Embracing Male Disposability


See ya later, snitchy bitches. I’ve decided to embrace the male disposability you enjoy shoving in men’s faces at every turn

It’s clear to any man who has suffered the injustice of living in English-speaking countries these declining nations don’t give a flying fuck about men. It loathes us, persecutes us when possible, and yet it expects our full and unquestioning cooperation when it comes time to make money off our labor. Unlike women, however, we don’t cry victim and run to the administrative state expecting it to behave like a mommy or daddy and “spank” bitches for not doing what we want them to.

Helen smith discussed this fundamental difference in male and female psychology in her book Men on Strike:

Women’s groups follow a double standard: When women lag behind men, that is an injustice that must be aggressively targeted. But when men are lagging behind women, that is a triumph of equity to be celebrated.

Hypocrisy strikes again. But the crucial behavioral difference (one men can use to their advantage) is women whine until they get their way and men take action. We don’t wait on someone else to do our bidding like women do. We can do it silently. Or stridently if you prefer. But, incentives matter. We have none. So we proceed to dispense with that which is bringing us down.

Once I discovered I had no incentives, I began to see my life quite differently from the way the matrix told me to see it. It is for that reason that New Modern Men should embrace male disposability. Society doesn’t give a damn about us, so why should we give a damn about it? We now face the looming possibility of sexual assault witch trials for “incidents” with no proof that happened decades ago. Some Anglo nations are literally making flirting a crime. Women have all the power in the court system. What’s in it for us to deal with women or society at large? A meager paycheck and a meager, often lonely existence. Exiled even though we are surrounded by women.

MGTOW and Going Galt have both been discussed at some length on this blog. But embracing male disposability beyond those entry-level philosophies is actually empowering for a man. It allows him to start taking chances he would have otherwise not dreamed of when behaving in the “civilized” or cucked manner a gynocentric society expects him to.

Otherwise, I would have never left the corporate plantation – wildcat starting a couple of businesses including this blog, taken a chance on driving a big rig, and jumped into the raging (and exciting) torrent of world exploration on the cheap without embracing my disposability. One might say, there comes a point when a man stops caring what happens to him – up to a point.

I’m not insane. In fact, I feel more sane and alive inside than I ever have before. But I am at a point in my life that I’m taking risks, and enjoying every minute of it. The alternative would be to “pickle” myself as the system suggests, saving for the “oasis” of retirement when the system already showed me it will fill my mind with obscene lies, spurring me on to chase fantasies like the college degree that turned into an albatross around my neck rather than an asset. I don’t trust the motherfuckers who spin these lies anymore is what it boils down to.

Let’s call it the male version of Mahatma Ghandi’s civil disobedience. Society expects us to work long hours and give up our entire lives to support a wealth redistributing state that heavily favors women, since Anglobitches rack up a whopping $100,000 to $250,000 deficit over the course of their vainglorious, sanctimonious lives? We adopt minimalism and skate by, happier than we ever would have been living lives of materialism trapped inside the sleep-work-spend cycle. Society expects us to contribute to 401k plans, Social Security, and other ponzi schemes that will leave most men chasing a carrot they’ll never capture? We become self-sufficient. So self sufficient we can work a few months a year and live the rest of the year doing what we want. That we can support ourselves in our old age with or without bankrupt Social Security and the bubble-prone stock market.

Think it can’t be done? Watch this YouTube video! We adapt by refusing a crappy deal. Here are a few ideas about how:

  • Purchase affordable housing (like the $10,000 tiny house plan, or a plan of your own) that doesn’t leave us neck deep in debt with a mortgage.
  • Start riding motorcycles (I personally own a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 which costs practically nothing to operate, gets 52 mpg, and costs $9 a month for insurance).
  • For those who have issues with bikes, start riding used cars (I personally own a 2001 Pontiac Firebird that I purchased in 2009 and have maintained immaculately – not only is it turning into a classic it’s saving me a boatload of money on transportation since the only time I ride it is due to inclement weather – when it’s too rainy to ride my bike).
  • Cook your own meals for better health and to save several hundred dollars a month over what it would cost to eat poorly prepared slop from the corporate trough.
  • Adopt hobbies that cost little to no money. Like mountain climbing, hiking, motorcycle road trips (or in a beat up pickup if you’re averse to bikes).
  • Refuse any long-term, legal commitments to women (including common law marriage) since paying later (i.e. after a frivorce) results in yet another wealth redistribution con game.
  • Start taking risks by doing things you want to do rather than by doing things the system says you “should” do or that women say you “should” do.
  • Travel extensively to see for yourself what a raw deal the Anglobitch and her enablers in the state have given you.

