Americans Can’t Vote Their Way to Greatness


Roy Moore goes down in defeat, as globalists win again

By now, you’ve heard that the reddest state in the nation has turned blue, as Democrat Doug Jones defeated MAGA Republican Roy Moore in this year’s special senate election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat. While this author loathes Republicrats almost as much as liberals, this loss is a yet another sign the corrupt American political Establishment is re-consolidating its power. Moore’s loss was a dissappointment.

Mooreover, the loss is damning for those who hope to vote their way to greatness rather than acknowledging the deep, festering cultural rot that has allowed America to decline to this point as the root cause of all the problems that lie before them. You can’t vote your way out of a culture. Liberals have been very methodical in reprogramming the mindset of Americans, taking the long approach rather than the short one. Hoping for a steady string of election miracles in the face of this goliath just won’t cut it when there are so many other forces pushing the nation leftward like a raging torrent.

Worse, expect the already vociferous pace of witch trials against heterosexual men to accelerate in the coming months, as this election illustrated Anglo America continues to display Puritan prudishness when it comes to sexuality. The sex allegations ultimately worked against Roy Moore.

The election marks a string of losses for strategist Steve Bannon, mounting losses that threaten to knock the Trump train off its rails. That is, if The Don isn’t a Trojan Horse/controlled opposition to begin with. Yours truly is very jaded when it comes to political machinations in über-corrupt American politics – lessons learned from over a decade inside the belly of the beast known as the MSM. You quickly learn the wisdom of FDR well in this world of smoke and mirrors: that nothing in politics – including the election of a supposed firebrand saviour of the American republic – happens by accident.

Make no mistake, this election was as much about defeating the entrenched GOP Uniparty Establishment (The Gobbler, Mitch McConnell, et. al.) as much as it was about beating an abortion-supporting, California-style liberal in the bastion of conservatism. The election shouldn’t have even been close.

Those hoping for a last minute, Hail Mary play to save Western Civilization over the course of 4 to 8 years apparently had no idea what they were up against. What we have, effectively, and assuming Trump really is the good guy, is one billionaire against a league of billionaires, who buy and sell the American political establishment like the cheap legislative sluts in business suits most of them are.

Here are additional factors that signal stormy skies ahead for those not interested in the grim specter of totalitarian globalism:

  • Demographics are changing: more white people are dying than are being born. This means states are going to trend bluer and bluer with each election. When Texas flips to blue, and it will as Anglos now comprise only 25% or so of the population being born in Texan maternity wards…it’s over at the ballot box as TNMM has reported in the past.
  • Latinos are demographically conquering the nation, including the state of Alabama. (Personally, I say God bless them, as Anglos have been spiritually dead for quite some time. But, this group does vote for globalist candidates.)
  • Weak turnout among lazy, plump white people probably cost Moore the election. Black turnout was very high for this election. Like it or not, politics of racial division work. And Racial Bolshevism has made “whitey” (i.e. non self-loathing whites) the target. Moreover, if whites can’t even bother themselves to go vote, how are they supposed to stop the country from going totally Socialist?
  • The GOP is now declaring all out war on the MAGA movement, as they smell blood in the water because both Bannon and Trump have major egg on their faces, and a string of embarrassing losses of candidates they supported.
  • Sex scandals are still king in a prudish, extremely sexually repressed culture.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of the American republic, population replacement agenda, and the brainwashing of the populace with 50 years of Cultural Marxism are masters at what they do. This is the fundamental problem most Libertarians have: We assume government is ineffectual and isn’t doing what it’s designed to do. Oh, but it is doing exactly what those who want to bring The Great Experiment to a crashing halt want it to do.

This election loss is just another link in the chain towards the globalists’ successful conquest of America, Inc. and the world. I gave up on finding an electoral solution to what ails the nation a long time ago, once I realized what was destroying it was much more than the battle of red states and blue states. I have but one life to live, and I don’t want to waste it fighting a losing battle for a nation that excommunicated me and men like me a long time ago. As Aaron Clarey knows, it’s best at this point in time to Enjoy the Decline.

