Michelle Obama Projects Feminism onto Men: Calls Us “Entitled” and “Self-Righteous”


Former First Lady Mooch Obama says men are “self-righteous” and “entitled” in a stunning display of psychological projection

The Femocrat party just can’t help itself. It’s hatred of all things male continues to seep out at every public relations event it schedules.

As the left has gone completely off the deep end of late, their permanent victim status in jeopardy thanks to the light of day shining upon the false narratives Progressives and Cultural Marxists once thrived upon, it is struggling to find narratives that appeal to those outside its oversized, retro glasses-wearing base. Since Crooked Hillary is going down in flames, what little credibility she had left destroyed with everyone from Jimmy Carter to Pocahontas to Donna Brazile throwing lighter fluid onto the Clinton bonfire, Dems need to a new spokeswoman to stay relevant.

So, they wheel out former First Lady Michelle Obama, who immediately sticks her foot in her mouth shoveling out anti-male narratives like so much manure, a story that has received a lot of press coverage – and the response has been universally negative. From Daily Mail:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said men feel they are entitled and women protect them too much. She told the first Obama Foundation international summit men are raised to be babies while women are brought up to be strong.

What the fuck? A woman who lived like an empress on the public dime for eight years, whose husband pals around with billionaires isn’t acting entitled when she attacks working class men? Aging, barren feminists wearing pussyhats, throwing temper tantrums, and marching on Washington because The Cunt lost aren’t acting like babies? Feminists blaming their miserable lives on men aren’t acting like babies? Leftists demanding “safe spaces” aren’t acting like babies? This is Ms. Obama’s definition of strong?

Mooch’s narrative sounds like another yet another case of psychological projection. Oh, by the way, Rule One in the political playbook of underhanded, dirty tricks is to blame your own problems on the other side. Here’s the truth of the matter.

Women wouldn’t be “strong” if they weren’t propped up with tax dollars robbed from millions of hardworking Beta males “redistributed” to them by their virtual husband, Big Daddy Government. No, without the “babies” you just mentioned slaving away, showing up at those J-O-Bs every day the U.S. would be even more bankrupt than it already is post-feminism, since women spend more than they earn.

How do Mooch and other feminists she represents thank the millions of men they’ve left sexless, lonely, and in many cases, financially enslaved who get up and go to work at jobs they hate only to have half their income taken away by a gynocentric welfare state? Why, they stomp their feet demanding more, more, more!

The Anglo-American political power structure loves to serve men shit sandwiches just like the one Ms. Obama handed out, then expect our full support and cooperation with their kooky social engineering schemes. But wait, there’s more backstabbing of the legions of men who made Michelle’s lavish lifestyle as First Lady possible:

Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and self-righteous sometimes? But, that’s kind of on us too as women and mothers, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect.

Slut moms with five baby daddies, women who cock carousel until they’re 35, and career girls that burn out after a quick turn on the corporate merry-go-round are perfect? Women who expect to run the whole of society – a society that men created – while reducing us to second-class citizen status while offering endless proclamations on how to “fix” men aren’t entitled and self-righteous? Hmm.

I don’t know about you, but I never felt too nurtured by Anglo American culture. I’ve felt like a pariah my entire life. I spent the best years of my life pulling myself out of abject poverty, staying out of trouble, and earning a college degree only to see it rendered worthless by the corporate-government complex Mooch helps spearhead. Then, I got forced out of my seat at the table because they wanted to get rid of me and hire women in my place. All along the way, I got told how evil I am for having a penis and wanting to use it once in a while.

This story is confirmation that once again, we see the Anglo-American Matrix taking male labor for granted, then snubbing us when we ask for a decent wife, an intact family, and a wholesome culture in return.

So, how do we fix “broken” men? Here’s Mooch’s solution.

The former First Lady told men “y’all should get you some friends” to develop a support network in the same way women do. “Talk to each other, because that’s the other thing [women] do – we straighten each other out on some things, our girlfriends,” she said.

