Matt Lauer Taken Down as The Sexual Witch Trials Continue


Leftists burn another of their own at the stake

The Salem Sexual Witch Trials are reaching a fever pitch in culturally insane Anglo America. Playground bullies and sycophants to the elite in the mainstream media continue to be hellbent on stigmatizing heterosexuality and masculinity at any cost. It matters not whether the hyenas take down one of their own in their mad pursuit of a scoop. Social engineering is priority one to these fellow travelers.

Matt Lauer of Today show fame is the latest victim of this mass hysteria. In researching the matter, Lauer’s “offenses” include asking (not telling) a woman to take off her blouse in his office. She accepted. He took his junk out. They fucked. She kept quiet until sex scandals became the topic du jour, and an easy way for predatory females to extract money from wealthy men like Lauer and his employer. Other “offenses” include brushing up against women in elevators and asking if they ever fooled around on their husbands. He also sent some dirty texts. You can bet these hussies enjoyed every minute of it, being seduced by a wealthy, high profile man.

Never is the question asked: Who gives a fuck? It’s just sex! Get a hold of yourself people. Dammit.

But, in the frightful world we are entering, all women have to do is make a claim that they felt “uncomfortable” by the wave of tingles a man’s pass brought on. Worse, women can make this claim at any point in the future. The precedent has already been set. A man admits they had a sexual encounter. And boom, his funeral pyre is lit.

Make no mistake, as delicious as it is to watch leftists hoisted by their own petard, conservatives should be cautious before celebrating. Feminists are winning in that all it takes for a man to have his life, name, and finances destroyed is a harassment claim. No evidence. Just a claim.

The main issue with all these scandals? There’s no due process. It’s just one witch trial after another. Lauer may be an asshole, but are his accusers truly the sexless goddesses they make themselves out to be? Pure as the winter snow and as innocent as nuns? Probably not. We know how Anglo women use their sexuality as a weapon. It’s more likely his accusers are opportunists, protected by the cloak of so-called victimhood.

What happens if we continue down this path of sexual witch trials? It won’t be too long before it’s too dangerous for men to deal with women at all. That seems to be the true intent of all these high profile scandals. To make men part of a lower caste in the corporate world, and lift women to perfect goddess status. To create a world of masters and slaves in which women are the masters.


Interestingly, Geraldo is one of the only voices of reason about MSM witch trials

Men already have no reproductive rights or access to their own children because of corrupt family courts. They can be enslaved for 18+ years on a woman’s whim. Now, simply making a pass at a woman or having consensual sex with her (as in the case of Lauer) is grounds for a man’s life to be destroyed if, at anytime in the future she decides to call in to the HR department at GloboWorldCorp.

Notice, there are no criminal charges against Lauer. The accusations against him are for incidents which happened several years ago. For all we know, the women making the accusation wanted to jump his bones. There’s no context provided, except the predictable “evil man” and “holy woman” narratives Anglo media are rotten with.

Who will be the next man to be burned at the stake?

P.S. Have you noticed, all the men being burned at the stake are white men? Racial Bolshevism at work. Obviously, gelding men in the workplace also jives with the Androgyny Agenda.

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  • “But, in the frightful world we are entering, all women have to do is make a claim that they felt “uncomfortable” by the wave of tingles a man’s pass brought on. ”
    This has already happened to me. I was walking in a botanical garden about 2 months ago when I noticed a girl staring at me. I took a look back and continued with my walk. A few days later one of the gardeners told me police were looking around with a photo of me because a girl had told them I was following her.


  • The Angry Outernationalist


    Also, if you’re a media guy surrounded by wannabe chiquitas who have absolutely nothing to differentiate them from the many other candidates for a position except in terms of what they don’t have to offer, what do you do?


    What happened to Just Saying No, bimbettes of the boob toob?

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  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    I was listening to CBC last night and this actress who is on some sci-fi show said she is working to get an independent agency started to investigate and take action if necessary against entertainment industry harassers.

    The scariest thing about her plans is that in the same breath she said “due process is SO important” she also said this process carried out by “tribunals” must be victim and “survivor” focused so no one ever fears coming forward and their rights respected.

    What that sounds like in reality is a kangaroo court where all men are considered guilty until proven innocent, and the accuser has the power to ruin a man’s reputation and career outside the minimal protection of the law.


    • It will only take one publicized case of a woman being sued succesfully for libel or slander to turn things around. Ideally she would lose every thing she owns. In the meantime there are a lot of women getting worried because they are not getting asked out period.
      I am also seeing a lot more women shut their mouths when their men look at them sidewise.
      Time for wakey, wakey little girls.


