Puritan Prudishness + Police State = Hate Crime for Whistling at a Woman


Once a staple of Tex Avery cartoons, wolf whistling could become a hate crime

Would the Brits have been better off if they had just surrendered in World War II? One wonders if the totalitarian state back then could have kept pace with the totalitarian state emerging today. England and America – the two main sides of the Puritan cultural coin – are now repressing sex in ways tinpot dictators dare not dream of.

Here comes the next assault on heterosexuality and masculinity in support of the Androgyny Agenda and the Goddess Cult. From the Evening Standard:

Wolf whistling or making sexist remarks on London’s streets could become a hate crime. The Metropolitan Police revealed it is speaking with other UK forces to assess whether it is worth cracking down on gender-based hate crimes after a pilot scheme was launched in the East Midlands last year.

It seems Merry Old England is constructing a police state to rival the emerging regime in America. Insert some Hegelian Dialectic:

Dozens of women reported misogynistic crimes to Nottingham Police in the first few months of the pilot scheme, the force said. Sexist offences were reported at a similar rate to other hate crimes.

Voila! “The police have to do something.” Like stripping away yet more personal liberty and pedestalizing women to the point of insanity. Anglo women are truly becoming radioactive to deal with, and worse, are doing so of their own volition.

One can envision a world in the not so distant future in which men have to look away or look down like little bitches when women are around in order to not risk being burned at the stake for a “hate crime” (just as major media figures are now having their careers ruined for sexual assault charges that are decades old, baseless, and in Danny Masterson’s case – dismissed by police) for ogling breasts or behinds that women often audaciously display in an attempt to garner male attention.

Links in the chain of totalitarianism are being forged one by one by the Anglo American power structure. The analogy of a frog in a pot of boiling water certainly comes to mind. A wise man might flee now or soon while the getting is good. Things look to be only getting worse from here.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “In other news, Elmer Fudd has been arrested and charged with unlawful sexual manoeuvres under Section 69 *ahem* of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 as well as attempted murder concerning several incidents that involve Bugs Bunny on a Lancaster bomber …”

    “A Lancashire judge has just sentenced Porky Pig to five years of prison for violations of Section 4A of the Public Order Act 1986 that occurred when he walked into a mosque as himself.”

    “According to French sources, Pepe le Pew is now under remand in France as the result of multiple substantiated sexual harassment allegations. We’ll provide more details as his accusers come forth to kiss and tell.”

    “And in America, the California Highway Patrol has just released a ‘Be On The Lookout’ poster for The Road Runner regarding various excessive speed violations recorded on CCTV. CHP spokesperson Buford T. Coyote had this to say to our news reporters: ‘We’ve been in high speed pursuit of The Road Runner now for over seven hundred miles! We’re gonna catch that scum bum!'”

    “And that-that-that’s all folks!” *prison door slams on Porky Pig* 🙂


  • I wouldn’t quite use the frog in the pot analogy because it’s not the same frog in the pot, they are letting the old generation die off and gradually brainwashing each younger generation into a more extreme philosophy. One thing that goes to show you just how far things have come is back in about ’95 at the University of Illinois I saw a pickup truck full of University Maintenance Staff, some middle aged dudes, one had that “Custer” type mullet and mustache. The campus was full of hot coeds like that scene in Breaking Away and one with a backpack and shorts was walking along and I heard the redneck dudes in the truck say “hey, look at that…” (whistle whistle whistle.) Today with the Anglobitch out of control the guys would probably get called in and fired for that. The dudes are probably in their 60s and 70s by now and ready to pass on and let a younger generation in total Anglobitch control step in and accept their servitude.


  • You’ll have a great life if you follow but one simple rule: Never give a woman legal, financial, emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual power over your life. 95% of men are divorced by year 10 and the vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++) flows from men to women. All social laws and policies force wealth and power from men to women and her state husband. Title IX, Affirmative Action, Affirmative Consent, VAWA, No Fault Divorce, Alimony, Asset Division, Child Support (Alimony++), Speech Codes, SNAP, WIC, Female Only Scholarships, Women Never Lie…Toxic Masculinity…the list of programs for women’s advancement at men’s expense are endless. It’s all about shifting men’s earned wealth and power to women and the state. The problem isn’t toxic masculinity. The problem is the blood sucking, vampire like matriarchy.