And on embracing male disposability, here are a few tentative ideas I have in mind for the next couple of years:

  • Climbing a major mountain peak (or peaks)
  • Skydiving
  • Spending time in India and Africa backpacking
  • Driving a big rig when I need money
  • Learning to hunt and fish
  • Becoming proficient with firearms
  • Learning survivalist strategies

In case you haven’t seen what I’ve accomplished already, I’ve done all this in just the past two years since telling the fake news industry to go fuck itself.

The long and short of the matter is men build up society for women’s benefit, but women have become so solipsistic in modern times they refuse to treat us like human beings. They only want the golden egg, while strangling the goose that lays it. This goose has decided to fly the coop rather than laying golden eggs. Women wanted the Have It All™ lifestyle. Now, they can truly have it all. All the responsibility, work, and sacrifice that goes along with running a well-functioning society.

I’ll be enjoying my life without the crushing weight of a woman and her problems and wastefulness tying me down.

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  • I’m noticing that where ever Angloskanks flock to, they price out the locals. I fear that the Angloskank lifestyle will eventually infest other countries, but I’m not sure how every local can afford a US$500,000 mortgage on a house when their wages are usually US$300-500 a month for middle upper class wages.

    When you mix those Chinese money launderers in Toronto paying over C$300,000 OVER ASKING for a 60-year old cottage sized house in the suburbs of Toronto (which I was told that the more you go north of the downtown core, it’s supposed to be “suburbia”, but these foreign laundered money from overseas, especially from China and Saudi Arabia are causing the “suburbia” to become a jungle of 50 to 70 floor condos, and the small neighboring cities like Thornhill, Vaughan and Markham are becoming large cities that you can’t tell the difference between Toronto and Vaughan.


    • The only desirable neigbor’hoods’ in Toronto are The Beaches and Forest Hill. I lived in both and both are now way, way overpriced. Ten years ago my brothers house was worth 1 million now it’s worth 6.
      You are correct when you say ‘laundered’ money investors. That is exactly what it is. Many of those immigrants are nothing but criminals in the true sense of the word. Of course, they fit right in with the landed gentry, lawyers, politicians and bankers of Toronto, or North York as in north of New York and of the House of York which is ruled by Windsor and the Crown Corporation of London, also known as lower Canada and originally the lower class owned the whole city. They were mostly peasant, criminal and laborer immigrants when the country was incorporated.
      They deserve it and they can have it.
      You don’t want to date girls from Toronto. That would be like dating whores, I mean girls, from New York or L.A.


      • I’ve even heard from Toronto men that even whores from LA and NYC deserve more respect that the Angloskank in Toronto Canada.
        Dimitri the Lover lives in the Beaches, and he says that’s it’s infested with Antifa fags and 60-year-old suburban-type feminazis.

        My question to these Canadian feminais is that if they’re “pro-police”, as in supporting a poliuce state to monitor everyone under surveillance for “the greater good to prevent criminality”,
        then why do these Canadian feminazis turn a blind eye on Chinese money launderers in Toronto, and even defend them by calling anyone who criticizes the immigration policy, even if it’s from a Black woman, as “racist”?

        Why criminalize catcalling and encourage police resources to persecute random men, when foreign investors from China and Saudi Arabia are coming to Canada with proceeds of crime to hide it under real estate in Toronto?

        I’ve heard that in Los Angeles, these Chinese “investors” were overpricing areas near Compton and Anaheim, California, that the local Black & Hispanic communities formed an alliance to destroy property and vehicles in an act of defiance in a hypocritical society (ie- police in America seize pocket change from an American if he is arbitrarily stopped because of Asset Forfeiture Laws, but these Chinese and Saudis can bring their terr0rist proceeds into America, more easier in Canada, and these same police and feminazis will accuse anyone for pointing that out as “racist”).


      • I don’t know words derogatory enough to describe the women, of all ages, in Toronto. That the words would not be fit to print is sure.
        There will be worse riots in Toronto than any seen in any city in the world once the buffers protecting Canadian social services are removed.
        Canada is THE Welfare State model used in Sweden and many, many other countries around the world including Australia, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.
        When the social service money stops the real Hunger Games begin. It will be the rich who are hunted.
        As Mouse said in The Matrix; it’s a trap, get out, get out now.


