Living on the Edge

I have taken a lot of chances the past couple of years. But it has been so worth it. These are scenes from this weekend’s tour on a 4×4 dune buggy on the serene Samaná Peninsula. The alternative would be staying in an office looking at gray walls and cubicles all day long, listening to gossipy coworkers, and of course, hearing them talk about the latest sexual gratification they experienced with food.

I’ve truly reached the point of no return. I could never go back to that lifestyle again. Meantime, won’t you buy one of my eBooks to help me continue trailblazing a path off the corporate plantation?

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  • Beautiful pictures. Makes a man realize there are a lot of options out there, aside from the quiet desperation experienced by so many.


  • You know, one strange experience I had was watching that late 90s DiCaprio movie The Beach. Remember that one? Where the dude goes to friggin’ Thailand and instead of fucking the shit out of all the Thai girls choses to run off to some “Lord of the Flies” type primitive Island where all these young guys are taking orders from some Anglobitch? I found that completely preposterous that in such a situation a woman would arise to the top of the hierarchy. I also can’t imagine why any virile dude finding himself alone in Thailand would ignore all the Thai chicks and waste his time with Anglobitches? Only in the movies.


    • Heh. Exactly. The few Anglobitches I run across on the island are like N-N magnets. They repel me the same way magnets with the same poles repel each other.


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