Towards A Greater Purpose

Was it women who first brought you to the manosphere? Now that you’re here, let’s set our sights on higher ambitions

Please welcome Paracelsus to The New Modern Man.

What attracted you to the concepts of the Manosphere, or more precisely, why? Think about it while I tell you my motivations, because I can only speak for mine.

As Nicolo Machiavelli stated in his Discourses, men from whatever age tend to look on earlier times more fondly than those of their present age. Seeing history as more dignified and illustrious than the moment they live in. To be perfectly honest I can’t help but feel those feelings of nostalgia myself from time to time. Even as I sit here with an excellent edition of The Bhagavad Gita in one hand and a smartphone in the other, I can’t help but feel that something is missing. The vague sense that something indefinable and profound is absent, but what is it?

My first introduction to the Manosphere came as an article posted on Facebook years ago when I still participated in it. I don’t exactly recall the article, but I do remember that it was on Return of Kings and that it deeply resonated with me. The article wasn’t about pickup directly, but all articles dealing with human nature, and all that deal with male and female interactions do, in an indirect way. For better or worse pickup and game are necessary. It changes you and makes you better in ways that extend far beyond the ability to score pussy.

For those with a philosophical bent I assume that you already have a generally higher awareness than those around you, and certainly a greater intellect. But, this doesn’t always equate to a greater effect on the world. Quite often introspection and philosophical rumination is merely cognitive masturbation. Pickup and game, though often maligned by the MGTOW community as a shallow, meaningless pursuit for mere physical gratification can be much much more. Game/pickup is actually a mirror through which the world views you. Game is how you influence those around you, both male and female. A suave and charismatic man who can pickup women can easily lead other men. Game extends beyond carnal gratification and teaches you truths about the world. Often, such truths are uncomfortable, some are even downright painful.

Since time immemorial men have pursued women, built monuments, fought wars, killed, and certainly died in the pursuit of women. In fact this modern world has become a monument in and of itself for the gratification of women. Sitting here at Starbucks I look around and estimate that at least seventy percent of the people at this location are women. Some are attractive, a few are unfortunately un-attractive, but most are plain. Yet, all of them are women, and as such some man will come along at some point to provide for them. Not a single woman here today will have to go down to the river and wash clothes by hand. I highly doubt any of them will have to kill a chicken, pluck its’ feathers and then butcher it tonight. But I digress, the average Western womans’ life is defined by ease, comfort, luxury, and especially consumption.

However, the world being as it is is such a highly malleable and reactive environment, nothing happens in a vacuum. All of these feminine traits (which have been corrupted) are starting to infect modern men to some degree or another. The easy, decadent life is starting to crop up in male character. A life of austere and Spartan values has been supplanted by a life of conspicuous consumption and unbridled avarice. Eventually though, the life of luxury begins to wear thin, a soft bed leads towards a soft body, and a soft body leads towards a soft spirit.

This is where I found myself returning to when I found the Manosphere. Reading an article that was fortuitously stumbled upon when I was searching for something greater, for my purpose. As a man you instinctively know when you aren’t moving towards your purpose. However enticing, things, awards, accolades, and especially women are merely a byproduct of that purpose. That vague sense of searching for something is the tradition that “modern man” is severely lacking. It is why we are lost, and it is the void we fill with useless possessions and trivial pursuits.

Today it came as no coincidence that I picked up my copy of The Bhagavad Gita to read through earlier. The reason was, today I had a battle to fight, and I needed to seek counsel with God before I did so. Yet, I’m not so special or unique, all men woke up today to do the same exact thing. As a man your battle is your life, and you wage bitter ceaseless war against it until the day you die. All sages, mystics, and philosophers have attested to this inalienable fact in their own verve since the dawn of recorded history. They have recognized the great tendencies of human beings and exposed them for what they were. Even the least of them have noticed the very obvious differences between males and females and the motivations arising from them.

Generally, women seek comfort and men seek challenge, the more time you spend around people the more you can corroborate this assertion. Learning such truths about human nature can often lead to the state of “red pill rage.” You can find yourself enraged that people only dealt in platitudes, that you had been deceived your entire life. But eventually the rage subsides when you learn that no-one lied to you, and no-one intentionally deceived you. As with most things you were only deceiving yourself. You believe only that which you chose to believe from the level of awareness you have at any given moment.

What use is it convincing a woman that feminism is a decadent philosophy designed to corrupt feminine value and virtue? Or telling a SJW that true Justice is an intrinsic value gained from hard earned wisdom? The meaning people who deceive themselves gain from life is the sanctimonious feeling that they are right. For those with greater wisdom however, the meaning of life is work. A life lived in service of a purpose, an ideal, an aspiration to create. It is the polar opposite to consumption, which is – at its best- a passive action. History shows a record of the greatest men in the world to be producers, inventors, and artists. Those who left an immortal record and legacy of their brief time here. Their greatness extending far beyond their corporeal vessel in spirit and in form.

As a man you inherit the spirit of THE Creator, never lament the state of the world. You are a man, and you have within yourself the the power to change it. In my research of the “great conspiracies” I have often felt impotent to change the world until I came to an even greater epiphany. It is that throughout time there have been men like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and John Ernst Worrell Keely. And there have been those vast un-named and unknown cowards to oppose them. This vast conspiracy of cowards was required to mount any resistance against genius. They knew that a single great man possessed of great vision can conquer the world. Countless men have done so, and countless men stand poised to do so again.