      • I wholeheartedly agree with your reply. Maybe that’s why the Lesbo Ontario government is “suggesting” Basic Income security for Toronto. Rents in Toronto have skyrocketed because of this wave of cash from questionable sources.
        Fortunately, these money laundering Chinese and Saudis who “drive to impress” these Angloskanks at clubs will be the first to feel what it’s like to have their BMWs, Maseratis and Ferraris stoned at a Stoplight and pulled out of their vehicles to be robbed or brutally attacked by a mob of angry, dispossessed welfare recipients.

        It’s funny that local men bear the brunt of overpolicing in Ontario, but these foreign money launderers from China get off scot free with assault and using illegal firearms in clubs. It could be that they have well paid lawyers, but in any case, local men get shafted in any case.

        One man from Toronto posted on Instagram the type of vehicles at his university’s parking lot on campus. It was sheer 2015-2018 model Ferraris, a few Lambos and the rest were mainly 2010s vehicles. It is no wonder that while Toronto females on campus encourage security to arrest men for “feelings” “he made me feel uncomfortable”, they appear to ENCOURAGE, PROTECT, FACILITATE AND NURTURE foreign criminals to launder their proceeds at the expense of locals and hardworking immigrants to Canada.


      • All Canadian ‘Cities’ have descended lower than American or European, which is way worse than 3rd world, we just don’t see the reality yet.
        The underclass, I can’t really call them the lower class, will rebel and riot.
        Even in Ottawa, the Capital, where I live! Less than a mile from my house there were 4 murders in 2 days settling Somalian immigrant ‘debts’ if you know what I mean. Those were not the only murders in that time frame in the city.
        There are approximately 600,000 (that’s thousands) of Ontario residents receiving OW or ODSP income literally living on the edge of starvation. Probably more than half must beg or steal to make up their food budget as their government ‘assistance’, like you said, barely pays the ridiculously over-inflated rent.
        The Church soup kitchens and food banks are a joke that isn’t funny. The suicide rate for this subgroup of our populace is the highest in the world after the Inuit. Yes, higher than those Polynesian teenagers. I should mention that the Quebec subgroup of that type is in the same suicide boat. Let us no forget our Franco bro’s and sis’s.
        Of course they hang their own. The entire City of Ottawa is run by Feminazi Francophone’s and their Cuck’s. That’s ok, though, because there are still a few real women who want a man and there are less and less men every day.
        The Great White North, huh, eh, what’d ya say?
        We are going to send the bill for damages to the Queen and the Pope since they take it personally.


      • Feminist finance minister of Canada Bill Morneau caused a huge backlash in small town Ontario when he held Trump style speeches to accuse hardworking Old stock rural Canadians as being criminals who engage in criminal tax evasion and money laundering.
        Then Bill Morneau was revealed to have undeclared his million dollar villa in Southern France, and that his company Morneau Sheppel was in the business of assisting billion dollar corporations to evade Canadian tax laws and tax treaties.
        Then that moron doubled down on his shit (just like a feminist) when he proposed that minimum wage employees pay tax on lunch discounts offered by their employer.
        You can see the hypocrisy in Canada, though in the USA, if such shit happened to Blue Collar America, you’d hear “bang, bang, bang” on the streets which would make the riots in Baltimore look like a microscopic dust in the wind of the ocean seas.
        Now if Trump can stand to his word, and prevent money launderers from China and Saudi Arabia from funnelling their ill-gotten gains and terr0rist proceeds into the USA, that would be something great; other than “banning” innocent arrivals because they are of a certain nationality because of a generalized approach…It’s ironic that Angloskank governments don’t complain when foreign criminals bring their ill gotten gains to their countries.

        I’ve heard rumors that certain masterminds of terr0rist organizations like I$IS own entire floors of condos in downtown Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Canada seems like the only few places where ghetto areas are extremely close to upscale parts of the city.
        Men need to wake up and find a way to live out of that dump. No one deserves to become a victim of organized crime for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
        I’ve heard that apartments at Jane & Finch are filled with thuggery, and that residential houses of privileged Angloskank feminazis are directly BEHIND or on the same street where murders take place.
        It’s like Canucks can’t see inequality and feminist hypocrisy right in front of their eyes.
        In other words, your average Red Pill man in Toronto has to fear police harassing him over feminist complaints while also fearing some violent confrontation or stray bullet from gangsta thuggery that the police will take no interest in if he is injured or dies.
        Man, I don’t know what to say about Canada, but it’s a very weird place.


