Pink Promotes Androgyny Agenda by Raising “Gender Neutral” Daughter


Trashy pop star “Pink” is raising her daughter to be gender neutral

The powers that be in The Anglo-American Matrix never stop with their evil schemes to mold humanity into sexless, mechanical, consumer automatons. Social engineering, their favorite tool to brainwash and control millions (if not billions) is becoming evermore bizarre with each passing assault on the populace.

There have long been rumors that actors, actresses, as well as pop stars and starlets have to basically sell their souls to executives in order to become rich and famous. In fact, there is mounting evidence Hollyweird has long used strange rituals and sexual blackmail to keep its troupe of marionettes in line. Rumors are Will Smith has offered up his own son Jayden as a sacrifice, which is the real reason Jayden cross dresses so often.

Keep that in mind when reading the latest out of the trashy pop music industry. Also keep in mind the fact that millions of mindless single mommies blindly follow social trends set by these tools fools of the elite.

Consider this bizarre story that just emerged on Breitbart, a true list item on the Androgyny Agenda if there ever was one:

Pop star Pink says she is raising her children to be gender-neutral because her family lives in a “label-less household.” The singer, who is 38 and married to motorcycle racer Carey Hart, 42, told the U.K.’s The People she does not want her children defined by their gender. Pink said she is delighted her 6-year-old daughter Willow told her she wants to marry an African woman when she grows up.

So we get a twofer out of this story. Gender bending and gay marriage. These days, the destruction of the next generation of women is beginning at the tender age of 6 years old.

If you thought feminist propaganda was bad as the full court press begins on brainwashing young women with that doxy in their tweens and teens, wait until an entire generation doesn’t even know what sex they are. Continuing from Breitbart:

The performer of international hit “Get the Party Started,” Pink is a champion of the new gender ideology that does not acknowledge the science of two biological sexes – male and female.

What a sellout piece of crap you are, Pink.

“I was in a school and the bathroom outside the kindergarten said: ‘Gender Neutral – anybody’, and it was a drawing of many different shapes,” she said. “I took a picture of it and I wrote: ‘Progress’. I thought that was awesome. I love that kids are having this conversation.”

Notice the Marxist codeword “progress” mangled into Pink’s statement, and how cleverly crafted these subliminal cultural messages are. Cultural and psychological sickness is presented in such as way, and with such a deft, lying tongue Pink believes her own madness.

The Grammy-winner says though she enjoys motherhood, she considers herself to be a “pre-teen boy,” according to The People’s report“I do bake sales and lemonade stands,” she explains. “I take my kid to school and try to get there on time. I’m a f**king grown up now, it’s so weird. I’m still a 12-year-old boy.”

Yeah, well you can take that nonsense and cram it, Pink. This should be called what it is, child abuse. Pink should lose her kids over this idiocy. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. That’s where it begins and ends.

The great evil of the 20th century the world had to defend itself from came out of Nazi Germany. The great evil of the 21st century looks to be emerging out of the United States of America, with insidious Cultural Marxism, social engineering, and globalism/world domination as the three heads of the Hydra the world will have to defend itself from.

It seems dark days lie ahead.

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  • I feel so bad about her daughter, Why would you betray her this way? Also, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie are hurting their children the same way as Pink by leading them to the Feminism Indoctrination. I’m really disappointed that parents don’t feel any emotional attachment to their kids.


  • I feel so bad about her daughter, Why would you betray her this way? Also, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie are hurting their children the same way as Pink by leading them to the Feminism Indoctrination. I’m really disappointed that parents don’t feel any emotional attachment to their kids.


  • Pink really struggled to “make it” she came up with a persona that she thought she could “sell” to the public. Like most people who want to be famous she would of done anything, to be famous. Did she “sell her soul for fame,”
    it certainly looks that way. As she is a wife and mother, my guess is she is conservative in her mothering of her two kids, hence all the propaganda she spouts is definitely “scripted” for mass consumption of the sheeple public and she does not apply any of that nonsense to her own precious family or children. This timely and excellent article needs to be spread far and wide.


  • More reason to never give your money to female stars. A female with lots of money and fame has little need for a husband and even if she gets married she will probably be a terrible wife and mother. More likely she will have lots of partner, and for the children she will use daycare or nannies. If she needs protection she will use male body guards since that is in her world the only thing good a men can do is either make violence or stop violence (until robots).


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Flash forward thirty-five years …

    The girl’s grown up, has found competent psychological advice, and has a non-crappy relationship with some guy who’s non-crappy.

    Pink, on the other hand, wound up stuck in a nursing home where her daughter checked her in at the first sign she could be medicated and monitored into being less of a total asshole.

    In the event that Pink has more children, the first family member who manages to get Dear Ol’ Maw medicated and monitored out of sight wins.


  • I’ve always thought Pink was really foul. I bet she’s an alcoholic too, get that impression from all her songs which have drinking in them and she looks “rough” like a boozy lesbian.


  • Huh? I was just looking at that picture… I clearly see two girls. How funny is that? And when I put on the filter glasses (like they kind they had in “They Live”) I still see two girls. What a stupid game! Pink says she’s a 12-year old boy. Not a good model for parenting. I feel bad for her kids.


  • Operation Paperclip brought the genus of Nazism to America after WW2. All aspects of American society is ruled by Nazi doctrines which came from the Jesuits to Hitler and his order.
    The Bush dynasty, and all of its global horrors, for 3 generations and beyond is Nazism.
    If the Manosphere expects to save the world it must recognize the USA for what it is; the Great Beast in Revelations!
    It is quite clear when you peer past the veil with eyes wide open not wide shut.


  • Pink has always been seditious. Her masculine gait is obvious and disgusting, no less…she might as well be a female MMA fighter. At least those “gals” are truthful about their androgynous Weltanschauung.


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