The Four Pillars of Anglosphere Dysfunction: Social Isolation, Materialism, Class Distinction and Puritanism

Materialism is a big contributor to Anglo American social isolation and breakdown

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Having read all the articles and insightful commentary on this excellent site, it occurs to me that the Anglosphere’s misandrist agenda can be reduced to four broad conceptual fields or ‘pillars’. These interact in various ways and all are present in the Anglosphere nations, to a greater or lesser degree.

The first pillar is social isolation. In the Anglosphere, the individual develops in relative isolation and is expected to be self-motivated, socially combative and emotionally repressed from early childhood. Heartless schools and educational institutions take on many of the socialization duties normally provided by the (now defunct) nuclear family, which is why so many Anglo-Americans are damaged and enraged. Because they grow up in relative isolation, they are far more reliant on the mainstream media for identity formation than children in comparable societies. This explains why a massive proportion of Anglo-Americans suffer symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, harbouring fantastical expectations culled from movies and TV shows.

Cultural dissidents like Winston Wu and Steve Hoca talk at length about the friendlier, more sociable attitudes that prevail outside the United States, even in countries with relatively low standards of living. They also talk about the obsessive focus on work that mars American social life (work does not have to eclipse everything else, as prosperous Scandinavian societies demonstrate).

Anglo-American culture is defined above all by its rapacious materialism – the second pillar of dysfunction. According to the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, human personality is essentially a void ‘created’ by external associations in early childhood. Because of dysfunctional child rearing by narcissistic, self-absorbed parents, Anglo-American self-identity tends to be shaped by material objects rather than human interaction. This explains the voidlike sterility of Anglo culture, and its overriding fixation on material goods as ‘food’ for the needful self.

In fact, the Borderline Personality Disorder so rampant among Anglo-American women is perfectly adapted (some would say designed) to feed the rapacious Matrix and its consumerist hamster wheel. In particular, the United States is a gynocentric brothel wherein men acquire material junk to get sex from empty, frigid women in a culture which deliberately raises the scarcity value of sex to inhuman levels. The demerits of such a society for men are self-evident, and explain the existential disaffection so common among Anglo-American males.

The third pillar of Anglo-American dysfunction is the class system. Britain and the United States both have relatively low rates of social mobility compared to other industrialized democracies. Both countries are run by impermeable, self-contained socio-economic elites who attend private schools and frankly know little about mainstream experience or opinion. This is why Anglosphere populations are increasingly alienated from politics and think they have no control over their own lives. We have moved beyond a situation where people vote for competing parties to one where they are voting against the political class itself.

Of course, people are free to enjoy the fruits of their own labour and pass these advantages on to their families (or whoever they see fit). However, in the Anglosphere this has led to the formation of political dynasties and an inflexible Deep State which are essentially undemocratic and do not serve the interests of the majority. Weird trends in Anglo-American foreign policy (for example Britain giving foreign aid to countries with space programmes or hopeless American attempts to democratize Islamic nations) originate in the detached and eccentric nature of the Anglo-American elite. Not all Anglosphere countries are thus defined; Canada and Australia are among the most classless countries in the world. However, these countries are increasingly ruled by idiomatic elites and will soon resemble their older cousins.

Religious Puritanism has morphed into secular feminism in Anglo culture

Latent Puritanism Suffocates Anglo-America

The fourth factor is, of course, residual Puritanism. Although religion is not the force it once was, the distinctive Puritanism of the Anglo-Saxon countries persists as secular Puritanism or repressive political correctness. This is the definitive core of Anglo-American feminism and explains the institutional misandry which dominates the modern Anglosphere. The Sixties Sexual Revolution was a brief anomaly and misandrist feminism has largely restored Victorian morality to every public arena: a man risks imprisonment for even talking to a woman in many places.

Prostitution remains illegal in Britain and North America, and men who pay for sex are still morally and legally criminalized. Most males outside the top 20% in terms of looks, money and status will experience long periods of celibacy if they do not marry young (and even if they do). The lamestream media still tries to peddle the myth of the sexualized Anglo-American woman; however, this narrative is created and maintained by sex-obsessed gay men and bears little resemblance to reality.

In sum, Anglo feminism is now the major issue confronting males across the Anglosphere. Originally created to defend women’s ‘rights’, Anglo feminism has morphed into a puritanical Gorgon obsessed with stigmatizing heterosexual sex, excluding fathers from their children, pathologizing masculinity, promoting transexuality, driving men from higher education and… well, you know the score by now.

