Sexualized Frigidity: Anglo Women Paint their Faces for a Reason

Just as clowns, women also paint their faces – and now, their eyes

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

The Anglo-American Manosphere routinely exaggerates women’s cognitive prowess. It sees feminism as some complex, multi-level plan designed to strip men of status and influence. In reality, the average woman could not organize a trip to the toilet. It is easy to confuse society defending women in every circumstance with female strategic intelligence – after all, the outcomes are identical. In reality, they are totally different things. Although female feminists adopt ‘revolutionary’ postures, their rhetoric is ultimately sanctioned by the Anglo-American cultural Establishment.

Of course, this is because Anglo-American countries retain a Puritanical world-view and exalt women as sexless angels while demonizing men for possessing sexual impulses. In real terms, ‘revolutionary’ Anglo-American feminism could only exist with the backing of their nominal ‘Tradcon’ opponents in politics, law and the media. Once this is understood, feminism is seen for what it truly is: unchallenged female infantilism condoned by a misandrist, gynocentric culture convinced that women are essentially perfect whatever they do or say.

Anglo feminism has advanced to its present state not because women are especially smart, but because the prevailing culture has accommodated and nurtured their whimsical delusions and ingrained tendencies to social atavism.


A Canadian “model” has blinded herself by trying to tattoo her eye

Consider how men dominate the various distractions post-feminist women waste their money on. For example, the sexualized ‘Bad Girl’ persona so powerful in the Anglo media – as exemplified by Sex and the City, nymphomaniac pop music and the entire fashion industry – are largely created and realized by gay men. Females are just spokespeople, clothes horses and figureheads in these lucrative enterprises because they lack the intelligence, organizational prowess and creative talent that gay men bring to the show.

In sum, frigid Anglo women dress in a sexualized manner because their ‘culture’ is a creation of highly creative and intelligent gay men; who mistakenly project their sexual desires onto Anglo women, explaining the ‘sexualised frigidity’ paradox that disfigures all females in the Anglosphere.

A key part of male enlightenment involves men hardening their views of women and seeing them for what they really are. They are not cunning cultural strategists or tacticians; they are boring, entitled clowns living on marble pedestals provided by the misandrist Anglo-American Establishment. Squandering time, thought or money on them is unworthy of the enlightened man. To drive the point home, consider the fate of this imbecile, as reported by the Daily Mail:

A model from Canada has lost the sight in her right eye after an eye tattoo procedure went horribly wrong. Catt Gallinger from Ottawa is recovering slowly but steadily over the past month following her decision to get a sclera tattoo, which colors in the whites of the eye.

Calling the decision a ‘massive mistake,’ Gallinger shared the horrifying results of the procedure on social media, according to The Sun.  The images, posted to her Facebook wall, shows the 24-year-old former pet nutritionist in various stages of recovery following a visit to the hospital last month when she complained of purple discharge oozing from her eye.

Medical professionals administered antibiotics drops to the affected area and sent Gallinger home.

But shortly after receiving the treatment, her eye became swollen shut. Doctors then gave Gallinger steroid drops to alleviate her symptoms, but after three weeks the purple tattoo began to congeal around her cornea, blurring her vision and causing intense discomfort.

Gallinger told The Sun newspaper that she has had to spend hundreds of dollars on prescriptions so far and says that her modeling career is on hold for the time being.

In speaking with the publication, she cautioned others to first ‘look into not just the artist and their portfolio, but to talk to some of their clients, talk to other artists about them and get experiences beforehand’.

Asked why she wanted a sclera tattoo to begin with, Gallinger said the modification would help ‘make me feel more at home in my body’.

Physicians told Gallenger that her eye has sustained permanent damage and will either have to ‘go completely or stay a blurry mess’.

All is not lost – she will be able to model eye-patches for many years to come, while feeling ‘at home’ in her body (whatever that means). What a clown – Stephen King’s Pennywise must be looking to his laurels.

Still, Gallinger serves as a stellar example of unadulterated female idiocy. She reminds us that feminism has advanced due to patronization by Anglo-American elite males, not the strategic intelligence of its female adherents.  And if we are honest, the post-feminist chaos engulfing the Anglosphere is in large part the result of female stupidity. Their idiocy has two principal components: solipsism and the herd instinct.

Solipsism is the keystone of the female mind: an inability to test theory against reality or think empathetically, especially with regard to men. This solipsism finds expression in a crushing, all-pervasive lack of self-awareness: which is why many a post-Wall woman with sagging tits and a flabby ass still acts like she’s ‘one helluva gorgeous chick’. The second root of female stupidity is the herd instinct – something that feminism has been quick to capitalise on.

Solipsism is stupid because it prevents individuals learning from others’ mistakes; even animals such as chimps, crows or parrots are capable of this. Solipsism makes women blunder through the same poor lifestyle choices over and over again: overlooking stable men for sociopathic thugs, wallowing in hyper-hypergamy during their prime years, pursuing unrealistic career choices and, above all, exaggerating their own abilities at the insistence of their beta toadies.


Witness, the less than stellar results of an eye tattoo

The follies of female solipsism are well-described in psychology and literature, not just the Manosphere. Ultimately, allowing the gender incapable of objectivity to monopolize 70% of college places will overturn the long-standing Anglo-American status in STEM, together with the Anglosphere’s military and economic standing.

