Being Successful Makes Men Lose Friends


Become successful with women and at life at your own risk – your Blue Pill friends will abandon you

There’s another dark side to taking the Red Pill beyond having a man’s sugar-coated illusions and fantasies about life destroyed. After a man awakens to the real life horrors of women and the world, adapting to these realities as a successful PUA, MGTOW, and/or minimalistic nomad there comes another blow.

Becoming a self-made success story will almost always cause a man’s Blue Pill friends to abandon him. My own experience makes me think of this quote from Morpheus in The Matrix:

You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

Indeed, most men aren’t ready to be unplugged from the saccharine delusions force fed to them by the matrix from youth. I have been shunned by most of my friends the past two years since leaving the corporate plantation, bedding hot foreign women around the globe, and working only when I need to. One even called me a “drifter” among other insults, even though I have a fat bank account, 750ish credit score, a paid for classic hot rod and motorcycle, regularly rent apartments by the sea when I’m abroad, a “Golden Ticket” CDL that allows me to work when I want, and sleep with women who are both thin and pretty on a regular basis.

I guess my former friends can’t handle the fact I’ve abandoned everything they delude themselves with and am happier doing so. I’ve just resigned to the fact most men can’t handle the truth about women and the world, and are comfortable on the human farm subsisting off whatever pittance their masters give them. Always trying to satiate themselves with materialism in ways that will never curb the hunger in their souls. These men have also bowed their heads and accepted the third-class citizen status Anglobitches have foisted upon them. Not me.

You’d think learning to live a better life abroad – and on a shoestring budget at that –  while seeing the entire United States in less than a year (well, 47 states) would turn me into a role model for them. A folk hero. A success story. “Hey, look. Rel made it out of the miserable existence we complain about every day. And he’s got a few bucks in the bank, to boot. And he gets more hot, nubile ass than a toilet seat.” But, you’d be wrong. Once again, being ahead of the curve gets me the gift of being a social pariah among “normal” people. (Luckily, I’m used to it. I’ve been a social pariah for much of my life among normopaths as I’ll detail in my upcoming book.)

I noticed a wedge forming between early on, right after I quit my regular GloboWorldCorp media job. There were a lot of curiosity seekers who thought I was destined to fail. I didn’t, though. As soon as I didn’t fail, I these fair weather friends (and men who I thought were my real friends) started distancing themselves from me. I shared photos of my early poon hunting exploits with close friends when I began my adventures. But now, I just keep those pics to myself. My success with women only seems to create friction between me and my Blue Pill buddies. (This, even though I have repeatedly invited my friends to come with me and share in the bounty. They won’t budge.)

I told my friends about how I had figured out a way to live debt-free and work only when I needed to at a job I enjoyed, driving a semi. Their posture became even colder towards me. It got to the point many of them won’t return my phone calls or text messages anymore, or infrequently if they do, even though I always try to balance talking about things that interest them along with things that interest me. I never tried to show off, just share my enthusiasm for my newfound lifestyle freedom. Are men really that shallow? Jealous, even? It would seem that they are.

A couple of these guys were friends I held in close confidence for over 20 years. It stings a bit that they’ve abandoned me. But, ultimately I have to live my life the way I see fit, not the way others think I should live it. Just be aware that if you follow the Red Pill path, it matters not you try to show your friends the way out. The vast majority of men who are Blue Pill won’t be ready to be unplugged from The Matrix. And they will cut ties with you.

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  • “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility. There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    There’s a common short story angle that you might have come across in the past that reflects what some people do about this situation …

    I’ll provide some particulars for one variation of the story angle: a guy works at a fish cannery and wins the National Lottery, but instead of going off to enjoy some sort of retirement from the fish cannery, he simply buys the fish cannery through a shell company and “keeps” his existing job.

    The rationale is that all of his friends have something to do with the fish cannery, and so if he wants to keep all of his friends that he’s acquired for the past two decades or so after making enough to retire several times over, he can’t break from that situation.

    But what if you don’t get a lottery win or an inheritance dropped into your lap?

