Balls Voyage: A New Social Media Trend in a Misandrist Society


It’s the latest craze – destroying your fertility for likes on Facebook

The self-imposed, willing cuckoldry of the modern Anglo American man continues to shock and disgust. Illustrating the ongoing decline of masculinity, a new social media trend is making the rounds called “Balls Voyage” that features gleeful Anglobitches crowing as they force their partners to self-immolate their fertility in front of the world.

This domineering wife cheered, “Nobody is more excited about this than me!” The symbolism – women de-balling their partners for the entertainment of other ball-busting cunts – illustrates how far gone Anglo America is.

The way Anglobitches totally dominate weakling men like tyrants is truly a sight to behold, literally ordering them around like gelded servants. These are men whose ancestors conquered the entire world, now allowing themselves to be humiliated for female amusement on social media. (As society becomes more r-selected, women will become even more brazen and bold in the decades ahead.)

At least this guy got two kids out of his enslavement, which is more than most white men get these days as the white race has literally been dying off since the Pandora’s Box of feminism was opened. But he will have no more kids, even if his cocksure wife decides to leave him and he finds himself abroad in the company of superior women someday. The biological male strategy of having a lifetime to go forth and multiply cucked by ever-crazier women.

No doubt, the poor bastard had no options as men have no power in marriages, anymore. The rules for Beta males basically boil down to this: “I have the vagina. I make the rules! Do what I say, when I say it and I might stay around. Snip that vas deferens now! Or I’ll call the lawyers! Disobey me, and I’ll take everything you have including our kids.” Apparently, that ultimatum now includes men figuratively chopping their own balls off with women forcing men into sterilization procedures.

Still see no problem with this? Ask yourself would women be offering the same praise if a man planned a “Spaying Party” for his wife? ” Then made a cake that said “No more eggs will be laid.” Or, “Time to retire the incubator.” Yeah, probably not. Worse, where does this trend end? Sure, now it’s a Beta male that already has two kids, but you know how things go. Soon, women will be demanding young guys who don’t have kids start doing it for their amusement.

I feel bad for this guy. I’d never let a bitch do this to me.

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  • I read the FB posting, saw the photos and I couldn’t help thinking to myself that this woman absolutely loathes her family. She in particular hates her husband with a passion that could outshine a thousand suns, if she’s making a celebration of his pending mutilation. I can’t even begin to imagine how many red flags of this womans psychotic nature the man overlooked and ignored with her.


  • No man should ever have a vasectomy ever, there are whole books written as to why this is a bad idea. Have a look on Amazon. Too make a long story short, vasectomies cause unwarrwanted pain that lasts for years for many men. But more importantly it absolutely wrecks your erection, it is never rock hard again. Do not ever get this surgery. Additionally do not circumcise your boys, do your research, this is an absolute disaster also. Keep yourself and your sons intact, no matter what.


    • I don’t recommend either (re: vasectomy and circumcision) either.

      Both are bad idea’s .. and yet both prevent infection 😉


      • Are you sure you can use either either like that? I don’t think so. Show me another example anywhere in the history of literature.
        Aside from that; I assume your are talking about both; preventing infection producing offspring of children and infection producing offspring of STD?
        In which case, I don’t agree but will overlook your use of either either and in support argue that the English language is fluid and you can say what you want.

        In context, look at the dichotomy between men’s rights and women’s rights!
        Purportedly, men have all the rights except one; the right to their ‘stuff’ being protected from unreasonable search or seizure by women.
        And, no, I won’t go fuck a duck, I like fucking pretty, pink, pussy who/which likes and wants babies. Lots of babies.

        Woman, in Israel, 42 yrs old, is in hospital this week for a baby; her 20 th. The grandchildren, she already has, are worried about competition. She did cheat though, 2 or the 20 are twins. Yeah, go bitch, go.


    • Are you sure you can use either either like that?

      Yep .. check-out the smiling winkie I put at the end of my statement.

      I think the problem in translation is english is you second language.


      • Uh, no, English is my first. I am poor in French. Me and my girlfriends never talked much.
        I did not graduate high school or college either either.


