Lack of Trust Between The Sexes is Dangerous Crossroads for a Free Society


Destroying the most foundational relationship of a free society marks a dangerous crossroads for America

The long-time beacon of freedom, the United States of America, continues to sink into cultural quicksand. The light of liberty growing ever-dimmer with each new Socialist social engineering scheme unleashed like locusts onto the populace by the ruling class.

As TNMM has been warning would happen, #MeToo has dealt a major blow to already mercenary relations between men and women in America, and this breakdown of trust will have major implications on society at large. It’s time to look beyond the myopic left-right paradigm that keeps citizens squabbling like school children to see the larger implications of burning men at the stake. Sure, it might be fun to see liberal men getting their just comeuppance for utter hypocrisy as in the case of genuflecting, faux-feminist Matt Lauer running a harem at NBC, but that fun comes at the expense of further weakening men in the society at large.

Social engineering schemes like #MeToo are almost always unleashed on an unwitting populace in a simple, but largely invisible two-step process:

  • The mainstream media introduces a “problem” into the public consciousness.
  • The Hegelian Dialectic is then deployed to offer a preconceived, elite-devised solution to the so-called problem.

First, MSM marionettes act as a national megaphone to get everyone talking about a topic of their choice, which plays right into the hands of social engineers who are ready to spring a trap. Step two includes springing the trap by deploying the Hegelian Dialectic: a “solution” must be imposed to solve the “problem” the MSM has created. Pretty neat how that works, right?

The agenda setters use these techniques time and time again to get what they want…and the public almost always takes the bait. TNMM urges awakened, modern men to examine each news narrative that drops – especially those that linger for months or years – with a skeptical eye. News stories don’t appear in the headlines and stay there for weeks, months, or years by accident. They’re all part of an agenda to make people behave how the ruling class wants us to behave.

At least one woman realizes the #MeToo movement, consisting of sexual witch trials of prominent Anglo-American men fits the mold of this social engineering scheme. #MeToo represents a dangerous crossroads for Anglo culture, and America at large. In an article entitled The #MeToo Movement Is Destroying Trust Between Men And Women, D.C. McAllister of The Federalist writes:

Like a disease, distrust is infecting our most foundational relationship as a people, the building block of a free, civil society—the relationship between men and women.

Making men and women – natural allies – into enemies falls right into the hands of those who are pushing The Androgyny Agenda, The War on Masculinity, and The (totalitarian and clandestine) American Socialist Revolution. McAllister continues:

Freedom and community flourish in a culture of trust, and we’re losing it. This has been happening for some time. We see it across the American landscape in varying degrees. The poor don’t trust the rich. Blacks don’t trust whites. Populists don’t trust the elites. Voters don’t trust politicians. Teachers don’t trust parents. Citizens don’t trust the media. Democrats don’t trust Republicans—and vice versa.

Division is our enemy. The corporate-government complex is sewing division amongst the sexes – and everyone else, for that matter – because mistrust creates the need for more top-down intervention and control. A society where nobody trusts anybody is ripe for the imposition of totalitarianism.

This is why each message of division from the corrupt media needs to be turned on its ear. Especially, when it comes to the bedrock of a free society: male-female relations. Attention, red-blooded men with normal libidos. You are being made into enemies of the state and of women by allowing yourself to be marginalized:

The breakdown of trust between the sexes is the tragic legacy of the modern feminist movement, but it has taken on a new fervor with the #MeToo campaign and the growing accusation that masculinity is vile, toxic, and inherently predatorial. Fear of men is legitimized, as accusation is treated as fact. Men are seen as “the enemy,” an embodied deviance that must be remolded into the image of a woman. Their sexuality is assumed to be naturally brutal, a threat to be controlled and reduced for the individual man to be considered “safe.”

As male sexuality becomes a “disease” to be treated with massive doses of emasculation, men and women begin to despise each other. Trust breaks down. In comes the totalitarian state to solve the “problems” created by mistrust with evermore Draconian measures. This is a process that never ends until both sexes are merged into one, and men are turned into women.

On a related note, a sexually frustrated society is more profitable for the corporate-government complex. At least, that’s what social engineers believe. They’re right up to a certain point, but greed blinds them. Indeed, the level of a society rises and falls with sexual continence as anthropologist J.D. Unwin proved, but the matrix is endeavoring to permanently separate men and women – profiting from the tension of blue-balled men and horny women who have sex less and less frequently – rather than shaping human sexuality in a positive way. The Anglo-American Matrix literally seeks to corrupt the energy of human sexuality by transforming it into never-ending consumer purchases.

Those responsible for creating this cultural milieu know men make easy targets in a deeply sexually repressed, gynocentric Anglo culture. This is why men are being humiliated day in day out on the front pages of the nation’s scandal sheets and in plexiglass pseudo-courtrooms of public opinion on TV. Social engineers know exactly how to punch men in the balls, turning every male with a normal sex drive into a potential target:

While women’s willingness to hold men accountable for criminal sexual behavior is to be applauded, the scorched-earth approach we are seeing today is destructive because it undermines trust. When anything from a naive touch during a photo shoot to an innocent attempt at a kiss is compared to rape and sexual abuse, we are not healing society but infecting relationships with the poison of distrust.

