True Ice Queens: Why High Numbers of Anglo Women Have No Libido


A hypothesis about why Anglo women are such ice queens

An interesting point was brought up by Rookh Kshatriya’s recent article about the cognitive dissonance Anglo women have when it comes to sex. Research is now emerging that shows women in America possess weak libidos. Any man subjected to the hell that is the modern dating scene knows Anglo chicks indeed dress and act like $10 whores. But, they’re cold as ice with most men. As cold, remote, and inaccessible as the highest, most frigid peaks.

A look at the sexual market in America quickly reveals any modicum of libido they might possess is rapidly satiated by repeated rides on the cock carousel, with thirsty men only too willing to provide sex on demand. Americhicks regularly spread eagle for bad boys i.e. men they want to tame, or men they want to exploit for resources. But, in doing so they leave the other 80% of men (those who actually contribute to society) damned to lives trapped in the dry, dry desert of involuntary celibacy.

So, we find an interesting conundrum in the Anglosphere. Women dress like hos and believe they’re sexually liberated because they sheepishly follow fashion and cultural trends set by homosexual men populating the American media/public relations landscape. But the reality is, Anglo women are some of the most frigid souls out there when it comes to their relations with the majority of men. Of course, they remain totally oblivious to the hypocrisy this duality represents, pumped full of emotional “feel good” propaganda by the same “gaystream” media. In their minds, they’re wild, crazy, and free!

But, how many Anglo chicks have low sex drives to begin with? Along comes science to help give us another insight into this curious “Ice Queen” nature of Anglo women. From WebMD:

Loss of sexual desire, known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), is the most common form of sexual dysfunction among women of all ages. A recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a lost interest in sex.

That’s actually a conservative estimate. NIH puts the figure at 40% of women suffering from low sex drives. Due to the gynocentric nature of academia, the figure could even be higher than that as many American men can no doubt testify to by virtue of personal experience. Due to the blight known as political correctness we can’t see how the statistics break down by ethnic group. However, any man experienced with women knows Anglobitches are the most frigid.

So, we know Anglo women have low sex drives. But why? Let’s look to evolutionary biology for some ideas. There’s another interesting component one can glean through the power of observation.

Anglo women arguably have the least amount of sexual dimorphism of any ethnic group. When speaking in generalities, this manifests itself in their features, i.e. flatter (instead of fuller and rounder) behinds, smaller cleavage (unless surgically altered), the common occurence of manjaws, and instincts which obviously push them to try to behave like men rather than women. How else does one explain feminism arising organically in the Anglosphere and becoming such a threat to the culture and its demographics at large as women in this culture naturally gravitate towards this philosophy – which implores women to suppress anything feminine about themselves?

One hypothesis is that Anglo women by virtue of heredity passed down from their ancestors who evolved in northern Europe’s cold, harsh climates (remember – the last Ice Age only ended recently on evolutionary timescales) became more exploitative, less sexually interested, and less sexually dimorphic than other groups. They became more like men in this harsh environment except when it comes to the male libido – since they lack the testosterone that coarses through men’s veins. Additionally, the predatory female instinct sharpened in climates in which they had to be more cold and calculating to survive.

So, sex became less a social aspect of this ethnic group, and more a bargaining chip so Ice Age women could get what they wanted out of men. This selection pressure pushed European men to conquer the world after Faustian culture came onto the scene circa 1000 A.D. (according to Spengler) because European women are ravenous materialists. Men either had to feed the monster or run away from it.

This evolutionary strategy worked well as long as men could keep icy women running ever faster on the Hedonic Treadmill with a steadily improving material quality of life. But, now that there’s no more world to conquer, the welfare state cucks modern men’s resource provisioning strategies, and Faustian culture has reached the point of diminishing returns with its creative and engineering genius, European (and especially, Anglo) women have thrown their men overboard.

