More Proof Feminism Left American Women Broke: They’re Selling Sex on Dating Apps


The realities of the Anglo-American dating and mating markets continue to defy the culture’s Hallmark card mental imagery it foists upon millions

In the past week we’ve already established the retail collapse and the education bubble are directly tied to feminism. This morally bankrupt ideology is also financially bankrupting American women, who remain powerless against the powers of feminist persuasion.

Even as their lives turn to shit as a result of the feted fantasies of feminism, they adhere to its doxy like mindless lemmings. Modern American women are hostile, degenerate, government dependents or wage slaves of the corporate establishment, alone, broke, and statistically sterile, yet they think they’re “empowered” in ways their grandmothers never dreamed of.

The delusion is almost beyond belief. But wait, there’s more.

Witness, mainstream dating apps in major cities filled with women who have dispensed with the guise of “Looking for Mr. Right” altogether. (Which any man experienced with women knows is a ruse, anyway.) Now, Anglo-American females are going directly for the red meat: trading sex for money. Money they “need” since Big Daddy Government only doles out gibsmedats in paltry amounts, the corporate life only yields women a basic existence, and men are wising up to the child support annuity and frivorce lottery games hoes play.

Incidentally, sex for resources is the foundation of the human sexual market. TNMM has reported in the past that all marriages (and relationshits) are at their core, buried under layers of sophistry, sex for resources. (If not cash, the promise of present or future male utility.) We’ve also shown how even females in the animal kingdom trade sex for resources.

That’s just how it works. Every woman has her price. It is what it is. This state of affairs has been the norm since time immemorial, but in dystopian modern times the state has rendered men useless to women as it cucks them by providing women with resources it steals from Beta males. This is the chief reason the dating and mating markets have become completely dysfunctional in Anglo America.

Now, we have another confirmation of this idea as I did some poking around on POF, OkCupid, and Badoo dating apps, investigating the new depths our society has sunk to. It seems the dating market in America has reached an interesting new low. I didn’t go in looking for the conclusions I’m about to draw; rather these findings came up organically as I searched for eligible ladies while traveling around America.

I sent out a flurry of messages to women in several major American cities the past few weeks: New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. At least 50% of the time, women would respond back with either innuendo the street savvy man knows meant they were looking to trade sex for money, or would send back unmistakable replies like these:

  • “$$$$”
  • “60/100/150” meaning the cost in dollars of different intervals of time for sexual encounters with her. $60 for 15 minutes, $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes, etc.
  • “I’m looking for a sugar daddy.”

So, once again we find feminism has not empowered women but weakened them. It’s turning them into hoes.

But, why dating apps? Because the American Police State leviathan regularly terrorizes its sex-hungry populace with constant “stings” on victimless crimes like when Beta males (loathed and turned into pariahs in modern Anglo America) find a willing ho on Backpage. A conviction for soliciting for prostitution could render a hapless corporate worker drone destitute in this age of credentialism.

Read: You dumbfuck police, useful idiots of the power structure that you are, some things aren’t going away. Like the world’s oldest profession. Your ham-fisted stings just push this normal female behavior underground onto the black market.

Personally, I believe prostitution should be legalized. The ban on sex for hire needs to end along with other pseudo-moral prohibitions foisted upon the populace by a totally immoral American government. I see nothing wrong with it, especially since it dispenses with the ridiculous façade dating has become in a post-feminist world. Feminism has exposed the reality of women and the sexual market, as a direct “sex for resources” transaction is the default setting in an uncivilized society.

Meaning, modern women just want a man around long enough to extract sufficient cash from him to power their next fix of materialism or recreational drugs.

The fact women are now selling themselves on mainstream dating apps – of their own volition – proves the matrix is beyond delusional when it purports to “protect” women from evil sexual predators by rounding up “Johns” in prostitution stings around the U.S. In reality, the men they’re rounding up are timid and/or lonesome Beta males left out in the cold, masturbating ad nauseum post-feminism.

The reality is, women make the rules for sex in any society. Men only follow them. The rules used to be sex for marriage or commitment. But now, the rules have returned to their default setting of overt sex for cash. (Rather than clandestine sex for cash via marriage/commitment.)

This isn’t new knowledge. Our society has just become dysfunctional and insane as a result of social engineering and Cultural Marxism. The lessons about women and sexuality we are learning anew – the hard way – were written down in Bronze Age texts long ago.

If a woman bothers to respond to you at all these days on dating apps, there’s at least a decent shot she’s finally stopped pretending she’s interested in you as a human being, and like Capital One, is interested in “What’s in your wallet?” Have you noticed this latest social trend in your city?

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  • “In reality, the men they’re rounding up are timid and/or lonesome Beta males left out in the cold, masturbating ad nauseum post-feminism.”

