College is the New Indentured Servitude: 20 States Now Suspend Driver’s Licenses for Student Loan Defaults


A college degree has gone from being an asset to being an instrument of debt slavery

Having trouble paying your student loans? Job market keeping you from finding a job since everybody and their brother has a college degree these days? Here’s another kick in the gut from America, Inc. A growing number of states can now revoke your driver’s license if you miss your monthly installment when repaying your master…er…the Department of Education. This latest move comes despite a job market in which college degrees are worth slightly more than the equivalent amount of toilet paper.

Take note if you live in these states. You’d better keep showing up at those jobs, no matter what. These jurisdictions will now make it illegal for you to drive if you haven’t paid the bankers their ransom on your rubber stamp:

  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Want even more bad news? America, Inc. is also revoking professional licenses in many states for those who default on student loans. Penny Hoarder recently reported on this disturbing development.

The New York Times found at least 8,700 cases where professionals — including nurses, teachers, lawyers and psychologists — have had their licenses taken away or threatened with suspensions in recent years because of failure to pay back student loans. The publication described the tactic of taking away professional licenses as being “especially punitive.”

Ya think? Especially punitive doesn’t begin to describe the insanity behind pushing everyone – even those without the aptitude or interest – to get college degrees because a rubber stamp will supposedly get young men and women the much-ballyhooed but seldom realized “good job” demagogues like to promise the sheeple that comprise their voter base.

Then, as large numbers predictably can’t repay their loans (law of supply and demand) legislators pass laws to make those drowning – as they swim waters infested by loan sharks – even more destitute by taking their wheels and credentials away. The hidden message: You better not step out of line at work. Sounds pretty punitive, alright. And part of a larger plan. Tell us again how this is supposedly the greatest country in the world?

The reality is college has been intentionally oversold for generations, there is a trillion dollar student loan bubble waiting to pop as a result, and there are manpower shortages in blue collar trades because everyone has been sold on college education being the “magic wand” that will solve all life’s problems.

Considering the boundless malevolence of the corporate-controlled, totally corrupt American government, our feeling is college was oversold so millions could be turned into debt slaves. College went from being an asset to a deficit as the cost of an education skyrocketed because taxpayer-guaranteed money borrowed from the banksters was dumped into the market. This, of course, made it impossible to pay for college by working your way through as the cost for a degree skyrocketed.

The end result?  Conditions which strangely resemble indentured servitude – you have to have a rubber stamp to get a job, but you have to work a certain amount of time for your master to pay him for training you. (The average time the holder of a Bachelor’s degree takes to pay off a student loan? 21 years! That’s from U.S. News and World Report.) The objective of the corporate-government complex was thus achieved: People don’t get as sassy at shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs when they’re barely treading water, bogged down by student loan payments. College boy is thereby turned into an obedient worker by his fancy education. A bitch, in street terms.

That is, unless men see the ruse for what it is and press the escape hatch, abandoning the mirage known as The American Dream for a life of minimalism. The system has become so rigged, so hopeless, only a few (if any) will ever get ahead in life playing by the rules. The vast majority of “smart” college grads will subsist on stagnant wages, adrift in a sea of debts of different kinds with no hope of ever escaping the sleep-work-spend cycle. In other words, with an average of $30,000 in non-bankruptable debt, the system has you by the balls when you don that cap and gown.

Slavery works best when you don’t tell people they’re slaves. The student loan debt bondage operation is a classic bait and switch trick. Sell kids a high priced education, make the debt from the high priced education non-bankruptable, then lower wages and stifle upward mobility to create a de facto a nation of wage slaves. The corporate-government complex thinks that’s a great way to manage America, Inc. Some of us think that idea fucking sucks and is destined to fail.

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  • College is a Cargo Cult. The WW2 Depression generation lived through hard times and looked at the 10-15% of the population that were cognitive elites and had good jobs. The noticed that this natural elite just happened to get tracked through college back when that path was fairly rare and came to the erroneous conclusion that “college” itself was responsible for their high IQs, high paying jobs, and high status in life. So they pushed absolutely everyone into college meaning that this once hard to qualify for identifier of cognitive ability for the talented and gifted became meaningless. We now have that classic situation of “too many chiefs and not enough indians.”

    I am also shocked at the cost of college these days, back in 1991 tuition for the entire year was $3900. Probably not real cheap as the toilet paper diploma is still going to run about $16K not to mention room and board etc. But my parents made me go to college against my will so they paid for the whole deal as I hated school with a passion and wouldn’t spend a penny of my own money on it.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The Section 1 of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution puts forth the case of US citizenship as being a matter of both Federal and State jurisdiction.

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Technically these states lack relevant jurisdiction to do what they’re doing, but that does not prevent these states from violating the rights of their citizens in violation of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    There have been some people in various states who have won court cases involving revocation of driving licences on the basis that the various state DMVs lacked relevant jurisdiction, but there have been a few court cases where the plaintiffs made mistakes by implicitly or overtly recognising state jurisdiction that led to a ruling against them.

    When it comes to actual results you might expect, the best you might hope for is that you might win a few hundred dollars in Federal court as well as the right to be fucked with by your state of residence through made-up infractions, on-the-spot demands to prove your residence, and so forth because you had the balls to fight for yourself.

