Reader Mailbag: Only Men Can Know Honor


A story of honor from Iwo Jima

Some of our best ideas come from you guys, those hearty Red Pill souls who make up our loyal readership. Here’s a particularly interesting commentary from a MGTOW reader of TNMM. As you read it, remember that only men can know honor. Women are incapable of the altruism that men are capable of, except in the case of their own children. (And as a direct result, their own genetic survival!)

Here’s what he had to say:

On Iwo Jima, 22 Marines and four Navy Corpsman who went in with the Marines were awarded (it is not won) the Medal of Honor, 14 posthumously. Many were awarded to Marines who jumped on Japanese grenades to smother the blast and absorb the lethal shrapnel, willingly sacrificing their bodies and their lives for their fellow Marines.

Seventeen year old Jacklyn H. Lucas jumped on not one but two grenades thrown into the trench he and three others were fighting in. One exploded, the other didn’t. His body was so mangled he was left for dead. Miraculously, he was later discovered alive and survived. He left this world on September 18, 2016.

The son of one of the three flag raisers to survive the battle interviewed Lucas for the book Flags of Our Fathers. When asked why he did it his reply was simple; “I did it to save my buddies.” Even 17 year old men (boys?) understand it.

Such love and devotion men can have for one another, in one case the game of golf and another the bloodiest battle in the history the United States Marine Corps, is unknown to women. Such higher plane character does not even enter their consciousness for the simple reason it can’t. Her DNA programmed instincts do not allow such love, devotion, and selflessness.

Her ideal of love is self-love. Her only devotion is to herself. For her, there is no such thing as selflessness. She can’t help any of this. It is what her DNA tells her to do.

Women don’t know what love is. Only men do. Women prove their DNA instinct every day in family court. Men prove their DNA instinct every day with love, devotion, and provisioning often forgoing their own needs and dreams, until the hammer is dropped in betrayal.

Sad, but true. The evidence is everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Third wave feminism proudly displayed innate female instinct and successfully demanded it get its way. A man must either react or be consumed, and the only reaction that makes sense is MGTOW. Think about it.

What a tale, laced with Red Pill truth about women and men from start to finish. Any MGTOW, PUA, or man who is experienced with females knows they only love themselves. TNMM even postulated women can never truly love men (even men they spend their entire lives with) in an article covering the 5,000 year history of marriage.

The masculine sense of honor is an interesting development in our species’ history. Many men indeed behave just as Shakespeare wrote:

I love the name of honor more than I fear death.

How loudly those words ring true when looking at a stunning sacrifice like the on that played out in battle on a tiny island in the Pacific. But, as our reader points out, it often puts men at a disadvantage in a world ruled by more primitive reptilian instincts.

Indeed, feminism and the predatory female instinct have exploited the male sense of honor, duty, and loyalty for a half century. The Western female has shown no love, sense of respect, or sense of honor to her men during that time. It’s been a shit show featuring a “take what you can get off them” mentality once the hounds of hell were let loose by the cultural imposition of feminism.

And finally, men have had enough. Things are changing. You can feel it in the air. Women know it, and are starting to backpeddle  to try and keep men laboring away on the tax farm they benefit from. Women who are In The Know are diluting their venom and bile more and more. Our narratives are dripping into mainstream dialogue, trickle by trickle.

Here’s the catch: In addition to a sense of altruism and honor, men also have a sense of justice. Many men are ready to see women sleep in the bed they’ve made for themselves, rather than exploiting by coming to the rescue for aging damsels in distress once again. Why? Because women deserve it. You can only kick a dog so many times before he turns on you.

And off the plantation we run.

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  • “Her ideal of love is self-love. Her only devotion is to herself. For her, there is no such thing as selflessness. She can’t help any of this. It is what her DNA tells her to do.”

    This is absolutely correct. We find womens’ behaviour detestable but we can’t call it ‘evil’ any more than we could call sharks and cougars ‘evil’. They just are what they are. As are we.

    I have finally internalized the notion of women having two minds, the logical and rational one and the subconscious one (or lizard brain, for the evo-psych fans). A man’s task is to speak to both, preferably at the same time. This is perhaps how she can state very sensibly the kind of man she ‘ought’ to want, which would really be in her best interests in life … while seeing no conflict with giving in to the kind of man who speaks to her subconscious.

    Well for now, our hands are tied. We are essentially powerless if we take part in the modern game. And there is nothing more intolerable for a man than the feeling of powerlessness.


  • One commenter somewhere mentioned how abnormal it is historically right now for “couples” to spend so much time together. Women are trying to pathologize male bonding. Tom Leykis delved into this when he talked about his second wife who he was head over heels for until she cheated on him. How they did everything as “couples” their friends were all only other couples and when things fell apart after her adultery how “their friends” were no longer “his friends” and he was a fish out of water. He was warning guys not to put ho’s before bro’s and not to only socialize with her or “other couples” type shit. Seems that honor is something that only manifests itself in a brotherhood type situation such as combat or disaster response. An all female army would be a total joke. Women firefighters? Where does this insane shit come from?


  • Was an infantry officer just before the U.S started accepting women into “combat” positions. Can’t imagine having a woman watch the perimeter while I sleep. Thank the gods I didn’t have to serve with you-go-grrrrls.


  • I don’t disagree with the message here overall but I have noticed even some men lacking honor these days. They’ll throw you under the bus just for a shot at some pussy all the time.


  • For a woman, there is no higher authority than her feelings. A woman is as close to an enemy as you can get without going to war. Every move, every word, is about controlling their surroundings and resources, especially men, which are really only resources. A woman will stab anyone in the back, even friends and family, over nothing more than a feeling.
    There is no law strong enough, no principle high enough, and no fact in the universe that can withstand a face to face meeting with a woman’s feelings. A woman projects her feelings on the universe as if nothing else ever existed.

    For this reason, a woman cannot live a principled or honorable life. MInd your boundaries, men, and hold on to your NUTS. If you don’t have any boundaries or NUTS, then get some…now.


  • Women gives no crap for the value of honor in men. When a feminist complained about the patriarchy to me, saying women worked so hard in the bomb’s factories during wars, I’ve got no reply when I told her: What’s worse: making the bombs, so far from the trenches, or receiving them on the head?
    Like for these men in Verdun, when in one week only, a million of them were killed, disappeared in pieces or wounded. A million sacrificed lives were worthed nothing for her. Imagine when she decide selfissly to sacrifice the men in her life!


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