Exporting Frustration – War and Repression in Anglo America

The military-industrial complex is powered by men it views only as Matrix-style batteries

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF’s recent essay, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Marginalization of Sex in Anglo America’, was one of the most interesting pieces of manosphere writing I have read in many a year. His thesis cleverly linked Anglo-American sexual repression to our culture’s fatal obsession with consumerism and debt slavery. And yes, it is obvious that blue-pilled males slave their pointless lives away for branded commodities assembled in Third World sweat shops to ‘win’ (or try to win) some frosty Anglobitch tail.  Of course, both women and the Matrix have vested interests in maintaining this situation. Women get raised onto marble pedestals by their beta lackeys and the system at large; and by selling debt and dross to pussy-starved betas, the Matrix secures its existence for the foreseeable future. A win-win situation for both parties.

However, sexual repression in the Anglosphere serves an additional purpose: it creates a ready supply of frustrated cannon fodder useful for imposing Anglo matriarchy of other parts of the world. As well as making these deluded Gammas more reckless, prolonged sexual deprivation makes them exalt women as goddesses worth fighting and dying for. In sum, withholding sex from Anglo-American males not only serves the Matrix within the nation state; it helps the Matrix expand its gynocentric agenda beyond the Anglosphere.

The economic inequality fostered by every Anglo-Saxon nation produces a large, alienated underclass defined by low intelligence, limited horizons and cynical conformity. In the UK for example, one third of the population cannot divided 65 by 5 with pencil and paper and almost 20% are functionally illiterate. RF continually shows how clueless most Americans are about the wider world; only 1 in 3 Americans can find Great Britain on a map, for instance. With illiterate mobs coexisting alongside privileged elites, the major Anglosphere nations are more like Third World countries than progressive states such as Norway, Germany or Japan. However, this retarded Anglo underclass does serve one useful purpose: as willing fodder for the military-industrial complex.

For these bone-headed clowns join the military in droves – what other career, apart from criminality, is available to them? And this is where good ol’ Anglo sexual repression kicks in. Sexually disenfranchised males are far more likely to risk life or limb than males with a reproductive stake in the future. Widespread sexual repression not only makes the rabble take risks; it transforms women into semi-divine beings worthy of worship and self-sacrifice. Together, these factors create the perfect background noise to Anglo-American campaigns in ‘patriarchal’ regions.

And these ugly clowns are perfect cannon fodder, if nothing else. Blue collar males in the Anglosphere are deeply damaged by institutional misandry and gynocentric discrimination; they commit suicide in droves; almost 40% die single and childless; their lives are holes of self-loathing concealed by sexual false consciousness and infantile bluster. Largely deprived of the basic human need for sex, they constitute a reserve army of lemmings desperate to escape their tortuous celibacy; even a sniper’s bullet is preferable to that walking death.

Keeping these gammas in a constant state of sexual thirst thus serves the Matrix not only in economic terms (as RF so ably described) but in military terms, too. Being rabbit-brained shills and incapable of rational thought, Anglo women effortlessly conflate their own role in the military-industrial complex with the trendy liberal pacifism they picked up in college (perhaps it should be renamed the military-industrial-sexual complex – an interesting concept indeed).

MSM talking heads foist Anglosphere narratives onto the world

Enter The Talking Heads

Meanwhile, the lamestream media skews all international news with explicit feminist and misandrist narratives, further exciting our incel White Knights with chivalrous indignation. A good example would be Boko Haram, the African Islamist outfit whose massacres of boys are conveniently omitted in most western reportage. Instead we are treated to endless ‘Find Our Girls’ headlines calculated to stir the average Anglochump’s ‘protective’ instincts towards stainless damsels. And so we are left with an ignorant, sexually frustrated horde of unemployable dolts fired up by feminist propaganda to support whatever illegal invasion the Matrix dreams up next.

Truly, the Anglosphere sets all standards of economic, educational and social progress.

I am well-known for my cynicism about Men’s Right’s Activism. Not that their views are wrong – they are not – I just don’t think they can change anything. The reason is not wholly biological, although gender biology plays a role; it is rather that the Anglo-American Matrix is too resilient and well-organized, too integrated and efficient a system to be easily overthrown by AVfM and ‘gender justice’ groups of that ilk.

The Matrix can be compared to an organism which has successfully weathered centuries of evolutionary and environmental pressure and has developed countless defensive mechanisms to secure its own existence. It utilizes gender biology, mass psychology, media, technology, education, money and language to defend itself in ways that are beyond any individual human consciousness (including mine) to completely unravel.

So we in the manosphere need to transcend outmoded narratives of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, or the notion that being intellectually ‘right’ makes victory inevitable. We can be proven ‘right’ a thousand times but if nothing ever changes – and it never does – none of it matters. A more effective course for the enlightened man surely lies in self-development (separatism, minimalism, personal growth) and building a new life outside the Anglo-American Matrix.