  • Some men are going proactive .. and th wimminz that haven’t trapped Mr Big yet aren’t happy about it ..

    As for the article above .. If a female (or male non-friend) attempted to hue’mil’u’ate me .. I’d beat the living hell out of them .. friends would get a return favor down the road .. times 2 for the desired effect.

    Also .. NO female I’m married to will tell me when she’s had enough kids. That’s the call of the Man. That Bitch would probably wake-up with her tubes tied!


  • Thanks fuzzie bear!
    Thank God she didn’t croak herself, because she was stressed out with litigation started by a feminist on her campus at U of Ottawa.
    The feminist insisted that Dr. Janice Fiamengo be sued, rather than her employer….Her employer’s legal counsel advised that Janice should pay up a settlement of at least $30,000 before the complaint goes to trial…Now where or how can anyone in the lower 90% wealthy in Canada find $30,000 out of thin air without destroying their pensions or savings account, or taking on a large loan which can cause their house and assets to become seized by a creditor?


    • And that is exactly what we need. Let bitch bite bitch in the back so they don’t come back at us.
      When 90% of the women have been through the ringer with each other, and the government, which is 65% women, has made it worse; then, and only then, can you expect to get what is yours.

      Unless you want to fight for it now.
      I don’t mean physically fight in most cases. The word is far mightier than the sword.
      But, you have to believe it in order to know to say it when the time comes. Or to fight till death if needed.
      You do not have time to think in a street fight or any fight. It is Instamatic and Automatic.
      This example of Janice getting sued is more about the duplicity of women than it is about two sides and one of them being ours. Neither of their sides are our side.
      Some beta cuck will pay her bill. Even the U of Ottawa through a blind trust. Janice is part of the agenda. Does anyone not get that?

      I don’t need Janice sticking up for me. Or any woman. That is unless I am confronted by a woman when I am with a woman who is with me by choice. Even then, if I say let’s go then let’s go. If I stand in between them then both better back off or one, at least, is going down.
      If there has to be damage then limit it to the opposition. If their is going to be a death then limit it to the opposition.
      Women, even a wife, will put you in a position of danger through some perverted psyche resident in ten generations past. Beware! Get out and then get lost. Don’t ever see her again.

      Janice is not a friend of the Red Pill man, and, a Red Pill man should know that.


    • I couldn’t remember who it was, but I’m glad to pass on the news.


  • Why did the American Angloskank let her sons and daughters be involved in this?

    Imagine how her son will feel at a terrible day in class being bossed around by a feminazi teacher lesbo freak who falsely accuses other males students of “sexual harassment” because she came to class half-naked, and she perceives male students who look at her while she is teaching as “male gaze”. Her son will have that pent-up ticking time capsule waiting to explode in anger and violence because his father is a cuck who theoretically cut off his balls, and her son is being treated as trash by a militant lesbo feminazi pedophile teacher.

    Her son will likely become the next Columbine rebel, but this time no students will be harmed, only the adult females who harmed him in his life.


    • The secret to every great romantic, adventure, comedy, thriller, book or movie is to save the girls ass, for later, while not getting yours in a sling.
      Have you learned nothing from life, Leeway?
      It is our duty as men to take shit from women for no slight at all.
      The reward due is, however, not to be overlooked.
      As Wendy’s used to say; ‘Where’s the Pussy?’

      On your other point: Vigilante Gangs taking out guys! Literally!?
      That would reduce the number of Beta’s, and even a few Alpha’s, but is not going to effect the Sigma’s one iota.
      I am adjusting for that new framework here in Ottawa but it is not the problem of Toronto..
      That ‘old rule’ about ‘never hit a girl’ went out the window around 6 years ago for me.
      She had a gang of 6 of her cucks in tow and they wanted to trash my deal in Kensington. Since she is not going to get her hands dirty you just have to identify the number 1 and 2 cuck. Take them down and the rest will scatter. If she is still standing still then she goes down next.
      Then pack and get the hell out of Dodge or you will never be secure again in that town. Even in T.O. Especially in T.O. Too many dead spots. I do mean ‘dead spots’. It is designed that way.
      In Ottawa, the whole town is on CCTV. Every intersection, every bus stop, every multi story building, most residences over 100,000 in value, which is most, and a great many personal and business vehicles including every city vehicle that interfaces with the public.
      If you get in a fight in Ottawa it will be recorded. You just have to survive it and sue.
      Law of the jungle is the only law in the end.