    You’ll have to work at improving your situation, and everyone’s eventually going to notice.

    You aren’t going to have the luxury of staying in your old situation, in other words.

    I find it helpful to classify people I know in four different ways: people who are “on the trip with you”, people who are OK with watching you go on “the trip” while doing their own thing, people who are indifferent about “the trip” you are on, and people who are jealous or hate that you get the opportunity to go on “the trip” at all.

    The last group, of course, is the one where the people want to maintain the illusion of “power parity”, and so if you change anything about yourself, they’ll simply hate you all the more for that. They probably covertly hate you already, and so this revelation is a gift: you’ll now get to cut them loose or to let them wander off. With some of these people, you don’t actually have to achieve anything for them to hate you. You simply have to aspire to do something different. They often want what you want, but have no means to achieve it, and so therefore they’ll hate you merely for thinking you can make the attempt.

    The indifferent group, on the other hand, only needs a push to go one way or the other, but unfortunately it’s usually to join the jealous and hateful people. At best, they will want to carry your fame and success like the business card of a powerful ally who can get them out of tight situations, and not for much of an actual friendship.

    That’s why in practice I tend to prefer to hang out with people who are “on the trip with you” or who are OK with watching “the trip” as they do their own thing.

    The real insight is in realising that the other two groups were never really your friends anyway.

    They don’t have any real “skin in the game” when it comes to friendship.


  • @ Rel
    Regarding your CDL “golden ticket” that is only relevant in the US! Here in the U.K the average pay for the equivalent truck driver is circa £10/11 per hour so around $13/14 per hour so no way you can work a few months and go travelling after covering living expenses. Situation regarding pay for this job is even bleaker in much of Europe too.


  • It’s hypocrisy that Angloskanks view their feminist-legislated crimes such as “street harassment” to become one of the most heinous crimes to exist, but when an Angloskank from Red Deer, Alberta videos herself taking intercourse from a 4-year-old boy, she only receives LESS THAN 1.6 YEARS, only because she had sexual intercourse with someone under the Age of consent…How lenient is that? The Canadian court also “considered her lack of a criminal record” as a reason for a lower jail sentence, despite that she is a daycare teacher & she performed sexual intercourse with a 4-YEAR-OLD BOY!!!!!.

    Toronto MAN-HATING FEMINIST STEPHANIE GUTHRIE filed bogus “criminal harassment” allegations against GREGORY ALAN ELLIOTT, who was under bail conditions for over 3 years, such as not having access to a computer, while he faced a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years if found guiltily…After raising 100k in legal fees, he was acquitted because of a very experienced lawyer.

    There was also that Man-hating Lesbo Premier Kathleen Wynne whose close associate, a former Minister of Education official, who was jailed for 1 year for “writing child pornography”….Aside from that weird law (how can “writing” words harm anyone?), he was found guilty of trolling online sex forums lurking around for mostly mothers who were willing to have sexual intercourse with their pre-teen children…He was only caught because an undercover female cop from Toronto recorded evidence from a chat that he counseled her to commit a sexual assault on a pre-teen (writing child pornography charge).

    What makes this worse, is that the Minister was a co-author for the revamped Ontario Sexual Education curriculum where 5-year-olds will be learning about teir teacher’s vulva, penis & vagina, & that faggots, fairies, trannies and lesbians like Kathleen Wynne are considered “normal” for their faggotry, and where applicable, when these LGBTQFEMfucks molest other children in elementary school that it will be considered “homophobia” if one condemns a faggot, feminist or lesbian indulging in sexual intercourse with pre-teen pupils of elementary school.

    There was also that dildo teacher scandal in Toronto.


    • I was hoping you would not mention her name.
      Wyngnut, the Premier, is a sad casualty of either socialism or sodomism and we should not be too hard on her. Sorry, no pun intended.

      Rather, we should focus on the positive, just as in so many other repressive states; the outing of the LBQWHATEVERS is to identify them for the gas chamber collection teams. As I understand it they don’t discriminate for any reason other than religion. It will be a big harvest and is taking some time to get things organized. Be patient.