Meanwhile, the herd instinct makes a virtue of sheer stupidity. Virtually all Western women have jumped on the feminist bandwagon – women of every race, class and age unthinkingly label themselves ‘feminist’, a potent example of the female herd instinct. However, social psychology has shown that ‘herd-think’ leads to individuals taking needless risks and reaching erroneous conclusions from limited premises – two traits we see over and over again among Anglo-American women.

These females are lost in a swirl of ‘you go girl!’ delusions which lead only to misery, singleness and childlessness, merely because ‘everyone else’ is pursuing them. Indeed, highly educated women are particularly prone to feminist ‘herd-think’ – a curious paradox given all the rhetoric about the ‘transformative’ power of education bandied around the Anglosphere.

In sum, women are idiots. Don’t be fooled by Manosphere writers who talk about their rapacious intelligence and strategic cunning. Anglo-American women aren’t Mongol warlords, just overgrown children with indulgent minders. Even their ‘culture’ is not their own but largely the creation of gay men.

Women wear all that make-up for a reason. Clowns wear make-up, too.

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  • Uhg! I noticed this morning on the fake news they are promoting the latest album from by far the foulest of these female pop stars…that “Pink” the loud mouthed butch haired alcoholic that for some reason the music industry slated to be a star.


  • I agree with Rookh that women are not as smart as most men use to think, but even the dumbest woman can be manipulative as fuck. So gentlemen be careful!!!


  • Back in the day, if you wanted to eject your husband from your life and run off with the kids, you were on your own. That was it. You received no support from your X husband. No alimony. No asset division. No child support (alimony++); hence children remained with their fathers. Having a male heir was also important in order to continue the family line and dynasty. It was understood that giving a woman property, power & wealth would mean the destruction of the social fabric. If you bore a child out of wedlock, you were totally on your own and shunned by society.

    Back in those days, women were entirely dependent upon men because work was dirty, dangerous, life threatening, life shortening, low wage and there was a lot of war going around. Lots of men were dying as human sacrifices for the advancement of women & the state. Women were (and are) exempt from the draft. It was far easier then to be a housewife, so women were happy to remain so. It wasn’t until work became easy, climate controlled, potentially glamorous, free of death and far less laborious that women demanded their role in employment.

    Today, there are quotas (preference) for women in education and in the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions, but none in the life threatening, life shortening positions still nearly entirely relegated to men. If a woman leaves her husband, she takes his assets, current income & future income. The father is lucky if he receives ‘visitation’ rights. If a woman becomes pregnant, should she choose to abort the child, the father has no say. Should she choose to keep it, the father must pay. The father has zero rights whatsoever. Women have all the power. Women call all the shots.

    So to sum up, men were trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for the advancement of women & the state. Men were trafficked and exploited in agriculture and industry to build and maintain all upon the earth, so that women could appropriate, at a civilization-level, all of men’s stunning achievements. Under feminism, all of men’s power & wealth is being forcefully transferred from men to women via state aggression (socialism).

    It doesn’t make me mad anymore. The ‘man tax’ was put into place many decades ago, yet so many believe it has yet to come. They simply named it something other than ‘man tax’. How do we destroy gynocentrism and feminism? Go Galt. Refuse to cooperate. Stick your finger in feminism’s and tradcon’s eyes every chance you get. Subvert. Undermine. Remain sovereign. If that means the destruction of Western civilization, so be it. I will not remain a slave to feminists, their gynocracy & their true husband, the state.


    • Did women really demand careers? Or did LESBIANS demand careers? Remember, when all this agitation started it was BEFORE STONEWALL when lesbians could get arrested and had to stay hidden. They couldn’t come outright and start a movement for lesbians to go out and earn money like a man so they could live their lifestyle. They had to pretend they spoke for all women and hid under a generic “women’s movement” name. Look how the people whose true motive is legalize pot for recreational use started out pretending it was just about “hemp” for cheap ethanol? Or “medical marijuana” for those poor suffering cancer patients, etc. Well, the lesbians have turned the social order upside down for 99% of the population so the sick 1% could be more comfortable.

      There’s no way to vote ourselves out of feminism, the gynacracy would never willingly give up it’s sick death march towards the end of civilization. Men start to simply have to come to the collective understanding that feminism is a sick evil cancer that must be wiped off the face of the earth and then these forms of government elected by and for women will lose all their legitimacy in the eyes of men. These governments and courts are morally illegitimate, and abomination that can be ended when men decide to pull the plug on this farce and get these anglobitches pretending to be our bosses out of the workplace, out of the courts, and out of the halls of government.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “Le lacrime che noi versiam son false! Degli spasimi e de’ nostri martir non allarmatevi!”

    “The tears we shed are false! Do not be alarmed of our spasms and our torments!”

    — Ruggero Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci

    Ah, but there she is at the window, and tonight she will be yours!


    Better yet to leave the painted little clown Columbina at the window — this comedy still has more acts left in it.

    Pagliaccia! Pagliaccia! Advance headstrong toward the wall, Pagliaccia!


  • @Thek… I would say, voluntary victims.


  • “Never confuse a woman’s actions for strategy” – The University of Man (RIP)


  • The corollary to this is that most Anglo white men are not victims of feminism but are active participants in it. They are the white knights who implement and enforce feminist dogma.


  • Stunning. TY


  • This article is a masterpiece, I really enjoyed it!!!


  • Thank you for your insight. You do have a way of getting to the heart of it.


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