Visiting a Foreign Country Without Actually Visiting It


Bachata/Salsa musicians at Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic – A traveler runs away from the islands of Americanism that comprise the “tourist” areas in many countries

As I unwind from America, Inc. and settle back into a culture and a landscape I love so much, in comes this email from a TNMM reader that I couldn’t agree with more. One of the best things about traveling abroad is escaping the corporate plantation – free of the crap, ersatz food it doles out in cardboard pods, free of the micromanagement of daily life by Police State USA, free of the insanity of the hamster wheel of 70 hour work weeks that leave no personal time, free of the frigid Anglobitch and those poor female souls she has assimilated into her misandric malaise.

However, it seems few are able to imagine a world that exists outside the myopia foisted upon them by their cultural shepherds. Imagine: There are so many ways of living life outside the box The Anglo American Matrix has crafted – the “prison for your mind” that so many are too timid to imagine life outside of. With regards to this topic, TNMM reader “Rick” sent me this email, which sums up my view of being Happier Abroad so well. Once a man sees The American Way is not the best way, his possibilities for creativity and happiness immensely increase:

“There are American compounds all over the world. Big American communities with high rise condos, stores, schools. It’s the American way, it seems, to import their entire lifestyle to a country and live in relative isolation from the local populace, terrified of interaction it seems.

I’m exactly the opposite. Living smack in the middle of the people. I actually avoid most Americans here, finding them to have little respect for the local people [and] a superiority complex regarding the country they live in. I want nothing to do with most of the foreigners here.

In my village the majority of the population carries water from the village well, has no plumbing, many have no electricity or so limited power that all they have is a small light bulb. No refrigeration. Bamboo/nepa huts, dirt floors, no glass in windows, open doors. Little private transportation, many not even a bicycle. Many “streets” no more than dirt paths many only wide enough for foot traffic or motorcycles.

Yet they are good people, living their lives as best they can. Cell phones are everywhere. Sat TV dishes mounted on little huts. Festivals are always going on somewhere. Tolerance for personal differences is high. Life is simple, and in my opinion, good. But my opinion about life in the cities is much like my opinion about life in the US, it sucks. So, it’s boonies and the poor people for me.”

This is how I travel. I roam as far away as I possibly can from the islands of soulless, American-style consumption full of poseurs, malcontents, and plain vanilla, politically correct personalities.

It’s true that most people are tourists and not travelers. Tourists “visit” a foreign country without ever actually visiting it because they stay ensconced in their “comfort zone” bubbles of American-style shopping, eating out, and other preplanned corporate activities. These well-trained, professional consumers also maintain their cultural biases rather than being open minded enough to accept other ways of thinking and living life.

When I travel, the last thing I want to see is a McDonald’s, a Walmart, a Starbucks, an American-style resort – anything corporate and sanitized of vitality and originality. I want to live real life. Like Rick, nothing repels me more than the islands of Americanism on my current island and in other nations I visit. That’s everything I’m trying to escape. I live diversity while others only preach it.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Those last 2 paragraphs were especially on point. Americans simply vacation yet continue their lives in the matrix, just in a resort. The fake, superficiality of boring, cookie cutter American people makes any cultured man repulsed. Great article!


  • I think your right moriyah. I’ve been holding out, believing the tide would break. Instead, we have a deeply delusional society that can afford to stick its head up its butt.
    If you don’t already know it, you should check out this guys blog- FredonEverything. Worth the while, American expat, knows America and what it was and is becoming.
    Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a Uugh mistake.


  • You better get comfortable with where you are. Plant a garden, get a job, make some babies.
    Those who leave their country of habitation or birth for a better world, for a time, may some time later find they have no country to return to, and, they are not really welcome in that country they have come to.
    It is those times that will really try men’s souls.
    How much better might it be to confront the reality and the challenges of the obstacles set before you and redeem your country and, in the process, the whole world?
    Time of the end left to go, with the Jerusalem Capital option activation, just took a hyper-jump and hyper-squeeze. You may start final count down now.
    4 years from now won’t be a different world, it will be a different planet. 4 years from that will be a different spirit.
    Meantime you should get a girl as our species will need some major regeneration. Just as the universe already does.


    • Some or many Americans who move or stay overseas for a long time probably know that they can be denied from returning to their home country. But, I am pretty sure that a small number of them does not actually care. There is so much crap in the US that even aliens would want to go back to their planet(s).

      Reading this blog post has inspired me to write a future blog post about the differences between tourists and travelers. If anyone is interested in waiting to read my future blog post or reading the ones I have already written and published, go visit “Foreign Love Web”. I love these topics and I wish that there are movies and TV shows based on them.

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  • Several countries in the Caribbean complain of the “American style high rises” that were infesting their small cities when the Fed opened the Quantitative Easing floodgates which allowed millions of privileged Americans to live on a home equity to pay for real estate in cheaper locations (which eventually price out the locals).

    In Trinidad, Ameriskanks were planning to live in a proposed 65 floor high rise tower in the capital city Port-of-Spain, but the amount of robberies, kidnappings and murders going on there right now is deterring “investors” from living in that proposed high rise “Tower of Babylon”.

    In nearby Guyana, American “investors” from the Marriott Hotel chain constructed a large 10 floor high rise at the coastal area of the Capital city. The issue was the hotel was constructed using prison labour from China, and not a single local or even a horse cart was hired to construct that large building.

    In nearby Jamaica, Ameriskanks were planning to live in a gated community near Montego Bay. Monetego Bay is known for the highest murder rates per capita in the world.

    In Haiti, where the majority of citizens live on less than US$1 a day, the LGBTQ feminist community from Canada and USA constructed a luxury apartment for gay Haitians.

    In Ecuador, where that pro-nudist feminist Rain Florence now resides, Ameriskanks were pricing out the local Indigenous people from their farmland because of Ayahuasca tourism and eventually Angloskanks import their Anglo feminist police state of mind on everyone.


    • You can imagine the locals saying ‘Fucking Americans’ under their breath every time they see one. Better not get caught out after dark or on any back roads.

      South America outside of the major cities would be a better bet. Same with Thailand or Philippines.
      IF you live like the locals and not like an American.

      That would likely all change after nuclear war.
      You can be pretty sure the entire world is going to blame the Gringos and Jews and rightfully so.
      I give better odds for all blacks, hispanics, asians or anyone with olive complexion.
      America is already hated. They are going to be the most hated in history for a thousand years. 2nd will be Europeans and 3 rd those stupid Canucks. Like Texas heat: Canadian cold fries the brain; apparently.
      I is one.


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