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  • Angry much bro.

    Though I served a long-time ago, and it’s true most were blue-bill lackies, I don’t buy that they out numbered those same blue-pilled lackies that didn’t serve.

    We can agree .. for different reasons .. that we should tell all men to not serve this corrupt beast (aka Uh’Merica DoD).

    I had a great job .. sumarine nuclear operator / mechanic / diver / welder / badass .. 6 years was enough .. been makin up for lost time every since .. lol


  • Enlisted in 2006 to find out my contract was basically toilet paper before my first day in boot camp. Lies Lies Lies. It may be a good path for some & I salute you, for me it was the perfect examples spoken of here, deception and slavery. & I saw it clearly when i was blissfully bluepilled and ignorant. Plus thers waay less females so they are on such an exhalted state if they are hot, the avg. guy hasnt a chance. Getting out was the best day of my life. But yea many of your reasons to enlist make perfect sence to the wayward souls the formula creates.


  • I don’t really think the reason for feminism is to get guys to join the army. Lots of very masculine societies are even more martial than the Anglosphere and I more likely see US military prowess as a remnant from a more patriarchal time. As far as putting an end to the Anglobitch rule? I really don’t see it coming through ordinary means such as courts, movements, elections, etc. Guys are way to brainwashed into thinking women have some right to be voting, having careers, being “the boss” based on “merit” blah blah blah. I really don’t see Anglo men ever being strong enough to put the leash back on the Anglobitch outside of a “Thunderdome” type devolution of order.


    • I did not say feminism arose to get guys to join the army. However, in the contemporary Anglosphere it has certainly contributed to that situation by artificially limiting sexual resources, as I described in the article. Women are not self-aware or intelligent enough to grasp their specific role in the Matrix and its maintenance/expansion; their role has emerged spontaneously, an accidental by-product of the system’s self-organizing adaptation to changing circumstances. They are in fact quite unconscious of their true situation, protesting against the military-industrial complex even while supporting it via sex-negative feminist social policies.


      • “I am well-known for my cynicism about Men’s Right’s Activism. Not that their views are wrong – they are not – I just don’t think they can change anything. The reason is not wholly biological, although gender biology plays a role; it is rather that the Anglo-American Matrix is too resilient and well-organized, too integrated and efficient a system to be easily overthrown by AVfM and ‘gender justice’ groups of that ilk”

        The only way I see the Anglobitch getting her comeuppance it from alien cultural influence to alter the worldview of the men in the Anglospere. (note: by alien I mean foreign NOT outer space) Just listening to the brothers at work yesterday a truly black run America would have no place for the Anglobitch to pull her shenanigans, they have no problem with what Weinstein did and would turn the Anglobitch out on the stroll. Of course there has to be a better plan than turn the society over to African dysfunction.

        We did have another prominent Anglobitch witch trial here in Central IL a generation back when some uppity Anglobitches who had no businesses working in an automobile factory sued Mitsubishi for a hostile workplace due to men having pin ups and making comments after being taken on a corporate trip to Japan about how much better the Japanese men have it compared to American misrule under the Anglobitch. Foreign travel does change a man’s perspective about Mary Jane Rottencrotch at the High School Sock Hop. My brother said in basic training the drill sergeant told the guys not to get all sentimental about Jane they left behind because “wait till you get overseas, there’s pussy you won’t believe waiting for you.”

        The Globalists do seem to be very intent on getting all the children of these endless paupers coming into western nations brainwashed in the Anglobitch, pro homo, pro-transvestite school system. The question is, are the masses coming in so fast they can’t fully be digested into the culture? This will mean corruption and lack of 1st world standards that people like Pat Buchanan warn about, but there may also be a silver lining in the comeuppance of the Anglobitch, as the new hodgepodge culture that follows doesn’t kowtow to so called women bosses, female politicians, gender studies, blah blah blah. Problem is right now a lot of nations around the world are either being forced to rewrite their laws under globalist Anglobitch supervision, or are deliberately doing it in an attempt of “The Barbarians trying to be like the Romans” under the false impression that feminism is the reason for the economic success of the West, rather than a cancer that has infected it and is causing it’s decline. The same way all the barbarians though the pathetic worship of the Jesus Cuck was an essential ingredient in the rise of the Roman Empire, rather than a decadent death dance that was a recent development in it’s dying days.


  • I’ve always assumed that was part of the reason the British Army had no lack of recruits for its colonial wars:

    – escape from a repressive and stratified society
    – better weather
    – native girls in more permissive cultures
    – better food

    In a way, expat Western men constitute a wave of European invaders, a virtual migration, except bringing money and expertise instead of gunboats and bayonets.


  • I can divide that in my head. Why can’t everyone else?
    I don’t listen or put any stock in what talking heads say. Why do others?
    I know what women want and don’t get. Why don’t you?


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