Scorched Earth Tactics: Forcing the Matrix to Battle

The Matrix attempted to turn one retiree’s dalliances with legal hookers into the crime of the century – but it backfired

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

The outrageous mistreatment of American tourist ‘Cuba Dave’ Strecker for the ‘crime’ of posting a few pictures of his sexual escapades with Costa Rican hookers online (‘promoting sex tourism’, apparently), is not just a scandal; it also represents an opportunity.

Strecker enjoyed sex with thousands of warm, willing prostitutes across Latin America, far from the repressive plantation that is the United States. After posting a few pictures of his adventures on his Facebook account, a new and controversial Costa Rican law was brought into play. Found guilty of promoting sex tourism and tarnishing the country’s image (say what?), Strecker was soon serving a five-year term in a Costa Rican prison. Happily, his conviction was recently overturned and our hero is once more a free man. Predictably, prize Anglobitch Hillary Clinton and her feminist cronies were ultimately behind the ludicrous ‘anti-trafficking’ laws leading to Strecker’s illegal incarceration. But that should come as no surprise.

Although Cuba Dave’s treatment was disgraceful, many important lessons can be drawn from the case. First, it demonstrates that our message is hitting home. The Anglo-Feminist Matrix is desperately worried that RF’s nomadic lifestyle – fleecing the Anglospere economy to fund exotic furloughs in warmer climes – will take off in a big way among North American men. It must stop this nomadic hedonism proliferating by any means necessary, simply because true male liberation threatens its very existence. Poor Strecker was just a cog in the vast culture war the Anglo-Feminist Matrix is waging against Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence and men in general.

Secondly, and even more important, the case of Cuba Dave suggests the Matrix is being provoked into making serious mistakes. From a tactical standpoint, it was suckered into fighting a battle in less than auspicious circumstances. This lumbering, vindictive (and ultimately unsuccessful) attack on a working class, middle aged white dude reminded me of a famous battle: Hastings. Readers might wonder what modern men can learn from the great conflicts of history. I would answer, much: we are in the midst of a culture war between awakened men and the Anglo-Feminist Matrix; therefore, understanding the warrior archetype is of vital importance to our cause.

In September 1066, Duke William of Normandy landed on the south coast of England with a large army to wrest the crown from the Anglo-Saxon usurper, Harold. Although William’s Army had more advanced tactics and equipment, he was faced with a serious dilemma. Maintaining a large army in Medieval England was impossible over the long, hard winter months. All Harold had to do was wait him out and the Norman army would melt away before the spring. Simply put, William had to provoke a decisive battle before winter came.

He did this by becoming more energetic and destructive. He knew that raiding the countryside for more food and supplies, burning towns and generally harrying the civilian population would force Harold to intervene. And it did. William guessed that Harold’s proud dynamism would never let him rest while part of his kingdom was burning. In sum, William provoked his enemy into a fatal mistake by upping the ante and forcing him to fight, a course fraught with fatal risk.

Harold quickly gathered his army and marched south to Hastings to give battle. There, as everyone knows, he perished. William’s plan had worked perfectly and he was crowned King in Westminster Abbey a few months later.

In exactly the same way, the punitive and disproportionate measures against Cuba Dave suggest our Red Pill subculture is provoking the Matrix into rash decisions. Our energetic dissidence, rejection of Plantation existence (note how I do not dignify it with the word ‘life’) and economic/reproductive withdrawal are having exactly the same effect as William’s ruthless scorched earth policy. And the system is hurting. Like William, we are luring our foe into the open where it is more vulnerable, like a worm on a motorway. Yes, the Matrix has great power but it will be noted that in this case, like Harold, it was soundly defeated. As Cuba Dave’s website says:

‘On Friday, Dave Strecker walked out of a prison in Costa Rica, a free man, acquitted by a trial court in San Jose. When Dave was originally arrested in September of 2015, Judicial authorities issued a press release with photos of his computer and cell phone as alleged evidence. Authorities also made a video of his arrest at the Juan Santamaría airport. However, since the acquittal the Ministerio Público has remained silent.’

Outside the Anglosphere, the Anglo-Feminist Matrix is a relatively toothless force. Yet it chose to fight in a Latin country where misandrist legalism holds far less sway (a local lawyer took up Strecker’s case for free). Its lumbering intervention was not only rebutted, but tens of thousands of men have now been alerted to its hostile intentions towards their sexual freedom. Like King Harold, the Matrix played into its enemy’s hands and lost.

Our scorched earth tactics are clearly working. The Anglo-Feminist Matrix is like a stricken giant lashing this way and that, desperate to quell our Red Pill resistance, frantic to crush our visions of boundless freedom. Since our methods are bearing fruit, we must pursue them with redoubled passion and intensity. Like William’s beleaguered army, we must become even more provocative and energetic. So let us push our minimalism to superhuman levels; let us shun all contact with Anglo-American women; let us buy nothing inessential to our basic survival needs; let us refuse all political and cultural participation in the Matrix; above all, let us seek the delights of foreign shores like heroes mad for life.

