Feminist Logic on Display


Hmm. Could this be why women can’t be Strong and Independent™ without Big Daddy Government robbing Beta male tax money and giving it to them in myriad handouts?

This juxtaposition works on so many levels. It illustrates hamster logic so well. Inside the female mind, where causality is reversed, this feminist with a buzzcut can’t afford a 20¢ pack of noodles, but she can spend over $100 on some ugly ass boots. (That works out to over 500 packs of noodles she gave up for the ugly ass boots).

It’s like when women say they Don’t Need a Man™ but they do need Beta male tax money forcibly redistributed to them from the men they snub by an increasingly totalitarian government, or they’ll go broke. One study posted the lifetime deficit the average Anglo woman runs up over the course of her life to ring up to the tune of $100,000 to $250,000. Women, on average, spend over 90% more than they earn over the course of their lives.

In fact, women are so bad with money in many cities in America a man only need log on to dating apps to find Empowered™ women now offering sexual favors for cash. This, despite the fact 70% of all government revenue is extracted from men – and the vast majority of it is spent on women and their reckless lives.

Stop the government from robbing men to pay women and watch in awe as wannabe, sexually ambiguous feminazi bullies transform into kind and cuddly ladies within a generation’s time. If you want to know why relations between the sexes are so screwed in Anglo America and other nations which have instituted soft Socialism, it’s because forced wealth transfers have negated Briffault’s Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Without Big Daddy Government paying for their temper tantrum-laced insanity, women will have to return to deriving benefit from the male rather than the state.

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  • @ Fuzzie Bear:
    Stdio Brule’s website is even appeared to have been ghost for a while…I’ll re-check just in case.


  • It appears very obvious that Canadian universities like University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, University of Winnipeg, University of Ottawa, McGill University along others too numerous to mention are fronts for a weird form of Masonic conspiracy.
    I actually visited a few Canadian universities on my trip to Canada last year, and I felt a very unwelcome omen at Toronto University and McGill University in Montreal.
    Negative energy produces psychotic individuals like these militant feminazis.
    I also read somewhere how the history of the founder of Ryerson University was a mass murderer who was responsible for the deaths of at least 500,000 Native Canadians.Conspiracy theorists like Dr. Henry Makow allege that nearly all universities in Canada have some sort of Satanic membership and active recruitment for Masonic conspiracy.


    • There are a few women, warrior women, secret women, worthy women…

      If Canadians only knew how many Native Canadians, and Americans, First Nations men, women and child, were killed by the Long Robes they would puke up their lunch and never go near a church again.
      When the the indigent history was wiped clean and the records of the resident population erased,
      Vancouver Island alone lost 98% between 1770 and 1820. The balance of survivors were turned into Church and Government slaves.
      There were 10’s of millions of Canadian natives killed through contrived warfare and disease introduced on purpose.
      In the USA it was 100’s of millions.
      Shame on London and shame on Rome.
      This is now known and recognized from the generational psyche, the Genetics and DNA, revealing it in dreams to Natives and Metis alike for the last 40 yrs.
      Do not be mistaken. The living natives, most, will not seek revenge. They have had more blood spilled than they can stomach. For 4 generations and then 4 more.
      The blood of many generations, spilled by ungrateful immigrants, will be avenged by Anglo’s and Franco’s upon themselves through having destroyed the land which keeps them alive. Even now, the earth’s ability to sustain life is collapsing.
      Hispanics and Mexicans who follow the Spanish Church will die with the Anglos, as they are already, dying in the 10’s and 100’s of thousands in Mexico alone. South American will be cleansed too.
      As it is written; a limb for a limb and a life for a life, so it shall be required.
      The spilled blood of the white man, flooding the earth in the Northern Hemisphere, will fuel the soil with nitrogen and minerals for the microbes and worms to feed the plants. The Wild Rose, the White Rose, the Healing Rose, will refresh the entire earth and heal those who survive and thereby restore the tribes.
      For eons the natives throughout the world lived in peace, caring for the earth and its species, nurturing and sharing, creating nations of tribes and then confederations of nations. They will do so again and then go forth into the universe to do the same.
      If you are white, and proud of it, you need to get a tan.
      If you are black and want to be white, forget it man.
      If you are Aboriginal, please, hang in there, your time is almost here.

