Meantime, in Latin America

While Anglo America focuses on trying to scare people away from having sex with constant scandals and witch trials, this Farruko joint is getting regular rotation down in the Caribbean. “She’s a devil…she turns into one in bed.” This sensual slow jam is about making love to a woman that knows what she’s doing in bed and enjoys sex as much as a man does. The video is complete with two lusty women – one light skinned, one dark skinned chick.

That’s the crucial cultural difference between the Americas – women are considered asexual “goddesses” in Anglo America while “dirty” men try to defile these perfect princesses with their sinful urges. In Latin America, women enjoy sensuality as much as men do.

Latin America is the future as far as this author is concerned. Anglo America is dying of its own arrogance, prudishness, and apprehensive approach to living life: sleep-work-spend consumerism, extreme sexual repression and the “pickle yourself” or “wait until retirement to live a little” plan. As if the totality of human existence can be condensed down to a consumer purchase of some cheap, Made In China crap. Culturally, Anglo America really believes that shit.

Who wants to live like that? I don’t when there are other options.

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  • ehhh not into the genre, but the video is kinda weak anyway. Some tatted up guy dressed like a clown next to a rented luxury sports car, no sex scenes, and the blonde is pushing 40. Nope!


  • Are you fluent in Spanish, yet?


  • It has been proclaimed everywhere that fertility and marriage are declining. Fertility for men is supposedly down by 60%. But I see larger and larger families everywhere I go, as well as large numbers of couples with children. Lets not forget the multiple wife Mormons with their office sized gated homes in Utah and Nevada, it is insane there. The media can drone on with their lies all day, people in the general public continue on their day to day lives regardless, and coupling and marriage and kiddies continue to populate the United States. I have never seen so many moms and dads pushing full carriages carrying 3 children under 3 years of age. While I think Latin America is great, opportunities continue in the USA, pick wisely my dad told me, that sage advice continues to be true today.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Latin America still has a culture that doesn’t hate men. I’ve noticed Latin women seem to be full of life and still have a soul.


    • Then why do they come to the U.S. and lock down a gringo with a green card marriage, get citizenship and dump him once they get their “papers”?


      • The power of propaganda is very strong. Most Americans, and most of the world, think Americans live very different lives than we actually do. We’re all wealthy, live in McMansions, work when we want, and look like movie stars. At least, that’s the lie the MSM and Hollyweird broadcast to the world, while most of us go in to lick the boot for shit pay each day, make endless payments on a shitbox car, and live in a small apartment we can barely afford.


  • The South Americans will have to fight off the Middle East and South Africans. Fertility is declining rapidly in all the Americas. When whites are gone, rest assured, the war will continue. Feminism destroys all it touches and it’s amazing that it hasn’t been listed as a severe personality order yet.

    Men built & maintained all upon the earth. It was men’s lives that were sacrificed in war for women’s safety and welfare. Feminism is masculinity appropriation.

    Hitler: “The future is white!”
    Hillary: “The future is female!”

    That’s not just feminism, that’s Nazism (National Socialism). Feminism is a characteristic of severe sociopathic mental disorder. What’s more, world governments tout it as ‘healthy’ for civilizations, so that kind of gives one an idea of what they’re up against, which is not only female sociopathy but also deep government malfeasance in promoting female sociopathy and pathological narcissism.


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