Eventually, the Matrix will be forced to give us the battle we crave. Provoked beyond endurance, its blundering fist will strike. And we must be ready.

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  • Gandhi knew very well that non-compliance and non-violent resistance was anything but “passive”.

    Feminism is State-sponsored.
    The State is Man-sponsored.

    Cease sponsorship and State power withers. It may become more desperate and violent as it loses its grip:

    “Eight hundred Simple Lifers were machine-gunned at Golders Green” – Brave New World

    – but without a centralized leadership to the resistance it has nowhere to send its war machine. We won’t even need to shave the heads of the New Soviet Women who collaborate with this shitshow. (They’re doing it themselves nowadays anyway, aren’t they?) All we have to do is leave them alone, with each other:

    “Always in the stink of Women! How I hate Women! ” – Julia, in 1984

    When thoughtful Men realize that their own desires have been weaponized against them, they slam the brakes on everything. The marriage rate plummets. The debt bubbles deflate. The tax receipts shrink. Man-hours of labour dry up. The reality of “Sexual False Consciousness – love that term, Rookh) sinks in – the T&A kept in front of our faces everywhere we go isn’t because these women like us, it’s because it brings Money and Attention. To hell with what we want.

    Incentives to keep Men on the Human Farm no longer exist, and a half-century of Sexual Revolution has now made it impossible for the State to offer them. Virgin brides? Economic opportunities? The pride and status of being a “provider”? To advocate such things now would be political suicide. Loading all the John Galts into boxcars to Siberia isn’t going to fly either, and besides, they’ve “vaporized” themselves.


  • An Interview with a MGTOW

    Question: What is MGTOW?

    Answer: An awakening by men that society is misandric & hyper-gynocentric (feminist). Its men claiming their sovereignty & freedom from the trafficking, exploitation and disposal of men by women & her true husband, the state. MGTOW are woke men. MGTOW isn’t a movement. It’s more akin to an empowering lifestyle choice. You like the word empowering, don’t you? That’s a feminist’s catch-all, right? Well there it is then. MGTOW are strong, empowered, independent men. Feminists should be all for us. Unlike feminists, we don’t use the state to force wealth and power from women to ourselves. Instead, we just deny women legal and financial power over our lives (we defang the matriarchy).

    Question: But men are the majority of congress, majority of CEOs, etc.

    Answer: Of course we are. Men built all upon the earth and fought all the wars. Men rule the earth for reasons. If feminists had built all upon the earth and fought all the wars, I guarantee you they’d demand dominion over men & civilization. Oh yeah, baby. The only oppression codified into law now with regard to employment is anti-male and anti-white. Or in other words, quotas for women and minorities for the most powerful, most prestigious, most highly paid positions. The left even had the nerve to call it ‘positive discrimination’. In reality, it’s simply forced wealth and power transfer from men, particularly white men, to women and minorities. Its state enforced armed robbery. What women intend is to appropriate all of men’s stunning achievements, at the civilization-level, for themselves. It’s women’s favorite con-job.

    Question: But don’t men man-splain & man-spread to take up more space than they’ve earned and to silence women?

    Answer: Another cunning stunt. The truth is, women use terms like man-splain & man-spread to take up more space than they’ve earned and to silence men. That’s called ‘flippin the script’, sugar britches. Hush now, child. I can see your matriarchal privilege floating all about you like a toxic pink aura.

    Question: But did you personally build anything or fight any wars?

    Answer: The left uses historical oppression as evidence to their plight. Historically, men have been trafficked and disposed of in war by women & the state for women’s and the state’s advancement and men have also historically built all upon the earth. Men have also historically paid all of the taxes, suffered the vast majority of workplace deaths, are the majority of suicides, have paid the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++), etc. You can’t claim to be affected by slavery when you were never a slave and they deny men their historical oppression. That would make you gynocratic socialists look sillier than you already do.

    Question: But women make the babies and are the givers of life. Shouldn’t they rule over men and civilization?

    Answer: Through mass abortion, women have become the grim reapers of life and arbiters of death via the termination of inconvenient lives. Chipmunks have babies too. So do sewer rats & snakes. It’s what your bodies were designed to do. But you go ahead. Claim god-like status and rights to rulership via birthing and see where that gets ya. That’s like saying, “We made you, so you’re our lifetime gimps, human sacrifices and financial slaves.” It’s too pagan. You’ll simply be acting as MGTOW recruiters.

    Question: But men are privileged, particularly white men. Isn’t MGTOW really the personification of toxic masculinity? Didn’t men start all of the wars and send one another off to war to die?

    Answer: What a cunning stunt. It was a socially induced expectation, a social conditioning and brainwashing if you will, that men provide for and protect women. A social conditioning that polite society and women placed upon men. In reality, marriage is a man getting down on one knee, offering up a diamond, the bigger the better, and vowing to provide for and protect his bride (lifetime prostitute). In reality, sending men off to war to protect women is simple human sacrifice. The women that did die in war died running from it. The men died running to it to protect women & their true husband, the state. Men were socially conditioned by women and the state into becoming disposable human sacrifices and walking-ATMs for women’s and the state’s benefit.

