How sweet it is

I’ve once again escaped The Anglo-American Matrix for warmer climes, warmer women, and a saner cultural/social landscape. I feel like I pass through a membrane into an alternate universe where life and my instincts still make sense each time I take an international flight out of the matrix.

I’m happy to report my experiment in designing a personalized lifestyle of mercenary, financial only relations with the matrix to power a part-time expat lifestyle was a success. I’m now settling in abroad for a long stay, during which I will unwind from the  monotony of 70 hour weeks on the road (driving hundreds of miles per day) I endured, finish my upcoming book Escape, work on my photography, and live a little rather than run in a financial hamster wheel.

There have been some heart stopping moments along the way. Like being among only 2 out of a class of 15 to actually “graduate” from trucking school with a CDL while everyone else either failed or dropped out. Then surviving my trial by fire on the road with my trainer and then going solo. I drove 100,000 miles without any tickets or accidents. Then, having to put in my 2 weeks notice for a job I worked so hard for.

But, now have a “Golden Ticket” that allows me to come and make money while not getting stuck like a fly in honey with the matrix’s financial games. Trucking happened to be the perfect solution to funding a part-time expat lifestyle. As I waited at the airport for my flight to the Caribbean, I was overcome by a strong series of emotions. The first wave was how frankly, frightening my country is becoming. I was “triggered” (heh) by CNN as it blared on the screen. In my journal, I wrote:

I didn’t know how bad CNN had become until I got subjected to it at the airport. Jeez, they’re worse than Pravda these days. The narratives they’re pushing are laughable. Chris Cuomo foaming at the mouth trying to say Trump is crazy. What a frightful world we’ve entered. What happened to my country? This is NOT the nation I grew up in. This place literally scares me these days.

I also made some remarks regarding the latest sexual witch trial, as it seems to me the powers that be want to make sex itself illegal someday:

Anglo America has major cultural issues with sexual repression. First issue I have with all these scandals? No due process. One witch trial after another. What an insane culture. Lauer may be an asshole, but are women truly the sexless goddesses they make themselves out to be? Pure as the winter snow and as innocent as nuns? Probably not.

The power structure wants to either make people scared to fuck or make it illegal to fuck. I can’t figure out which one.

My next flood of emotions were happy ones. I felt like I was getting out of jail. Escaping a cage that had been built for me. Happy to be returning to a culture that is centered around people and not the worship of machines and gadgets.

In any case, how sweet it is to be outside the compound! Daily updates, periodic photo journals, updates on the cultural insanity of the matrix as I watch it from the outside, and of course, a book detailing not only how I did it but how you can too, are all coming soon. In the meantime, I’m headed to the beach to have a big fatty i.e. a nice Cuban cigar, drink too many Caipirinhas, and watch the sexy (and friendly) señoritas walk by.


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  • I never watch CNN, obviously a good call on my part. Having said that I’m happy for ya brother.


  • The series of mostly hetero sex harassment “revelations” is designed to discourage and destroy traditional heterosexual relations in favor of homosexuality, trans acceptance, and more brainwashing of boys by the state.

    It’s no coincidence that the “metoo” movement is a well coordinated effort.

    NONE of the accusers bothered reporting any of these alleged assaults to police. No doubt for fear of prosecution fir filibg false reports.


  • Angloskanks are booking 1st class airfare to poorer countries in the Caribbean, Latin America & Africa-Asia to spread their virus worldwide…Ensure that you don’t let these Angloskanks fuck up your escape like what they did to Cuba Dave.
    At that same time when Cuba Dave was persecuted in Costa Rica, a few Angloskanks from canada made news when they falsely accused a military officer of Dominican Republic of sexual assault, that they tried that SJW mob on him and he went to his police friends to lock them up for verbal assault.
    Pity those Angloskanks falsely accusing a Black Man of rape, reigniting the memories of Jim Crow.


  • Good to hear you can relax for a while now. Do you mind me asking where you are? DR?? Your book called escape, I am hoping you will have some info in it about the DR? When will it be coming out? Also, please let us all know if you ever start like a consulting business in the DR where you take newbies around and show them where the safe, cheap places are tO stay while one is in the DR.

    How long will you be out of the U.S.?


  • My first emotions where jealousy, envy, well earnt and my second was how sweet it is. Enjoy.


  • I am happy for you!


  • “Then, having to put in my 2 weeks notice for a job I worked so hard for.”
    So you resign and then apply for another (trucking) job when you return?


  • When sex is illegal, only criminals will have sex. It’s kind of already like that.

    The downward spiral of democracy has been hastened by the internet. That’s why it’s happening so fast that you can’t even keep your eye on it. Stay out of the spiral. That’s the only objective these days. Nothing will stop the spiral. The efforts of “good guys” are immediately leveraged and repurposed to fund the spiral.

    Kamala Harris is black, Indian and female so in the era of identity politics, she is the big winner. From what I can tell, the focus on her life has been on helping criminals. So there you go. Upside down. Help and focus on the bad guy. She will likely be our next president. You wanna pay taxes for her horseshit?


  • Good work.

    Enjoy the sunny soul warming tropical escape.


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