      • Jane and Finch earns its rep daily but no less than Oakwood and Vaughan or Bloor West of Spadina or the Danforth east of Coxwell. They all border high dollar real estate and its all skanks and thugs just across the street.
        People are not products of their environment so much as they go to inhabit the environment where they are comfortable. The cities are full of people who gave up their rural lives and liberty for a promise of something.
        Once established in the city they go outside their hood to do business too you know.
        Anybody in Toronto with money is subject to a home invasion anywhere they may live. Yes, even in Forest Hill. These are not reported for obvious reasons. The stories are shared amongst neighbors though, and many are arming themselves and getting ready. They don’t intend to give up their Beemer lifestyle without a fight.
        I know, from experience.
        Even in Ottawa, where Rockcliffe Park is home to Prime Ministers and Governor Generals the criminals, no not the politicians, care not who lives where they are shopping for stuff.
        The multi-hundred million dollar US Embassy backs on the highest crime area of the city; Byward Market. By day it is eat in or take out for gourmands, gourmets and gustatory diplomats while also serving those with a taste for whores and drugs. At night, you don’t go out without a crew.
        Rideau Street, once the highest fashion center of the Capital of the Country, has become the street hangout of choice with endless crime and misery.
        I worked there 8 years till the City destroyed the street in favor of an indoor mall owned by one corporation milking the country.
        Ahhh! Capitalism, you gotta love it. It builds palaces and turns them into slums.
        Slavery, with death bondage (a mortgage and credit cards) instead of chains.
        Absolutely fucking brilliant!
        But, payback is always a bitch.
        This time no one gets out alive unless they get out ahead of the game.


  • I chuckle, I laugh and sometimes I choke on what is written by men of the Manosphere.
    I would not miss a post even for a date with a doll; meaning a 10 SMV.

    When I was 14 I left my parents home and hitchhiked 2 thousand miles to the east coast of Canada. I don’t remember how many girls took me home. There was a bunch.
    When I returned my parents were glad to see me.
    That was the same year I had a machine gun pointed in my face by a soldier on Parliament Hill. It was locked down under Martial Law but I was there to protest the Vietnam War and it all seemed appropriate at the time. 12 years later I was arrested at the end of a shotgun 3 blocks from the Hill while protesting the death of free enterprise under corporate and government conspiracy.
    There is something about threat to life that makes you better appreciate what is left of it, always.
    When I was 16; I left the home of my parents and hitchhiked 3 thousand miles to the west end of Canada. I don’t remember how many girls took me home but there were a whole bunch.
    Sometimes you just have to step out. Sometimes you just have to speak what’s on your mind. Oftentimes you will just find that the universe hands you the keys to the kingdom. Take them.
    Every day there is synchronicity and serendipity in YOUR life. Do you see it? Do you work with it? Do you learn to pursue it?
    Now I am 61. I still like to talk the talk and walk the walk but, I assure you, I don’t need a woman in my house to be a man. In fact, to be a real man, I must NOT have a woman in my house. She needs to have her own house and she needs to support it and live on what she earns. I will help her with advice, or physical things that are difficult or impossible for her, but that’s it. If she comes to my house she eats and drinks my food and wine. If I go to her house I bring the food and wine. Why? That way I get to eat and drink what I want. If she wants different she can buy it.
    The only thing a woman can do that I cannot is have a baby.
    I’m so glad I’m a man and they know it.
    You should be glad you are too!


  • The picture looks like the Andes in Patagonia? Or is that North America somewhere?


  • Somewhat off topic, but in a way right on target. I have been feeling very good lately, both mentally and physically, and had a revelation as to why the other night and another two days later.

    Believe it or not, the #MeToo witch hunt has set me totally free. To digress for a moment, last summer I was female guilt tripped into doing a minor chore for two women I didn’t know. I remember standing on my deck trying to decide how to respond to the request. I wanted badly to say “no” but decided it was social suicide to refuse (not that I gave a shit about what the hen party would think but I didn’t want them to sic their cucked husbands and boyfriends on me). I got ready to refuse by saying that if something went wrong or got broken they would hold me responsible, but that reasoning wouldn’t cut it with the cuck community. I did the chore and have felt bad about my spinelessness ever since.

    But now, thanks to #MeToo, I have the perfect excuse that neither the femherd nor their cucks can argue with. The next time such a situation arises (and I’m sure it will) I will confidently refuse. If pressed for a reason, I will say; “If something goes wrong I don’t want to be responsible and I’m not going to expose myself to #MeToo, Sorry, but cant do it.'” Such a response will disarm the true enemy of men, namely the savage army of blue pilled cucks.

    The second revelation concerns female approval/validation and relates to the above story. The main reason I did the minor chore for the eternally ungrateful was not for their approval/validation, but rather to avoid the social consequences of the cuck herd for refusing a female. The more I thought about it, the clearer it became.

