Man Develops App to Show What Women Look Like Without Makeup


The before and after images of Madison using the MakeApp app

A glib Anglobitch, appropriately named Madison who writes for NY Magazine is taken aback that a man who is apparently tired of false advertising from women has developed an app to show what women look like without their numerous layers of paint on.

She posted her disgust with the “truth in advertising” app in a recent writeup.

Please look closely at the photo on the left. That, reader, is me, the writer, wearing a full face of makeup. Clearly, my gelled brows and tinted lips were intended to con some schmuck of the opposite sex into thinking I am extremely good-looking and then make him buy me six iPhone X’s.

Well, at least Madison alluded to the truth of the matter when it comes to what women expect from men. Every relationshit basically boils down to a sex for resources transaction buried under layers of clever female sophistry.

Called MakeApp, the app lets you un-makeup five photos for free before asking you to pay $0.99 to continue editing images and videos. Now look at the photo on the right. That’s me after MakeApp edited my face to let everybody know how grotesque I look when you digitally peel off the highlighter and mascara. Horrifying, I know.

Blaming Russia for pretty much every problem the world faces is popular among increasingly unhinged leftists these days.

MakeApp is the brainchild of once-Kremlin-linked, Russian founder Ashot Gabrelyanov. For what it’s worth, I thought the AI itself worked pretty well on my face.

Next thing you know, feminists will be blaming Russia instead of the patriarchy each time they walk around bleeding once a month. Madison’s disgust with the MakeApp app is all the more reason for men to download it today.

When I worked in the news industry, the fugly to presentable transformations women went through were remarkable. The few times I saw chicks who read out loud in front of a camera (reporters and anchors) without their makeup were memorable experiences. They looked like completely different people. In many cases, their skin damaged by years of sitting under a chemical bath.

In each and every case, reality knocked them down a good 2-4 SMV points over the Maybelline illusions they displayed to the world. Now, thanks to the power of technology, men can see what women are hiding before waking up horrified one morning after a pump and dump.

Now, if we just had an app to reveal the fat rolls chicks are hiding underneath billowy clothing or slimming camera angles.

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  • That app is hilarious but even better are the cries of the women who feel exposed just lol.


  • Funny thing is I bet she is even uglier without make-up.

    Yet, she thinks she looks “grotesque” (et al).

    So, women do believe they are not who they want you to believe they are without make-up. Truly false ad’ver’tiz’ment.

    Hence, why most women will not let a man see them without make-up until after the wedding.

    #reference ..

    #pics ..

    #metoo (use their hashtag against them) ..
    apps like this give men a “makeup free” (almost free) look at how fake these wimminz truly are. Long live this app.

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    • A friend’s father once told me that before he married his wife he rowed her out into the middle of a lake and then pushed her overboard. He responded to my shocked and quizzical expression that “If you wanted to know what she really looked like then you had to get her soaking wet.”

      Sound advice.

      Lost in all this back and forth is that most people – like 95% – really aren’t all that attractive. That’s the first thing you notice when you look at, say, some Czech or Asian Casting-Call photos, the ones with *then* without clothing and with a neutral expression. Or look at the photos of celebrities or pornstars without their makeup for a shock. Or just those Piximus shots above.

      And that’s what drives the cosmetic/H&B and fashion industries for *both* sexes. (Guys camouflage and primp just as much if not more so than women, as any teenage girl who’s had to share the bathroom with her brother can attest.) Clothes and makeup hide a multitude of sins and failings.

      Or not. An alternate (and valid) view would be that a person using makeup and clothes is trying to enhance their positive attributes while downplaying their negatives, maxing out what they *do* have. Add to the mix a winning personality that, say, treats you like you’re the only person in the room, and more likely than not she (or he) has a formula for success.

      Certainly that’s preferable to the physically perfect 5% outlier Ice Princess eye-candy who’s a pain in the ass to be around. And it’s sure as hell preferable to the lumpy-dumpy and clearly self-destructive unkempt messes who shrilly insist that you share in their misery.

      Just a thought.


      P.S. If somebody is wearing a ton of make-up you can usually tell. This App is a nice, fun toy – Really – but your Mk- I on-board image processor with it’s pre-loaded discriminators – aka your eyes and brain – can probably do the job just as well.


  • One irate commenter on Twitter demanded an app to show how small a guy’s dick is. Interesting equivalence.

    The ancient illusion they spend an hour a day and thousands of dollars a year on – removed instantly. The anger is palpable and hilarious.

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    • JD, there is a way to roughly estimate penis size, but no app yet.


  • How could she not be named Madison? LOL. I guess it could have been a McKensie or Aiden or Hayley.


  • You can take the girl off the playground, but you cannot take the playground out of the girl.

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  • Just like everything else about women. I am not surprised.
    Fake! Through and Through!
    Fake! Fake!! Fake!!!

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