      • GhostofSteveMcQueen

        Maybe. I’m not as positive as you. A woman finally went to jail after 15 false rape allegations in England. I don’t see it changing things.

        However, if there is a man to stand up and fight, it may be Geoffrey Rush.


      • Thanks for the link on Rush. Indeed, he has already begun to fight by refusing to fight on their terms.
        All of these women, or men, who have been assaulted/offended/insulted etc. have to be outed themselves. There is no logical reason for them to hide if their allegations are true. If they can’t be substantiated then they never should have opened their mouths. The REAL time to open their mouth would have been at the time of the ‘incident’. Days, months, decades later does not cut it from any sense of social justice.
        There is more rumor than news by the NEWS media. Nothing NEW about that though eh?
        Generally, I give a reporter one paragraph to make their case then it is on to the next item of the day. Prostitutes, all of them.


    • You sound like you’re from Canada (CBC is Canadian)….Do you know what happened to Gregory Elliott, and Jian Ghomeshi after their lengthy trials over false accusations from feminists?
      I never saw Janice Fiamengo in weeks, and that was before she complained that the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario was persecuting her over a fictitious accusation of discrimination from a feminist student at University of Ottawa.
      Are these people still alive, or have they been coerced into silence like a court order gagging them from going online? Toronto and the rest of Canada are becoming strangely totalitarian feminist.


  • Every man is a perv .. so says this ad ..

    Of course no woman (e.g. teachers) would ever do anything so rodent’ick’u’less .. lol at the hampster(s).


    • We, as men, should embrace that concept. They will elect their whores, les’s, neo nazi libtards and whatevers and then enjoy the rewards when the net goes down and leaves them hanging in space until gravity takes over and they come crashing down.
      Get it?
      Women ruling the world, or only themselves, will produce a result equivalent to hitting a brick wall at 120 mph in your Caravan.
      When they go through it once they will be averse for a thousand years at least and that becomes our opportunity.
      I will give women credit for a great number of things for which I will likely never give men credit at e. In other words ‘they have us beat on a number of things’.
      However, as it is, woallre basically now useless in North America. A few incidental islands in Mesico excepted.


  • Perfect examples showing women are followers of any insanity as long as its the popular thing at the moment. They depend on other women to make up their minds for them. “They take the shape of the container theyre placed in”

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    • That’s funny.
      Could those girls not all, instead, take the shape of my first serious girlfriend, Karen? She had a really, really, really nice shape.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    It’s now safe to say that men in every way are not safe in any way at corporations, colleges, government positions, etc. Maybe an lol for that one but it’s the damn truth.

    Men can’t be men, they have to walk on eggshells and women hold the keys to a man’s professional and financial well being. It seems to only sane path long term for the man is to go galt, leave the country and start his own business.


    • Red Pill Brotherhood

      Also, notice how all of these events are magically happening so close together. Based on that, I call bullshit that it’s coincidental. This trend is a bandwagon effect. Anything these women have against the guy can trigger them to report him(their fling ends or he rejects her after a while and she wants to get back at him, she dislikes him, sue WA made to feel uncomfortable, or she simply sees $$$). Women simply have too much power over men. Their fucking feelings and way they interpret something can get the man fired. This BS is what happens when women’s feelings take control of the workplace.


    • I don’t agree with your summary or conclusion.
      Not only that; I hereby accuse the mass of men in the manosphere, never mind the world at large, of not being men at all. They have abdicated their role and position in the universe.
      It was bad enough that women are not women but now men are no longer men.
      As they say, it is time to man up.

      There are few women who don’t want a man to be a REAL man and take her as his own. To hold, protect and serve in return for her doing the same in his household. Most women have simply been entirely corrupted so they do not believe it is possible. They may be corrected; they might be corrected; with consideration and kindness; which is not man’s norm but is his mandate.
      Most of the women who are most antagonistic to men are those who have been fucked over by men. Wear your badge of dishonor that your brother earned for you. or…
      Too bad, so sad. No pussy for you.

      Every man has the responsibility to do his job, with women, or prove his value otherwise. The alternative is unlikely because it does not fit the plan. Men and women are to be together. Working together to populate the universe. Like, what is it that people don’t get about this concept; to POPULATE THE UNIVERSE.
      If you don’t agree then accept your fate as your default.
      If you think you can go to a 3rd world nation and escape the vomit that america spews daily to creatively corrupt human nature then you are deluded.
      The Filipino woman, by example, the most loyal and respectful in the world, who comes to America, will eventually become corrupted because there is no MAN for them. Not their own filipino man nor the American man (?). Men are no longer men as women are no longer women.