Together, these four factors cohere to make romantic life extremely difficult for most Anglo-American males. For example, class is closely linked to both materialism and sexual repression in the Anglo countries. The hyper-hypergamy of Anglo-American women – the assumption that they are divine angels too good for any man – obviously springs from this warped association. Opponents of the Manosphere ridicule its denizens as marginalised eccentrics – keyboard warriors and alienated deplorables. However, the Manosphere draws inspiration from lived experience in the Anglosphere and its four pillars of dysfunction. And its message has spread because of ‘truth marketing’: the experience of daily life in this culture simply supports its general arguments.

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  • Life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a lad of the Red Pill viewpoint!
    I’ve been teaching in the Toronto District School Board for several years, and this will definitely apply to the teaching profession in warmer climates in the USA, but I find it odd that these feminazi teachers who allege that all men are rapists who oppress women are the first ones to arrive to school wearing the most skimpiest, revealing and escort looking attire for teaching schoolchildren.
    I’ve seen female teachers come to class wearing a spandex pants which highlight every contour of her ass, while she teaches students about “street harassment”.

    While my training forbids me to even touch a student as prevention measure against bogus accusations of child molestation, I’ve heard rumours among my students how Teacher X let several of her male students fondle her breasts or ass, or how a certain female teacher in my school would follow her Grade One students as far as the urinal and she would unzip the boy’s crotch, but after he urinates, she would “suck” off the dribble. However, in Canada it’s considered a criminal offence to accuse a teacher without evidence, but that shows how women in Canada have it easy to abuse their authority under feminism.

    While I’m afraid of a historical accusation from a student I never even met, feminazi teachers in Toronto District School Board are allowed to touch students, and even perform fellatio without alarming anyone.

    Fuck Toronto and their feminist culture. I can’t wait until I retire from that shithole (in about 7 months from now at age 51), and live outside of Canada so that i wouldn’t be persecuted by the thought police or Donna Yuan for speaking the truth about the women in Toronto.


    • [Quote]I’ve heard rumours among my students how Teacher X let several of her male students fondle her breasts or ass, or how a certain female teacher in my school would follow her Grade One students as far as the urinal and she would unzip the boy’s crotch, but after he urinates, she would “suck” off the dribble.[/Quote]

      im not sure of the laws in Canada, but what your female co-worker is doing amounts to sexual abuse and child rape…ive also heard that toronto is the feminist capital of the world, so i wouldnt be surprised if you end up being persecuted for complaining on that teacher….there is a thing called karma and god will send karma back to that teacher once that child grows up and ends up taking the law into his own hands….that female teacher shouldn’t be sucking 6 year olds in the loo.


  • Stop chasing slobbering over and letting pussy run your life. That’s all women have to offer and if it’s not on the nice body and at least an average to nice face they’ve gotten nothing at all to offer. I’d rather jerk off to porn then fuck 90% of the women icy out there. It’s fucking disgusting and women are just useless infantile creatures who add nothing positive to society. It’s a joke that society has given them so much power. Fine. Punch out. Disengage.

    Asper escaping the United States for greener pastures when taken as a whole I’d love to hear just where that might be? We’ve got clean water relatively safe areas other than the blue ignorant dance cities which any sane man avoids anyway I am armed and have the right to defend myself anywhere I would want to go. Pray tell where would that be in the rest of the world? I’ll tell you nowhere since I’ve traveled the world both in the military and privately. Nowhere. As much is you bitch about it as much as I bitch about it we are it. We are the last bastion of what little freedom there is left in the world. I suggest when you finally get bored of fucking little Thai women and Dominica‘s ya think about getting a small minimalist setup somewhere out in the free western states. Rest the world is much more fucked up than we are.


    • FU IPhone…


    • You sorry, poor dumbass. You call working 50 hours a week for 50 weeks a year for 50 years freedom? All to pay for the single mom’s lattes and cigs. That freedom? Freedom? LMAO. But you get to pack a gun and obsess over your upcoming life or death gun battle that is about 1/500 as likely as you doing in a car crash. ‘Merica!!!! Get back to work, you fool. The fatass women of ‘Merica demand it.


    • That’s not me westy. I’m a business owner and own my own time. Fuck Asia. I hate everything about it including the for Latin America, it’s a shit show. Yes we have issues as a society but it’s FAR worse elsewhere else Id be there. Do what ya want big guy.