      There are a few women, warrior women, secret women, worthy women you do not yet know, who against all odds, have kept this knowledge for two centuries by passing it to their daughters and granddaughters and their great, great young ones too. They have been raped, tortured and murdered for doing so but did it none the less.
      It is almost time for the men to do the same.
      I have to wonder; are the men yet lame? Or will they pick up their game.
      I have never, ever, seen a man endure the pain…yet?


  • Looks like a lesbian. Some dude once called the Tom Leykis show and went on about his how hot he thought “Goth Chicks” were. Tom responded that they were very bad targets for his listening audience, that many, many are lesbians and also many have bizarre mental issues like cutting themselves and suicide attempts. Nasty fetish.

    I wonder if those creepy Transvestite Wachowski brothers insanity can be explained by having a sexual fetish for nasty dykes. Saw a few episodes of some horrendous drek they created for Netflix called “Sense8” in which a so called “transgendered lesbian” is a prominent character. Could well be this sicko is going way out of his way to transform himself into something he thinks will allow him to attract a dyke and live out his sick perversions. I’m not real familiar with their works other than that overhyped “Matrix” and some “Bound” but both contained “dykish” female leads which tends to support my hypothesis. Guys, don’t let little boys imprint on these dykish archetypes out there these days “kicking ass” in the movies and video games. Not only are they corrupting little girls by getting rid of Snow White for the Black Dyke, little boys are also being offered dykish female role models to sexually imprint upon.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “… that many [Goth chicks] are lesbians and also many have bizarre mental issues like cutting themselves and suicide attempts.”

      On the other hand, if you want a free knife collection that you can pawn for some extra cash, hooking up with a Goth chick for a little while so you can “help her with her recovery” … well, it’s not the most drama-free way to get some extra cash, but it’s highly amusing if not satisfying. 🙂

      Also, you didn’t mention that Goth chicks are “bisexual” for a convenient reason: the Goth chick wants a guy who can help with the ridiculous fantasy of having a half-dozen kids who will look after her and her lesbian lover in their old age.

      There are no would-be “alphas” in this situation who “win” by getting a pump-and-dump.





  • Anyone else look at the crowd of wimminz?

    Coffee cups .. designer items .. none long starved for food .. hmmmm

    Also .. check out poster girls left hand .. she’s holding an ASSA or Medeco Key .. top notche security locks. Those cost money .. I use both .. they are spensive.

    Lots of make-up .. bad hair-cuts & wasteful spending .. 5 to 6 fee’male’s .. must be a fem’uh’cunt ™ rally.


    • none LOOK starved .. (not long)


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      She’s probably a uni student who lives in a dorm where the campus facilities management people got tired of dealing with bullshit complaints about “guys picking the locks” and other ridiculous sexist confabulations …

      So they installed Medeco M3 locks on everything they could find within “certain buildings”.

      That even sounds like something some crazy women’s rights group would think up: giving money to universities for the sole purpose of making sure their pedestalised college tarts are even more secure within their dormitory fortresses.

      An added bonus for campus facilities management: that crazy chick can’t easily cut any spare keys for her “friends”, and so she has to give “consent” to let anyone else into the building.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Great observation at the end. I’ve always wondered why this rift exists between men and women in the west. It now makes perfect sense that it’s because of briffaults law contradicting the wealth transfers of government services, tax revenue, alimony, and social welfare programs. Essentially this renders men as useless to women but useful to the government which doles out the money to women. Thus women are not reliant on men and they despise men. Thanks for turning on that lightbulb in my brain.


  • It’s likely that “she” probably pays over $1,000 a month rent to live in a “trendy” urban neighborhood, or she lives with her upper class parents in a gated suburban community.
    Just another example of feminist hypocrisy.
    And the USA isn’t that bad when it comes to food insecurity. It’s actually the USA that is the breadbasket of the world these days.
    Even welfare recipients in the USA can afford 20c ramen, what crap is “she” talking about?