This is the first stage in a long term goal of completely outlawing male courtship of women. One might imagine a world of the future in which women come in to a labor camp, select a male slave to have sex with, then discard him afterward. These will be male slaves that never know their own children, let alone be heads of household and families.

Strange as that sounds, males are disposable in most of nature. Several species of females kill males after the mating act. In others, males exist only for copulation. Only humanity is unique in that it has offered men a seat at the table of the human family.

Indeed, one wonders why Anglo America is so terrified of sex, and of men pursuing sex in the first place. You would think people hate having sex and women are scared to death of sexuality if you listen to the media. But, those narratives derive from latent Puritanism reemerging as secular feminism in Anglo culture. It seems the only thing women really have to fear is fear itself.

When we become socialized into fear, we communicate with suspicion, inauthenticity, and insincerity. These simply cannot exist in healthy relationships or a free society. This is why totalitarianism thrives on distrust. The only mechanism that can maintain order in a culture of distrust and fear is the all-powerful state. It is the state alone that can be trusted. Individuals cannot.

Realizing the truth of the above statement should strike terror in your heart, because as the nation morphs into the USSA it is implanting the idea into the public mind the only thing women can trust is state intervention into our lives. Men can’t be trusted because we are “defective” humans. McAllister adds:

We must have faith in one another if we want to be free and happy. Faith means we don’t always know everything about the other person. Faith means we might be fooled, hurt, or abused. Faith is beyond reason, though not unreasonable. It is the essence of trust, as our knowledge of others is limited. We have to live by faith in our fellow man, or we will be isolated from one another.

The #MeToo movement doesn’t represent a victory for women, nor does it represent a victory for the right over the left. It represents utter destruction of the bedrock of society for all parties involved.

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  • This is going to drastically reduce the number of approaches men make, which are already down. Then these women will start whining about that, and probably incorporate this prudent fear into some convoluted theory, lol.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Rel, you hit the nail on the head. Everything the mass media hypes, from Trump vs. Hillary to Russia-gate to MeToo, is done for one purpose: DIVIDE and RULE.


  • This will not end well. I can’t even see how the elites will benefit.


    • The elite are after global power more than money and their motto is ‘order out of chaos’.

      Globalism! They are breaking down every country…its ethnic identity, its religious identity, its family structure. Introducing mass migration to create even more mistrust between people.

      Then they will dissolve national borders and erect their global-corporate empire.

      Brexit, Trump can be seen as a counter-revolution against this long-running show.


  • Another #Me Too day, another news article that an Angloskank teacher took an underage lollipop up her ass…Angloskanks prefer to fuck little boys and girls while claiming that they are victims of rape culture.
    Don’t even get started with the obscenity on Facebook with these naked feminist “mothers” posing quasi-pornographic images of their infants “breastfeeding” while everyone in the photo is naked….Facebook actually sent a warning to delete my account because I flagged “Spiritual Tasha Mama” videos of her laughing while she is naked with her 8-year-old son “breastfeeding”…Facebook alleged that my Flagging constitutes abuse of the “report” feature.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Spiritual Tasha Mama is videoing herself fucking her sons on Facebook these days.


  • Better get one!


  • Not noted in this blog, or others that I know of, is ‘the cause’ of the collapse in human interrelationships: It is women against women.
    Not the faux type as Janice versus @metoowhatevercauseoftheday, and others, but rather the inexplicable and irreversible, except from the framework of socialist feminism, result of women utterly failing to support each other as they have done for thousands of years.
    It is a woman’s mandate, and none, or any, other; to fully control and sustain the children and the family framework of the nuclear family, under the direction and protection of her patriarch (father, husband, brother, king, priest {righteous}), and, in the context of a social village.
    Failing to do so they have lost all their power, credibility and legitimacy. ALL! ALL WOMEN!
    A woman cannot fight a woman without becoming soiled herself.

    She can only, properly, counsel and keep counsel in her natural order. Failure in either disqualifies her from the position. There are millons doing so every year and it is escalating globally. This virus is spreading to every nation of the globe thanks to the US Hollyweird propogation and promulgation for 100 yrs now. Weinstein might well be hung but for harassment or rape would be a denial of his true crimes; destruction of the morals of whole generations. His cast(s) could well be hung with him as none of their hands are clean of blood. The sickness of movies has spread to TV where it can now infect even the youngest, brightest minds of this last??? generation of humans???

    Best exemplified in the soaring divorce rates of menopausal women; where their friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers and counselors should be consoling them, nursing them, and directing them in health and healing, instead, they are counselling each other ‘sue the bastard’, ‘get all you can get’, fuck the children (if they have any after 40 yrs of abortions), ‘they don’t need you now’, . ‘Look out for yourself while you can still have some fun’.
    These poor in spirit, sick of heart, confused in mind, raging hormone bitches have slit their own throats.
    Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost but there is no rooster there to guard them.
    These wanton, foolish felines will be raped wholesale by their illegitimate husband, the beastly government system.
    When the working class man has left the shores of America for better ports elsewhere the only whores left to work and pay the rich their ‘TAXES/PROFITS’ will be women.

    I assure all of the men reading this that are A very few women still left who are pissing their pants not from laughter but from fear of what they know is coming.
    When the proverbial shit hits the fan women will be utter slaves under the worst masters in the history of the planet. There will be no Knight in rusty or shining armor.

    Does this exempt, from responsibility, the men?

    Got a game plan?


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