      Lions, wolves and bears don’t get vasectomies.


      • Canada sounds like those police state places where law-abiding men are under feminist surveillance, but if they are a victim of crime, those CCTV cameras will prove useless to prosecute the perpetrator.

        Is across the river Gatineau, Quebec as militant as Ottawa?


      • You are correct re: feminists have control of a vast array of legal devices to play with as they like; CCTV being one. Nonetheless, knowing their game and their rules, and their laziness and ineptitude, we have the advantage if we keep our wits, and balls, about us.
        Thus, the reason for keeping your balls intact becomes more evident the deeper you go to play.
        No shit. Your entire body is wired organicistically. You cannot damage one part without repercussions throughout.

        Quebec is fascist and has been for a very, very long time. It is based on the business model of the Hospitalliers, social and corporate welfare while feeding at the tit of warfare, whereas Canada as a whole is based on the Templars banking and war monger system. British Columbia being exceptional and is Socialist based like the current British system but with more natural resources than GB.
        Nova Scotia, New Scotland, was the landing point and primary establishment of the Templar foothold (today the Scottish Masonic Rite, like Trump. Bush was the York Masonic Rite). It is still a fortress island with enough wealth to reboot the western system after a crash. Trudeau, a Quebecois and York Templar Mason, is a war monger as was his father Pierre. Note that Trudeau is bonded to the Hospitalliers through his mother, a Sinclair/St. Clair. Also, he is in opposition to Trump through a different branch of the Templars. Canada is even more neurotic than the USA.

        I have not been to Gatineau in at least 30 years. Was in Gracefield last winter to cut some big trees down. The French are generally very bigoted against the English without cause for 200 yrs now. It is not made pleasant for the Anglos at all. I have a mongrel perspective with bloodlines from French fur traders, Native Canadians, Ashkenazim, Scottish, Irish and English. Yes, I do like french girls and have known a few. Wink, wink!

        They, the feminist/nazis et al, must follow their rules. We are not subject to THEIR rules, only the rules that legally apply to us, and then, only in tightly defined parameters. Their laws hold them to much greater accountability than they hold us.
        Clearly, for them the law is a construct of constrictions. It is a blueprint which does not allow deviation. Whether a clerk, cop, attorney (including, especially, prosecutors) Judge, Minister, Prime Minister, etc.
        For us, the law is only a map, of a territory, with many roads, paths, streams and rivers which may be transited at our option. We do not have to take the interstate highway or the interstate canal. We can take footpaths through the forest. This is especially true in Canada.

        The LAW by itself makes so many inherent mistakes that an officer could not prosecute a dog for peeing on a hydrant. If she/he makes procedural mistakes in the process of prosecution the charge/attack cannot stand from that perspective alone. If, further, the law is defective, and often is, never having been challenged in court, then not only do you win freedom but retribution as in damages, payment.
        If it is a politically incorrect person under attack then that is only the figure of attention, the assumed target. It is not the real target which they are engaging in battle. Still, though hazardous, these are always rife with error and can be overturned. Therein is the problem in the western world, money is always right. Lawyers cost a lot of money. Laws are dictated by money and overthrown by money. The bible says ‘money is for all things’. On the other hand if you have not money they tend to leave you alone. Law is ALL about money.

        My brother is a lawyer. A very rich lawyer.
        At 16, while getting driving instructions from our father he passed another car on the highway. Looking down he realized his speed was 130 mph. That car was a 1965 Olds 98. Gotta like those older cars. He looked at my dad; dad looked nonchalant and said ‘I like to keep it around 90 when I pass’. You might say my brother has a heavy foot.
        Every morning my brother reads the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. He says he only reads them to see what lies they are telling today.
        Many lawyers will tell you; if you are going to fight somebody, make sure they are dead.
        Very thankful my brother is a very rich, well connected, lawyer.
        Nonetheless, rules always apply in degrees. As Morphesus said to Neo…

        In closing, any surgery is a bad idea prima fasci. Explore all options.

