Stories from the Road: “Strange” Can Be Intoxicating


A man never forgets the rare woman who treats him like a man

I had an awesome, memorable experience yesterday, and had to share it with my brothers to illustrate how relations between men and women and sexuality should be. If anything, an experience like the one I just had makes me realize all my instincts were right when those echoes in my mind collectively told me I was being shit on by women in Anglo America.

Suffice it to say, I have a semi-regular chick. Well, as regular as I’ll ever let a chick be in my life after half a lifetime of abuse by them. I’m never going to be 100% loyal to a woman again as long as I feel like I’m ultimately nothing but a utility in their lives, a utility that can be disposed of at any time. I’m supposed to invest all of myself and my money into a woman who is certain to leave me if I ever stop providing “benefit” to her as illustrated by Briffault’s Law? Nah.

In any case, I was out doing some business yesterday. I stopped to have some beers at a hole in the wall bar that was playing Bachata music. After a couple of tall, cold Presidentes I noticed a morena (dark skinned chick) with a sexy mane of black hair, an incredible ass, and a friendly disposition making flirty eyes at me. It’s always nice when a woman has an inviting posture, especially when a man hails from the land of mean-faced, clipped hair, oversize retro glasses girls. So, I motioned for her to come over and join me at the bar. Long story short, we soon ended up at her place.

As we made our way into her apartment, making out along the way, we stripped each other’s clothes off one another and made our way to her shower. I kissed her neck, then she kissed mine. Seeing her taut, dark sinned body from behind in the rays of sunlight filtering through her window, the magnificence of her athletic behind glistening in the water, something primitive and wonderful began awakening inside me. I began to feel like a wild animal as there’s nothing quite as intoxicating to a straight man as a sexual conquest with a hot chick he’s never got to experience before. I could tell she was getting into it to, whispering nasty things in my ear in Spanish as we petted each other in the shower.

All of the sudden she bent over and took me into her mouth. I stood there in the shower, nearly paralyzed by how good she was. The passion with which she massaged me with her mouth was incredible. I don’t often offer the compliment “a mouth like cocaine” to chicks, but this chica definitely had a mouth like cocaine. I knew right then and there this was an encounter for the ages. One I would remember for years or decades to come.

Incidentally, all by best encounters have been with black, Latina or Asian women. (The chica in this story was both black and Latina.) Anglo chicks just seem frigid and distant by comparison, as if they’re already fast-forwarding to the “payoff” from doing this sexual favor for you. At least, that’s my impression most of the time I’m with one. Ethnic women seem to be “in the moment” when I’m with them. I’ve discussed before how the $40 (LEGAL) pay for play girl in Mexico made me feel better than most of the American women I’ve had relationshits with simply because she treated me like a man and didn’t act like sex was dirty. (It isn’t!)

Getting back to the story, we then proceeded to the bed, where she continued her mouth hugs for a few minutes. The wildness and craziness of the whole experience – here I was in bed with a chick I had just met an hour ago – giving me a euphoric high.

Then, she climbed up on top, and proceeded to ride like a cowgirl. There’s something amazing and rare about really good sex. Many of you may know what I’m talking about. Being with a woman who knows what she’s doing, who likes men, and who likes sex is akin to a religious experience. An experience like this makes a man realize all the bad women and bad sex he’s had in his life. Especially if he’s had 150+ women as Yours Truly. There’s a deep well of experience to draw on for comparing and contrasting.

We both got wilder and wilder with the thrusting becoming more intense. We changed positions. Then changed positions again. I remember being on top and looking to the side to see her leg stretched straight out, and up into the air pointed skyward with her toes stretched out, thinking this is living. This is what it’s all about. The human experience doesn’t get much better than this.

This is the life. Why does the matrix try to take experience like this away from men and women offering sorry substitutes – proxies – for this ancient, primal experience? How evil the matrix is for doing that.

It wasn’t long after that, a good 15 minutes or so that I just couldn’t take it anymore and exploded. She wanted to keep going, and so did I, but the high I got from being with a strange woman who acted like she wanted me from start to finish was just too much. Not to worry, I have her number so we can go for a longer session next time.

As I age, I find myself less enamored of women. My ability to be seduced by them waning because I know what The Predatory Female really is inside, behind the curtain of all that well-practiced sophistry. That said, an experience like this can make a man feel like a teenager again. Like life is worth living. That all women aren’t that bad. (As delusional as that thought might be – it was nice to have it in passing!)

As I’ve said before, easy women like the one highlighted in this story have their place in a functioning society. Every woman making themselves as inaccessible as Everest (as has happened in America) really makes for a miserable society.

I got all that from a dose of some “strange” as some men call it. This lay has been on my mind ever since, and I’m sure even in the future I’ll recall this day fondly. It’s amazing how a little female attention with a woman who makes a guy feel like a man rather than an employee or slave can change a man’s disposition and outlook on life, if only temporarily. It’s just unreal to me sex has social stigma and shame attached to it  in Anglo America. I’ll be happy because of this roll in the hay for days, if not weeks or years. Why aren’t I allowed this kind of happiness back home?

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  • Hey, Rel. What this a pay ‘n play or an honest-to-goodness pickup?

    If it’s the latter – I’d always be wary of a situation playing itself out too easily. You never know if you’ll get jumped by a bunch of goons. No matter how much you master the language or are aware of the social norms of the area, you’re still their *guest*. Play carefully. Cheers


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Nice pull. We RP men the states all gotta get to LatAm asap.


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