How Many Sexual Witch Trials are Fake?


Anglo culture is still having witch trials over 300 years after the tragedy in Salem, Massachusetts

Day in and day out we are treated to sexual assault witch trials of mostly heterosexual, white men in the headlines of the corrupt American media, mouthpieces of the globalist establishment. But how many of these accusations are false? How many men unjustly lost jobs or had their reputations destroyed by female lies?

Roy Moore’s senate candidacy ultimately failed because of made-up allegations first floated by despicable, feminist attorney Gloria Allred even though the primary accuser admitted she forged Moore’s signature in her yearbook. Worse, since the allegations worked, and his accuser suffered no consequences for her actions, we’re likely to see even more made-up sex charges. Trump will be targeted by the mob, make no mistake.

It seems sexual assault witch trials are the latest ploy to totally neutralize men in Anglo America. Did the MSM turn their cameras around at Beverly Nelson and look at her story with a skeptical eye after she admitted she “added notes” to her yearbook? Of course not. Due to rampant gynocentrism in Anglo media, a woman can admit to making false accusations that could destroy a man and still get off scot free.

Unfortunately, this sort of rampant hysteria that destroys innocent people is nothing new to Anglo culture. It has a long history going back to Puritan days. Think of the Salem Witch Trials in rural Massachusetts way back then. Only today, men are the “sorcerers” that have to be “purified” of their evil sexual urges. American Thinker took note of this narrative both TNMM and Anglobitch have long been discussing in an interesting article entitled #MeToo: From Salem to Now. Does this sound familiar?

Salem Village, 1692. Young girls, caught up in the frenzied hysteria of rampant devilry and witchcraft as explanations for the problems plaguing Salem Village, led to the accusation of more than 200 men and women of witchery, leading to the execution of 20 innocent people.

Feminists haven’t literally executed anyone yet, but they have executed quite a few men’s good names and bank accounts. The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Today, it is generally believed that these young women and the later accusers voiced their accusations for attention, personal gain, or to capture a moment of relevance in a popular wave of accusations that were then-thought “brave” by local religious leaders, who were both the media criers and political leaders of their day.

How many women are now “riding the wave” of false sexual assault charges today? Worse, the media are judge, jury and executioner in the current climate. And we all know how trustworthy talking heads in cheap suits scrambling for a sensational scoop are.

Here’s some hard data to consider with the accelerating pace of sexual witch trials in the media: 41% of rape accusations are fake, according to the government’s own National Institutes for Health. But why do women lie? Well, beyond what Schopenhauer knew was the innate talent women have for deception and treachery, NIH says:

These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention.

Well, well. False sexual allegations result from the same female motivations that led to the Salem Witch Trials. I’m not surprised. Are you?

Here are other studies that serve as a testament to how baseless claims, usually made decades after the supposed “assaults” should be viewed with a skeptical eye. From the comments section of a popular men’s blog:

Other researchers have come up with similar numbers for false rape accusations: Gregory and Lees, 1996: 45%. Jordan, 2004: 41%. Chambers and Millar, 1983: 22.4%, Grace et al., 1992: 24%. McDowell and Hibler, 1985: 27%. Buckley, 1992: 25%. Washington Post, Virginia and Maryland, 1991: 25%. Even the lowest number is TEN TIMES the number of false rape allegations that feminists will admit to.

American Thinker rightly suggests rationality rather than media sensationalism and Puritanism reborn as secular feminism should rule the day. Revisiting the Salem Witch Trials:

Myriad lessons were learned from this horrific event. Chief among these is the realization that there is a distinct problem in weaponizing random accusations of wrongdoing amidst mass hysteria about the rampancy of a peculiar moral evil.  That is, innocent men and women are invariably punished when accusations grow from the passions of a frenzied mob.

Frankly, Anglo culture is entering dangerous territory as Socialist social engineers bring down load-bearing cultural walls, legal precedent, and pillars of cultural wisdom gleaned through centuries of experience, one by one. American Thinker’s conclusion should be one of the culture at large, but it isn’t:

Facts should still be stubborn things, and a dearth of convincing facts should still stubbornly presume innocence.  Accused men or women should still be presumed innocent unless it is proven otherwise.  If we lose our grasp on those simple principles because we excitedly get caught up in the zephyr of popular outrage against leftist targets of similar accusations, we cede centuries’ worth of costly-to-win ideological ground.

The longer feminists get by with destroying men on a whim, the harder it will be to reverse this cultural precedent. Soon, if a woman wants a man’s job all she’ll have to do is get in a room alone with them, then cry wolf. Presto! The dude is tossed out on his ass by HR.

P.S. Note to Anglo men: Get those crazy Anglobitches under control before they burn the totality of your civilization down and turn you into literal geldings.

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  • As we watch the IQ drop in the United State due to GMO food as well as glyphophate and diacamba poisons sprayed on the food itself, all poisoning the human mind and body, I expect this madness to multiply.


  • “Feminists haven’t literally executed anyone yet, but they have executed quite a few men’s good names and bank accounts.”

    They’re even fine with throwing their own under the bus (so long as they’re male). There’s maybe no one more left than Garrison Keillor. Consoling a woman, he accidentally touched the skin on her back. He apologized. She accepted. Then she met a lawyer with marxist-snake genes. Now his shows where he delighted audiences for 50 years will be buried as if they never aired, he’s a pariah as if he violently raped her.

    The fact that no lefties have spoken up to correct that, proves their postured and supposed higher sense of justice and morality is mere lust for power.

    I’m right of center but appreciated Prairie Home Companion anyway. Pictures of Garrison & family.


  • Check this thread out ..

    When th wimminz ™ aren’t paying the price of false claims .. this is going to cause ..

    1) More career wimminz will not have access to men sup’s privately or at all
    2) Fewer wimminz get hired or promoted.

    Welcome to cause and effect wimminz.

    Liked by 1 person

  • In the late 80’s & early 90’s .. the US Military stat’s were 80% plus of all femal complaints directed at men was false.

    Most all wimminz ™ that lied were never NJP’ed or Court-Martialed.

    I believe the 41% number is 30 years old .. so .. at a minimum double it like a womans stated N-count to get a, more, correct number.


  • Your’s truly here was falsely charged by the then lying, adulterous, money laundering soon to be ex-wife and crucified to perfection by a bevy of females with law degrees and their army of white knights. You do not want to go there. Kafka would be incredulous.

    I thought there was something wrong with me until I stumbled across MGTOW and learned that I was nothng more than just another of the rabble of raw material for the industry. One of millions upon millions. In this witch hunt hysteria it is now official – MGTOW ghost monk is the only sane way to deal with the madness. Or, do as our erudite host has done – flee to more sane climes. Cheers.

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