      • It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Guys like RF, Steve Hoca and Winston Wu enjoy the economic benefits of working in America while visiting countries where women are less obese, ugly and entitled. As for ‘going monk’, all that is good in theory but not really possible for the majority of men.


      • Let me guess; “Asian women are built like ten year old boys” etc. Latin America, distinctly different countries, distinctly different cities. So that was a stupid thing to say on your part. I’m guessing you haven’t been to either place. Anyway, stay here with your little balls and keep paying for my infrastructure for when I come home from my real-life fantasy women. Just stay here and work. That’s a good boy.


  • Looking at the title I briefly misread “Materialism” as “Maternalism” and in a way could have fit in just as nicely with the others. There indeed is something deeply sick about this culture that we think it’s all fine and dandy to take orders from female bosses, female judges, female politicians, female voters, train our little girls for male careers, etc. What other Great Civilization ever tolerated this? Problem is the rapidly developing world doesn’t know much about our culture other than what the see on TV and along with our economic clout being weilded by Anglobitches in the Government, UN, NGOs, are willing to accept having feminists slowly restructure their societies because they think this is a recipe for success that will let them be like the new Romans too. Little do they understand that the West is dying, families are now a fatherless hodgepodge of bastards and trashy fat single mothers, this “feminism” being exported is a death cult in the dying days of a formerly great Civilization. Like a Marshall Applewhite UFO suicide cult that somehow grew to have total power within the culture leading us all towards self-castration and Kool Aid.


  • “harbouring fantastical expectations culled from movies and TV shows.”

    True, mentioned before how my mom made the movie “Ten” out to be the ultimate forbidden fruit as a kid so I watched it at around 11 years old, just when I started to think that my female classmates twats would be a really nice place to stick the raging boners I had throughout childhood that previously I had no idea what they were there for. I fully expected that world of rampant promiscuity and loose women in the movie “Ten” to be what awaited me in adulthood. I should have payed more attention to the movie to the Anglobitch girlfriend Dudley Moore runs back to with his tail between his legs at the end. That was more the reality and the neighbors pool parties and his brief interlude with Bo Derek was the dream.


    • This reminds me of an article I wrote years ago: The Confounding of Joe Buck. The naive Texas longhorn hears about ‘liberated’ women in New York City paying men for sex.However, when he goes north all he finds are frigid GILFs and ass-faced, entitled hookers with pink poodles. He ends up performing blow jobs on degenerates in various seedy venues, which even they don’t want to pay for. Midnight Cowboy brilliantly destroyed the 60s Anglo myth of sexualized womanhood (still surprised such a Red Pill movie got the acclaim it did).


      • “Free Love” for a few men and many women. “No Love” for the rest.


      • It’s more than just the movie “Ten” that gave me those expectations, all the 80s movies had women giving it up as easily as the gays, just that “Ten” came to mind this last week. I already noticed in high school that the women weren’t like the movies. All the guys who were getting some were in the confines of these ‘pseudo marriages’ and monogamy, not the hippie orgies were reality. My first year in college clinched it for me, any last hopes things might be like on TV once away from home were dashed by seeing the college selected girls even more frigid and ‘pseudo marriage monogamous’ than the lower class girls in high school. But suddenly I had a revelation when I heard the escapades of my fag hag sister’s gay friends. One just walked into a Chicago gay bar, got a ‘look’ from a guy on the other side of the room, AND THEY FRIGGIN’ WENT BACK TO HIS APARTMENT TO HAVE SEX WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO ENGAGE IN ANY SMALL TALK! It was a big fat gay guy telling the story of his friends exploits, his friend took him with to the strangers apartment as he was still new to that life and was worried about ending up Dahmered. I was shocked to realize that gays got it this easily! Once the Anglobitch reality set in we could imagine no other world up until then, all talk about “gay marriage” had my naive ass assuming gay men went on these extensive courtship ritual dating for months on, at candlelight dinners, making small talk, wondering when they were going to get some. Turns out the whole thing is just one big nameless stranger orgy like they claimed swept across the heterosexual world after the 60s. I had Showtime in the early 2000s and the show “Queer as Folk” was just like the stories my sister’s gay friends told, I totally believed it and thought this was the only show about free wheeling sexuality honestly cast with the correct gender. Saw a few episodes of that Sex in the City when staying in a motel and immediately thought it was written by the type of guys my sister hung around who just changed the characters from gays to straights to it would be marketable to the vast female audience instead of relegated to a niche market on Logo and be done on the cheap by starving artists.