    I just had to comment on this. The notion that a non-AlphaChadBadBoi has a dick and wants to use it is VERBOTEN discussion. Any society that would let its most honest, loyal and productive men be treated like this deserves to perish.

    The MGTOW & ‘Marriage Strike’ revolts (not necessarily overlapping phenomena) are the first actual resistance to the feminist onslaught since the Sexual Revolution began.

    Average Joe can’t get laid? The very idea warrants only scoffing and contempt? Not permitted sexual release and loving touch from a loyal partner because that’s icky?

    Fine, he can close his wallet. Say No to the Dress. Let Divorce Inc. get real jobs. Cut up the credit cards. Let Baby Daddy and Sam Sportfuck fix the flat tires, unclog the toilets and make the McMansion payments.

    Oh, they won’t do that? They don’t actually give a rat’s ass what Cupcake wants?

    Noted, baby. Noted.


  • The best example is the dozens of “actresses” claiming Weinstein harassed/assaulted/raped them.
    Washed up Whiners like fake no talent nasty women Ashley Judd and Rose Mcgowan who pimped themselves out for Harvey’s $$ and waited 20 years to tell anyone are now “empowered”?


  • It has been a while since I signed on to OkCupid, but I have little trouble believing you. I have to wonder how much worse it will get before it all comes out in the open? This is what women deserve after taking a workable venue like internet dating and distorting it into what it is.


  • A Tinder profile that showed up on Twitter today, showed a 22 yo, 6 months preggers with another kid already. Done with bad boys, wants a ‘real’ man.

    Typical, but I theorize that the time gap between AF and BB will shrink rapidly as BB dries up. As knowledge of things like microchimerism becomes more public, and the reality that women can in fact be ‘stained’ or ‘tainted’ sinks in, the time gap will shrink back to nearly zero. Hefty dowries will make a comeback someday. The burden of proof will fall upon women, where it properly belongs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jd said ..
      Hefty dowries will make a comeback someday. The burden of proof will fall upon women, where it properly belongs.

      I don’t see either happening. That ship sailed a long .. Long .. LONG time ago.

      Though you could be right about the time gap shrink-in to a new low.

      And you gotta love a woman with multiple chillin looking for a (non) bad-boy(tm). LOL .. that ship has sailed too.


      • Honeycomb – oh I’m not thinking on a timescale that includes my lifetime.

        Things come back around though. If they’re broke, and nobody will marry them, they’ll need a Daddy to pay the dowry. So Mom whoring around on Dad will blow up in Mom’s face. (Some 2nd wives have their own organization to protest the 1st wife getting all the cheddar; women are far bigger rivals to each other than they’ll ever be to us.)

        The GynoState wasn’t built by the average woman. The Pussy March embarrassment was hardly an 1848 manning of barricades. When it isn’t serving their purpose anymore women will drop Feminism like a hot rock.

        The thought of MGTOW men having fun while they take our old soul-crushing jobs will piss them off to no end. Women will change this thing.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Relampago Furioso

      Funny you mention this, JD.

      I was perusing the assorted trainwrecks on a personals app a couple of days ago and happened upon a chick who was 6 months pregnant, belly showing, with another little bastard in tow. She had a long list of demands and a bad attitude in per profile to go along with her knocked up ass. So, any potential Beta Bucks sucker gets to finance two kids that are not his, and cuck himself every night banging chick who’s knocked up by another guy while she barks orders at him and spends his cash.

      Amazing. Any takers?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The sad part is, her inbox is probably full. “Wounded” angel with a “broken wing” will undoubtedly appreciate a “Real Man ™” for a few months at least.

        I have a niece who popped out two girls with a loser, then got a former highschool classmate to knock her up after they dated for a couple of months. Just a “big happy family”, the poor bastard.

        My second wife was a single mom too; I’m not judging him at all. These chicks move so fast you just don’t have time to warn a guy.

        Every woman I dated between marriages was a single mom – really nothing else to choose from around these parts – and none of them practiced birth control. They were quite eager to get me into bed ASAP. I’m just so thankful I got the snip after my own kids were born … never told them of course lol.


  • I stopped dating a couple of years ago .. but I do love a good laugh .. so I read the dating profiles & craiglist postings about once per month.

    Especially when I travel .. depending on the location I’m in or viewing .. I find “th wimminz”(tm) are getting bolder and bolder.

    As a side note .. more and more women are advertising their true intentions (e.g. mental illness) via tattoo’s & pericings (& their hair length or color) more flame’boy’antly than ever.

    This sickness (i.e. fee’man’is’is’um) is a zombie apocalypse .. with no cure .. not even the red pill can stop this runaway train. Because all the American wimminz are infected.

    But it (i.e. the red pill nation) will shine a light on the inpending impact .. so we have got that goin for us .. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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