Their frigid natures have always been there. What’s changed is that men are no longer of any “use” to them. Men have been abandoned because of the imperatives of Briffault’s Law, which states women only want men around, and will only give sex to men when we are of use to them as utilities. In short, the evolutionary strategy that led the Anglosphere to conquer the world is also leading to its destruction now that environmental conditions have changed.

Other ethnic groups aren’t burdened with the same deficits when it comes to sexuality. Low female sex drives and a cold, calculating Anglobitch posture were beneficial to Anglo culture, and especially women at one time. Men would clamor to bring them favors in exchange for sexual access. (As all males do, even in the animal kingdom. Even penguins practice prostitution, as TNMM has elucidated in the past.) But now, these qualities have become a deficit rather than a boon.

It’s an interesting hypothesis as the Anglosphere self-destructs. I say turn the page. The world is ready for something new.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    I think this is spot on and combined with other factors that lower women’s libido women’s such as the liberal use of birth control in the western world combined with fear mongering in the media about men being potential rapists and it’s no wonder so many western women have low or dead libidos.

    Like you said about the explorers of the 1300-1600s, it really makes you think that one of the reasons they searched new lands was for better women.


  • I can’t help but wonder how much of this is biochemical. This has been going on since at least the ’70 (although I don’t seem to recall it much before then), and The Pill started gaining widespread acceptance about the same time.


  • In the end, it doesn’t matter why. It is enough to know that they do. It is plain to see where women are going to go with this. They will want to live lives independent of men, subsidized by the government through taxes paid by men, enjoying superior social status. I guess that is already happening. This goes so far to explaining how we got here.


  • no woman is worth fighting over, especially an typical american whore

    Liked by 1 person

  • Modern females dress as revealing as possible. Teasing mens propensities to procreate yet limiting her purpose to that which she condemns you for wanting.

    ‘Im gunna dress up like a lil fuck toy, but dont you dare treat me any less than a goddess queen heir to the throne. Ill only go for the richest sexiest bad boy rebel with the biggest dick and party hard with drugs and booze till my vahjayjay is permanently numb and my brain is fried from the abuse. Did you like my amateurporn where i got dp’ed? But how dare you mangawk at my camel toes as I breast feed my mulato baby from my ink laden breast in starbucks. You will respect me!


  • This is all very true but there may be another contribution reason out of reproductive biology. Just as many men have a frightful sex drive in their younger years …so do women. The drive to reproduce is strongest in the younger of both sexes. If you look at pictures of the most appealing women in pictures, you will see that they are uniformly women in their late 20’s or even younger – 18 or so. For men- not so much since they can be fully reproduction capable until their very late years- regardless, men are horniest in their reproductive years too. Once a women’s reproductive years are over she does not need a strong sex drive- (although admittedly there are a few that just naturally enjoy sex- any age.) Since we know that mostly women are useless except for sex- why would we expect her to maintain an active sex drive as she grows older. My own experience is that younger women want to have sex much much more often then older women. In older women that lack or reproduction which can be a definite plus- but it is balanced out by a loss of libido- which is a definite negative. This may be another ( among many ) reason that older men choose younger women. No matter what age a man is- he will prefer a women that is 10-20- or even 30 years younger than he is. An enthusiastic younger sex-drive partner beats an unenthusiastic sex- drive partner and older women have no biological drive to have a high libido.


  • One factor omitted from this excellent essay is the man-factor. Women can only get away with things if men let them. Westerners always say Asiatic men in particular have ‘no respect’ (i.e. deference) for women; but really, one could equally argue that Western north European males pedestalize women to the point of dysfunction. Perhap Ice Age adaptation to reproductive scarcity has also influenced white males in some way, leading them to project all sorts of fantastical nonsense onto women that simply isn’t there. This is as true of great writers such as Byron and Dickens as it is of western pop singers, all of whom invest females with divine ‘redemptive’ powers.


