RFID Chip Implant Propaganda Kicks Into High Gear


This little chip, linked to mega mainframes by the Internet, will have the power to determine the totality of human existence on earth. Making this the planet of the damned.

The corrupt corporate-government complex is working overtime to crank out propaganda to make you think getting a chip implant is “cool” and “harmless” and that these chips are “simple.” Even Edward Bernays, the father of public relations (i.e. the lies, lies, lies the media and politicians sell to the public) would be impressed at the level of sophistry and deception in an article from The Guardian.

First comes the “cool” propaganda.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and usually inserted in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger using a needle the same thickness as used in body piercing.

It feels, says insertable technology expert Kayla Heffernan, like getting a drip.

Once the needle is removed the incision heals in a few days and the microchip remains, allowing the wearer to open doors with the brush of a hand – provided they only wish to access one particular place.

Wow! I can open a door with a chip rather than with a key? How amazing! Sign me up to be tracked like a farm animal by the leviathan state 24 hours a day. *sarcasm*

But, we have one taker. Of course, it’s an Anglobitch:

“If I want I can just walk out without any keys, my key is in my hand so I can’t forget it, which is handy because I have locked myself out before,” Heffernan says.

Well golly be jeez. Then there’s the “harmless” propaganda:

Commercially available insertable microchips are only large enough to hold one access code and a small amount of other information, so the days of replacing an entire wallet and keychain with a tiny computer under the skin are not yet upon us.

This is utter bullshit. Have these people seen how much information you can fit onto microchips these days? The answer is of course they have. This narrative that they’re “too simple to pose a risk” is a line of malarkey intended to lull to sleep the simpletons who might protest.

“No sweetie. Don’t worry. They can’t control all your bank accounts, credit cards, and know your life history. The chip doesn’t have enough memory.”

The truth: They can control all your bank accounts, credit cards, and know your life history by linking these feted chips up to a little thing called the Internet. An entire wallet could be replaced by simply encoding the chip with a Social Security number and a keychain could be replaced by the same type of chips found in most car keys.

And then there’s the “simple” propaganda, all in one stunning piece of yellow journalism.

The future is coming, but it’s not in a rush.

They even attempt to cite precedent of chips already in use on sheeple:

Insertable microchips made global headlines earlier this year when Stockholm firm Epicentre gave its staff the option of having an insertable chip in lieu of a swipe card. Three Square Market, a tech company in Wisconsin, followed suit.

The public relations flacks are hard at work trying to sell this crock to a wary populace, who have grown mistrustful of corrupt Western governments and the abusive corporate power structure.

Ten volunteers received a microchip at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne on Wednesday to mark the launch of Pause Fest, a technology and culture festival now in its eighth year.

Their chips were preloaded with a three-day pass to the festival and will be programmed to unlock the door to their home, gym, or workplace, or potentially to function as their public transport pass. When the festival is held in four months time, the volunteers will take part in a panel with Heffernan to talk about whether they found the chips useful.

The reality? This is a trade show aimed at selling chips to John and Jane Q. Public.

So, we know what establishment journo-whores think about the chip. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! Everything is just coming up roses! But what do readers of The Guardian think? Moonsphere replies:

The Guardian dreams of a locked-down state where human mammals are transported from place to place in self-driving metal cages to be scanned, chipped and injected in a spirit crushing existence.

There are many who will resist, but they too will be sold into slavery by unpaid gatekeepers and transhumanist fanatics. Those who still have spiritual beliefs will hold out longest, but many of these have already have succumbed to the Darwinistic world-view and might wake up atheist any given morning.

But a small group will take a stand and they will constitute the only hope when the Earth has been darkened and memories of human freedom have long faded away.

Followed by Mrs. Doom:

Abolish cash, instigate payment by microchip. Anyone who doesn’t want this doesn’t get the job. There you have it, a perfectly docile workforce and government control of the economy.

And STI Team:

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea… should just be shipped to an island ruled by sadistic wardens, and taken out of the general human population.

Insanity… but the evolution of smart phones and technology have been the perfect path to normalize turning every element of life towards living in a dynamic Panopticon.

Numapapi is on to the shitlib angle:

How many people who only eat organic, protest every factory opening and refuse to use antiperspirant because it has aluminum… will go for these? I bet more than you might think.

Vernon Masser also isn’t drinking the Kool Aid, as he echoes our own warnings:

“Under the skin: how insertable microchips could unlock the future.” I would add this phrase to the article’s title by-line….” of Government tracking of people’s personal movements and personal habits.” You think you have problems now? Wait until the government and the thousands of hackers are involved.

TNMM has repeatedly reported on the dangers of the ongoing War on Cash and coming RFID chipping of the populace. (Both part of the same plan.) This dream of the globalists – one of total electronic control of the people – is a nightmare for the other 99% of the population subjugated to being implanted with these things like cattle.

If you think the police state, tax man, your asshole of a boss, and the micromanagers in corporate-government bureaucracy are bold and bad now, just wait until they control your entire life with these handy little chips. They’ll know everything you’ve ever said, everywhere you’ve ever gone, every penny you’ve ever spent and what you spent it on soon enough.

