The System is Rigged


Which shell will your success and retirement be under? Play silly games and win silly prizes

As someone who has been there, done that with both the great “system” we are all supposed to believe in and chasing The American Dream (you have to be asleep to believe) I’ve come to the conclusion there’s simply no way to win playing by the rules of the game, anymore.

That already compromised promise evaporated in the new, corporate controlled world we find ourselves in. The last vestiges of it disappeared circa 2008 as a shakedown of the American populace by the banking cartels occurred when our masters informed us “life as most Americans know it is about to change” to quote former talking head Charles Gibson of ABC News reading the propaganda of the day.

In days gone by, loyal, good men were modestly rewarded for their hard work and sacrifices. Not anymore. Now we are castigated, loathed, and blamed by women and society. I endured so many broken promises before turning on both. The promise of a “good job” that paid well that never came to be, even after I studied and “did the right thing” by sacrificing my youth at the altar of culturally coerced Betatude. The promise of a “good wife” who was loyal and wouldn’t sink her fangs into the lifeblood of my emotions and finances. (I used to lament the fact I never married, but now I see what a path of destruction my exes left in the lives of the men they did marry and have kids with – and I’m glad I dodged them).

In short, the rules are intended to produce:

  • Indentured servants saddled with non-bankruptable college debt
  • Supplicating soy boys eating GMO food and begging for attention and sexual favors from women
  • Debt slaves who spend their lives paying 25% interest on credit cards to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like
  • Broken men, both financially and spiritually after women frivorce rape them and take the kids; or female-dominated serfs of the consumerism machine
  • Men without agency over their own choices and their own lives due to constant rule and policymaking by the corporate-government complex – if one set of rules doesn’t get you, another will

As a recovering “good guy” who turned not only on women but on society at large after repeated kicks in the teeth by both, I now rage inside my mind when I think back on what bowing my head down, gritting my teeth, and licking the boot got me. I am angry for being lied to about women and the world. In many ways, my mentality echoes Walter White:

I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at three in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine.

Yeah, ever since my Red Pill awakening I sleep just fine. I’ve transformed from a meek man reading the daily propaganda in front of an HD camera to a ZFG Sigma whose new motto is “My way, or the highway.”

My anger from being used half a lifetime motivates me to get up everyday and find new ways of telling other men the truth about women and the world, so someone, somewhere might be spared the sense of loss and mourning I often feel about a life in which I was given the wrong instruction manual by the edumacation system and the corrupt media – both institutions I once had the utmost respect for that I now loathe.

Men, the system is rigged. I’ve said it before that the only way to win is not to play. Play by the rules, follow instructions, hope for the best and watch as your life evaporates into the ether and all you end up with are memories of punching in on time at the same hell each day and a litany of broken promises. That, and a life of loneliness as the state has cucked you with women by exploiting male weaknesses defined by Briffault’s Law. This is a dog eat dog world. And this dog isn’t going to let himself be kicked around anymore.

If there’s one thing being off the corporate plantation for two years has shown me, it’s that there’s no going back to the life of a slave, anymore.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Saying this kind of situation is “slavery” doesn’t actually help much, which isn’t obvious (or even helpful) at first glance, so I’ll explain why …

    This is a bit long, so hopefully you’ll forgive my lack of brevity.

    With slavery, there’s a hope that you’ll get free from your captors and that perhaps one day in some wonderful future, you’ll make the systems that keep you enslaved entirely obsolete. What a wonderful day that will be!

    And so with dreams of future sugar plums and other divine treats, you dream of a day when you’re free, and with great hope you work toward it believing that you’re going to have what you feel is an authentic form of freedom.

    Except, of course, that you won’t be truly free because you will depend on the labour of others, the products of others, the social situations that bind people to their communities, societies, and countries, and so on and so forth.

    There’s a better metaphor or model for the system that’s rigged, in other words.

    You are being held hostage, and your freedom depends on your ability to extricate yourself from the tangles and tethers that keep you bound unwillingly to other people and that keep those people bound unwillingly to you.

    Although Michel Foucault was correct in stating that societies are carceral by their nature, he didn’t explore the systems theoretical aspects of how to mitigate these systems in lieu of having no other viable replacements. In this view I’m probably expressing something that echoes a bit of Erich Fromm’s “Freedom from Nothing”, but what I am actually doing instead is showing a much more straightforward path toward interpreting your actions, achievements, goals, and futures.

    With that in mind, the best you are ever going to manage in a carceral system of mutually assured hostage taking is that you may find a way to acquire temporary passes that allow you to “exit” for a limited time the systems that keep you held hostage. This does not in any way guarantee that you will be able to avoid taking hostages of your own, which is a consequence of the inter-connected nature of inter-locking systems, especially economic and social systems.

    In a society that would accept the necessity of limited takings, people would recognise to what extent they’re being held hostage as well as to what extent they’re holding others hostage, possibly working to minimise this as much as possible in order to achieve mutually useful goals. Situations in which people accept they’re going to be held hostage longer than most might involve worthwhile improvements to personal fortune and perhaps society as a whole, possibly allowing the systems to have less of a hold on the people within them.

    In societies that do not work like this, a self-selected group of individuals eventually leverages power relationships to ensure that the mutually assured hostage taking scenario can only be broken by mutually assured destruction of the inter-connected systems. They often live close to the most valuable hostages so nobody would be crazy enough to take them out with a single swift stroke, and in fact they often encourage this sort of thing in the form of “moving up the property ladder” and so forth.

    Fear, uncertainty, and doubt can only do so much to maintain the systems as they’ve come to be configured — very certain doom and ruin works much better to ensure that nobody tries too hard to revolutionise the systems out of existence.

    The best you can hope for is to keep extending your day passes away from the ongoing hostage negotiations for the rest of your life. Whether you can build meaning from the struggle and from your emancipation is another matter entirely.

    I don’t have any readymade answers for that, and neither do you or anyone else as far as I can see at the moment. If the problem were easy to solve, it’d most likely be solved already, and we’d be looking back on these kinds of globally sanctioned structures with the perspective of horror that’s amplified by the passage of time.

    If you would like an explanation as to why there would be a paucity of time travellers in this time despite the possibility of time travel being made real, this is a fairly plausible one. Would you travel back in time to experience Auschwitz in 1943?


  • If there’s one thing being off the corporate plantation for two years has shown me, it’s that there’s no going back to the life of a slave, anymore.

    Hear, hear!


  • If more men start boycotting this gynocentric Angloskank system which exalts crony “gender fluid/gender focus/Trudeau focus” capitalism, and which is a totalitarian police state which protects Angloskanks to walk nude in public, but if she complains that anyone is “harassing” her, the man ends up in prison, the Angloskank system will dry up eventually like feminist-infested Roman Empire.

    It does appear that central banks in the Anglosphere are “printing money out of thin air” since 2009, and it’s strangely co-incidental that the Money Supply in Canada from 2008 to 2017 DOUBLED in supply from 800 to 1600 scale.

    My prediction is that the Balance Sheet normalization of the Federal Reserve will eventually reduce the cheap injection of cash into the Anglo feminist system, which will lead to lower inflation in the long run.

    There’s a reason why the Bank of Canada Governor (Poloz) is afraid of even hiking rates to 1.25%; the entire Angloskank system in Canada will collapse.


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