TNMM Archives: Ozone Layer “Hole” Big as Ever – Revealing Yet Another Myth from The Matrix


It seems Mother Nature will be alright without crushing government interventions

Remember the infamous ozone “hole” that was supposed to fry the planet with lethal doses of UV radiation all because of human-produced CFCs? Nearly 30 years after the banning of CFCs by the Montreal Protocol the hole is bigger than ever.

The fourth largest hole on record just occurred just last October, right after a particularly frigid Antarctic winter. Well, hole is actually a misnomer as the “hole in the ozone layer” is really a slight seasonal thinning of the protective layer over Antarctica. Most troubling about the narrative is the fact the appearance of the ozone hole out of nowhere in 1978 directly coincided with the expiration of an important big business CFC patent – even though this organic compound had been in use since the 1930s!

In any case, sophists who write dumbed-down, factually twisted articles for mass consumption at least went so far as to give us a half truth about how the ozone hole forms. This revelation interferes with not just one, but two major scares being pushed by corrupt government officials and adherents to the environmental religion. The Weather Network writes:

Why did the ozone hole grow so large this year? It was a combination of just how persistent ozone-depleting chemicals are in the atmosphere, and just how cold the atmosphere got over Antarctic during the past month.


The ozone hole peaks during the frigid darkness of the Antarctic winter (June-September in the Southern Hemisphere)

What? The ozone hole is dependent on cold temperatures? Yes. It is also a function of the lack of sunlight for 6 months over Antarctica. Why? Ozone is an unstable molecule that disintegrates and becomes regular old oxygen in the frigid darkness of the Antarctic winter. Ozone regenerates from atmospheric oxygen only in sunlight and only in certain temperatures.

Some atmospheric scientists now say the ozone hole has likely always been there, and always will be. Indeed, the thinning of the ozone layer over Antarctica does show a correlation with changing seasons, suggesting it is connected to natural processes on earth.

Incidentally, there is a much smaller hole that forms over the North Pole each year…but it is smaller because temperatures aren’t as cold as at the South Pole and there’s much more atmospheric mixing in the Northern Hemisphere to counteract the lack of sunlight.

The Antarctic ozone hole we all heard about ad nauseum in the 1980s and 1990s is a result of temperatures that are much, much colder over the South Pole than the North Pole and the result of a continent that is cut off from much of the rest of the earth’s atmosphere by regular patterns of circulation. (The fact the atmosphere got so cold as to help destroy ozone also goes against the “hottest planet ever” global warming polemic!)

So, there are major problems with yet another leftist doom and gloom narrative brought on by the ozone-destroying extreme cold over Antarctica. It turns out, we have 4 major issues with the ozone polemic:

  1. The hole magically “appeared” out of nowhere as DuPont’s patent on Freon expired in 1978 – what a coincidence!
  2. The ozone hole isn’t actually a hole but a slight thinning of this layer of gas that changes seasonally depending on temperatures and sunlight. (More on that in a second.)
  3. The ozone hole has stabilized in size, and has not shrunk as those pushing the ozone hole narrative said it would. (In truth, it’s probably always been there and always will be. See #4 for the reason why.)
  4. Ozone is an unstable compound that disintegrates in extremely cold temperatures and in the absence of sunlight. (Temperatures over Antarctica are the coldest in the world and the continent endures 6 months of darkness per year.)
  5. Big business stood to lose billions, if not trillions of dollars as the patent on an important refrigerant was expiring. DuPont needed a new refrigerant it could patent, while rendering the old refrigerant obsolete – and illegal – even though the old refrigerant was superior in many ways.

Clyde Spencer from Watts Up With That, a blog that questions the narratives of the current anthropogenic global warming religion explains how the ozone generation-destruction cycle is deeply connected to sunlight, seasonally changing temperatures, and the seasonal presence or absence of the Antarctic polar vortex.

Additionally, Spencer tells us the Antarctic polar vortex is much stronger and more persistent than the Arctic polar vortex – meaning the often Antarctic is “cut off” from areas of the atmosphere where ozone is being generated.

From my reading on the subject, the bulk of Earth’s ozone is created in the equatorial stratosphere. It moves polewards both because of a lesser partial pressure of ozone at higher latitudes, and also because of equatorial heating and cooling at the poles. In any event, ozone has a relatively short half-life, and in the absence of sunlight, there is no new ozone created at the poles in the Winter to replenish what naturally decays.

As I remarked in a previous post, anomalously high concentrations are routinely recorded outside the Antarctic circumpolar vortex. I’m not sure of the exact mechanism that stalls the migration, but the evidence is visible. As to the photolysis and catalytic destruction when the sun first comes up over the horizon, I’m pretty sure it happens, but the effect is probably overemphasized.

The Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer was unable to measure Winter ozone levels because it required sunlight, something in short supply over the South Pole in the Winter. So, what we see is during the earliest possible measurements, there is low ozone which continues to decrease in concentration until the vortex breaks up and the ozone sitting outside the vortex can mix with the depleted air.

Once the sun gets high enough in the sky, it is capable of actually producing some ozone over the pole, although it is by then also supplemented by ozone from lower latitudes as it is free to migrate into that area in the absence of the vortex.