    You’ll still have to work through the courts and suck up several months of not having a driving licence, with no clear end to the process. A more realistic strategy would be to move your residence to another state, never to return to the state that cancelled your driving licence, provided that’s an option you can live with.

    Expatriation to a “country of convenience” or as a “stateless person” is another strategy.

    There are still a few borders you can cross relatively easily to escape America without a passport, BTW, as long as you have some other form of ID.

    Treat this as what it is: here we have yet another way that some US states can keep you locked up inside America.


  • Never went to college mainly because I had to support myself at a young age, & just hopped right in the work field. Max hrs-min wage, to keep my head above water. Plus ive looked at college course guides and none of it really intrests me. Just not intrested in shelling out all that money in hopes i like the job it lands. I went the blue collar route. No degree nessecary. A trade in demand. Built up experience and practice to have usefull knowledge not a flippin calligraphy poster. A man that holds skillsets trumps school boy any day of the week. And basically be your own boss. Im realizing thats the only way to survive.


  • Money Shot ..

    The objective of the corporate-government complex was thus achieved: People don’t get as sassy at shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs when they’re barely treading water, bogged down by student loan payments. College boy is thereby turned into an obedient worker by his fancy education. A bitch, in street terms.

    This isn’t new of course. It has become very effective though. And, EVERY business knows it and uses it to their advantage.

    I blame parents for not teaching their kids any better. They should know better. And, they more than any other group push this college non-sense.

    Let them listen to Mike Rowe .. that will help’em.


  • I think the government and loan companies that process up indentured servitude, er, student loans, don’t realize just how much they’re damaging the economy. I’ve got a couple of tens of thousands in (several times deferred) student loans to pay back starting this month (I’m not able to defer it any longer). Combine that with the 3 years of alimony I have left, and just how much disposable income do you think I have? If you guessed none, you get the prize. And do you know what that has resulted in? Besides coming to my senses as a man and realizing that a life of minimalism is the true path to happiness, having that much debt to service makes me say a big Fuck You to any and all attempts at marketing to me. $1100 for an iPhone X? Who the fuck needs it?! $30,000 for a new car, along with 7 years of debt payments? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! And don’t even get me started on the constant marketing from cable companies. If I have no disposable income, then just how the fuck am I supposed to pay for all this shit even if I wanted it?

    And now governments are doubling down on stupidity. I thought it was bad enough that states took away driver’s licenses for non payment of child support, now they’re not only taking driver’s licenses, but even professional licenses, because of slow or no payments for student loans? OK, so you’re going to take away that debt slave’s means of getting to work, and now the very credentials they need to perform that work, so they simply cannot ever make the payments again. Sounds like something a woman would do to a man, if you ask me – kill the goose laying the golden eggs. Only women, feminists or liberals could be that stupid.

    I’ve got a plan for my own life – pay off the 3 years of alimony and spend a few years paying off my student loans on an accelerated basis (the reason it takes 21 years on average to pay back student loans is because people make minimum payments, which are always decreasing just like credit card minimum payments). After the debt is gone, then I’m never working for someone else again as long as I live, only for me.


    • Schajw:

      Don’t pay those motherfuckers (Dept. Of Education)/whoever a fucking dime. They loaned you unsecured debt/money created out of thin air and you simply cannot afford to pay it back. Too bad for them; their problem, fuck ’em.


      • Don’t pay? Didn’t you read this article?

        >>These jurisdictions will now make it illegal for you to drive if you haven’t paid the bankers their ransom on your rubber stamp<>America, Inc. is also revoking professional licenses in many states for those who default on student loans.<<

        So you want me to be limited as to what states I can live in just to spite the DOE/bankers? Five of the states on the DL revoke list are tax havens that don't have a state income tax. Of course I'd want to live in one of those states (and I live in one state from the list now).

        And guess what would be next if you don't pay student loans – social security. Bet me? I'm only 7 years away from being eligible to collect it, and if I do take the path of saying "fuck the world" and withdrawing my productivity from it, that's most of my future income! That's something I will not risk.

        I don't care what you think, that's a shitty piece of advice that I'm not going to follow.


  • Coming up next … student loan forgiveness / discount for those volunteering to get themselves implanted with a chip


  • All these tactics sound an awful lot like government’s efforts to collect child support. What has to be next is to send delinquent borrowers to jail. I can also see the pussypass being generously applied here.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      It’s written into most state constitutions that debt prisons are, contrary to popular belief, illegal. I wonder what will start happening when people start getting rounded up for nonpayments.


  • In Canada, one smart thing that Feminist Prime Minister Trudeau did was to allow graduates who can’t earn more than cad$35,000 a year to defer their student loan payments until they earn over c$35,000.

    However it should be noted that campuses in mainly Ontario (where it comprises of 65% of students on a national scale), it is a total feminist totalitarian state where you don’t really have a student life compared to those campuses in the USA where as long as you are in a social circle or know how to fit in, you can party as you want. No parties really exist in campuses in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario because of Chanty Binx and her feminist cronies spreading rape hysteria in Ontario.

    Many of my friends in high school refuse to enroll in university because of the feminist atmosphere. The Canadian feminist virus and cancer on Canadian campuses are tenfold of what Christina Hoff Summers & Dr. Helen describe about feminism affecting the social fabric of American campuses.Feminism and exploitation rarely benefit the natives. They tend not to look favorably on being oppressed by government power. Especially by nuveau riche feminists in Toronto with condescending, rude demeanors.


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