    • I think this fits in with “combative behavior” .. “game” (e.g. indeference / no respect or deference toward women) .. and how men just bail-out (mgtow) / give-in (simp / cuck).

      Men who resist the “combative-ness” and show “no respect” for th wimminz are gaming (knowingly or not) them to fight for them (i.e. us strong of mind men) versus thinking you aren’t worth it (aka simp / cuck).

      The more th wimminz squeal like a pig .. the more I know men (in general) are waking up from a long slumber where they gave in to get her to shut-up. Men are re-asserting their God given right to leadership.

      Stay firm in your resolve men / fella’s.

      I don’t want to just win one battle. I want to win the war (on men) once and for all.


    • I agree Rookh, your hypothesis about the origin of pedestalization of women by Western men is quite good it also reminds me this comment from Ironside at Hartiste´s blog:


      Perhaps chivalric notions were created to protect MEN from the sanity-blasting reality of women’s Lovecraftian desires and nature? Enabled them to think of women as sweet and fragile damsels, and thus pair-bond with them…

      … rather than looking at them and thinking “what horrific darkness is screaming and chortling behind those clear blue eyes?”


      • Mr. Roboto – that makes sense. Dazzle men with the falsity of Chivalry, use the State/Church Pimp Hand to keep women from screwing it up.

        The Truth has indeed set us free, pissed off as we were about it at first.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Good points. I believe these aspects of male/female sexuality will prove to be fatal for this ethnic group. Which, incidentally fits in with the “Catastrophe” theory of evolution – once again promoted by Spengler – rather than the current evolutionary model of slow, accumulating changes that has a quite frankly, British/Anglo cultural bias. Spengler also pointed that out when critiquing Darwin.


  • It’s possible that under the patriarchy almost all the higher IQ daughters of the nobility would be like this: Neurotic, Frigid, Choosy and if left to their own devices would ape their powerful male relatives pursuits and end up barren due to their impossible standards. But back then the nobility didn’t mess around with such shit and married off their daughters to other powerful men to keep their bloodlines going. Somehow this crazy idea of getting rid of the Patriarchy crept in and men abandoned their natural right to solely run the show and now we live in an Anglobitch dystopia where things seem to fall apart and seem that we cant sink any lower. Bastardy as the new norm, queer marriage, and now transvestitism as the new frontier! Clearly such a society is weak and ripe to be conquered by some tribe of barbarians who still have the noble system of the Patriarchy.


  • While I’ve never seen that movie with that terrible, disharmonious “Let it go” song that for some reason somebody decided to make a hit, “Frozen” has to be the perfect depiction of the Anglobitch. As they navigate their “careers” and spend their twenties deciding which men are or aren’t “good enough” for them. The “Sistahs” and “Lupe” are out getting knocked up and hanging with the home boys in a total polar opposite to the Anglobitch. Some brother got lambasted a couple decades back with coming up with the theory of “sun people and ice people” but may well have been onto something.


  • Briffault’s Law in action .. non-sexually (I hope) ..


    Women have for the longest time have been combative verse complimentary. Femist’s are combative. Not complimentory like is best for us as a society.

    Women know sex can be used as a weapon. Combat is about getting what you want.

    Ergo .. If women don’t see us as the prize to for .. they will fight us to treat them as the prize. Every woman I’ve met in CONUS (Contiguous US) has been infected with “th wimminz” doctrine of combativeness.

    I’m not saying everything you posted isn’t true. This may just be an amplifier to a pre-exsisting condition, if you will.

    That’s how I think we got here recently (i.e. last 120 years).

    And since most women can “hamster” any decision of the “herd” (e.g. Divorce Rape) .. I don’t doubt there is some long-term societal influence.

    As for the “hamster” (heh) .. ever notice how divorce can run thru a group of girl-pals like wild-fire? The only thing I guarded against with women was their associations among other women. I chose their friends carefully.

    Just a friendly tip from your Uncle honeycomb


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