        Even after being told up-front I was a lot of fun for 3 months & I didn’t want a serious relationship.

        Of course they agreed .. & forgot .. all at about 3 months. I always had spares .. so .. next!

        Once they hit their 30’s or late 30’s .. tgey became agressive .. now I’ve had younger women get violent anytime I declined sex.

        Once I hit my 40’s it bcame too dangerous to continue the life of a player.

        A GHOST was born .. of course I am used ghoating people all the time .. this was a whole new level of easy .. which has made me even more happy .. now gettin ready to 50 .. I’m on easy street .. execpt with the danger of viloence from ignoring or friend-zoning women.


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