“Fat Acceptance” Dolls Torpedo the Barbie Brand


Time magazine loved a fat Barbie – the American public did not

Corporate America’s obsession with social engineering, a.k.a. shoving Cultural Marxism down the throats of an unwilling public is backfiring in spectacular ways. Case in point: The recently released “fat acceptance” Barbie line, lauded by the Establishment has caused sales of the iconic doll to tumble.

In short, the giving Barbie a fat ass and a gut helped torpedo the brand. Predictably, the doll was launched amidst acclaim from the out of touch, totally corrupt American media. Witness this screed from the NY Daily News:

Barbie’s got back.

Mattel finally broke its 57-year-old mold Thursday by introducing three new doll shapes — tall, petite, and, yes, curvy — in hopes of appeasing parents frustrated with the iconic doll’s unrealistic supermodel silhouette.


Witness feminist cognitive dissonance on display when juxtaposing an obese dog alongside an obese Anglobitch (click to enlarge)

Let’s make a correction to that newspeak from low-paid mediaites. Parents weren’t frustrated with the supermodel figure – fatass feminists were. Rather than improving their health with diet and exercise, deranged Americhicks want to reinvent the definition of health and beauty.

That is, when it comes to making men and society accept grotesque, out of shape women. But, even feminists hypocritically snap out of their doughnut-induced delusions when it comes to the issue of animal obesity. Witness, this amazing display of cognitive dissonance recently posted on Thot Police’s Facebook page. It’s hilariously sad.

An overweight dog prompts instant attacks on the owner of the pup – with women saying things like: This is animal abuse. Or: You don’t let him get fat then do nothing to cure him. And here’s a gem: It makes me angry. How can you fatten your animal like that? However, the disgustingly large woman with so much back fat it looks like she has breasts on her back prompts this reaction: Keep up the good work you are an inspiration for women including myself. And: You make my pride in being a curvy girl STRONG.

More proof this culture has gone totally insane. What’s really unrealistic, you marionettes in the press is women shoving Ho-Hos in their mouths, then expecting men to be attracted to their larded behinds and to pay for the increased healthcare costs associated with morbid obesity. But, let’s continue with the flight of fancy from the NY Daily News:

Curvy Barbie boasts some extra junk in the trunk and even a little paunch in the front, similar to real women. Her arms and legs may not be as thick as many voluptuous women, but they’re a big improvement over the original doll’s unrealistic toothpicks.

Actually, if you people in the press were truly as “diverse” as you say you are, you’d see that outside America women aren’t fat, entitled land whales. Svelte figures abound outside of the Anglosphere. That said, the propaganda wing of New World Order, Inc. went into a frenzy over their fat acceptance agenda being mainstreamed. Witness more emotional hamstering from this Time magazine columnist:

As a woman of mixed heritage who has struggled with body image issues all her life, I was excited when I first learned that Barbie was getting a body makeover, a racial makeover. I was scared, too. I often play a game with myself where I go back to my childhood when my body image issues were just emerging, and I imagine being presented with a female icon of another shape or shade—either on TV or a doll in my own hands.

Would it have changed me? Would it have changed the stories I told through Barbie and thus to myself? Would I have valued the things I valued, worshipped blonde women as a child, become obsessed with dresses, Olivia Newton-John and Christie Brinkley? Would it have changed my own story? Would it have saved me from a lifetime of struggle with my own form, with feeling like an outsider?

A fatter Barbie is going to solve this chick’s psychological problems. Riiiiiiiight. So, how did the doll fare after being released to a press that was falling over itself to welcome the end of healthy, svelte Barbie? The Daily Mail provides us with insight:

It seems Barbie’s image overhaul has failed to prove a hit – with sales tumbling by 15%.

What does corporate America do? What it always does best. Deflect and deny. Here’s Mattel’s flowery public relations crap, mixed in with Daily Mail statistics:

The firm said it had a ‘responsibility to reflect a broader view of beauty’ – even though most of the £9.99 toys still wear short skirts and high heels. But the revamp has not helped to reverse a long-term decline in sales of the doll – which dropped by 20% from 2012 to 2014.

It seems the experiment flopped even worse than a preliminary perusal of those numbers indicate:

The latest gloomy figures represent the second consecutive quarter of falling revenues – and the biggest slide since 2009. Mattel was also forced to slash prices to sell stock that was unsold over the Christmas period.