      Some people are willing to hang her right now. They just don’t want to be the first to suggest it. I’m not suggesting it either as I am a man of peace.

      Besides, we as men just have to step up to the plate.
      Obviously Wyngnutt never met a man. Certainly her husband, who moved down the basement for her strap on buddy to move in, was not a man by any current definition I know of.

      We need to be men and get ready for what is certainly well underway.
      I have, honestly, seen a radical change in some women who were wavering on the edge.
      They know damn well why their own notch counts have dropped off a cliff and that if they want to eat in their retirement years they better change their ways.
      The number of 5’s and 6’s coming on to me in the last year has impressively increased, no I’m not desperate, and the number of 7’s and 8’s who will put up with me for any time at all has increased also. This tells me they are all suffering the post-coitus blues. For women, that could be anytime up to a year after their last fling when it sets in.
      Be of great faith, brother, the forces of evil cannot stand up against the forces of righteousness.
      The creator of the universe needs volunteers to populate the universe. You’ve come this far, will you let him down now?


      • Francophone Quebecois chicks have every good reputation in the USA….Hundreds, if not thousands of men from America travel to Montreal because of the women…However, since that “outrage” on sand Arab Roosh V from privileged feminists like Jessia Lelever and Hayley Firkser (daughters of wealthy billionaires), Montreal turned into hysteria for a while….Protests were becoming common against “Roosh V culture”…They reacted way harsher than what happened on December 06, 1989 by Marc Lepine, who was an Arab Francophone.

        LGBTQFEMpedo+ think that by criminalizing hetero-men will increase sympathy for faggots, lesbians and feminazis, they better think again.

        These faggots will create a very large backlash once they alienate enough white, masculine and gun-owning American men…..Even a few years ago, a disabled handicapped man in the Deep South stood up against armed police in bulletproof vans over a dispute over farming rights.

        Imagine what armed, white American men will do once they get kicked enough like a dog….It’s going to be a very large backlash against those faggots.


  • “Turdeau” & his war measures Act in Quebec, ain’t it? Notwithstanding clause as in that feminist cunt from Greater Toronto creating a precedent in 1993 that her nudity is not sexual, and thus, not afoul of the Criminal Code?

    Turdeau Jr. covertly enforced tyranny on a PUA “Dr. James Sears” aka Dimitri the Lover for posting “hate speech” against Jews and women.

    Canada sucks, & this forum provides info on how their life sux in Toronto and certain cities in Canada:

    Canada sounds like a weird-ass country where lowlife scum are exalted, but anyone who will be of value in the USA or any other country are alienated and oppressed.


    • Excellent definition. That is today’s Canada since 1982; 1984 officially.
      The War Measures Act was a precursor. That entire charade is not as portrayed and must be studied on the side. The truth about Trudeau and the Charter is out there for those who choose to look.
      I well remember martial law on Parliament Hill as I attended an Anti Vietnam rally and had the pleasure of a machine gun in my face from a kid maybe 4 years older. Thankfully he didn’t have a trigger finger.
      That was also the time they took a bomb from the mailbox 3 blocks from my parents house and 1 block from the primary school I had previously attended. Those were formative years for thoughts of freedom of expression in Canada, NOT!
      It’s certainly not like living in East Damascus but Ottawa, Canada is not Syria. Or, it wasn’t then. Not sure about where Canada is going now except culturally and morally to hell.


    • The notwithstanding clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:
      From Wikipedia;
      Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of the Constitution of Canada. It is commonly known as the notwithstanding clause (or la clause dérogatoire in French), or as the override power, and it allows Parliament or provincial legislatures to override certain portions of the Charter.
      It was, and continues to be, perhaps the most controversial provision of the Charter.[1]

      Personal note: The first sentence of the second paragraph following is the hangman’s noose. There are very, very few Canadians that are at all familiar with this document or this section. I know because I ask them. Every cop and soldier knows.