    • Bo Derek bodies await you overseas. You just got to get out if you can.


  • I would agree with everything in this brilliant essay except I know Canada is way worse than the USA, they are actually in worse shape than they appear. I know many Canadians and things are quietly worse there than here, is the best way to explain it. I would also say that if I were to move to Australia I would stay out of the big cities, and live in the outlying ranch areas. As Australias big cities are also a quiet mess.
    Its insane that Sweden keeps coming up as a great place to live on all the happiest country lists, because we know there is a huge immigration mess in Sweden, and the country has the highest rape and murder rates in the world now. As far as I can tell from my research all the Western Countries are trying to go to hell undercover. It is my understanding that Western Europe and the UK are getting ready for the second huge wave of immigration, I think that many of those countries are going to be some of the most dangerous places in the world in less than 3 years. Eastern Europe and South America are whats left for now, as well as several Island Countries. Im seriously considering immigrating to South America permanently. I prefer it there as the traditional values remain strong.


    • You’re quite right about Canada. In my 52 years I’ve watched it crumble as the feckless elders did nothing. Our sole advantage is the hostile climate and a small population spread out over an entire continent; at least we can move if things get skittish.

      The portrayal of Canada as the great Northern Rainbow Collective is utter BS. In the West our revolts have been mainly political, but they won’t be forever if Central Canada doesn’t smarten up. The 150th anniversary celebration of Confederation last summer was a sick progressivist joke, and our current Clown Prince is a loathsome embarrassment.


      • I did not say that Canada, Australia or Scandinavia were perfect, merely that Deep State dominion and social immobility are relatively lower in those places. For example, parental status accounts for 50% of someone’s adult status in the UK; in Norway, it accounts for just 1%. In the UK, the majority of Judges and senior politicians attended a handful of schools and universities, which is not the case in Scandinavia or the Commonwealth countries (or even the US) although the other Anglosphere nations are closing the gap. Of course, the Anglosphere nations are all pretty similar in terms of institutional misandry, prostitution bans (NZ and Australia excepted), vapid materialism and so on.


  • Suggested remedies for:

    Pillar One – build a network of the like-minded. The internet has made this possible, and this forum is a manifestation of it.
    Pillar Two – minimalism. Not just as a ‘secession’ from consumerism, but also because it is the most direct route to prosperity and freedom.
    Pillar Three – Red Pill. Elites guard their wealth from predation by women, and MGTOW in particular are now emulating that behaviour.
    Pillar Four – Also Red Pill. Top shelf men and all women are exempt from secular Puritanism. We can operate outside of it, as they do.

    We are Samsons, collapsing the vile Philistine temple. Only we are no longer blinded and know not to trust Delilah.


  • Pillar # 5: The Great Race to the Bottom

    Extremely porous borders and liberal immigrations laws designed to crush the earnings of men who were born here.

    Increasing obscenity in most of what passes for entertainment in this country. Pop queens who pursue depravity like Ash Ketchum pursues Pokémon.

    -12% national pride
    However, America’s sport is to cut its Men down, except when they are needed. Disgust is warranted!


  • Wow! This totally explains it so perfectly, masterfully delineating our cultural malaise!


  • It may be trite to say, but, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Offer a better alternative to emulate.


    • Naw, too late. No one is going to emulate your good behavior anyway. Why would they? Why should they? Best play is to live according to your own imperatives. Maybe that qualifies for “be the change you wish to see in the world” somehow. But this whole thing is held together, built and maintained by white males for the most part. White males are currently being vilified by the culture. The very last incentive for white males to maintain their overburden is the avoidance of shame. Think of that; the only thing holding this culture together is only doing it to avoid shame. There is no other incentive in place. Single moms stacking tiny boxes for 30-35 hours a week in a factory for 24K a year (plus about 50k in either hidden or overt benefits) cash out at 74k a year after tax. A guy with a masters in electrical engineering running the electrical grid of a city makes his 130k and he’s taxed down to about 74K a year and then drops down to about 24k a year after tax once his ex gets her monthly payouts. So some idiot single mom has a much better life with far more rewards because she does a job that an 8 year old can do. A guy holding it altogether is getting NO reward for doing so. How long can this go on?


  • Rookh, this is brilliant.


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