The Witch Trials Continue – Louis C.K. Latest Man to Be Accused of Having a Libido


Louis C.K. should know – women are perfect, sexless creatures in Anglo America

Comedians get more tail than rock stars. Seriously, they do. Laughter is key to a woman’s heart, and to getting her clothes off. Just ask any PUA. If a woman is laughing, your eyes are as good as rolled back.

But in culturally insane, sexually repressed Anglo America, the fact women want to be with a man who makes them laugh still makes men some sort of demons or “perverts” for making sexual advances on women. Even if HE ASKS THEM FIRST AND THEY SAY YES. What a “fucked up” society.

Enter another trumped up sexual harassment witch trial coming on the heels of numerous sexual harassment witch trials being conducted of late on the pages and screens of the corrupt media. Women – pack animals they are – are coming in for the financial kill now they they sense there’s blood in the water.

Comedian Louis C.K. – who at times drops some Red Pill into his routine – at least took a different turn than most sad sacks who get accused of defiling “perfect” Anglo American “goddesses”. He asked them if they wanted him to take his cock out, they said yes, and yet he’s still accused of sexual harassment. Unbelievable. Here’s C.K.’s statement to the vultures in the press:

These stories are true. At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d–k without asking first, which is also true.

What ever happened to yes means yes? The story gets even more bizarre once we find out his only crime was being looked up to.

But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your d–k isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.

Women don’t want to fuck a man they don’t admire. In fact, a man they don’t admire is completely invisible to them on the sexual radar. Could it be Louis C.K. has subtly trolled the hos who are accusing him of a “crime” that turns out to be a big nothingburger?

He’s putting a clever spin on his apology. It’s about time somebody at least partially turned the narrative around on women. Do these Strong, Independent Women™ we hear so much about have no agency over their sexual choices whatsoever? Are they destined to be eternal victims every time a man makes a sexual pass at them? But, what about when chicks make a sexual pass at a man? Is that harassment? What if he “admires” her when she asks him if he wants her to take her meat curtains out? Apply the same standard to both sexes and pretty soon everybody in America is even more sexually frustrated than they already are. Seriously, this country needs chill the fuck out with its prudishness already.

Of course, the most likely scenario is Predatory Females are now looking for “hush money” from rich and powerful men they screwed around with when they make sexual harassment claims often years or even decades after the alleged transgressions. Could this be the next step in the Predatory Female playbook? Extracting forced wealth transfers from men to women via blackmail, civil courts and the court of public opinion since men are closing their wallets to women en masse – refusing to date, marry, and father children with frigid Anglobitches? (Men thus avoiding the expense of legalized prostitution i.e. relationshits and marriage, and/or frivorce rape via alimony, child support ransom and other wealth transfer schemes.)

Frankly, men everywhere should be aghast the definition of “sexual harassment” in Anglo America has been so expanded by this gynocentric culture that even when a woman tells you she wants to see your dick you shouldn’t take it out because she might admire you. What a place.

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  • I think part of the problem is that women haven’t been properly taught to deal with sexual encounters like this. They aren’t assertive and direct enough when they don’t want to do something. They are afraid to be honest. They are afraid of telling “No.” They may have wanted some of his time and attention, but not necessarily what he proposed, but they failed to be assertive with him. Honesty and assertiveness is extremely important, especially in situations like this.


    • Ash, you are correct.
      The bible required a woman in a compromised situation to scream bloody murder. Women ignorantly, stupidly or foolishly get into situations they shouldn’t and then fail to find a way to extricate themselves. It is most definitely a moral issue that the churches, governments and schools have entirely failed to address for the last 50yrs. Until it is addressed you will see more harassment, rape, assault and murder of pitiable women and girls.


      • Women need to learn to fight off sexual misconduct. Men aren’t always going to be around to protect them. Women need to be trained to kill if they have to.


      • I am all for women learning how to defend themselves and kill if necessary but most do not have the nature for it. Anytime I, as a man, am confronted with a fight I am prepared to kill and will. This is contrary to the nature of woman. In every single situation a woman might find herself in she is better off to escape than try to fight a man. Scream bloody murder.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I see this particular case as profiteering.

      Do I regret having sex with some of the girls I’ve been with? Yes. Difference is I can’t come back after the fact and say well, even though I said yes I wanted to see her pussy it was harassment because she was someone I looked up to. Oh, and now I need her to pay me some money before I go away.

      See how that works?


      • I don’t know, I have never paid a prostitute, well, not one who admitted it.
        My wife doesn’t count. She took nothing on departure.
        Do you pay a pro before or after?
        Maybe these girls have just decided what their real profession is long after the fact?
        I think we should give them some credit for owning up to their true PRO-fession!
        How the fuck can anyone expect to work in Hollywood/Politics/Banking/Corporate-all-crazy, or the Church, and not end up as a prostitute???
        Well, fuck me sideways and upside down.


      • The problem here is that we don’t know the context of when he’s asking a babe to see his dick. Is there an implied threat, or promise, perhaps see his dick and get more exposure or a good word, or if they say no, the opposite a bad word or ignoring them.
        The public can’t pass judgement on his behavior unless we know the threat or promise behind it, in other words was it coercion or just females being females and wanting a piece of a celebrity?

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  • moriyah – fully agree with all you’ve said. My tone perhaps implies schadenfreude, which is the farthest thing from my mind. The Sexual Revolution has been a massive tragedy, and I have kids out there in the world.

