Fall Foliage in New England


Colorful fall foliage can still be found in New England, even in November

I have been making my way through scenic New England with different loads of consumer crap in recent days, and happened upon some scenic fall foliage at a rest area near New London, New Hampshire. There were still some vibrant colors despite a recent frontal passage that brought gusty winds to the area.

Though past peak, some a nice color show can be found in spots. I used my polarizer to enhance the foliage’s “wet look” and make the colors pop.

Being up north has made me remember how much I dislike cold weather and cold Anglo women. I yearn for some extended time in tropical climes, among the company of warm, welcoming foreign women. It’s my motivation to work 7 days a week, eat PB&J sandwiches, and stay in my truck reading, writing, and chatting with girls I know outside The Matrix rather than wasting my money on bread and circuses in The Matrix. I know there will be an exciting escape at the end of my sacrifice of time and labor.


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  • The land is beautiful, but the people’s souls are ugly. It’s a god damn shame I must work inside a shop for 55 hours per week. At least my 70+ y/o boss got a chuckle when I said his mandatory overtime cock blocks me. Count your blessings RF that you can have a change of scenery and enjoy the view.


  • You need to cut it out! You turned a discussion of the miracle and beauty of New England fall foliage into a rant against an Anglo women. LOL. I’m not mad at you as your visions of tropical climates, PB&J sandwiches, and more accommodating women really sounds GREAT! I agree with you on many of your core points.
    As a younger man, I spent many years as a field service tech traveling around NY, NJ tri-state area. Not very scenic roadways to say the very least. On occasion, I would have work in the New England states and was often in awe of how clean and scenic the roadways were. Beautiful compared to the NY, NJ tri-state area. The trade-offs for the scenic atmosphere were other problems I encountered but I will not detail them here. LOL


    • Relampago Furioso

      I agree with you about the Tri-State area. Once you get past the NE megalopolis sprawl, it’s like being in another world.


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