Without privacy, there is no freedom. Microchipping the population is part and parcel of The American Socialist Revolution, make no mistake about it. It seems America has gone rogue, abusing its role as the sole superpower left now that there is now balance of powers since the fall of the Russian attempt at Socialism/Communism. Now it’s our turn to try to implement this failed ideology electronically, only this time America is trying to sneak it in on the world.

The obvious takeaway from The Guardian’s propaganda puff piece is the agenda to sneak all this in, bit by bit, piece by piece. Here’s one outpost that’s telling you to wake the fuck up before it’s too late. This is dangerous territory, and electronic tyranny/slavery is a danger unlike the human race has ever seen before.

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  • Hollywood, the media, and advertisers brainwash Americans to be immoral, go on anti-depressants, get fat, take out student loans, go in debt, take out mortgages, get married, get divorced, go on welfare, support tyranny, and embrace wars, but maybe part of the reason the US is collapsing now is because these actions conflict with traditional American values of being moral, staying healthy, being responsible, being independent, loving freedom, and supporting peace.


  • These chips are known to cause cancer in the dogs horses and cats they have been implanted in. The veternarians are well aware that these cause cancer, they are now recommending that you only have your cat microchipped in their tail for instance, as it can easily be cut off when the microchip grows cancerous, the vets feel its much better to cut off a tail than a leg. Avoid these microchips at all costs, they are absolutely cancer causes. At this point with all the insanity we are all plagued with daily only the fittest and smartest will survive. Take care of your brain and body everday without fail. The brain needs as much nourishmemt as the body. Be wise and careful with what you eat and drink as well as controlling your stress levels.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I dropped in on the future to see how that’s working out …

    “Earlier today seventy people were unpersoned when the American Movement for Freedom (AMF) demonstrated their new high-energy radio frequency (HERF) prototype weapon on a crowd in Liberty Crossing …”

    “Public safety notice: Here’s what to look for — The AMF HERF gun looks like a converted Nerf Gatling Gun and should not be touched or approached by anyone …”

    “Both the NRA and Toys-R-Us have called for a temporary ban on sales of the Nerf Gatling Gun while Toys-R-Us considers selling Threat Level 9 tactical ballistic and electro-magnetic armor to anyone over the age of three …”

    “Five minutes ago: YOU WILL BE ARRESTED if you are caught with a Nerf Gatling Gun in your possession as the result of emergency legislation passed by special online sessions of the House and Senate which were just digitally signed into law by the President effective midnight tomorrow … Merchants and private owners are to transfer these soon-to-be-illegal weapons to the State Police or to the National Guard immediately …”

    “The Liberty Crossing Chief of Police has issued a statement to the public and the press asking for vigilant citizens to shoot anyone on sight who aims one of these Nerf Gatling Guns at anyone in their jurisdiction …”

    “Vigilant Citizen Arrested for Shooting Halloween Trick-or-Treater In His Costume (Liberty Crossing) — His friends were laughing when he went out for Halloween Trick-or-Treating as a My Little Pony-styled member of the AMF, but Rebel Prideaux is currently on life support in the Liberty Crossing Hospital ICU … Prideaux was out with his friends taking candy from strangers when he suffered multiple potentially fatal wounds as the result of being shot through his Threat Level 9 tactical armor with armor-piercing rounds by a ‘vigilant citizen’ who saw him with his replica Nerf Gatling Gun made out of popsicle sticks, pastel-colored poster board, and glue …”

    “Victims of the Liberty Crossing identity massacre have been given new identities under new emergency legislation … Many of these people have lost access to their digital currency and banking accounts as a result of the attack by the AMF … Liberty Crossing residents have started a crowdfunding challenge to help provide financial support for the victims …”

    It looks like that’s working out not so well.


  • I am actually surprised (((they))) have not offered this to sex offenders in lieu of having to register with the sheriff every time they move into a new town.

    Because like all control mechanisms; first it would be offered, then required, then expanded.


  • I have a kickstarter idea.

    Metal Mesh gloves.

    or you could always cut off your hand and keep it in your footlocker until you need it. (huge smirk)


  • Ive caught salmon with the chips rotting off their noses..seems to give the fish cancer and it also looks like that could be the case for pets as well


  • Just dont get it installed in your jack off hand & youll be aight! Remember Escape from NewYork… Snake had them shot in his neck with 24hrs on the clock. Tick tock. Great comments guys about the populace only wanting to fit in at any cost. So true.


  • Revelation 13 is coming to LIFE-scary!


  • A microchip the size of a grain of rice can also house thousands of nanobots – or a virus – which can be released by remote control if you get uppity.

    Your nervous system starts to go on the fritz? Your concentration starts to lag? An organ stops working properly? Or you just suddenly start vomiting blood one day? “Perhaps you should stop hating, Comrade. It’s making you sick.”


  • They pulled the same thing with social media. You always have holdouts but most of the populace gleefully signs up and shares all their personal life. And if you don’t want to join in? Well then you’re just deemed as weirdo with something to hide. I’ve heard that used many times. “What are you hiding” is often asked when I lament the loss of privacy. The scariest part of all this is that most people just don’t even care and will drop proverbial trough to let the world peek up their bungholes for “likes”.


  • Hopefully you can destroy these with magnets.


  • of course total control is the only way we will be able to exist on THEIR planet as we are not to be trusted to freely make our own decisions.
    but first one third of the population world wide will be destroyed 3 times..
    want tomorrows headlines?
    king James version works for me


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