  • It’ll happen by default (heh).

    More men are opting out of high paying jobs that require a college degree(s).

    Even the trades have been having a hard time (heh) with men picking good paying jobs that require a trade & don’t (typically) compete with th wimminz ™.

    So .. I also noticed .. how lazy & looking for a free-ride th wimminz ™ have become (moreso lately than before it seems).

    For example the bitch above. She didn’t make that sign. She just showed up to virtue signal she works for the elite she proclaims to want to eat. She’s never been hungry here in the USSofA.

    And lastly th wimminz ™ I work with don’t actually work. We men carry the load (heh). Even when it is their work .. she expects (as well as the Sup’s) that someone will do it for her and that no-one will hold her accountable for taking credit for work she didn’t do .. Team-work and all . that damn Oz Principle is the devil when you add th wimminz to the equation.

    It reminds me of that whore that begged for an i-phone on-line & 10 men sent her one .. she sold’em all & probably bought some boots.

    For all you Simps that stop-bye to get up to speed on th wimminz ™ .. Stop Simpin for these bitches .. the decline will take care of the rest of’em.


    • This isn’t appearing to stop beta cucks and male feminists from signing up for million dollar mortgages in Toronto Canada.
      It now costs over C$650,000 TO PURCHASE a 1-bedroom condo 5 miles away from the downtown core.


      • Now how much is that a month? Including condo fees?
        I have a one bedroom in Ottawa, in the most crime free area, for $650.00 all in. That would be around $520.00 USD.
        You gotta love that minimalist lifestyle.
        Of course that does not compare to $75.00 a month in a small Texas city surrounded by 400 acres of park.
        Still, in this neigborhood there are at least 5,000 single women within a mile radius. Yeah, it is probably worth it. Thanks.
        Serendipity and synchronicity.


      • Jiminey!!! Get the heck out of there. It will do you no good to support a high cost of living with your presence. What you will find is lower costs elsewhere and wages not that much less, leaving you a larger margin.


  • R U Sure that’s a female?
    Could be a trans. Could be a dyke. Could be a cuck with a weird way of meeting girls.
    I just don’t know anymore what this world is coming to.


  • Great post but do you really think the Gov’t and women will ever change….


    • The government will hang, and the women will change, when there is blood in the street.
      I plan to be long gone then.


      • Trendies hate the poor in Ontario:

        Civil tensions will result!


      • I’ve asked someone on here before, but since you’re in Ottawa, can you keep me updated on what happened to Dr. Janice Fiamengo?
        She went ghost after that frivolous and calculated “lawsuit” from a feminist student at her university (University of Ottawa).
        I hope that she is still alive. She is a strong woman, and I can imagine that someone can be pushed into suicide from the feminist bullying in Canada.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t follow CBC or CTV and only hear what’s what on the street or the web. Have not been in Ottawa U for years though go through the campus often.
        I know who you are talking about and suspect she just got a grasp of how outside her league she was. I know lots of academic women, the Social Justice type, who get it partly but don’t understand how weak they really are when confronted with deadly force. A few have woken up and they just go quietly underground on their own. The others get smacked down one way or the other.
        I admire and respect smart, as in wise, women, but not loud ones. Loud ones get themselves in trouble and often their men too. I see it all the time.
        Ottawa is possibly the most morally bankrupt city in the world outside of the Vatican. St, Paul U here has the largest religious library outside of the Vatican. Probably the most pedos also. Ottawa U itself is directed by the Jesuits.
        The demoralization of Western civilization is directly the result of a several hundred year old policy directed by the Church which has nothing to do with the Bible except for what that book forbids.
        This is all going down fast.
        Find yourself a bitch, who will submit, and prepare to hunker down. If she knows how to keep her mouth shut, especially when told, she is worth a small fortune.


      • I miss her too. I looked at StudioBrule’s channel on YouTube. There have been no new videos in months. I think that he changed houses and needs a new studio.


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