Female Privilege: “Mom” Who Viciously Beat Her Daughter Gets a Slap on the Wrist


An Anglo mother who beat her little girl with a spoon got a slap on the wrist in court

Proving modern Anglobitches are far from the oppressed victims of evil white men the corrupt American media makes them out to be – and that women actually have all rights and privileges, and no responsibilities or accountability in an insanely gynocentric culture, here’s the story of a woman who beat her daughter with a spoon, leaving the child with massive bruising and psychological trauma.

What did Lorien Norman get for the vicious attack on her daughter Evie? A slap on the wrist. From Daily Mail:

Evie’s mother walked free from court last week with a good behaviour bond after a judge found the baby’s injuries were ‘likely to resolve’.¬†Despite the [fact her] offence carries a maximum sentence of 13 years Norman did not spend a day behind bars, instead given bond and ordered to pay $500.

The injustice system strikes again. Of course, if a man had beat his daughter like Lorien did, he wouldn’t have got off with such a light penalty. But men don’t get a pussy pass in Anglo culture.

Of course, mommy dearest tried to lie her way out of the crime. (TNMM has repeatedly quoted Schopenhauer when it comes to the innate female talent for lying and deception.)

Initially her mother attempted to claim the youngster had become bruised following a fall in a playground, before later pleading guilty aggravated assault causing harm.

White girls are a special kind of evil. A man doesn’t need much more proof than this.

There’s a reason I typically avoid white girls, and break my back trying to save enough money to make my way off the Anglobitch plantation as often as I can.

I won’t even go into the full story of how the last time I dated a white girl she spent 6 months trying to get me to knock her up and then faked a pregnancy, saying she was carrying my child to try to tie me down on the Anglo-American plantation. She continued with the ruse even after I had left the country to live abroad, just out of spite. It’s scary to think of what she had planned once I had become her child support slave, forced to pay up or go to debtor’s prison.

Gentlemen, there’s ice running though those veins behind cold, calculating blue eyes. Want proof?

Gloating about her escape in the hours after facing the District Court, Norman sent a series of messages to her former partner.

“So I’m not going to jail. What’s your next move?”

“I’ll send you photos in October. Cute family photos of myself, Indi, Evie, my sister, her partner and my nephew, Hudson.”

Of course, dad was treated like garbage. Nothing new here.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, Mr McMahon said he was “speechless” at the soft sentence handed down.

“I’m disgusted – I’m truly speechless. Where is Evie’s justice?’ he told Daily Mail Australia. I’ve raised both these girls [Evie and India, the second child he had with Norman] single handedly, and she gets 10 months of a sentence that carries a maximum of 13 years!”

Thanks to gyncentrism in modern courts, women know they can behave however they want with impunity. Lorien told Evie’s sperm donor father:

“Even with everyone on social media against me, I still made it. And I’ll be having part custody within a year.”

If you want to know why white people are dying off en masse, look no further than white women. What man wants to have kids that will be taken away from him with evil like this skulking around society, enjoying nearly total privilege?

The end can’t come soon enough for this culture’s dominance on the world stage. The world is ready for something new. Something with less estrogen, gynocentrism, and overt female malice.

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  • This woman is the definition of a narcissist. This type of person can be either male or female and comes from all nationalities and races. For some as yet undefined reason ( I have reason to believe that vaccinations as well as GMOs and glyphophate pesticides, fungacides and herbacides in our food supply and flouride and chlorine in our water are the cause) this type of mental disorder is increasing in all western countries across the board, but they are in every country on the planet.It is an excellent idea to grab a book from Amazon and read up on this mental illness and avoid these people both female and male. The narcissist personality tips into sociopathic tendencies quickly, they are incredibly dangerous to society at large and of course our court systems are full of them, as they are known to be high conflict people. If you Google high conflict people there are whole blogs about how to deal with them, as well as several businesses that tutor Corporations, Attorneys and Courts, how to deal with them. There are also courses for the general public on how to get out of a relationship, marriage, business partnership unscathed. This is an incredibly important issue to educate yourself about. We have loads of them in our Goverments at every level, and they are in a word deadly. My own sister married one, and its literally destroying her life.


  • Rookh once pointed out how Anglo women have no maternal instincts. Indeed, they seem to actively hate children for no good reason.

    Of course, Anglo men are a big part of the problem too because they continue to aid and enforce this evil.


  • Fucking evil bitch, it’s really painful to see that poor baby beaten. My god what do women have in their minds? I can’t believe they can be so evil. But everything is our fault we became pussies and this is the consequence of not keeping women in line.


  • She is gloating about getting custody sometime in the future?


  • 1st sentence of 2nd to last paragraph sums it up flawlessly.


  • In a more enlightened time a woman who acted like this would be branded on her cheeks. Perhaps Divine Providence will visit her with a random acid attack.


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