Weakness Invites Predation


Cultural weakness invites predation by sociopathic elites

In response to a disheartening map (for those who respect the right to prosper for all races) that shows white people fading from existence in America (Europe and Australia are also seeing the same trends) a TNMM regular left this hopeful commentary that maybe, just maybe, mass migration could explain all that bleeding red on a map of white population loss under age 20 over a 4 year period. It’s a map in which most counties in the nation ended up with massive 5% plus losses of the Caucasian population. The Angry Outernationalist writes:

I don’t have the raw data for this map, but I can readily see five separate flows of “college-aged people”, which is what you’d have with the “population under age 20” as the map indicates:

1. Movements from suburban counties and outlying rural areas to cities with colleges and universities;
2. Migration to major cities for work;
3. Migration to resource-rich areas for work;
4. Migration to coastal areas and other comfortable spots as lifestyle moves;
5. Economic migration outward, possibly including the influence of immigration programmes inward.

These are all good points made by our friend who knows how to read between the lines of statistics. Unfortunately,  migration doesn’t account for all the losses. This is an important clarification to make. TNMM replied:

Migration doesn’t account for all the bleeding red on that map. These are important factors you listed, but the map is red because the overall or “absolute” number of white youths is declining. In fact, 46 states saw sharp declines in white youth, simply because they aren’t being born in sufficient numbers to sustain the population. (2.1 births per woman per lifetime is the “magic” statistical fertility rate to merely sustain a population…whites have been at or below 1.6 for a long time. Anything below 2.1 is a dying population.)

In fact, mainstream media outlet The Atlantic predictably wrote this with glee as they examined the statistics:

“Overall, from 2000 to 2014, the nation added 8.2 million non-white kids younger than 20-and lost nearly 6.6 million whites in that age group.”

Those are huge numbers for such a short period of time. So, the losses aren’t just due to whites moving out of rural areas and into metro areas, suburbs, and places with job prospects. Continuing from TNMM’s reply:

The simple fact is whites have been below replacement fertility for a good 40 years or more (since feminism). Because of this, and other cultural factors (increasing numbers of deaths among whites from suicides, drug and alcohol overdoses, etc…especially among middle-aged men who have become pariahs in their own nation and wage cucks to Big Daddy Government) whites are indeed dying off.

As TNMM often reports, Anglo culture – which exists inside the larger scheme of Faustian machine culture – is much to blame. Whites bring a lot of their demographic problems on themselves with a culture that has abandoned its biology in a lust to become one with its machines. This is a massive problem to which there is no easy solution.

Additionally, feminism has gelded white men and they’ve acquiesced to all of its demands, putting them in a weak and compromised position. Their footing is only going to slip even further with each new agenda item that gets rolled out. For example, #MeToo threatens to make the prospect of even approaching women a legal land mine. If an ex or a girl you were courting gets pissed off at you at any point in the future, she can claim sexual assault and destroy you. The fact there has been little to no resistance to this dangerous cultural precedent by clueless white chumps (who represent the majority of the accused) confirms their willingness to accept weaker and weaker positions in society. (P.S. Women don’t mate with weak, pliable soy boys.)

Weakness invites predation. TNMM sees the decline of white people in their own lands as a two-pronged problem. First, we have Anglo culture which has become anti-life, anti-sex, and anti-living as religious Puritanism has morphed into secular feminism. Worse, we have unscrupulous, sociopathic 1% billionares taking advantage of this problem by throwing salt into cultural wounds to further their own agendas. White countries have, for a millennia, been much more difficult for elites to control than other countries because of the pesky, persistent ideas of freedom, self-determination, and individuality that date back to the Magna Carta and even Rome. Their solution increasingly seems to be putting “whitey” to sleep and destroying true diversity on the planet as elites merge humanity into one race. RooshV came out with a bold, and accurate article on this very issue recently:

For many years, I have been at the forefront of teaching men how to embrace their masculinity, maximize their potential, and sleep with beautiful women. During this time, I have come to believe that liberals have an explicit goal to crush men, primarily through the meme of feminism, but I now realize that that was only an intermediary step for a more comprehensive agenda: kill whitey. What I thought was a war against men is really a battle within a bigger war against white people.

