Feminist CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment – Crickets from the Misandrist Media


A feminist CEO quietly settled serious sexual misconduct allegations, while the story went largely unnoticed by mainstream media

While the misandrist mainstream media have been foaming at the mouth as they conduct one sexual misconduct witch trial after another from behind their benches in plexiglass studios, they’ve remained oddly mute about a feminist CEO doing some very un-feminist things at her company. One has to do some sleuthing to even find this article on CNBC:

Miki Agrawal, the founder, former CEO and now “SHE-eo” of THINX who aimed to take on the feminine hygiene industry, finds herself awash in allegations that she touched employees inappropriately and created a hostile work environment.

Oh, but her crimes are well beyond inappropriate touching. The listing of the feminist CEO’s transgressions is quite extensive. Imagine the screaming, flopping on the floor, and foaming at the mouth talking heads would descend into if a man did these things.

  • Inappropriate touching – fondling breasts of female employees
  • Workplace nudity – employees would be treated to views of Agrawal in the buff at her office, or she would “pee” while conducting video teleconferences
  • Raises were rare and reserved for men – the only two staffers who got raises were male (well, we do earn raises rather than considering ourselves entitled to them)
  • Agrawal expressed sexual interest in employees – at one point telling a lesbian how “hot” she found her
  • The company used “culture queens” rather than human resources

Of course, according to the way the geniuses in the media treat men, we have to believe all these allegations without questioning the motives of the chicks making them, because why would a woman lie?

What does this luminary in the fashion industry manufacture?

THINX makes “period underwear” and is known for its cheeky New York City subway advertising campaigns.

How innovative! Finally, women don’t have to wear tampons or maxi pads anymore! Agrawal responded to the allegations with a predictable denial in New York Magazine:

We spoke on the phone about the sexual-harassment allegations, which she called “baseless” and with “absolutely no merit.” Agrawal said her legal team has contacted third-party employment counsel. She noted that she was speaking for herself, not the company, and recorded the call.

It seems the “pussy pass” worked again, as Agrawal was spared the “raked across the hot coals” treatment high-level men in the business and media world have suffered. The allegations were “quietly settled” meaning she bought her way out of the mess.

What are we knuckle-dragging men supposed to think of the whole ordeal? “Andrew” on the Meninist web site offered his shocked commentary on the story:

This has to be a joke! How can a woman be behind sexual misconduct? The media told me that only men are monsters. What’s the deal here?!

Heh. Andrew is a shitlord if there ever was one.

So, we are left with several recurring themes in this story. Feminists think they can pursue sex at work while men cannot. Women think they own sex, and have turned it into a commodity that they offer only to men they think they can exploit for resources or social status. Media misandry is at an all-time high. Puritan sexual mores have morphed into secular feminism. And, there’s hypocrisy all around.

Anglo culture has gone insane.

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  • “Workplace nudity – employees would be treated to views of Agrawal in the buff at her office, or she would “pee” while conducting video teleconferences”

    What was her response? “Don’t judge me on how I dress!” or “Are you persecuting me because I’m a…. feminist/LGBT teacher from Toronto”?
    Was it only a few weeks ago a male teacher from Canada complained that female teachers in the TDSB school board in Toronto literally get a nudity pass when they are naked inside the classroom of minor students, doing who knows what to students because no sane adult would show their nudity around a classroom of 5 year old students if they weren’t trying to groom those students for a sexual purpose?!


  • So, in corporate legal circles it’s fairly common to investigate a claim of sexual harassment against a male and find that the woman was actually just as involved (e.g. was cheated on her husband with a co-worker, had sex multiple times with different men in the janitorial closet, gave oral to several men in the department, etc.) before deciding to make a claim. Often the claim comes immediately after her job is changed or she is terminated for unrelated actions. I have been the attorney in charge of those investigations. But, (female staffed) HR departments usually just want to settle such claims quietly.

    Also extremely common for women who have made multiple claims against multiple companies to receive good job recommendations from those companies. Why??? Because the lawyers for those companies do not want to get embroiled in litigation about it; they just want her out of their hair.


  • Personally, I think the Anglosphere needs to chill the fuck out about sex even though it’s delicious to catch feminists up in their own silly games. It’s just fucking. How many of these self-righteous prudes that push these anti-sex narratives go home and download porn every day? Sure, men shouldn’t force themselves on women and vice versa. But making a pass doesn’t rise to the level of a crime.

    That said, Agrawal should receive the same admonishment that men do.


    • The anti-sex Angloskank agenda of Misandry is more than a fixation of persecuting hetero men, and masculine men who are homos.
      It’s a totalitarian agenda which will turn the entire Western world into a hypocritical police state.
      One where if a man criticizes a woman if she takes a dick from her 10 year old student, he is severely punished for thought crimes
      Where a man can be visited by “Men dressed in Black suits” at his door for posting “misogyny” online
      Where a man can be sent to prison for criticizing convicted Rapefugees, thugs and white collar criminals because it offends feminists and their Alpha Fux.
      Where if a police officer, convicted rapefugee, thugger or mobster murders a man, no one cares, and the feminists will show sympathy for the criminals.
      Once feminists take away the guns of the working class American male, it’s over for us.

      Liked by 1 person

  • No comment on that one.

    However, I do remember last Christmas, a celebration I do not endorse, this woman I’ve known for decades grabs me in a big hug. A really ‘warm’ hug if you know what I mean.
    The message was obvious. Time for a little ‘Xmas’ Cheer?
    I pretended I was a limp, wait for it,…. rag.
    She was quite perturbed that I would decline her advance. I have seen her since then several times in social environments with each encounter colder on her part.
    Me? I am completely nonplussed.
    Who gives a fuck? Obviously not me to her.
    Other girls? I show them if I am interested and they MUST reciprocate in a reasonable manner or it is ‘NEXT’!!!
    They can all go ‘fuck, or dildo, themselves’ if they cannot approach the physical reality with a semblance of passion and equity.
    Like, do I have nothing else to do in life than wait on pussy? Or chase it?
    It is a dance or it is death.
    I choose to dance.


    • Red Pill Brotherhood

      Same thing over here. Women certainly use sex as a bargaining chip and if they think they’re going to leverage that over me, they can fuck off


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