        P.S. I have studied all herbs for woman’s cycle. I have not for men.
        Thanks for the incentive.


  • After a couple kids we decided to stop making babies. She volunteered to have herself “fixed.” There was never any suggestion that I would cut my balls off.



    • It is not that simple to ‘FIX’.
      Failure to use the appropriate tools is likely to result in hammer marks on the porcelain.

      The ramifications are huge. She will suffer for your lack of discernment and failure in judgement.
      Nature, from the creator, provided legitimate options that work.

      So be it.
      Castrate one or the other.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    This seems like a power trip where the woman feels like she has conquered him and also has the security of knowing he likely won’t ever be able to have kids with another woman, even if he runs off her plantation.

    I don’t understand the trend of men getting vasectomies. It’s sterilizing yourself- thus you’re not a real man(as much as I don’t like to use the “real man” line), subconsciously I think that would effect most men negatively.


    • Absolutely!
      You cannot have physical dis-ease without comparable mental dis-ease. It is an organicistic system we inhabit with our consciousness. If one of aspect screws up then the other ones do too.
      To a lesser or greater degree.
      This ball busted cuck is now, already, a write-off. He will defend his position till his death.
      If he still had a functioning brain he would have sued her for divorce on multiple grounds; she tried to poison him with food which cannot sustain life and tried to kill his children with poison; she spent all his money on crap and did not save it by making meals and shopping with thrift in mind. I could make up a few others.
      Any of those reasons would have gotten a divorce no problem 50 yrs ago. Unfortunately, for all of us, even today the judge could not excuse HIS being cucked.
      If nothing else he could walk away, but, he can’t. He is cucked.
      Has anyone in Red Pill ever read any book by Germaine Greer?
      The average western woman today is a blueprint copy of Greer’s doctrine as dispensed through the exact same big media lying to your face today. The biggest publishers of books, mags, papers and media are raping you right now. Need some lube?
      Greer was a ball buster supreme and taught every woman in America how to be a bitch and a shrew. 99.999% of them are today. The opposite .0001% are the fine gold you are sifting for if you want marriage and children.
      Meantime, 99.999% of men are already cucked.


  • Women love getting their Husbands “Docked” it means when not if their marriage hits a brick wall the bloke will be no good for any other woman.


    • Exactly. It’s the ultimate act of submission, especially when a man allows a woman to make him into an assclown on social media.


    • Sounds like some possessive shit in part of the Angloskank…..So if a man is muscular, attractive & attracts more females than a Justin Beiber concert, that man is attacked by the Angloskank feminazi unless he turns into an effeminate faggot or ball-less Cuckster?>>>>>What a retarded way to collapse civilization.

      No wonder Angloskank paradises like San Francisco, USA & Toronto, Canada have a large amount of effeminate faggots who appear to be the only ones who are allowed to interact with empowered women….This stupid Angloskank rule is also spreading overseas., recently in Brazil with their “street harassment” campaigns using paid sluts from favelas where innocent men will either end up brutally beaten to death in a crowded prison, or pulled out from his bedroom and shot point blank in the head by favela thugs, all because of Angloskank motivations to falsely accuse innocent men of sexual crimes against women.

      Right now in Canada, there’s a conspiracy to legislate vigilante executions of men falsely accused of any crime against a women, ranging from criminal harassment or sexual assault….They tried it using Roosh V as a test dummy.


  • This is a personal and private decision he made to undergo this procedure, and it should be between him, his wife and his physician.

    Not for the general public to know.

    Sad that the *entire family* was exposed. The children had no say, and neither did his extended family. Consequences could be far reaching as time goes on. Ponder that, lads.

    When this schmuck gets divorced at least he’ll not need to worry about “accidentally “ knocking someone up.