    I practice courtesy, humour and kindness towards women, especially older single women wherever possible, in no small part because I realize they have been utterly deceived and face appalling solitude and isolation in the future. And now that they’re past their prime, I see the utter bewilderment at their inabililty to cast the old spells anymore. P.J. O’Rourke calls it “the Hell of the Formerly Cute”.

    And somewhere out there, in their past, a good man doesn’t have the wife he might have had. Two women who rejected me back then apologized for it decades later.

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    • I understand JD.
      There is one woman that if she came to my city to speak in public I believe I would be so angry as to make a spectacle of myself.
      Her name?
      Gloria Marie Steinem
      She definitely buttered her bread on both sides while feeding shit to her gender. Surely she is the most two faced whore of the 20th and 21st centuries.
      I don’t even know words to express my distaste and disgust for that woman.
      I am hopeful she will live long enough to regret her actions.


  • He did ask for consent. It ends there or it’s all mere female vendetta.


    • Yeah. Unless there was physical restraint/force involved, then the tramps are complicit. All the ‘heroes’ are coming out with their stories of being willfully manipulated for fame. Flush all of Hollywood out of your life. ALL OF IT.


  • It all started with the ‘sexual revolution’ in the 70’s and is now ending with the ‘sexual devolution’.
    The women who aborted my children are long dead. Other women I slept with are enjoying their sunset years alone with their fucking cats. Women wanted the revolution far more than men. Irony can be so beautiful but it has a dark side.
    Meanwhile, at 61 I enjoy more attention from women than ever except when I was 16. That was like owning a candy store but terribly irresponsible of me.
    I treat them all alike now; with kindness.
    Why? Because a woman without a man, I mean a real man who would protect her with his life, is prey for far worse than harassment.
    I tell you men remember your mother and honor her in spite of everything. Do well and not evil and be not alone. Their are many women without a man. Some by choice but many without a choice.
    It does not hurt anything to be kind.
    Some women will be bitches and shrews no matter what. Just avoid them.


    • “Women wanted the revolution far more than men. Irony can be so beautiful but it has a dark side.”

      Absolutely. Most of us are here because, at one time, we tried to love women in the way that men always have. A shimmering sexual utopian mirage was shone into womens’ eyes and their basest natures were coaxed to come out and play. Our own conditioning made us easy marks for decades; no wonder they believe they run the place.

      They’re beginning to pay the price of hubris. They have barely begun to conceive the reality of their future lives. The only consolation for me is that I’ve already paid the price of my naivete and can still rebuild my life. They’re finished.


      • JD, I really don’t think very many Western women under 60 have a clue. They live in such self delusion most of their lives. Then they wake up one day and realize they are totally alone and no man will ever lust for them or love them again.
        The real reason that I treat all women kindly, yes especially bitches, is because my heart was torn in two several times. I would hate to think I ever did that to a woman, but; if I did then this kindness is my attempt at redemption.
        I adjure all men to recognize that women are in fact weaker in many, many respects.
        Cut them slack when you can but please don’t be a floor mat to be walked all over.
        Be firm and be the boss. If they don’t like that then you don’t need them.
        There are some few women out there starting to wake up. Maybe 1 in a thousand. Even some young women.
        I am writing a book now which will be invaluable to men. It should be published by late spring just in time for summer romance. It will contain my secret weapon for women. They have no defense except love.
        If we leave it up to the women our species is doomed.
        Men must take full responsibility like it or not.
        Remember this proverb ‘water another man’s garden and your garden will be watered too’.


    • So you rocked it at age 16 and then went into a slump from 17 to 60 and now you’re peaking again? Weird. Stop posting here. You’re some kind of pedestalizer/tracon of some strain. Purple pill at best. Your views are not needed here.


      • Actually, I’m a Sigma, an off the chart introvert, highly intelligent and I took the Red Pill at age 7. That was a few years ago. Women mature around 26, men around 35, some people never do. My point is to continue having fun, with and without women, every single day, without regard to you or anyone else who has immaturity issues. I had my 100 women before I got married at 31 and had really wonderful decades with her. Now I am free again to date women half my age again because they are seeing men their age as complete idiots. I would be neglecting my responsibilities to my juniors if I did not rub it in your face and/or offer my help. In your case, Westray, you get to learn the hard way. Who cares? You WILL live and learn. Suck it up!


      • Hey guys, let’s not turn this comments section into a flame war / dick measuring contest like The Rational Male turns into every single time Rollo posts, ok? Cool it.


  • Why even admit to it? He’s going to get fucked over, anyhow. Just deny it altogether or say, “Hey, she asked to see my dick, so I showed it to her. I’m a famous comedian and I talk about my dick and jerking off in my act and she wanted to see it.” Turn it around on her, don’t grovel like a weasel and admit being somehow wrong.

    I don’t understand these guys. Women are making career and life-ruining accusations, and the mere accusation is enough to destroy these guys’ lives; criminal charges aren’t even necessary. Instead of denying it and throwing it back onto them by saying “I DIDN’T DO SHIT!” or “IT WAS CONSENSUAL,” they bend over and take the blame, and admit fault.



  • Louis CK rocks. Fuck all the male feminists, angry female imperative twats and the whole witch-hunting, mea culpa demanding rotten Anglo culture. Men have to have some sort of solitary with other guys in the United States of misandry or we will circle the drain even faster.


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