Meantime, I’ll expect the keyboard warriors to do what they do best, spit piss and vinegar in the virtual world, while in the real world they remain too fucking lazy to go to the ballot box to actually support the screeds they extol on digital screens. As a result of their laziness, incompetence, and complacency, the reddest state in the nation now has a blue senator going to join the other globalists on Capitol Hill.

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  • MGTOW to me is not giving my GOD given rights over to a man made government!
    The constitution is a ruse to trick people into giving their natural born rights over to a power hungry group of people thinking that if you vote for them that they’ll protect your rights…don’t be a fool!
    To even vote is to give power to these people and therefore let them take your rights because you participated!
    I’d rather die fighting for my GOD given rights than to trust some politician to do it for me!


  • I just glanced at your post on changing demographics (link at the end), and I think it’s a question of WHEN, not IF, the Democrats achieve a lock on the presidency. The reliably blue states of CA and NY have 55 and 29 electoral votes respectively. TX will flip in the near future, which spots another 38 to the Dems. Finally, another development that’s not been talked about is the influx of Puerto Ricans into FL due to the recent hurricanes; 300,00 have already come, with another 100,000 to 200,000 on the way. Assuming that just 60% of these new PR arrivals vote Democrat, that flips FL; that gives another 29 electoral votes to the Democrats. Total them all up, the Dems will soon have a 151 electoral vote lead right off the bat; these are votes that they can bank on! That leaves only 119 votes to the magic number of 270. When you throw in other smaller but reliable blue states like OR & NJ (7 & 14 electoral votes respectively, the margin is even less.

    I sure have to give it to the commies; they play the LONG game, and they play it well.


    • You should note the wild card.
      It’s the economy.
      The US debt is now crippling and must be liquidated. That means major cuts in social welfare, medicare, pensions, food stamps, corporate subsidies, etc., etc.
      Who will assuage the voters then?
      9mm, that’s who.


      • Especially with interest rates going up; that’ll only increase the burden, because interest payments will go up too.


    • Indeed, MarkyMark. Anglos can’t vote their way out of this. (See image I linked up.) Is soft and quiet genocide the ultimate aim of globalists? Makes a man wonder. That said, a lot of the problem of is a demographically suicidal, anti-life culture that obsesses over machines and gadgets rather than acknowledging and fostering its humanity. Whites brought most of this on themselves.


      • Thanks to the copious brainwashing whites have received 24/7/365 via school, TV, movies, and work, they feel guilt for past events-events that they had NOTHING to do with. Whites have bought in to the collective guilt trip The Man has laid on us.


  • Rel,

    The ironic thing is that the election didn’t even have to be HELD in the first place! Former Gov. Bentley left office due to corruption issues and was replaced by Kay Ivey. Gov. Ivey called the special election vs. appointing a replacement to serve the balance of Jeff Sessions’ term, which ends in 2020; then, the regular election will be held. She could have just appointed Jeff Sessions’ replacement vs. holding the special election. Why hold a special election when you don’t HAVE to? You have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

    That said, I think that Kay Ivey is probably GOPe, or Establishment GOP. The GOPe wanted exactly this outcome, because it gives them a razor thin majority in the Senate. That, in turn gives them an excuse to block Trump’s agenda, since you know McCain, Corker, et al will vote against Trump’s agenda. I think that the GOPe wanted EXACTLY this outcome; for many reasons, they wanted this outcome. Now, the Uniparty can get back to serving its globalist masters.

    I think your analysis is spot-on, and that we cannot vote ourselves out of the mess in which we find ourselves. It’s like trying to paint over rust; it doesn’t remove the underlying ROT. The fact that $100 MILLION was spent on a special election tells you everything you need to know. For this and other reasons, I’m making preparations to leave the USA.