    • Many, too many as in most medical procedures, vasectomies either end with infection and complications or are reversed with complications. It would be safer to just have them, HIS BALLS, removed and cauterized now. He might sound a little shrill but that is usually the worst consequence. Accepting that he has already given up his birthright.
      Notwithstanding the above, what if both his children die and/or his wife dies?
      Stop eating those Dingoes.


      • Focus, chaps.

        In some ways. getting a vasectomy is a responsible decision.

        If your mission is to enjoy your life, earn, invest and stack $, keep physically/mentally strong, travel and learn new things, then a kid will severely hamper all that. Including if you end up marrying her, which is what you want to avoid at all costs.

        You are correct, sir. A vasectomy, as with any invasive med procedure has it’s risks. So does driving or skydiving. Oftentimes patients are the cause of their own misery. They scratch at incision or puncture points, fail to follow physician advice and so forth.

        Getting snipped doesn’t make you less of a man. Symbolically you might think so, but medically that isn’t the case.

        And don’t think for a split second that women aren’t completely honest about their own birth control regime. Who’ll have the last laugh when she says that you’re the daddy? YOU WILL! Get medical and lab statements as well as sworn affidavits from your physician and counter sue.

        Concerning the other comments- think it went something like, “…he’ll be no good for other women and he can’t have more kids after he leaves her…” as a type of revenge for her is understandable; however the *best* revenge HE has, is that he rebuilds his life, learns to invest, earn $ and becomes a much, much better version of himself.

        Remember the mission. Keep focused. And if I don’t have time to reply back – I wish you all and especially Rel a – very Merry Christmas! Cheers


      • Thanks, Rob, this whole blog has been a wonderful wake up call for me.

        I feel like a new man. Like, like, now I’m free. Free as a pre-teen.
        All in all, no question, I should stick to the program I began at 13; date only older women. Hard to get into trouble that way.
        They were all 10 to 20 years older. 22 to 34 as I recall. Yes, I still have pictures and names.
        Could you imagine a 25 yr old trying to tell the judge ‘HE RAPED ME’ when I am 13?

        From now on no more 40’s and above. I’m going back to the ‘older’ women I learned to love, who loved me.
        Most important, at 62, it is highly unlikely I will make anyone pregnant.
        Maybe even get tests done for sterility. With Certificates and all.
        Get some business cards printed. Hand them out at College Cafeterias.
        We’ll skip the university’s for now. I might run into Janice.

        The fact that I didn’t start dating women my own age till 18, and did not date any older women after 30, should not be called into question by anybody I knew back then. No paternity suits likely, from unremembered fillies, but if so I can claim lineage without having had to put them through brainwashing classes, I mean, College.

        Still working on my day game plan for next spring and this could be it. It will be 0 to -20 F for the next 3 months and pickings are poor at those temps. Lots of time to write and study though.

        NO, I am net getting a vasectomy, bitch, and that’s that. Go fuck yourself, or take this dildo with you, or go see your girlfriend with the strap-on. FUCK OFF, I AM NOT GETTING A VASECTOMY. I AM GETTING A REAL WOMAN WHO WANTS TO PROCREATE, OR, AT LEAST PRACTICE.

        Whew! I feel so much better now.


  • Vasogel is coming and would eliminate this disgusting female braying. I can only guess how women will react when men tell them they are not ready to become fathers- or not wishing to become a father with the current slavemaster. My guess is that women will not like men taking responsibility for reproduction as it has been an effective female financial scam for decades. No telling what sort of retaliation will result……but there WILL BE retaliation. Maybe they will hire a bunch of Physicians to say that Vasogel causes multiple and horrible side effects …or something like that. I don’t know what it will be, but it will be something.


    • Women have to be utterly stupid to put up with all of the shit that doctors have handed them for, now, a thousand years (courtesy of Rome and the Medici, when it comes to their bodies safety and their reproductive abilities.
      Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. Why not just have babies every year and sell them for $100,000.00. If I wasn’t a guy I would give it some serious thought.
      Otherwise there are many herbs that would allow women to control their cycle or fertility if they were not so arrogant and lazy. There are also many herbs which allow them to regulate and facilitate conception, pregnancy, birth and abortion.


  • Fuck that cunt. I would have knocked up all her friends.