      The federal Parliament, a provincial legislature, or a territorial legislature may declare that one of its laws or part of a law applies temporarily (“notwithstanding”) countermanding sections of the Charter, thereby nullifying any judicial review by overriding the Charter protections for a limited period of time. This is done by including a section in the law clearly specifying which rights have been overridden. A simple majority vote in any of Canada’s fourteen jurisdictions may suspend the core rights of the Charter. The rights to be overridden, however, must be either a fundamental right (e.g., section 2 freedom of expression, religion, association, etc.), a legal right (e.g., liberty, search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, etc.), or a section 15 equality right.[1] Other rights such as section 6 mobility rights, democratic rights, and language rights are inalienable.

      Such a declaration lapses after five years or a lesser time specified in the clause, although the legislature may re-enact the clause indefinitely. The rationale behind having a five-year expiry date is that it is also the maximum amount of time that the Parliament or legislature may sit before an election must be called. Therefore, if the people wish for the law to be repealed they have the right to elect representatives that will carry out the wish of the electorate.[2] (The provisions of the Charter that deal with elections and democratic representation are not among those that can be overridden with the notwithstanding clause.)

      The Notwithstanding Clause reflects the hybrid character of Canadian political institutions. In effect it protects the British tradition of parliamentary supremacy under the American-style system of written constitutional rights and strong courts introduced in 1982.[3] Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien also described it as a tool that could guard against a Supreme Court ruling legalizing hate speech and child pornography as freedom of expression.[2]

      However, the concept of the notwithstanding clause was not created with the Charter. The presence of the clause makes the Charter similar to the Canadian Bill of Rights (1960), which, under section 2, states that “an Act of the Parliament” may declare that a law “shall operate notwithstanding the Canadian Bill of Rights.”
      A primary difference is that the Bill of Rights’ notwithstanding clause could be used to invalidate any right, not just specified clauses as with the Charter.


    • So Canada will legalize feminists to pose naked in front of a little 6-year-old boy or girl as “freedom of speech”?…but if one criticizes that feminist because she is naked in front of a child, it’s considered “hate speech”?
      “The Notwithstanding Clause reflects the hybrid character of Canadian political institutions. In effect it protects the British tradition of parliamentary supremacy under the American-style system of written constitutional rights and strong courts introduced in 1982.[3] Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien also described it as a tool that could guard against a Supreme Court ruling legalizing hate speech and child pornography as freedom of expression.[2]”

      Jean Chretien is archaic and outdated/sarc……In Canada, a female nursery school teacher videotaped sexual conduct with a 4-year-old boy, and she only received 1.5 years in prison because the boy she had sexual intercourse with was only 4-years old, thus under the legal Age of Consent in Canada which is 16, but if a 30-year-old man dates a 16 or 17 old, he can still still be charged for statutory rape because of “age difference”.

      It’s also fuckry that Spritual Tasha Mana is exalted that she caused countless men to have their YouTube accounts to be banned because YT allows her to post videos of herself naked with very young boys that it will constitute child pornography. When YT receives a “fraudulent complaint”, the ban the YouTube complainant.


      • Yes, Leeway, it is a conundrum, however; the charter of rights allows us to tell the government to fuck off in the two major languages and any of the Native languages. That right is protected.

        I can get by in french, obviously English and I am certifiably, you thought I was going to say insane, a Metis. The most hated race in North America. Yes! I can pick any Native language I want and use that to tell them to fuck off too. As long as it does not offend common decency. I don’t think that issue has been addressed yet. And, if a terrorist who doesn’t even belong here can get a several million settlement then I’m sure a homely, home grown red man can get a 5-6 figure windfall. Beats the odds on the lottery.
        Anyways, the natives have stupidly never challenged the Charter because they get the biggest handouts of all. No, not me, Metis in Quebec get a stipend but not Ontario. It is not worth living in that Hell Hole called quebecois for a couple hundred a month believe me. Though, the rents are cheaper, the booze is cheaper, the weed is almost free, the girls are almost not westerners and they are certainly not Anglos. Hmmm, I have not been there in a while… maybe I need to go and double check my facts.