He’s right. TNMM defined this as Racial Bolshevism when the blog was founded. Here’s how it works:

Contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multicultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

That doesn’t mean that they’re *planning* to kill you. That’s not how mind control works. They think they’re just “seeking justice” for non-whites. But of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason–namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated. Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.

After all, the only way to truly “stop white men” is to kill them. Right? Because if you don’t kill them, then they can always keep right on acting white, and doing white things, in that white way that you hate so much. But if you just kill them, then the problem of whiteness is permanently solved. And then the world will be saved! See how that works?

Start paying attention, and you will notice this thread of Racial Bolshevism being woven into almost every narrative the MSM weaves. In short, the left, the Deep State, and the corrupt media are now – either knowingly (most likely) or unknowingly (not as likely) – predating a certain demographic. And this predation couldn’t come at a worse time because the culture itself is compromised.

Whites would be prudent to get wise to the ongoing program of racial marginalization and scapegoating the matrix is foisting upon them. And other races would be wise not to let the megarich target white people this way, because who’s to say they won’t become a target themselves of sociopathic billionaires someday.

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  • There are so many Mormon families with as many as 118 kids per family from the multiple wives that the map is incorrect. The mormons do not participate in the census or any counting statistics for the United States or Utah or Nevada or California which are the states where most of them live, they do not and will not admit that they have multiple wives and children, as the sheer number is mind boggling. Further I have seen white families with multiple children, I keep hearing there are fertility problems but I see so many kids its crazy. Lots of whites being born, there is in fact a baby boom. Take what the media says with a grain of salt, they have an agenda to discourage and weaken the people of the United States, as well as the rest of the western world. They are liars! The United States stands as she has since 1776 say no to the lying media, and press on in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness!


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    When circumstances don’t allow predation to go for the kill, expect hostages to be taken instead.

    This is essentially what’s going on with “Vichy Urbanists” who believe they can negotiate with the economic and social hostage takers around them in order to maintain their comfortable urban pockets of convenience.

    They agreed with “feminism” and a lot of this rot initially because they didn’t want to upset their neighbours, and now they’re trapped by their choices.

    Combine the flour of Western urban anomie with a flavouring of sentimental populism, blending in a few yolks of aggressive social non-involvement, baking well to ensure that those trapped by it have few means of escape, then layer upon this “cake of compromise” an icing made from “kindergarten fairness” and other such sentimental bits of well-meaning pap … et voilà!

    Enjoy their delectable decadence: a dessert for decay and destruction designed to delight the most discerning of diverse tastes!


  • If this map is to be explained by hipsters all moving to Madison then these college enclaves should now be some of the largest cities in the country. Not really, just a small part of a general decline. Saw it already as a kid in the late 70s early 80s. Practically half of the Elementary Schools in town closed when Gen X replaced the Baby Boomers in my town. Also the High Schools had the same phenomenon. They filmed The Breakfast Club at Main North which had just been mothballed due to not enough students when Gen X hit the High Schools. Two of the Four High Schools in that district closed in that era. The cultural rot was already underway by Woodstock, that nasty, dirty, hippy music fest that for some reason is lauded as the greatest thing ever.


  • “And other races would be wise not to let the megarich target white people this way, because who’s to say they won’t become a target themselves of sociopathic billionaires themselves someday.”

    The Mega or just regular rich have targeted whomever since the invention of money. He who has the most gold wins, no matter what era you live or have lived in. There is no waking up. Make money make your own rules. Period!


  • What could go wrong .. #metoo & #whiteprivlege & etc ..

    Well for starters .. waking people up .. a lil late but .. it’s waking people the fawk up .. will they stay awake?

    Time will tell.


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