Amongst great men there is the tradition to change the world they don’t agree with, that doesn’t suit their vision. Personally I can’t work a 9 to 5 because I have more to offer than simple interchangeable tasks that anyone can be trained to do. I have unique and original works of art to contribute. I have to tell the world that the Giza Pyramid complex was actually an ancient powerplant. That this ancient powerplant complex used a form of physics and mathematics unknown to modern science and that it was hidden in the very architecture of the structure. And this is just one of the many areas of investigation I hold dear to my heart. There is thousands of years of clumsily suppressed history and knowledge that stands waiting to be unveiled!

So, when you read articles in the Manosphere and the around the internet in general, don’t give in to pessimism. Have faith that to those with stolid and unwavering resolve the world eventually does relent. The new modern man and the archaic man of distant antiquity are exactly the same. Both are men, and both seek to conquer the world and bend it to their will.

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  • “Though it be done in secret, it will be shouted from the rooftops”

    To see the system as it is, is to become a sworn enemy of it. Develop your own wealth, power and strength. Keep women out of your affairs and bank account, as they are the true Useful Idiots to transfer our strength to others.


  • Welcome fellow writer and sharer of amalgamated knowledge. Some of white I’ve learned in my seven years of study:

    Who built & maintained all upon the earth? Men. Who fought and died in all the wars for the rights and privileges women take for granted over men today? Men. Men are the disposable utilities of women and her true husband, the state.

    The 50% divorce rate is a lie. 95% of marriages end by the 10 year mark. The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++) flows from men to women. The entire system is one gigantic, gynocentric lie. How’d they come up with the 50% divorce rate, which is in and of itself atrocious? They only count the divorces in a single year and then front-load with new marriage and back-load with 2nd, 3rd and beyond marriages for the same year. The major statistic, that 95% of marriages end on or before year 10, is rarely discussed and purposefully withheld. Why do they lie? The entire system is a gynocentric trap meant to force wealth and power from men (the inventors, builders, maintainers, human sacrifices & savers) to women & their true husbands, the state (the spenders).

    The left, the majority of whom are blacks, browns, gays, lesbians, feminists & transgenders, hope for a future of socialism, which to them means forced wealth and power transfer from white ‘cishet’ males to themselves. It’s all about socialism. It’s all about using an aggressive state, through power of ‘trans-formative voting’, to force wealth and power from one group to another. An analogy would be your neighbor breaking into your house and demanding access to your bank account, a free place to live, a free education, access to your fridge and a place as your dependent on your healthcare & insurance policies – all on your dime. It’s simply state enforced theft. That’s socialism.

    Why does the left promote socialism? Socialism gains the leadership of the left power & wealth, beyond imagination, and allows corporations to implement feudalism amongst the masses (serfs). Since you’ll get everything for free via state power, the state owns everything and the individual owns nothing. The oligarchs rule all & own all, the state acts as their enforcers and the serfs live under subsistence level poverty. It’s a return to the dark/middle ages of kings, queens, knights (the politically elite) and the serfs (the little people). How does this benefit the politically elite? They get to live lives unimaginable to the serfs, they get to control the media so that the serfs remain unaware, they confiscate the serf’s weaponry preventing them from fighting back and dictate to the serfs every single choice and thought them make/have – for life.

    Ever wonder why corporate leaders, the supposed epitome of capitalism, support open borders, socialism and universal basic income? It’s their new feudalism. Under feudalism, you’re stuffed like sardines into ‘urban centers’, given subsistence level wages (most of which you’ll never see in exchange for government services and protection), told what you can and cannot eat (no meat), told how much to exercise, told where you can and cannot roam, can’t own a car, can’t own your phone, can’t own a home and everything to which your ‘entitled’ is provided as a service my mother state, who by the way can and will deprive you of said services should you get uppity and decide to rebel, a rebellion that would of course be short lived, because your guns were confiscated at the beginning.

    1) Offshore manufacturing to slave labor markets overseas, thereby displacing more expensive America workers, eliminating the working class and environmental regulation at a fraction of the cost, thereby increasing profits.

    2) Mass import illegal labor and employ them at the entry level under the auspices of DACA, thereby instantiating an indentured class of workers who haven’t the right to vote nor quit for better wages, thereby eliminating the more expense and autonomous American entry level workers and increasing profits.

    3) Mass import H-1B visa workers (and the rest of the alphabet soup visa workers) to displace white collar class professional workers, thereby eliminating freedom of movement, upward mobility and hence the greater expense of America workers – to increase profits.

    And this doesn’t even take into account the many ways in which corporations are already subsidized by the American taxpayer (schools, military, legal system, etc).

    Corporate America is reconstituting feudalism (the middle ages/dark ages). Plain and simple.

    The entire purpose of mass immigration, from the government’s standpoint, has zero to do with human compassion and everything to do with covering up the failure of socialism and feminism (socialism in panties). Those at the top know if they don’t succumb to mass immigration, the failures of their socialist systems will come crashing down upon their heads. In short, compassion is a coverup for the state’s malfeasance. If women aren’t busy birthing the next generation, other more patriarchal tribes will move in and take over. This is a mandatory flaw in sustaining a socialist, matriarchal state, which cannot be overcome without technology such as human cloning.

    Never get married. Never cohabit. Beware false accusations. The 2-10% false accusation statistic is a lie. They simply counted the unproven accusations as true by default to make it look as though false accusations are rare. There’s a reason men were trafficked, exploited, sacrificed and disposed of in war, not women. There’s a reason men are last in the life boats. There’s a reason men built & maintained all upon earth and women are simply allowed to appropriate/demand the resulting wealth and power for themselves. There’s a reason why all institutionalized, systemic oppression codified into law is anti-male. There’s a a reason why so many laws and policies (ex, Title IX, Affirmative Action) force wealth and power from men to women. What’s the reason? Male disposability. Learn it. Remember it. Watch your back. The life you save will be your own.

    Be safe, brehs. Be wise. Live long and prosper.


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