  • Ever since Roosh V became a pariah because he was trolling the Angloskanks while advertising his lifestyle of sleeping with Eastern European women, it is considered “taboo” for men to leave the plantation.

    It was the Canadian media which started that “He’s a rapey-ist-er-rape!” Angloskank hysteria that started from the summer of 2015.

    I’ve seen that Numbeo cost of living thread about Toronto where men were literally posting that their only resort is to off themselves because they can’t leave Toronto.

    In other words, once a man declares that he will leave the plantation, he will end up under house arrest or monitored by three letter agencies in fear of “radicalization” as what is happening secretly and covertly in Toronto Canada.

    I also suspect that these men are being placed on no fly lists so that they can’t leave the country, all because an Angloskank said so.

    I read on a MGTOW FB Page that it’s considered policy by the University of Toronto, Ryerson University & York University to inform law enforcement if a male student sends an email/call/fax message/word of mouth, etc, that he will be leaving the country because he is fed up with the “social rules of the province”, such as dating, feminism, LGBTQ, etc.

    I also read that a Hispanic male was planning to leave Canada altogether, and he went to those Middle Eastern owned Currency Exchange places that are prevalent at North York Finch Ave area, and he noticed that when walking to the exchange place, he saw a fat Angloskank staring at him intently at a bus stop…When he conducted his business to exchange Poloz Canadian Peso, and he left the store, he still saw the Angloskank there, but this time, she pulled out her phone.

    The next day, the Hispanic man received a knock on his door by Toronto Police, asking him if he was planning to leave Canada…When the Hispanic man asked the police why are they asking such a question, they admitted that they received complaints that he was seen at a currency exchange place which “was a suspected front for organized crime”….The Hispanic man began to ask the police what was their basis, etc, and at the end, the police lost their cause, and they only told the Hispanic man that they will or they might contact him again, but the Hispanic man replied, “WHAT CRIME HAVE I COMMITTED OTHER THAN SOMEONE WITH BIAS AND PREJUDICE COMPLAINING THEIR PARANOIA”?, and the police eventually left him alone, and left his flat.


    • The Cops always have some false allegation to hang their feeble reason or ’cause’ to take your rights and trash them.
      Just remember it was Justin’s father who put his penis, I mean, pen on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which incorporated the Notwithstanding Clause, not Santa Clause, er: Satan’s Claws, taking away the rights of all Canadians. That was 30+ years ago.
      Of course in the USA you have the sedition clause.
      There is a reason they call it North York. People should keep in mind the mindset of New York when going to North York/Toronto.
      Trump built a large part of New York and we are not just talking Real Estate. We are talking social construct.
      No prison cannot hold the mind of a truly free man. A social construct/contract can imprison anyone who is not free.
      Beware the Ides of March.


  • So true man-jealousy of your freedom will definitely affect even long standing friendships. The good news is, you tend to gravitate towards men of a similar mind set and can build new genuine friendships.

    Guy friends with wives are by far the worst offenders-you know wifey is scared to death he will get “ideas” from your lifestyle and ditch her. Wives of guy friends insist I can’t possibly be happy without a barnacle woman attached to me. Truth is I’ve never enjoyed life so much.

    I’d feel bad for these husbands if they didn’t dig their own graves


    • Never, ever, let it be said that I did not fully enjoy my longest marriage and most loving wife, however; the idea of being tied to one woman till the day I die would now keep me up all night if I dared to entertain it at all. I shudder at the thought.
      No, I perceive the best option to be a bunch. Not a gaggle, not a harem. They live at their house and I live at mine.
      Three at least. Like once before when it worked just fine.
      Watch them like a hawk and replace them if they get out of line.
      Yeah, I know what people think, what a dreamer.
      Dream big, boy, or don’t dream at all.


    • Bingo. And I’m glad to see ol’ Crab Rangoon’s handle. One of my favorite commenters in the ‘sphere, breh, no homo.

