Moon Over Rural Vermont


The moon as seen from Fair Haven, VT. ISO 100, f/8, 1/60″.

Here’s an update from the road as I roam across America, saving up cash at the rate of 37 cents per mile for my part-time expat lifestyle.

I’ve decided to push trucking season out just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving. I want to leave with a nice nest egg so I can extend the length of time until I come back to The Matrix. What’s more, I never spent a major holiday with my family in the 15 years I worked in broadcasting. I lament having lost so many missed years and experiences with people I care about. That career was not worth it. You live and learn.

In any case, after that I’m outta here. You’ll be seeing pictures of tropical landscapes and tropical chicas soon after I fly the coop.

Since I’ve extended my sentence in The Matrix (and earnings, working 70 hours a week as I prepare for exciting adventures abroad) I find myself in New England once again. Specifically, rural Vermont where I got some practice with my new photography equipment taking shots of the Halloween moon, so I can polish my photography skills before taking photos of a different kind of moon. Heh.

Enjoying vistas like this while camping in the sleeper of a semi, living a minimalistic lifestyle sure beats the corporate farm animal lifestyle I had before. I’d never go back to that existence again. Enjoy my latest work.


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  • Great shot. Staring at the moon is always a great way to forget the stress this world creates. Enormous, powerful yet solitary and complete. One Indian guru wrote a technique to losing the ego mind is to find a distant object like a star or moon and just stare at it without blinking. A long time is nessacary, but quiet any thoughts, breathe slowly deeply. Not blinking is essential. Go on as long as possible as it removes the gap between you and the object. The perception of time/space begin to dissolve. Worldly problems will show themselves as trivial once you begin to seperate from them.


  • BEAUTIFUL pic! I can’t wait to see the ones of the tropical landscapes awaiting you… 🙂


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