Statistical Proof Anglo Culture is Deadly


Census data prove Anglo culture (the most extreme offshoot of Faustian machine culture) is killing its hosts. Red-shaded areas indicate counties where whites are rapidly dying off

If there’s one fact that rings clear since beginning my adventures abroad several years ago, it’s that my instincts telling me something was wrong were correct. Anglo culture is deeply troubled. It is sick. And, it’s statistically deadly. This could be the reason I’ve been thinking, “Please don’t send me back!” since beginning my latest series of adventures abroad.

Anglo culture has become so mechanical and myopic it is literally killing its founding population. This is why legislators and the corporate-government complex have to bring in wave after wave of immigrants to keep machines running and money flowing. Anglos are dying off due to their anti-life, anti-living, anti-sex, technology-obsessed, shopping and eating out-worshiping way of life.

Of course, the fact white women have shunned family since feminism is also a factor as to why whites are vanishing at an ever-increasing rate. But, it goes deeper than that. As TNMM has reported in the past, another symptom of the deadliness of the culture is the fact drug addiction – chemical escape from the madness –  is killing more people annually than the Vietnam War and terrorism combined.

Even the mainstream Daily Mail has picked up on these trends:

While Latino, black and Asian populations continue to grow, soaring death rates among white middle-aged Americans – combined with the fact that white families are having less children – mean certain states are seeing falling Caucasian populations. 

White Americans are also reportedly dying faster thanks to a silent ‘epidemic’ of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning.

Faustian machine culture is killing its creators. German historian and philosopher Oswald Spengler predicted this strange world we find ourselves in nearly a century ago:

All things organic are dying in the grip of organization. An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural. Civilization has itself become a machine that does, or tries to do, everything in a mechanical fashion.

The corrupt media and Hollyweird have tricked the world into believing this lifestyle is the most effete, wonderful way of living life ever devised by humanity. When in fact, turning people into rats running in an endless financial wheel, chained to machines and a 70-hour clock – and in which the only outlet for the Freudian id is through consumption –  is killing foreign cultures the Faustian machine ingests almost as fast as it’s killing the host population. Those cultures that are assimilated into the American way of life are doomed to become just as nihilistic, demographically moribund, obese, and spiritually dead as Anglos have become.

Now, that’s a jagged little Red Pill if there ever was one. That said, America (and Western Europe and Australia) enjoy a marvelous quality of life if judging by material standards. But, this materialism comes at the cost of culture and the non-material quality of life. These societies are becoming bereft of culture and spirituality making their sleep-work-spend habits literally deadly.

Enter this crumbling kingdom at your own risk, immigrants.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I don’t have the raw data for this map, but I can readily see five separate flows of “college-aged people”, which is what you’d have with the “population under age 20” as the map indicates:

    1. Movements from suburban counties and outlying rural areas to cities with colleges and universities;
    2. Migration to major cities for work;
    3. Migration to resource-rich areas for work;
    4. Migration to coastal areas and other comfortable spots as lifestyle moves;
    5. Economic migration outward, possibly including the influence of immigration programmes inward.

    1 = The area around Washington State University (the big green blob), Madison WI (another green blob);
    2 = The SF/Bay area (the minuscule green blob), Nashville TN metro area (cluster of green blobs);
    3 = The Bakken oil reserves in eastern MT and western ND;
    4 = The Dalles, Oregon (the green blob), St Augustine FL (another green blob);
    5 = The entire states of Michigan and New York (mostly bright red blobs).

    I don’t see a die-off of the white “population under age 20”, but I do see these movements as well as some very large displacements where there should otherwise be some growth (such as LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.).

    The TL;DR version: it’s not a very good map, but you can still find some interesting stuff in it.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Migration doesn’t account for all the bleeding red on that map. These are important factors you listed, but the map is red because the overall or “absolute” number of white youths is declining. In fact, 46 states saw sharp declines in white youth, simply because they aren’t being born in sufficient numbers to sustain the population. (2.1 births per woman per lifetime is the “magic” statistical fertility rate to merely sustain a population…whites have been at or below 1.6 for a long time. Anything below 2.1 is a dying population.)

      “Overall, from 2000 to 2014, the nation added 8.2 million non-white kids younger than 20-and lost nearly 6.6 million whites in that age group.” (Article linked up below.)

      The simple fact is whites have been below replacement fertility for a good 40 years or more (since feminism). Because of this, and other cultural factors (increasing numbers of deaths among whites from suicides, drug and alcohol overdoses, etc…especially among middle-aged men) whites are indeed dying off. 46 states now report young white population decline. They can’t all be moving to the 4 states that reported slight gains. But, as you alluded to those states only saw gains because of migration. The overall number of whites is down nationwide.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        So there’s a generational loss as well as a hollowing out of the white population … interesting.

        Back in 2010 I was hanging out occasionally in one of the green spots as well, but overall civic competence was on a downward slide, and so I moved out of there in 2014.

        As for the population statistics, the US Census people didn’t find me at my home because I wasn’t in town, and I don’t recall actually getting a census form or filling one in during 2010. The last time I recall actually getting a census form to fill out was back in 1980.

        Just think of me as your friendly neighbourhood statistical ghost then. 🙂


  • You’re still going to have an elite class of Angloskanks.
    It’s the traditional working class American man who is dying, not Angloskanks.
    Angloskanks can always find a beta provider to chain when she is in her 30s and 40s and IVF can allow pregnancies past 50 these days.
    Further to compensate for the fact that the Angloskanks tend not to identify their infants using traditional gender and race.
    Look at Liberal cities like NYC where Angloskanks in Manhattan work from 22 to 40, then settle down, and the one child she might have is a non-gender, tranny, or identies as a basketball or space ship or helicopter.


  • Personally, I see the racial suicide of Anglo whites as a good thing for the rest of humanity. Call it a “self-correcting problem” if you will. Anglo whites created a culture that is suicidal, and this is the logical conclusion.


    • Normally I’d be pissed at your comment. But I have turned the corner on saving western civilization. My fellow whites are cold, unkind and easily led by the nose to self destruction. I’m sick of the Jews brainwashing the goys excuse. No civilization in recorded human history has ever fallen into such a sick, suicidal cult as whites. Not such high IQs after all if you can be so easily fooled into relinquishing your cultural, demographic survival. All we have left is social isolation and the worst women of the world. Let it burn!


      • On the relatively brighter side, there is still a chance for non-Anglo whites to save themselves if they rid themselves of Anglo influence. Whether this will happen or not is still up in the air though.


  • I’m jus tryin to get back to a part-time job I enjoy .. which should be real soon.


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