Yeah, we’ve seen women straightening each other out, Michelle. Like that time I saw two Anglobitches straightening each other out laughing all the way to the bank about two guys they had just frivorce raped. This literally happened in Latin America, as they cackled on, thinking nobody in the bank understood English.

Is it any wonder men don’t want to do the work anymore? We are getting nothing out of our cooperation beyond being vilified, disenfranchised, and asked to give up even more of our lives and labor for the great feminist machine. Then you call us “entitled” when we expect a little humanity in return for our support of your empire? Maybe it’s time to withdraw our support and see how well you do without us.

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  • Norway: newly we got for the first time the numbers on the desk – what do immigration cost us – and how much $ do women vs men get. Women take out 100% more from government $ than males. This fact has not been mentioned by any msm media. The fact was hidden under a storm of allegatuion about numbers and facts about immigration costs was racist. “You can¨t put a number – $ – on human life” etc. You people now the drill. So immigration costs: lifelong cost for some of the groups: Norwegian: $700 000 pluss, Swedish: $400 000 plus, Polack and all people slavic: 0, Somalians, Syrians, Iraqis $1 000 000 minus, Pakis: $ 470 000 minus – Pakis are regarded to be the most successful group when it comes to integration, work etc – among all non/western immigrants. (Leftist has stated endlessly that we need the immigrants – to pay for the pension system in the future.)

    Anyhow / not a word about the “strong, independent, hard/working, go/girls” taking out 100% more than men.

    The number cruncher at the government run statistical bureau which did the job – he is the best research scientist on this field in whole of Norway has now lost his job because his female boss or the CEO of SSB as it is named, a woman which openly want many more immigrants / never actually wanted him to crush these numbers. He did so anyway. Good thing / she is en big/time troubles now. Because the report was finished in good time before the election / she withhold it, because it would for sure have an impact on the election. It was tight / but the socialists/demcratic group of parties lost anyway.


  • While it is blatant man bashing, there is a silver lining. She is making the Democratic Party the party of man bashers. I hope this is remembered at mid term elections and when Trump has to run again.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The Klingon ambassador is once again reminded that “she” is out of order …


  • “men are raised to be babies while women are brought up to be strong” who would’ve guessed I’d ever agree with her.

    This is the only way that women are able to compete with men. Despite their best efforts men still do better, but most of the indoctrination happens in public schools, and nobody here is going to argue that they’re competent. Much less able to bring about the new soviet men and women that are exactly the same despite biology.


  • It’s interesting, in this and the preceding article, you (or you and your cohort) left us with absolutely mixed messages.

    In “Towards A Greater Purpose” we read:

    As a man you inherit the spirit of THE Creator, never lament the state of the world. You are a man, and you have within yourself the the power to change it.

    They knew that a single great man possessed of great vision can conquer the world. Countless men have done so, and countless men stand poised to do so again.

    And in this article, it goes:

    Is it any wonder men don’t want to do the work anymore? We are getting nothing out of our cooperation beyond being vilified, disenfranchised, and asked to give up even more of our lives and labor for the great feminist machine. Then you call us “entitled” when we expect a little humanity in return for our support of your empire? Maybe it’s time to withdraw our support and see how well you do without us.

    I’m a 55 year old twice-divorced man who still has 3 more years of alimony to pay, $32000 worth of student loans to repay, and is sick and tired of working for other people. I’m counting down the 6-1/2 years until I can draw a decent social security check and go into a happy retirement or semi-retirement, working only part time or seasonally and living in the part of the country that my heart yearns to return to, the Rockies. A very large part of me has had enough, and just simply doesn’t want to do the work any longer.

    Then there is another part of me, the one with a big dream and wants to conquer the world. A specific dream that I won’t detail here. And I know damn well that I have the brains and the work ethic to accomplish it, or at least make a valiant effort if I don’t. And I know what is involved in chasing that dream, it’s a lot of work, but very rewarding and lucrative if I was even partially successful.