There’s a deeper story here, beyond the backfiring of this corporate social engineering experiment. These numbers reflect the latest snapshot of what is a long-term decline of Barbie, beyond the self-inflicted damage SJWs (that always lie) admit. TNMM has long lamented the fact that in the Anglosphere, women aren’t women anymore. It seems girls aren’t girls, either.

The decline of Barbie bears out the fact that little girls are not playing with dolls because these days girls are taught to be masculine and boys are taught to be feminine as sexual dimorphism is relentlessly attacked by the frankly, sick and degenerate Anglo-American androgyny agenda. Eliminate male and female, and we’ll have a perfect world. That’s what these sick fucks actually believe!

The devolution of the iconic Barbie doll from a slim hottie to a matronly mountain of a woman – and girls no longer playing with dolls altogether – are only the latest chapters in the novel of a society that’s coming apart at the seams. When the obituary of Western civilization and particularly Anglo culture is written, let it be known to future historians the depth and breadth of social engineering that was going on in the Winter phase of Faustian culture. Social engineering is one of the main carcinogens poisoning this cancer-infested culture. And it will definitely contribute to its death.

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  • Fear not. This will go the way of the Chunky-Thigh Barbie and the Wheelchair Barbie of approximately 20 years ago. The little girls want fantasy – tall, thin, blond and perfect – and not reality. And Barbie is and has always been all about fantasy.

    This is just PC posturing by Matel in-house (((SJWs))), all of whom will soon be looking for new jobs inasmuch as the company is hemorrhaging money and is a takeover target by Hasbro.

    Just a thought.



  • It’s shocking how some women have sugar filled sweets as A REGULAR PART of their diet. There is a Chinese guy at work who married an American Woman who always is bringing in home baked goods like cookies, cake, and frosted cupcakes all sugar bombs. Her ankles are fat from this diet. His half Chinese high school daughter sometimes comes in to work too and she spends the whole day snacking on baked goods. Unlike most people with asian DNA she is this big tall tub of goo, doesn’t the dad ever talk to her in private about what her eating habits are doing to her future prospects with men?

    The feminists quite literally DO want to re-socialize children to androgyny. I needed a few more credits back in 95′ to graduate and foolishly signed up for Sociology 101 for an “easy” 4 hours credit. The professor was this horrendous radical lesbian who hated the decent people in downstate Illinois that she lived with her dyke lover in friggin’ Chicago’s fagtown and commuted 3 hours each way to her downstate teaching gig lest she have to live amongst the honest farmers down here who are the real America. She was into some quack concept called “compulsory heterosexuality” which she thought gender dimorphism was entirely a product of social conditioning by the patriarchy and all women were naturally lesbians forced by evil men to go straight. She wanted to teach all children to be androgynous and once was promoting all the girls in the lecture to come to some weekend “Workshop on Patriarchy.” Definitely someone who should be permanently blacklisting from any job of any public influence in a sane society. Twenty years later I wondered what ever became of this lunatic. Googled her and first thing that came up was her recent mugshot for DUI, looks like she found a new teaching gig up in St. Cloud Minnesota, wonder how she managed to leave her precious $2500 rent fagtown Chicago for Fargoland? Bet she commutes from some sort of fagtown in the Twin Cities, her commentary on small towns was very, very hostile, shows why gays are right to be suspect when in public influence. Deep down they doubt their public righteous spiel and known they’re degenerate freaks and just want to burn it all down in Helter Skelter just like ole Charlie Manson.


  • Love it. Seeing those idiots running their businesses to the ground by appeasong to fat landwhales haha.


  • While the drive is on to get men to accept fat women, it is glaringly obvious there is no drive to get women to accept fat men. It is curious that no one finds this at all odd. I don’t think that women could make themselves more ugly if they took up kissing frogs and got warts.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    The politically correct regime continues. In America, they’d rather support obesity, unhealthy eating and a lack of self respect(fat people lack self respect as they don’t even care about their own appearance) than encourage people to change for the better. This fat acceptance bullshit contributes to the fast food industry, consumerism/endless snacking and keeps people insecure and unhealthy, and also reliant on the medical pharmaceutical complex for “help” with their obesity and health problems.
    America, inc is nothing more than a profit driven amoral entity that doesn’t care about it’s citizens well-being other than being productive dumbed down drones.


  • All I see are fat women. If you see a lean girl with on OK face she’s basically elevated to a 7 automatically. Again, what else do women have if they are fat and unattractive? Nothing for men. They are already a net loss to society. Punt,


  • Corn syrup shipments must be declining.


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