    You do not ‘need’ a woman to be happy. You are however socially conditioned and brainwashed into believing so. Why, you just need to ‘man up’, don’t you? For whose benefit? For women’s & her state husband’s benefit, of course. It’s all about male sacrifice at the alter of the poody. That’s how we got the male-only draft and men last in the life boats. That’s why women get far lighter sentences for equal crimes and why governments have programs to keep women out of jail. That’s why even though men built and maintained all on earth, women’s socialist state husband is shifting the fruits of men’s stunning achievements to women and the socialist state. That’s why men were trafficked, exploited, socially conditioned, brainwashed and disposed of in war to keep women and her socialist state husband satiated. That’s why feminists demanded ‘special courts’ with ‘specially trained arbiters and judges’ for cases involving the wrath of a woman scorned upon being dumped. That’s why our socialist re-education camps (universities) now have feminist controlled star chambers in which feminists remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. It’s all male human sacrifice for the advancement of misandric women and her Stalinist state husband. It’s all male human sacrifice for the advancement of the evil matriarchy and an ode to socialism in panties. That’s the ‘Empathy & Compassion Gap’ you’ll never hear discussed in the mainstream – because the mainstream are double standard lovin hypocrites. Men are the disposables, not the deplorables.

    Hitler: “The future is white!”
    Hillary: “The future is female!”

    It really doesn’t get any clearer than that. Really. A woman will not complete you. A woman will not make you happy; just the opposite. Women serve only their socialist state husband. Stay sovereign. Wear your toxic masculinity like a badge of honor! Flip the bird to feminism! Poke feminists in their mind’s eye at every opportunity! Do not let them take YOUR FREEDOM!!!


  • I wouldn’t call it a hate crime. I’ve dealt with this kind of thing myself a lot. Sometimes it’s fun to turn around and embarrass the daylights out of them, and they knock it off real quick.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Well, only in the English speaking countries would a woman embarrass a man. Others would consider it a compliment. Thanks for illustrating why I avoid white chicks like the plague, though.


    • Try that in PR .. I dare you.

      The COPS have a special siren / horn that plays a cat call .. and they use it a lot.

      Ahhhh the Care’uh’be’un .. what a wonderful place.


      • It was .. if you think the wimminz didn’t like / love it then you are very bright.

        Why do women wear make-up? Why do they dress so sexually pro’vok’uh’tive’lee?

        lol .. you just don’t like ALL men looking & cat calling(offering attention) .. just the ones you approve of .. there’s a word for that .. but all I can say is .. bless your little heart.


      • NOT very bright .. i really need an edit button .. lol


      • Honeycomb, personally don’t mind if men look, or even if they give a sincere compliment like “You’re beautiful.”
        It all depends on approach and delivery.

        And yeah, some women might only be offended if it’s from a guy they don’t find attractive and men do the same if a fat chick or another man hits on them. So what.


      • And yeah, some women might only be offended if it’s from a guy they don’t find attractive and men do the same if a fat chick or another man hits on them. So what.

        1st .. some wimmimz (sic) .. lol .. okay .. sure thing.

        2nd .. Men politely tell women no .. they don’t skewer them .. *prove me wrong .. actual evidence or reference’s from actual sources .. thanks a bunch honey.

        *Your rebuttal is moot due to ..
        Men do it too ain’t nothing new outta the mouth of no nothings.


      • Again, so what?

        Listen up sugar tits .. you made the statement *men do it too* and when you got asked to prove it .. you couldn’t .. and pulled your pussy pass.

        So .. are you asking me the above question because it doesn’t matter you are lying? Or that it doesn’t matter you always have the pussy pass and we men should just accept you are a child and argue / debate like one?

        Regardless .. you bring nothing to the table .. so what (sic) .. is new? Re’tore’ick’ul .. I know the answer.


    • @ Ash the feminazi,
      Cool story bro. I doubt any sane man will catcall you. You’re making up stories like how white women make up bogus stories of rape in the Anglosphere. I will stick to my foreign women, and there’s nothing that you, or any Angloskank can do about that, even with your armed militant police state and Outreach programs that corrupt foreign societies. I am way smarter than Cuba Dave, and snot an Angloskank can stop me from dating foreign women.


  • Only in the United States and the Westernized world where many irrational or idiotic things occur.

    So, it is not okay for a man to whistle or give an attractive woman attention.

    But, what if an ugly or psychotic woman flirts or gives a man (who is not interested in her) unwanted attention?

    What if she sexually harasses him or worse?

    That is why he should consider going overseas where he can find plenty of foreign women who are attractive and normal and do not mind if he stares, whistles, flirts, asks them out on a date, or even wants to have sex.

    A man can truly be himself around foreign women…American or Western women, he may lose his mind, freedom, and even life.


    • fully video ..

      (yes that’s her in the 1st snow video .. those are snow plow markers she’s upset about .. lol .. Patriot’archy)


  • I think the original law in the UK is un-eye-sexual .. so have the police called out for provocatively dressed wimminz. Or for masandry.

    At least start fighting back at home.

    If you choose not to (i.e. fight-back) then do what all the other men are doing .. abandon them ..

    Just don’t expect that to be allowed either .. someone has to pay for her bad choices before .. during .. and 30 plus (years) after you (are forced to) man-up(tm) a pro’stew’toot .. sounds yummy .. but it ain’t!


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