    But I’m tired. Burned out. Had enough. I’ve worked too hard doing too many first and second jobs and for what? Nothing, really. Can someone give me a reason not to go full-blown MGTOW and Galt and not just say Fuck It All, when I’ve lost the desire to give any more?


    • I can give you reasons beyond number to “go full blown MGTOW” and, more importantly, beyond. Like you, I found myself later in life wondering what the Hell went wrong. What did I do wrong? What is wrong with me? I’m 62 coming up on 63 and at the age of 57 I was flat on my back in the well of despair having been stripped of a lifetime of work because she and the system wanted to do it. What the Hell do I do now?

      Then MGTOW found me in November 2014 and pulled the pistol out of my mouth. I devoured MGTOW content for years and still could not find the answer until last January. The answer is this, my struggling brother. It is genetics.

      You cannot help your behavior any more than women can help theirs or the Blue Pill simp you were or the Blue Pill simps that still pray at the altar of the vagina. It all boils down to one thing and one thing only. The care, feeding, support, and reproduction of the dominant X chromosome, or more accurately a handful of genes there upon. You, as a man, are here for one purpose only. Your entire existence is programmed for slavery and self sacrifice to the X chromosome.

      The X chromosome has no altruism, but has cursed you with it in order to serve it. It has beat you up and extracted your utility. You no longer have anything to offer it. But you still cling to the “conquer the world” altruism you were programmed with. Ask yourself this: Why do I want to conquer the world? Is it to spread my genes? Is to prove myself better than other men? Just what is the reason?

      The answer is that you want to “conquer the world” because the dominant X chromosome wants you to so it can extract the resources you accumulate by doing so. Just that simple, as your DNA tells you. Again, ask yourself the hardest of hard questions. Why?

      Your existence on this planet was programmed to be short and violent. Why shouldn’t it be long and pleasant? And there, my friend, is where you will find your reason to go full blown MGTOW. In fact, the next step in your journey is MGTOW ghost monk. Ask yourself this: Why are monks such happy and serene people? The answer is that they know things you don’t. Find out what they know and you don’t on your terms. Cheers.


      • >>You, as a man, are here for one purpose only. Your entire existence is programmed for slavery and self sacrifice to the X chromosome.<<

        Maybe that's true in a genetic sense, but my genes have already been passed along to my kids and grandkids. Mission accomplished, my genes are moving forward with no more help from me. My purpose now is whatever I intend it to be.

        I do appreciate your thoughts, though I'd like to hear from the other side of the house. The one that sees having a mission, a goal, and a sense of accomplishment for my own sake, to tell me why I shouldn't just cave into the idea that the two women I was married to used up my entire productive capacity and left me wanting to just throw in the towel and become a MGTOW monk, rather than striving for achievement *for me*, despite the hard work involved and obstacles to overcome. Maybe there isn't a good reason, or maybe the reason has to come from inside myself (where it rightly should originate anyway). Maybe I'm asking the wrong people.


      • SCHJW – I think you have just answered your own question. “For me” is reason enough and the answer came from inside, as it should.

        The beauty of MGTOW is that the truths it guides a man to find are applied by that man to himself as he alone deems fit. There is no doctrine answer, only personal.

        Good luck with For Me, Inc. I predict a great success. Cheers.


    • Relampago Furioso

      How about we conquer the world by Going Galt and withdrawing our support, letting façades crumble.


    • schajw: “I’m a 55 year old twice-divorced man who…”
      Yeah, I’m nearly 60, did the whole human mine detector bit (marriage & divorce) once, and am paying alimony until she dies or I die, probably…but you actually did it twice? Ouch…I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself…


      • First one lasted 7 years, 2 kids, cheating ex. Second one was a couple of years after the first ended, lasted 22 years (though I should have gotten out years before I did), she spent me into multiple bankruptcies (no joke) and ballooned up to 400 lbs. It was cheaper to dump her, not keep her, despite the alimony. There won’t be a third one, and may never be another girlfriend either. The pussy simply isn’t worth it.

