Eye Candy of the Week | November 4, 2017

Asian beauty never fails to disappoint. Especially Asian cuties with taut figures like Jariah Mariano, Victoria’s Secret model. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for November 4, 2017.



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  • In that rear shot the problem is she just looks too much like that dreadful “Keiko” character on Deep Space Nine who had to be one of the worst actresses out there. Her delivery of her lines was truly cringefull, was there really such a dearth of Asian actresses out there they couldn’t cast someone else? Weren’t the screenwriters aware of her defects as an actress to limit what they wrote for her? Because towards the end of the series, after they should have seen the stiff performances and lack of chemistry with Colm Meany, they wrote an entire episode centering on her getting possessed by a demon which was dreadfully badly acted on par with Zoe Deschannel’s horrendous lackluster portrayal of Dorothy in this Turkey of a made for TV “reimagining” of the Wizard of Oz. That one was so bad you had to see it to believe it, made it about 25 minutes in before I had to switch the channel to ANYTHING else. Heck even Geico and Progressive commercials would be better than that stinker, someone must have gotten fired for green lighting that turkey.


  • I’ve always been immune to Yellow Fever, but does anyone else think it’s getting a little warm in here?


  • Off topic – How about an article comparing the current 4th wave feminism witch hunt for any man who has ever had the audacity to approach a woman with the Reign of Terror from the French Revolution? The French revolutionaries ended up eating their own fellow revolutionaries just as the feminist are eating their own Hollywood allies.

    A good slant might be how the French revolutionaries achieved their goals just as 3rd wave feminism has achieved its goals but their victories were not enough. Both ideologies were driven by the principle of a never ending revolution and, just like the French, the feminists are purging their own by the radicals condemning and punishing those deemed ideologically impure, or even worse, counterrevolutionary.

    The Reign of Terror, and the French Revolution, ended with Napoleon and the Napoleonic Code . Third wave feminism ended with the defeat of their Goddess and the victory of a modern Napoleon. Fourth wave feminism is now howling in a defeated agony of blood lust vengeance. Is history repeating itself? Is a Trumperean Code on the horizon? Is the madness about to be relegated to the ash heap of history and order restored? Like Robespierre, have they finally gone too far? Cheers.


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