      Take that cauterizing, castrating rope from around your balls and get real.
      You will be rewarded with the desire of your heart; another heart to match the beats of your own.

      Otherwise…it’s not pretty, not at all.

      P.S. Why the fuck would you want to work for a corporation, college, government, church, etc. anyways? Did I miss something? Those ‘INSTITUTIONS’ are so fucked up they don’t know shit from the fine oil of a rose.
      Red Pill, give yourself a shake, step back, take another look, and tell me that you can’t make a really significant difference right now, right here, wherever you stand, to turn things around.
      Note: If you want to grow bamboo, be prepared to wait 10-16 years before the seeds sprout. They require watering daily in the interim.
      Sometime you have to wait. Sometimes you have to act.


  • The reason most of these accused are ” Powerful white men” is due to the fact that black men have not had the opportunity to hold these positions. Conyers being the one example so far. Had this been equal ground there would be the same amount of accusations on blacks as well as white men. MEN ARE MEN.

    And please don’t come back stating that I’m calling it racism. The truth of the matter is most powerful positions are held by white men.

    Love this website keep it going!


    • They don’t call them WASP’s without reason. White Anglo Saxon Protestants are the most vile and vicious sub group of humans on the planet. That’s why they lead.
      Psychopaths always end up leading.
      Which is why I don’t follow any of them. Even though I is one.
      Thankfully, I also have some polish jewish, native, french, irish, scottish, catholic and mongrel blood too.
      If any of my ex’s come out of the woodwork with accusations, depending on the person, I will either deny it all or accuse them of being the loosest slut on the planet.


  • Russell Simmons just got hit too so I guess there’s one black guy. He already stepped down from his companies which was foolish. The alleged encounter was in 1991 for fuck sake-he apparently fucked some girl once back then and she now claims it was forced. This insanity has to stop. Since there is a statue of limitations on this sort of thing, which has passed, they just decide to throw these guys under the bus for attention on this feminazi crusade du jour.

    That aside, he was dumb to admit to anything and step down. The right thing to do is deny it all since there’s no evidence and it’s from 26 god damn years ago. Last I heard, Jeremy Piven took this route and has admitted nothing.


  • As you have probably already read, Matt released a statement admitting that while some accusations are untrue, he made decisions and engaged in activity to which he feels ashamed and embarrassed by. I don’t care where anyone stands on the political spectrum, the truth must come out.

    The entertainment industry especially is infested with creeps and dirt bags using and abusing their power, and it must be exposed for what it is and stopped.


    • Do you consider this creepy behavior from women abusing their power? If not, you’re a hypocrite.


    • The entertainment business is entirely about whoredom. Tell me, if you can, anyone of high morals in that business. ALL major actors and actresses have portrayed absolutely sickening material in movies, television, magazines, musical videos, period. No exceptions I know of. If they act it on the screen they do it in real life also to some degree. Some go the distance even.
      Fornication, murder, the list is endless.
      Personally, I never go to the theater and am very careful about what I consume with my eyes, ears and brain.
      Same goes for news whether Television, Newspaper, Radio it is all whoredom. Even the so called alternative media are infected.
      In closing, there is not a single woman in show business that holds any interest for me whatsoever. Any woman not in the aforementioned industries, who emulates those who are, has no interest for me either. They are all whores and are now calling the kettle black when they themselves are all used up burnt black pots.
      Whether Matt is guilty of anything at all is speculation unless it is settled with a fair hearing in a court of law.
      He could be taking a dive for other reasons entirely.
      In fact, he might even be one of the only righteous persons in his business.
      Wouldn’t that be a joke?


    • Ashley, this is a witch hunt. The last big one led by Sen. Joe McCarthy did not do his political party any favors and may have advanced the cause of communism. When this one is over, women will be viewed as treacherous and untrustworthy.


  • Who will be the next man to be burned at the stake?
    P.S. Have you noticed, all the men being burned at the stake are white men? Racial Bolshevism at work. Obviously, gelding men in the workplace also jives with the Androgyny Agenda.

    I first thought “I hope Stephen Colbert (aka Leftoid Jesus) is the next to be burned” But then I thought hmmm… Not only are all the men being burned white men; Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Al Franken, but they are all leftist, jewish, white men, at the end of their careers. I’m starting to think these men are also in on the take, with whoever is pulling the strings of this agenda. Maybe a huge cash bump for retirement, and a little persuasion on the part of the powers that be will get these men to give up their “untarnished legacies” to further the cause. It’s not like they were going to be remembered much anyways, before or after these stories fade in a few months. They will all be forgotten, then in 30 yrs or so when you read they pass away, for about 4 minutes you’ll go “Oh yeah, I remembered him” and then move on with your own life.