        I’ve heard of cases like yours, with the whole alimony-for-life jazz. I got off light. Only good thing about paying ever increasing child support for the 15 or so years that I did was that it forced me to earn a higher and higher income over the years, which makes my social security benefits higher when I get to that point. Good luck to you.


  • I’ll guarantee this, or a paraphrase thereof, was said and heard in the White House:

    “Uh, uh, Barrack. You ain’t signin’ dat bill. You do, don’t be a comin’ up in here looking for no lovin’. Ain’t nothin’ changed since you become a Tom back in Chicago. You sign what I tell you to sign. If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. You hear me? Now wha’ you gonna do?”

    “Yaz, ma’am.”

    The Democratic Party is filled with ball breaking, high T, femicunts and low or no T male cucks who can’t or won’t stand up to them. The Republican Party is no different. Cue up John McCain and Paul Ryan.

    And then along comes Trump. Then their whining reaches new heights (the Pussy Hat March). Trump still won’t fold and grabs ’em by the pussy hat. They howl louder for victims and perps. But where are all the conservative perps they rely on for their usual targets?

    Well, their usual targets learned a long time ago not to expose themselves to female wrath and did so by becoming MGTOW in fact or becoming MGTOW without ever having heard of it. They quit interacting with the Bitch Army a long ago. Their former target rich environment has disappeared. But they still need targets and guess who is left?

    You guessed it. The male feminists who they gladly knob polished 20 years or 15 minutes ago for their shot at fame or another rung on the corporate ladder. And now they cry #MeToo after getting their fame or corporate rung in the quid pro quo of trading head for what they wanted. The hypocrisy reeks to high heaven. A kindergartener call see it and smell it, its that bad.

    So, like all tyrants throughout history, what do they do? Do they seek negotiation with their rebellious serfs? Will they listen to their legitimate complaints and try to find a compromise? Oh, Hell no. They double down on the tyranny. They sic their jack booted (or Roman sandaled) state paid thugs on the impudent serfs. Let them eat cake. Off with their heads.

    History has a way of repeating itself and when it does it isn’t pretty. It repeats itself in the basest of human instinct. It does not repeat itself through high art, high music, high culture, or the noble of spirit. The feminist tyranny of the last 150 years is about to meet its historically predicted Waterloo shortly after winning the war they started.

    The serf army (MGTOW) is growing in numbers and economic strength exercised by denying their enemy the source of its power over them. Namely, the excess labor of Beta males, the backbone of civilization, which is the nectar that feeds feminism.

    Feminism will die, but at a very high price. The price of Western culture and the lives of millions of men. And the least desirable women. Do they actually believe their future overlords will not put Hillary, Michelle, Andrea, Gloria, and the rest of the angry ugly feminist cabal to the sword in favor of Kate Upton and her ilk? LOL, dream on, baby.

    Anyway, gentlemen, as many of us have been saying for quite some time, “It is going to worse, much worse.” October 2017 is the dawn of “much worse”. Prepare thyself and prepare well. The doubling down of the tyranny has just begun. It used to be that MGTOW was the only option. Now, it seems, that MGTOW ghost monk is the only option. Keep your dick in your pants, your mouth shut, your wallet in your pocket, and you just maybe survive. Cheers, I think.


    • Glad you ended on a high note.
      The man who can make beer from scratch will always have friends of both genders.


      • moriyah – You are most definitely on to something. Life without beer (or in my case bourbon) would indeed be bleak. Prepare thyself to home brew! I love it. Cheers.


  • Just give the bitches what they want; a nice bastard.
    Be sweet but firm. Then they know they will get a wonderful ‘ride’. And you follow thru; make sure they climax first. Use your tongue and your fingers for half an hour before introducing your ‘firmness’. After your climax tell them if they can get it hard again they will get another ‘ride’.
    Women are simple creatures with simple needs. Don’t confuse things with romanticism; it never works.
    Any problems with the bitch, just let me know. I have the power over the pussy and you can have it too. Pussy power!
    Sometimes you can fuck the feminists and win both ways. Most times, you should just leave them alone.


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