  • I can see the need for what occurred, but the way she crowed about it on facebook made it all about her at his expense. A lot of women can’t handle hormonal birth control. A lot of them have “trouble” taking it regularly. We really need effective male birth control.


    • I signed up for email alerts for Vasogel.


    • It is off topic, but someone wondered about Janice Fiamengo. She has a new video as of today.


      • Janice Fiamengo
        The Sapphos from Lesbos

        Thanks for the video. I have not seen or heard Ms Fiamengo speak previous to this.
        Apparently she was dealing with personal matters and felt they overwhelmed her ability to act in her ongoing capacity of defending men. Personally, I don’t need her defense or her brand of debate. She is, by her position of authority over multiple generations of women, responsible and accountable far beyond her words and actions would obviously convey. She is a feminist and the product of the mind warper of them all; Gloria Steinem.
        She is, also, definitely a rhetoric in the Roman tradition. What does she bring, of value, to the table of debate? Whether it is the topic of violence against women by men, which activity is indeed deplorable, or the hypocrisy of women’s responses and suggestions for dealing with that issue, I hear little constructive. Typical philosophy without redemption.
        On the other hand, she could, with her soapbox, be a real advocate for some genuine activity by women to show their own concerns for their ‘sisters’ and their ‘brothers’. I am not going to tell them what those might be because I will get no credit, I will get flack, and, until they think of it themselves it means nothing at all.
        Let’s hope she/they think about it, seriously, before our species BB date expires.

        Does she advocate for women to become capable of defending themselves? To a very small degree, yes! In that I commend her. She makes no real suggestions though.
        Otherwise, she reminds me of the average cuckhold, and their men, who inhabit the halls of wisdom at Ottawa U. Also, of the average woman at Ottawa U. who has a hard time deciding what she wants for lunch let alone whether she wants this guy, who is presently licking her clit, to fuck her also. Or, at that subsequent time should she call it rape?
        This is, too, the real problem with finding and dating and or marrying a ‘woman’ in any capital city; be it Ottawa, Washington, Hollywood, the Vatican, etc. if you get my point. Can they just, please, make up their minds. Women rule unless you do! Yahweh certainly does not at this time.
        Funny thing that She/They will allow THEIR governments here, Univ. of Ottawa, City of Ottawa, Region of Ottawa Carleton, Province of Ontario, Country of Canada, North American Union (which is active) and the United Nations to fuck, allegorically, them, and their men, every hour of every day. Not to mention the children getting fucked, literally, up the ass also.
        She semi-defends Bush Sr, while alluding to his terrible history at the CIA. who is a very, very well known womanizer, probably rapist and definitely murderer of millions, psychopath, possible pedophile, if you carefully examine his son’s psycho profile, and technically a traitor to the USA though not the Queen, Pope or NWO whom he serves, with reward, admirably. What the fuck was that? Her stroking someone for a raise, promotion, bigger slice of the dice, dick or dildo?
        No, Janice (two faced as in Janus the Goddess) the philosopher (lover of argument) is not my cup of tea, and, I doubt she will do much except to move the feminist agenda forward. That is what she is trained to do, does do, and, will do.
        To go much further here would be to give her more credit than she needs and a disservice to anyone reading.
        You cannot deny the power of a name in determining actions and fate:
        First name-Janice-see above; Last name-F-ia-men-go: F-female; ia-yeh or yes; or iam-to be, will be, must be eventually; men-self explanatory; or en-look, see!?; go-self explanatory. Literal modern English translation of her name: Two faced woman promotes the cause of the end of men.
        I would assume she is a cuckold or; either a sapphos from lesbos or a lesbos from sapphos or both, without evidence otherwise.


  • Let’s look on the bright side: he fulfilled the 1st commandment in the Bible; now he can start a garden and fulfill the second.
    Of course, maybe he should have done the second first and the first second and he wouldn’t be living on Dinko Donuts and Fruitos Dream to Cream and Chips.
    If she doesn’t know how to cook when you marry her you better be able to teach her or …
    They say there is a link between mental illness, as in doing stupid things like cutting your balls off, and poor diet. They might just be right.


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