    • You know, Vinny, I thought the same thing but have yet to figure out who really benefits short term, which is what most people look for, or long term as this is basically cultural, racial and species suicide.
      There is no question that the Spanish Inquisition, of which the current practicing model is a copy, was mostly directed at women in order to hijack medicine for the mafia/medicis/Vatican profits. Out of 11 million murdered in that Inquisition, alone, 9 million were women. The men, coincidentally, murdered were not doctors or husbands to the ‘witches’/herbalists but instead were political opponents of the church and crown.
      The witches had little to no assets other than great reputations in their communities. The men robbed and murdered were highly influential members of individual city states and essentially ‘kings’. They did hold the witches in reverence and with respect as I do today. They did have money and estates to be seized.
      What we see ongoing right now is quite different in several respects and I look to see it played out.
      One thing of note; Trump is the slickest operator to ever be in the office of President in the history of the USA. There are very few that really know what his playbook is.
      I am pretty sure he is involved in this ‘inquisition’ but not sure to the extent or entirely the reason.
      May you live in interesting times.
      Crisis is opportunity.


      • I call bullshit on your Spanish Inquisition propaganda matrix. F*cking anti-Catholic rhetoric is for imbeciles and religious retards.

        What did you do, wake up this morning and just pull those numbers our of you ass? Bet you did.

        The Inquisition was not about “hunting witches”, numb nuts. Stop mixing protestant reactionary behavior (Witch Hunting) with maintaining good Catholic social order (Inquisition).

        Grow up ya big baby.


      • You would make an excellent inquisitor. Or, a corporate or bank executive. Or, a pedophile priest.
        Maybe a lawyer, doctor or politician.
        I find that people like yourself are usually from a traumatic, abused background and thoroughly addicted to high powered psychotropic drugs.
        I feel sorry for you but you will have to adjust and overcome as the ‘system’ can’t and won’t help you except into the grave.
        Since you have no education of note to make your argument you will need to at least go back to school for awhile before you can get a document attesting to your intelligence, aptitude and orientation. That is, if you really do want to join your oppressors in oppressing others.
        If so, you can swing in the wind just as well as they can.


  • Seems to be mostly in the media industry, unless there is an unreported purge going on in normal businesses? Media is a world that largely attracts “I’m the smartest” type arrogant little girls straight out of college. They say these workplaces are 90% female, graduates of super left wing media programs seeing these “harassment” claims as opportunities to eliminate male competitors and open up opportunities or by those who failed in this highly competitive environment to get a paycheck decades later. My sister was a teacher’s pet type who was “too good for the midwest” and went to the coast to work in media with a couple other local “I’m just the most superior female” type attitude girls. She even cast her wedding like a TV commercial finding this Oreo Cookie black girl she worked with at the TV station to be one of her bridesmaids and predictable like a herd creature, last time I saw her she had swallowed the whole “transgender rights” propaganda line full sinker and thought it was just the greatest new thing. Of course she no longer works in media, dropped out a decade and a half ago to marry a lawyer and be a stay at home mom in a million dollar house. Shows just how competitive the industry is with “too many indians wanting to be chiefs.” Note how no little girls are training in college to be great plains well drilling frakers or something real, practical, and useful for society? Nope, they just want to be on TV.


  • It’s only fair; the original witch hunts were against the women healers who were competing against the priests who wanted sole/soul monopoly.
    The priests got their monopoly for 400 yrs. Now, they are about to swing from the timbers for their crimes. Iatrogenic disease being the new leading cause of death, we are not going to take it anymore. In that case the doctors.

    In this case the stupid women. Not all women are stupid.

    Things do/will come full circle eventually.
    All women are going to take a major hit for this/these indiscretion/s of a few. The blowback for men is going to be great.

    Certainly these women, and gay men, coming out about their own indiscretions, and lack their of, will not help their careers as it did the prosecutors of the inquisition (ongoing), but it will help us.
    Keep your nose clean, dot your p’s and q’s, watch what you say when and where.
    The real women, the smart ones, will make themselves known to the, smart, men.

    Then you can pick and choose.
    You might want to be ready for anything as this renaissance will likely be when hell freezes over. That is, after or during nuclear winter.


  • This can’t end well for the feminists. While it is ongoing, they are attacking their enablers and supporters. In doing so, they are exposing themselves as treacherous. That should make support in the future a lot less enthusiastic. As for how it will end, an innocent will be accused, and will be proven to be so, while they continue to call for his condemnation. I remember Jessica Valenti continuing to support Rolling Stone’s story after it was debunked.


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