Tiny House Options Expand: Shipping Container Homes Now Selling on eBay


Container homes are a new, innovative option for the minimalist

Death to the McMansion, debt bondage, and the Anglobitch dream of a real-life Barbie Fun House! We minimalists are tired of paying for all that shit. Runaway slaves from the Anglo-American plantation are ready for lifestyle and financial freedom.

There’s good news. Women throwing men overboard has freed us up to do our own thing. The market is slowly coming around to fulfilling masculine desires for economical, sensible housing after the female-driven housing market led to dizzying, bankrupting new heights.

Just last week, TNMM reported on the emerging possibility of constructing a well-built tiny home for as little as $10,000 using pre-fabricated materials. There’s now a new, albeit slightly pricer option emerging for those men looking to escape being taken advantage of by modern Anglo society.

Still, at around $16,000 to $18,00 the “Infinite Threads” shipping container homes selling on eBay make an interesting alternative. Best of all, the company has mostly positive feedback about their product from buyers according to eBay reviews. At least, thus far.

As an example of what is now becoming available, an 20′ x 8′ feet container home/office listed on eBay (and pictured above) for $16,000 features timber laminate flooring, full insulation, patio doors, electrical connections, and a 70 amp power panel. It can be customized to suit the tastes of its buyer.

Personally, I prefer the idea I floated last week of building a tiny home using a well-constructed shed as the shell. But some guys may decide shipping container homes are their favorite option.

What’s it like living a downsized, streamlined lifestyle? As someone who has lived alternating between a small, tiny house-style home in the Caribbean and the sleeper of a semi-tractor trailer for nearly two years now, I can report that this simpler, smaller lifestyle is very liberating. I don’t worry about bills. I can actually save money. I don’t have useless space to fill. I have time to focus on other things besides maintaining and cleaning a big place. I’d never go back to the “luxurious” apartments filled with useless crap I had when I worked in mainstream media.

Charles Bukowski knew: “The less I needed, the better I felt.” That’s what the tiny house movement is all about. Women have set the pace with obscenely sized, decorated, and priced homes for far too long. It’s high time we men had our say in housing choices. Best of all, without a crushing mortgage payment, asshole bosses lose a lot of their dictatorial powers over men’s lives.

There will be expanding options coming along as this movement takes root. Stay tuned.

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  • Where’s the kitchen and bathroom?


  • There are tons of used full length camping trailers, RVs for sale with a heck of a lot of more room and luxury than these “tiny houses” that are also cheaper. The whole issue with any of this is where are you going to park the thing? From what I saw on Netflix this tiny house thing is hipster culture, the film was in Portland and the owners were dependent about the generosity of others who let them park this thing in their yards.


  • I agree the simpler, smaller lifestyle is very liberating. I believe we should be living out of our homes not in them like prisoners. Shipping container homes are great. There are virtually indestructible and they can be securely stacked or placed side by side to create more living space.


  • Curse you RelampagoFurioso! I’ve been reading your site now for about four months.
    In that time I’ve read a lot of works by Rollo Tomosi, Roosh V., Cheatau Heartiste, among others.
    It’s true, once you see female nature for what it is, there is no going back.
    I think I know where Bram Stoker got the inspiration for Dracula; observing women!
    It isn’t all depressing to know I’m never going to be anything to a woman other than a thing to extract resources from. I’ve been using game learned knowledge on the women closest to me, my mother, sister, aunt. This stuff really works!
    In a great irony I’m getting really good with gaming women, tragically, I live in Alabama. Which is one of the fattest states in the union.
    Such is life! I have hope now concerning my future.
    As a matter of fact I recently created a company manufacturing equipment for outdoor work. This would have never been possible had I not found the manosphere.
    So, thanks!


  • A 40 foot container is roughly 39.5′ x 7.7′ which is just over 300 sq ft. That’s still on the small side of what I’d like, but are these things anchored to the ground? What’s to keep someone from getting a big forklift and taking your container home away on a flatbed while your away?


    • I meant “you’re away”. I think I would still prefer to live in a concrete box (apartment) in major city center in tropical climate vs. a container in the suburbs where I’d need a car to get to the supermarket. That said, this would be a good option to have as a cheap home base in the US while not living abroad.


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