Want to Be a Minimalist? Do It Your Damn Self!

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You’re not a real man until you get rust under your fingernails!

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

What’s good gents! I hope you’re not scared of getting your hands dirty.  I’m not! I’m a big fan of finding ways to save money on things that most people complain about overpaying for.  A great example of this is the repair of your car.

I don’t like other men touching my women. I don’t like them touching my car either. There seems to be this air of mystery surrounding automobiles and how they are repaired.   Look, that’s a bunch of hype to separate you from your money.   Here’s what happens whenever I fix my car.

I open shit up….take out the thing that’s broken….grab the new thing…put it in….rinse and repeat.

Although there are more complex tasks that should be delegated to a professional, I am confident that with some research and a delicate hand, you…yes YOU…can accomplish most, if not all, the tasks required to keep your vehicle in good operating condition.

Here in the matrix, it feels as if no one wants to work any more. And when we discuss the importance of minimalism to combat the bullshit of our society, we absolutely must take control of our lives and become more self sustaining.

You have your two hands.

Mow your own lawn.  Build your new pool deck.  Swap out that old ass 5200 rpm hard drive for a super fast SSD.  It’s possible if you do your research.

I think the reason so many people are strapped for cash is that we just don’t do things for ourselves.  It’s like we’re a nation of lords….who refuse to lift a goddamn finger for menial tasks like changing our oil.

If we’re going to take back our lives as men, live a minimalist lifestyle and have the financial prosperity to truly enjoy the good things in life, then we need to roll up our sleeves and put this work in.  It is time for us, as the leaders of the new modern men, to demonstrate that we have the skills and guts to do anything our heart desires.

The next time you’re on the hook for an expense, such as a home repair, car or even your PC.  Consider the option of foregoing the tech support and just popping the hood.  I guarantee, with utmost certainty, you will find you have more talent than you think.

Peace, and stay focused!

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  • Who has a pool deck and a lawn? Good article though. I have no house, no car, no lawn, no electronics.


  • Even if you can’t to the total job, you can do part of it to save time and money. For example, I can’t change my motorcycle’s tires. However, nothing is stopping me from removing the wheel myself, taking it to the shop, and have them change the tire. While they’re changing one, I can go home and pull the other one to bring over. I can take the completed wheel (i.e. the one with the changed tire) back, mount it on the bike, then go back for the other one. It saves me money, as I’m only paying to have the tire itself changed; I’m not paying to have them remove it and reinstall it. It saves me time too, because the aforementioned process would take me 3-4 hours, which is a morning or afternoon. I save money, save time, and have my bike back in a few hours, not a few days. Sounds like a winner to me!


  • another aspect to minimalism and doing for yourself is that it creates a good cycle. you save money, need to work less, have more time to fix things and learn how to do more, need less money, need to work less, more time to fix things. most people are too busy working so they have no time and things cost money to fix so they have to work more. break the cycle and you can fix what is broken. i have so much free time that i added 100k of value to my house using my labor for free.


  • I used to tell myself, my brother is great at fixing cars, not me. I don’t know a thing about them except air, fuel and spark.
    Then I had a problem with my Town Car. 6 mechanics later I am short $2,000.00 and still have a problem. A shade tree mechanic had me drive up on railroad tie and climbed under. ‘Come here young man’ he said from underneath. That was the first time I had ever been under a car that was not on a hoist. He said ‘look at this, it’s bent. Go to Pep Boys and pick one up for $20.00, come back here, and I’ll watch you put in for $20.00 of my time.
    That was the best $40.00 I ever spent.
    When the car engine did not run right I got a manual and read it and fixed it after 6 hrs work pulling out and replacing the EGR valve and cleaning the piping out. It was NOT the sensors which would have been a couple hundred for the two. Plus the mechanic and his labor cost. Plus it would not have worked.
    Something to think about, in conjunction with all of the incompetent mechanics in the world, most Doctors would not make a decent mechanic. They get to bury their mistakes unless the coroner says different. Did you know most coroners make more than most Doctors? That does not include what they take in on the side.
    Learning to be your own mechanic is a great idea. Learning to be your own Doctor is a way better one.


  • Generally agree- MAJOR repairs need to be left to professionals. Pay a professional for what he knows. In the long run it will save you money. Nothing worse than fucking up a task and then have to call a pro to fix it. OTHERWISE- the more you know and can do for yourself, the better. If it is already broken ( and not horribly expensive or complex), there is little risk to trying to fix it yourself. 50% of the time you will be pleasantly surprised when you succeed. An essential is a good and inexpensive set of tools- which are readily and cheaply available from Ebay, Harbor freight, or Amazon. Youtube will show you how to do almost anything- just be realistic on your expectations and have at it. Good Luck !


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