Convict Game: Women Love Criminals


Want to get laid more? Imitate criminals

Proving there’s no aphrodisiac to wanton female nature as powerful as the thought of sex with wanton thugs and criminals, here’s an anecdote from my life blended with some scientific research.

My best friend and I are reformed “good guys” who got walked all over by women in our younger years. He spent his 20s in a marriage that ended with his wife sliding up under his boss after he got her a job where he worked, and I spent my 20s bouncing from one bad relationship to another in between intentionally hooking up with sluts to ease my thirst for sex. I kept trying to find the unicorn until I got down and dirty, faced reality, and starting studying female nature. I realized there is no unicorn.

Even though my friend and I are both stable, attractive, and somewhat successful men, our prospects in the mating market in Anglo America are generally average at best to fair at worst unless we slather on loads of PUA that we’ve both learned from life’s hard knocks with women.  Even then, the resulting lays are unsatisfying as domestic women are predictable, portly, and about as entertaining as watching paint dry – which is why I chase foreign flesh.

While we must make do with our situation, we have a mutual friend who just got out of prison after serving part of a 10-year sentence. Within days of leaving prison, he’s already got a hot, young girl who has attached herself to him. The guy has nothing, has nothing going for him, can’t even (economically) feed himself, and yet he falls ass backward into prime pussy while my best friend and I have to put on a clown show for it.

Sad as it is, this scenario is not surprising to me, as a student of the crimson arts, practicer of PUA and exploiter of hypergamy that I am. Women get off on bad boys. We see it time and time again in our lives. But, why? Let’s delve in and take a look.

First off, we find that even in prison, the women charged with reforming criminals would rather fuck them instead. French researchers studied this topic and found shocking statistics showing prison guards love spreading their legs for murderers and other violent men. As reported by The Daily Mail:

The study found women were more affected than men, with over 70% of cases of sexual misconduct in US correctional system involving female staff, despite them making up less than half of the prison workforce.

There’s even a term for women who get off on fucking criminals and thugs:

Hybristophiliacs are sexually excited by violent outrages performed on others. These women often send pornographic pictures of themselves to prisoners.

When’s the last time you got unsolicited sexy pics from a chick? Then there’s this tale from The Guardian, driving home our point about the fire women have for bad boys:

Three years ago a German waitress called Dagmar Polzin fell in love with a murderer while waiting at a Hamburg bus stop. She saw his photo on a Benetton anti-death penalty poster. Bobby Lee Harris, a North Carolina man with an IQ of 75, was on death row for stabbing his boss to death during a robbery on a shrimp boat. Polzin was overwhelmed by the picture.

Here comes the rationalization hamster, spinning its wheel.

“It was something in his eyes,” she later said. “There was this remorse, sadness. I was attracted. I knew he was the one.”

Think about that quote for a moment. Do women have an innate drive within them that presses them to select for depraved men, the kind who other men would have feared in the earlier days of our species when being a murderous asshole meant you could procure more resources and keep them secure from would-be thieves just by dint of your reputation as a killer? It’s a question that definitely bears more research.

But, getting back to our sordid tale of women sexing criminals while acting frigid towards good guys, the German waitress made moves to make the murderer her one and only:

Within the year Polzin and Harris were engaged and she had moved to America to live with his family. This story seems a little surprising, but if you see the picture that Dagmar fell in love with it is, frankly, astonishing.

As we awakened men know, female instinct selects for de-civilizing traits in the males they choose to breed with:

Polzin’s romance is not an isolated incident: no matter how extreme or appalling the crime with which they are associated, it seems there is always a woman keen to stand by the man. It was recently reported that Ian Huntley, the Soham man charged with the murders of schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, receives bundles of fan mail from women every week – many containing photographs of themselves.

Same deal in the States:

Both [Richard] Ramirez and Ted Bundy, a rapist-murderer who was suspected of murdering 35 young women, attracted gangs of admiring groupies who sat patiently through their court cases. Even John Wayne Gacy – not the most eligible man, with a history of drugging, raping and murdering 30 young men in Chicago – ended up marrying a woman he met while awaiting the death penalty.

In short, these studies and stories illustrate that women get off on male power and maniacs who don’t follow society’s conventions, but their own base instincts. Women love men who dominate and control other men. Our hypothesis at TNMM about why this is, is because historically those men have been the best for women to manipulate with sex to get a foot in the door exploiting the resources they provide.

Which brings us to this point about Game for those who want to become practitioners of the crimson arts: If you can learn to come off as a criminal, your horizontal-mambo dance card will be fuller than any of the Betas who work themselves into a premature coronary trying to pay for status symbols, that quite frankly, most women don’t care about anymore since Big Daddy Government takes care of their material needs.

Cultures that don’t rigidly control female sexuality are doomed to devolve over time into an uncivilized state, for many reasons, not least among them the fact that criminals reproduce more than good guys do in the absence of proper female guidance. Ergo, chicks dig jerks. And they breed like wanton whores with criminals.

P.S. That final claim isn’t hyperbole. Criminals currently have an average of 3.0 children per lifetime in Anglo America, while the birth rate among whites is a suicidal 1.7 children per lifetime. It takes 2.1 children to sustain a culture. How long before this fact is realized and women are domesticated once again?

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  • Spent ten years in state custody from 26 to 36. I should play that up more. Most women who I divulge that to are susrprised that I did time. They also mistake me for being 15 years younger than I am. Life has been hard but I’ve bounced back. I have a house and my gun rights back. No tatoos and will not get any.


  • Women are just ” Devils in Skirts ” Just use them, deep down todays Western modern women have no genuine love for their men.


  • There is certainly an atavistic female attraction to violent men. However, this instinct is greatly lessened in masculine cultures. The reason that sexualized Anglo women (the few of them which exist) go after thugs so often is because Anglo culture is dysfunctional.


  • Just call it like it is for once without caveman socio-bio bullshit theory:

    Women are evil.

    Like attracts like.

    Women make men evil.

    Women reward men for evil.

    Women breed evil.





  • I really don’t know where this comes from. You would think that a criminal among cavemen would soon be booted out, making him a bad mating risk. Still, this is the dark side of human female sexuality and we can thank feminism for letting it out of the bottle.


    • Criminal is a cultural term.

      It doesn`t make any sense from the point of view of biology/evolution to call a violent man
      a criminal. The female attraction to aggressive men is a psychological-neurological underpinning that goes back further than even hunter-gatherer societies.
      If you look at simpler primates like gorillas, then the behaviour makes more sense.
      Remember that sexual instincts goes back much further than just a few millions of years,
      and all primates have a common ancestor.


  • Only a collapse, with the concomitant evaporation of gimmedats to these morons (imported and domestic) will take the boot off our necks so we can start culling the herd.


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