5 Hopeful Signs Pointing Towards Imminent Swamp Drainage in Washington, D.C.


Hollywood actor and producer James Woods said it best: “When #Democrats start wheeling out clowns dressed as saloon hookers, they are trying desperately to swerve away from the news. #UraniumOne.”

It’s a very interesting and entertaining time to be keeping an eye on politics. Big happenings are transpiring and forthcoming. Could the swamp (a.k.a. Washington, D.C.) be facing imminent drainage?

There are signs of the drain finally being pulled coming from alternative media sources. As usual, the mainstream media is completely out to lunch on what is actually happening. Here are 5 early signs from our side that Deep State, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the CIA/FBI could be facing possible ruination of their plans for world domination at the hands of Donald Trump and Co.

  • The mainstream media is ramping up airplay of emotional, racially-charged and totally baseless claims on Donald Trump. They’re desperate to turn the public against him, but they remain totally discredited. The American public has known they’re liars for a long time. Hilariously, the Democrats are wheeling out race baiters like Frederica Wilson, who dresses like a saloon hooker to level totally baseless attacks against POTUS on nightly news broadcasts.
  • Senators Flake and Corker have announced they won’t seek reelection “in protest” of Donald Trump. At least, that’s the word from the corrupt media. The truth is, Flake wouldn’t have been reelected anyway, and Corker is up the creek without a paddle for his part in an insider trading scandal.
  • The Clintons could be thrown to the wolves by the elite. As Infowars is reporting: The CIA-controlled “MSM setting up downfall of Clintons to make persecution of Trump not seem political.” The House is also opening a probe into the Obama-era Uranium One deal. Here’s the inside scoop: Remember the Oregon ranchers who were standing up against the federal government’s land grab, then one of the ranchers (Lavoy Finicum) being mowed down ambush-style by the FBI? The land grab happened because the ranchers have uranium ore on their land. Land the Clintons wanted to sell to the Russians.
  • Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, who supposedly couldn’t stand one another are now best buddies, appearing on stage together, laughing, embracing, and have suddenly decided to gang up on Donald Trump, with talk of not believing “conspiracy theories” the day Trump announced the release of files that could implicate Bush I in the death of an American president. Could it be they both answer to the same globalist bosses?
  • 3,000 secret documents on the JFK assassination are set to be released. Here’s what Roger Stone, well-connected to the Trump administration says is in this bombshell release: 1) a full CIA psychological profile of Lee Harvey Oswald; 2) Detailed information about his mysterious trip to Mexico City that happened just before the shooting; 3) The full diaries of E. Howard Hunt, contracted CIA serial killer. These documents could be the “smoking gun” proving at long last the Deep State/CIA/FBI killed a sitting President to get the ball started rolling towards the New World Order.

In short, the wheels are coming off the globalist wagon. Even better, Trump has inspired anti-establishment candidates to run for office and be elected worldwide. While the learned man still watches any political machinations with a jaundiced eye, as we have repeatedly questioned Trump’s motives and intentions as any political realist should, these are encouraging signs.

If nothing else, it’s entertaining to watch 4 out of 5 former presidents scrambling as though they’re vampires trying to escape the coming light of day now that political nukes are sitting under each of their asses and Trump has his finger on the trigger. Events seem to be building towards a coming climax as the behemoth Deep State and its underlings (i.e. puppet Presidents and their minions) face judgment day. (All presidents except Jimmy Carter appear desperate to get out in front of these coming narratives before they drop. Incidentally, Jimmy the Peanut finally came out and said the much-ballyhooed Trump-Russia election tampering narrative was horseshit over the weekend – further evidence the elite are ready to throw Billy Jeff and Killary overboard.)

If Trump is an imposter, he’s putting on a helluva show. If he isn’t an imposter, and has the goods, this could be a watershed moment for a renaissance to the principles many of us have hoped and worked for so long.

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  • The media promotes its own agenda.


  • Benghazi Ha! Ha! Ha!


  • Looks like we might see some FIREWORKS! Time to break out the popcorn and enjoy the show…


  • If there IS still a dialectic in play, then this is the inflection point where the pressure on the right-wing is released and the subsequent blowback is channeled into an all-out war in the Mideast on behalf of the people itching to bulldoze the Temple Mount.

    It would unite Europe more effectively than the Marxist technocracy openly stating their goals for elimination of their nation-states. The men in the high castles would certainly not be concerned about thousands of rainbow-haired freaks and SJW’s raining down upon the earth from the loading ramps of helicopters.

    Or, maybe the current crop of Globalist elites isn’t quite made of the same stuff as their demented ancestors. You get pretty soft when you’re used to winning at everything and using entire countries as playthings.


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