    Question: But doesn’t marriage only benefit men?

    Answer: Marriage is the concept of a woman withholding sex until a man gets down on one knee, offers up a diamond and vows to provide for and protect his cherished bride (his prostitute for life). This was the social expectation placed upon men by women and polite society. That wasn’t ‘the evil patriarchy’ unless one considers ‘the evil patriarchy’ the willing volunteer man-servants and disposable gimps of women & the state. The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++) flows from men to women. Men are falsely accused of all manner of crimes to ensure women get custody of ‘their children’ and men are sent to debtor’s prison for non-payment of their debts to their X wives, whilst the X wife revokes all support for her X husband and former father figure. Marriage holds zero benefits for men. Everything a man would want through marriage he can easily obtain through denying women legal & financial power & control over his present and future; hence the popularity of porn, artificial wombs and sexbots in the male psyche. Women have worn out their welcome. The juice is no longer worth the squeeze. Gynocentrism has jumped the shark.

    Question: But isn’t history chock to the brim with female oppression?

    Answer: Society sees women as fragile children in need of fatherly like protectors. Women promote this faux reality. All oppression codified into law is anti-male and anti-white. The left even calls it ‘positive discrimination’. It was man who were sacrifice in war for women’s lives. It was men who built all civilizations. Women are simply socialists in panties who use state aggression to forced men’s wealth and power to themselves (oppression via socialism).

    Question: But men are the majority of STEM workers. Isn’t that female oppression?

    Answer: Men were the majority of all workers & the financial servants of women for most of history. When men made work safe, broken nail free, potentially glamorous, mostly free of death, dismemberment, mussed hair proof, free of rain showers and introduced indoor climate control, only then did women demand their place in employment. When work was dirty, dangerous, life threatening, life shortening, low wage and highly laborious, women were all too happy to remain housewives. Now, women have quotas for the most highly paid, most prestigious, most powerful positions, which they term ‘positive male discrimination’. It’s the primary con-job of women. It’s forced wealth transfer via state aggression from men to women & her true husband, the state. It’s more socialism in panties.

    Question: Aren’t men the vast majority of rapists? Isn’t that proof of toxic masculinity?

    Answer: We don’t know. Statistics have been proven to have been falsified and now women demand that women simply be believed whenever they claim sexual assault or rape, with no evidence other than the fact that they had sex, often with no proof that the sex was forced, other than women’s word. It makes me laugh. Affirmative Consent, the most insidiously matriarchal legislation ever to be passed barring no-fault divorce, also a feminist creation, attempted to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process through college campus Star Chamber kangaroo courts. Female teachers rape their young male pupils, the younger and psychologically weaker, and if they manage to get found out, which I suspect most don’t, many times they’re given suspended sentences and probation. I suspect female rape and sexual assault simply goes mostly unreported because men weren’t socially conditioned to see sex as assault and/or rape the way feminists have socially conditioned women.

    Question: But aren’t men the vast majority of domestic abusers?

    Answer: No. Women incite nearly half of all domestic violence and are the majority of child abusers.

    Question: But innocent women are under constant threat of sexual objectification by the rapey menz, right?

    Answer: Women sell themselves through their sexuality. Women sexually objectify themselves. Women dispose of men by socially conditioning men as personal body-guards. Marriage is a concept of a woman withholding sex until a man comes along that gives her a diamond, the more expensive the better, and vows to provide for and protect his bride (lifetime prostitute). Millions of women on the internet strip down for the camera to attract the male gaze (money). Hair dye, breast lifts, breast implants, waxing their junk, short skirts, exposed cleave, heels that make their legs shapelier, perfume, etc, ete, etc. Women are walking, talking, sexual Venus Fly Traps (nice pun). What about the female teachers that rape their male pupils? Women, given power, will do the same as Harvey. No doubt. Women are not sugar, spice and everything nice. It’s a cultural myth. Title IX, Affirmative Action, SNAP, WIC, alimony, asset division, child support – all a means to force wealth and power from men to women (women market their sex for free stuff). It’s all prostitution, really.

    Question: But the wage gap…men make more than women, right?

    Answer: Wrong. Again with the faux statistics. Single women in certain age groups make more than men and certain work is paid more. Men tend to gravitate toward higher paying career paths and riskier propositions while women tend to gravitate toward the humanities and safer propositions. The wage gap has been repeatedly debunked, as have the 1 in 4 sexual assault statistics. Men should be making far more than women given that men built all upon the earth and are disposed of in war for women’s and the state’s advancement.

    Question: What’s the end-game for MGTOW?

    Answer: To free men from the man-disposing, man-exploiting, man-trafficking, gynocentric, matriarchal, misandric, panty clad socialist clutches of women & her true husband, the state. In short, male sovereignty.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Costa Rica likes to make some money from “health tourism” …

    Hit ’em in the pocket: don’t go there for your health care.

    I’m all for not promoting Costa Rica’s tourism in general after this stupid stunt.


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