Eye Candy of the Week | December 10, 2017



Ah, sexy dark-skinned Latinas abound in my present location – the Caribbean. America and its tatted-up, fat, bossy women (as well as fake news and constant social engineering) now seem like they’re in an alternate universe. My mind has already had time to heal itself. I’m surrounded by friendly, and very seductive women like this. How sweet it is. I appreciate every minute of it.

Scientists say a man has to experience pain to fully appreciate pleasure. That pain magnifies the intensity of pleasure once a man realizes success. That’s the only way I can explain being overcome with waves of emotion when I’m here. How sweet it is. Escaping the land of hateful, feminist women for chicas with Old World class, charm, and magnificent bodies.

Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for December 10, 2017 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.

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  • An Angloskank from USA, Canada & UK is cringing in defeat every time they see this photo!
    On a serious note, you should at least blurred out her eyes or make her identity concealed.

    I’ve seen in another YouTube video where the Legal team of the City of Toronto, including lawyers who work for Toronto pigs in Canada were actively monitoring YouTube channels which criticize their women, while at the same time those YT channels were showcasing the visual and moral appeal of foreign women.

    One of those YT channels was even submitted as evidence in a court in Toronto.

    These Angloskanks are afraid of when men suggest that foreign women are better. That’s why they are trying so hard to censor and book 1st class flights to other countries to spread fake rape accusations to promote Angloskank feministic police state.


    • I know it’s dated info .. but even the American chicks (yes .. yes all foreigner chicks too .. aka euro trash) behaved like a different cre’cher in the DR when I would visit (circ 1998).

      I banged more DR girls .. sure .. but the Anglo wimminz behaved different on holiday in the DR .. I banged them too.

      Hell I couldn’t speak German or other Euro languages .. but for those trips we both spoke the language of .. bang.

      I have to admit I speak El’Es’Span’yolo (heh).


  • Every time I look at a foreign woman, I feel good inside my body.

    Her good looks and traits can draw any man to her.


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