  • Women are a fifth column always eager to side with the enemy. The Anglobitch flipped the election, quite simple. All these strange adulterations of our civilization followed female suffrage. The Chinese are wise not to have “Democracy” I have no doubt their women would eagerly vote in some whiteboy like Leonardo DiCaprio that makes their panties wet to be their leader same way the Anglobitch voted for the Kenyan. When civilization falls, I really hope to see Lord Humungous and his rape gang from The Road Warrior roving the ruins bringing Helter Skelter justice to the Anglobitch for her shallow destruction of Shakespeare’s Civilization.


    • Shakespeare was a Master Mason, like Trump, author of the English language and the American dream/nightmare which Trump is most likely to complete.
      The Pope’s negative comments about Donald were a ruse. The kingmaker has ‘blessed’ Donald’s reign and the agenda with it. Same goes for Duterte.
      Their is a purge underway, an inquisition, a redistribution of wealth and power amongst the players on a board which encompasses the earth.
      You don’t want to be on the street when a player is playing.
      As for Lord Humongous and his gang; they will be looking for every woman they can find to keep as a slave. The women will be looking for the man who will do so.
      Trump was elected by the women not by the men. The women swung the vote against Hillary.
      Women are unquestionably their own worst enemies and they really need men to sort them out.
      That is; with kindness, consideration and compassion as well as firmness and resolve.
      To do otherwise would make us wild predators and not men.


  • The first, and last, time I voted was for Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the sodomite, and his wife, the whore.
    We all know now how stupid I was.
    You can all be a little forgiving, but not too much, for Justine Trudeau with his having to grow up in that household. At least Justine was not sacrificed like his brother Michel.
    We have forsaken our creator to elect men, and women, to rule over us.
    We, our species, deserve what we get.


  • Meh. TNMM: You’re overselling the value and effect of this single election. It was a weird one-off election with a horribly flawed candidate, not representative of a trend, except the left-wingers spending a TON of money to swing an election. Wars are not won by single battles.


    • The left wingers and a vile corrupt media machine which has perfected the art of character assassination are the victors.
      Trump is their next target
      It’s started already with congressional “women” and their demand for hearings.


    • Shark,

      Maybe. But maybe not. Bannon and Trump lost in the reddest state in the country. They also lost in November on election day 2017 when the nation shifted further blue. And what was Moore’s flaw? That a bunch of Anglobitches made up baseless claims against him decades after the fact?


      • All of the laws in the Bible are there for a reason.
        If a woman was raped by a man and had not screamed and fought in self defense she was considered complicit and maybe even compliant.
        The punishment would vary depending on the investigation and trial outcome. Death by stoning was a possibility. If nothing else this did tend to keep some order in society.
        It is worth noting, also, that SATAN is female.
        Woman was made to test you just as Satan was made by Yahweh to test Yahweh himself.
        All is fair in love and war.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        Nah Rel, they didn’t lose it …

        Character assassination won it for the Democrats.


  • To be fair .. Moore was not Trump’s pick or favorite in the Repub Primary.

    He also never Campaigned for Moore in Alabama. The Repub’s chose to abandon him till the last hour as well.

    What this really is .. a good reason why you should not let th wimminz ™ vote.

    I voted from Houston County and we voted 61% Moore .. 37% Duffus and 1% write-in .. reported thusfar.

    Check th wimminz ™ county by county & then for the state .. (below)

    Also check the breakdown via education. We have a bunch of educated (not intelligent) virtue sig’naw’uhers .. and if you look at the age of those folks .. you get the safe-space cadets (aka Mu’lean’ee’alls .. or as I call them .. the selfee generation).

    Heavy turn-out via the blacks played a roll .. which is always the big swing vote in non-primary elections .. they are the other wild card .. MGM / BHM / HSV / MOB are really vote turners / wild-cards when they show up (in non-primary elections).

    I knew it would be close .. but in the end I’ll have to say ONLY MALE LAND-OWNERS should be allowed to vote. And, we should once again lose the ability to vote for Senator .. that shkuld go back to Gov a appointed position.


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