Facebook Stops Calling Stories “Fake News” Because It Makes Them More Believable


Facebook is working overtime to control what you think

There’s a glitch in the matrix. Facebook’s thought control project has run into problems. From The Telgraph:

Facebook is getting rid of its fake news red flags because they were making fabricated media reports appear more believable to its users.

That’s right. When Facebook, intended to be the propaganda arm of new media calls stories “fake news” we peons have learned to trust those stories even more than we would have before. Especially, the “official word” from American Pravda outlets.

The social network began showing “disputed” warnings next to articles in December to alert people that third party fact-checking websites deemed them misleading.

A year later, this effort to keep the public immersed in a brainwashed world of “approved” corporate-government gospel has failed.

By the way, these third party, so-called fact-checking websites are run by people like this: a fattie, her cat, and her Omega male husband. We’ve touched on this odd couple before. Just to show you how trustworthy they are, Omega male reportedly embezzled $100k from his fact-checking company, and the fattie is a BBW escort. These are the people providing the “truth” to the Google and Facebook duopoly.

Facebook has changed tactics, though. Since the masses have lost faith in corporations and government officials that treat them like mushrooms – feeding people shit and keeping them in the dark, Cuck Zuck and Company are attempting to muddy the pure waters of truth as much as possibile. Facebook is now putting “official” stories alongside “fake” stories. (Always remember: Fake stories are true and true stories are fake in the matrix.)

It will now show a selection of “related articles” next to offending stories instead.  These will give more context and could help people learn the facts surrounding a situation through reputable media publications.

“Reputable publications” means CNN, The Bezos Post, The New York Times, the alphabet channels, and other institutions charged with squelching independent thought. And of course, Facefuck will continue demonetizing sites that don’t march lockstep with the totalitarian, globalist agenda. Spokesmouth Tessa Lyons told The Telegraph:

Overall, we’re making progress. Demoting false news (as identified by fact-checkers) is one of our best weapons because demoted articles typically lose 80 percent of their traffic. This destroys the economic incentives spammers and troll farms have to generate these articles in the first place.

Coming soon: A ministry of truth. Expect it. Or worse, an invisible truth ministry that disappears real news before you even get to see it. The matrix wants to control everything you think and are exposed to.

The US is becoming a truly frightening country if you read between the lines of what’s really going on. Thinking men need to start looking beyond the entertainment division of the matrix, i.e. American politics, stop worshiping Trump as the deity he isn’t, and instead peer into what’s really going on. The chains of Socialism are being forged one by one. Bottlenecking free speech will be a major win for the corporate-government complex and its propagandists.

Unless free speech flows unabated, I think the evil we will see from the USSA will ultimately eclipse the evil we saw from past Socialist regimes. What’s so frightening about The American Socialist Revolution is that it’s largely clandestine, not out in the open like past revolutions. Call it a sneaky usurpation of the republic rather than an overt one.

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