    To digress yet again, in 2011/2012 I was force fed through the legal sausage grinder by my then lying, adulterous, money laundering soon to be ex-wife, a bevy of females with badges and law degrees, and a more than willing traitorous legion of cucked and/or greedy beyond comprehension males. I avoided prison by a hair’s breadth and came out the other end a broken and destroyed man, just as the system intended. But my trust/need for female approval/validation survived the crucifixion, just as my DNA intended. I avoided females as much as possible, but still couldn’t muster the spine to tell them or their social system “no”.

    In 2014 my sister passed. Last December, my mother passed. The last females I shared a family connection (estranged female cousins don’t count). I nursed my sister through her pancreatic cancer, she died in her own bed. I spend the last three years of my mother’s life fighting like hell with the incompetence of the medical industry to keep her alive. Then she fell, broke a hip, and was dead a week later. She also died in her own bed.

    So, why did I do all this? The best answer I can come up with is that the Godfather was right; the only thing that matters is family. But, how have I lived since the last of the females exited my life? The most telling thing is that I haven’t had a haircut since my mother passed and also sport a gray beard. I originally did this to broadcast a ZFG attitude and to drive my SMV to a minimum. But, ironically, it has had the opposite affect. I now get more female attention (looks and eye contact) in public than when I was a clean cut, clean shaven, nicely dressed businessman. Yet again, I digress.

    So, following the crucifixion and prior to the death of my mother, why did I continue to shave and get haircuts even though I was already ZFG? I could easily have taken care of her and my sister by doing neither. So, why? The only answer is the female approval/validation of my mother that I sought.

    Yes, my revelations and #MeToo have finally set me free. And that is why I feel so good mentally and physically. In less than a month I will be 63 years old. For you younger men reading this, do not wait so long to embrace the freedom locked away by your DNA need for socially demanded female approval/validation. I stand guilty of the crime of Papillion – a wasted life. Do not make such a mistake. Eat the pain and hurt, do the hard work, for sweet freedom will be your reward. Thanks for listening. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I too look back in regret for every time i should have just said NO. I fully regret the times i tolerated peoples bs and just got plain used. Left with less off than before. Im now trying to build up self esteem to be in charge of my life and not let others control me, the more i do the more i realize society is one constant system of control. It is hard to have a rebel attitude if we somewhat do depend on others for the quintessential tenants to survive. Tell your employer no, get replaced, go hungry. Or maybe im just not a suave player of the game. It is all a game. If we exude a my way or the highway persona, people will go elsewhere and we get delegated to the fringe. Like the feature photo of that guy walking out into the wilderness, lets be real; his chances of survival are slim. Hes being his own boss but food is limited, comfort levels plummet, small injuries can be deadly, social isolation is mentally damaging etc. Guess its inexcapable to a certain degree. But tactics learned here & elsewhere greatly will improve ones possibilities of shackle-less freedom. Ive read books claiming the world operates like a big interconnected web and we effect and are effected by remote actions. Even when we die we could just come right back to the system & repeat it all over again


      • Danyo- The fight is not with society, for a man is doomed to fail in such an endeavor. You are right. Heresy will not be tolerated and those that display it publically will be crucified, all in the name of the “good of the herd”. The arena for the fight is between your own ears and your true enemy is your own DNA.

        I will assume you are a young man, for only a young man would fret about “social isolation”. Learn this, and learn it well. The ultimate fate of all males of all herd/social species is solitude, if they live long enough. Look no farther than animals in nature for the evidence. Also, go into any old folks home and you will see a plethora of females and a handful of miserable old men who have been warehoused by their still living wife and/or their children. They are the forgotten, just as nature intended. Accept this as your fate and don’t waste the good years of your life falsely believing otherwise.

        You also mention “chances of survival”. Let me ask a question. Do you merely just want to survive or do you want to live? Mere survival for the sake of survival is its own prison with a life sentence. As a young man I have been cold, tired, and hungry all at the same time. I have seen others in worse circumstances. Yet, we all survived. But, did we live? No.

        Our host here, TNMM, has given you the tools to live. Your graying elders (me) have told you in no uncertain terms to heed the advice of our host. Our life experience tells you that he is right. Remember this, my friend. Tomorrow is a fleeting chimera of often misplaced hope. There is only today – the here and now. Cheers.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “I’m having trouble hearing you over the sound of my own fucking awesomeness to listen to whatever it is you want out of me! You’re going to have to speak louder! LOUDER! LOUDER THAN THAT!”

      Then just keep doing that until they get their husbands to do it, that’s apparently what they agreed to, amirite? 🙂


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