Tl;dr version: The ozone hole is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Spencer’s explanation came as part of an erudite discussion that ensued after publication of an excellent article on the subject by Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor from the Universty of Winnipeg. In the article entitled The Ozone Scare Was A Dry Run For The Global Warming Scare Dr. Ball explains:

There is not now and never was a “hole in the ozone.” The phrase was a public relations construct to mislead and exploit fear as the basis for a political agenda. The procedure used in the exploitation of environmental and climate for a political agenda is to take normal patterns and events and present them as, or imply, they are abnormal. It works because most people don’t know what is normal.

Global warming became the largest exploitation of this practice, but it was based on the knowledge gained from reported ozone depletions over Antarctica. The ozone deception served as a forerunner, a practice run, for the global warming deception to follow.

The global warming deception (of which the ozone scare was a practice session for) is one of the linchpins to global government, as revealed by Lord Christopher Monkton in his reporting of what is actually being discussed at the annual global warming conferences.

Contrary to propaganda telling us what a success global governments’ ozone layer intervention was that’s being put out this summer, the hole has not been fixed by eliminating a cheaper, more effective and easier to use refrigerant called Freon. And as we will see, its replacement Puron is anything but pure.


One of the biggest ozone holes ever recorded just happened over Antarctica, contradicting the old narrative that it would be in the process of disappearing by now

Examining the Record Ozone Hole After Last Winter

Despite the fact the ozone hole expanded to the 4th largest on record at an extent of 28.2 million square kilometers just last winter, propagandists and sycophants adhere to the MSM narrative that the ozone hole is slowly healing.

Those few times questions have been posed to “officials” about why the ozone hole is till there even after the consumption of ozone depleting substances has plummeted since 1987 are answered with unsatisfactory explanations. Now, we are supposed to believe the chemicals are “long-lived” even though the people pushing the ozone hole polemic said the hole would fade away by 2030 to 2050. We are only 13.5 years away from 2030, and if anything the size of the hole has stabilized. Illustrating the media echo chamber in full effect, and the predilection of media to take the “official” word as the gospel, the National Geographic says the ozone hole healing process is right on pace with the expected timeline, in the face of contradictory evidence.


The size of the ozone hole has stabilized around an average of 20-25 million km for 25 years

Vox (another MSM echo chamber blog) reported just this month the ozone hole is healing despite the size hole stabilizing around a large mean over the past 20 years, and the fact we just had one of the largest holes on record. This graph using data from NASA and the European Environment Agency proves the hole has stabilized around a mean of 20-25 million square kilometers since 1992.

The data pre-1992 is highly suspect because CFCs have been used worldwide and released into the atmosphere since the 1930s – so why did the hole just magically appear in 1978 out of nowhere? Perhaps because a major chemical company needed a crisis? The critical DuPont manufacturing patent for Freon (“Process for Fluorinating Halohydrocarbons”, U.S. Patent #3258500) expired in 1979, right as the ozone hole scare got underway. That is quite an interesting coincidence! Nonetheless, leftists are doubling down on their narrative that humans are bad and a gigantic, crushing, oppressive government is needed to save the world. So, a magical new compound called Puron as created.

The new government-approved and “environmentally friendly” Puron refrigerant actually turns out to be a potent greenhouse gas that was developed as a replacement in an age in which we are supposed to be worried sick about global warming. (Notice how PR flacks mangle words like “pure” into a product that is anything but pure!) The MSM never brings the fact up we are mass producing a greenhouse gas far stronger than CO2 as an “environmentally friendly” replacement. The duplicity and hypocrisy is astounding.

The important concept to take away from all this is there are a lot of questions that need to be raised about the ozone hole scare, as well as the seemingly unending list of scares that could have been invented out of whole cloth by a corporate-government complex that lives and dies by the adage you have to create problems to create profit.

Scaring the shit out of the population also helps a corrupt government legitimize itself as legislators convince the public to trade away freedom for the illusion of safety. (This way of doing business is beginning to break down, however, as 75% of the population of the United States now realizes its government is corrupt in the latest Gallup polling data.)

So, what to make of the ozone hole scare and the fact the hole it’s as big as it ever was? As Mark Twain said, It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. The corporate-government complex a.k.a. Deep State now running the U.S. government turns out to be exceptional at deception, as it pulled off the ozone hole scare without a hitch – not to mention the vanishing ice age and acid rain environmental scares of the 1970s and 1980s. Global warming has been a much harder sell, though.

It looks like we have been had yet again in the age of propaganda. But, since the Internet has replaced alphabet channels as the public’s go-to source for information, people are beginning to wake up from the mass delusion created by the centralization of communication during the Television Age. The creation of problems like this for the fun and profit of psychopathic government officials and their CEO masters begs the question: How deep does this ozone… er… rabbit hole go in The Anglo American Matrix, Alice?

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  • I designed, built ozone generators. Good to see this article. UV-C is the germicidal range of ultraviolet that makes ozone. If it can get to us (isn’t diminished or in the shadow of the earth at the south pole in winter etc), as long as UV-C is there and oxygen (O2) is there, they’re gonna make ozone. If O2 is less thick way up there, the UV would penetrate further simply making O3 more at lower elevation and be absorbed there.

    In other words, if there’s an ozone hole, if the sun’s UV-C isn’t low in its cycle, you’d better be wearing a space suit because there’s no oxygen to be make into ozone.

    Could use help finding a chart of UV-C over time:“uv-c”+per+year+nasa&tbm=isch


  • This is actually a thoughtful blog that has potentials to change the way and direction of thinking.


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