      As far as ‘old friends’ go, there gets to be an awkward divide as the decades pile up. Unless you’ve lived a similar life, there gets to be less and less to talk about. They’ve made an investment in their kids, weathered their divorce (ALL of them) and just don’t want to hear about how a 5’8″ middle-aged beta with little money (me) can go play with big 19 year old tits in Asia for an hour or two on Sunday afternoon for what it costs them to fill their gas tank. First off, they won’t believe that Asian girls can every have big tits. Okay, then. They’re trying to bang overweight 40 somethings from high school and they don’t want to see the vacation pics, as it were. They don’t believe me anyway. The conversation stalls. They go back to regurgitating some old name from high school and talking about things that happened 30 years ago. But your old friends are so sacred that you can’t really call it off. So, a few times a year, have a few beers and relax. There are still some good things about them, but if they were to write me off, then I can hardly think of something that I could get over more easily. A big part of me could just cut ALL ties with EVERYONE and just go out into the world again. Day one. That would clean my mind out in the best way.

      As far as trying to be the Paul Revere figure who comes in to save the day and tell them to get out…they’re not ever going to do it. All you’re doing there is informing them that their life sucks and they don’t want to hear it. You can tell they would never have the balls at all. Also, the internet allows them to glean any kind of slight negative perception for any part of the world that they can inflate into an excuse for not ever leaving. It’s boring to me.

      When I’m home with the old boys, it feels like I’ve aged 30 years in a day. Get that passport back in hand and I’m 24 forever, because my physical energy is that age, my hobbies are the same, and the girls I get are that age or younger.


      • Thanks man! Didn’t realize I had made impacts but glad to be part of the ‘sphere. Guess the comments add up over time. Agreed that old friends can make you feel…old! I see plenty of guys my age (I’m 40) that act like they’re grandpas already.


  • The girl in the photo…would bang without a condom.


  • you will know who your real friends are when you are down and out
    you don’t have any


    • He’s not ‘down and out,’ just the opposite. Outside of money issues, most guys will gladly take in their ‘down and out’ friend because nearly all post-30 males in the USA are down and out too, whether they know it or not.


  • It used to be that men had their “social clubs” where they spent most of their time
    outside of work and other duties. Now that women have destroyed those arenas
    (in the Anglosphere) completely, men tend to migrate from home to work and back again with little time to tend to friendships.

    This in turn makes a man even more dependant on his partner/wife, as she is now all that he has
    left to meet his social needs.(Which she cannot fulfill completely, since men obviously relate to each other in an entirely different manner than the male-female social dynamic.)

    The modern Western woman is very proficient at destroying male friendships, I`ve
    seen this so may times with men I grew up with.


    • Seen myself man. These women love to isolate their men from any other influence. Then to add insult to injury, they get bored of the same guy because he has no interests outside of her. Consider ourselves lucky to understand these things.


  • Yes! Blue pillers are scared of the truth!


  • So true!!

    My best friend, blood brother and comrade of 30+ years, not only cut ties with me, but he tried to shag my (then) GF, and completely talked shit about me to her. He then went on and stole a lot of my personal property from me while I was at work, while he was at my house working on his own projects with my tools after I told him to come by anytime to work on his stuff. After all, why wouldn’t I?

    We were buddies!!

    I had no idea of any of this until my GF told me what he tried to do to her. And I only discovered what he had stole when I started packing to move out of state. It turns the whole thing of …”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” completely on its head!


    • Hmmm!
      You found out from her?
      How cute! You gotta wonder where her head, and heart, are at.
      Where’s yours?


      • Yeah silly me for being too trusting! Women I’ve naturally always kept an emotional distance from, but I suppose I’m guilty of trusting my best friend from 13 years old too much.

        I’ve learned a painful truth no doubt!!


      • Still, Jim. You learned.
        They often know neither their own mind nor their own heart. They can be honorable though.
        When we as men can discern their true nature, especially where they cannot, then we have won our position as head. It may often be, also, when we have won them; as in her or another.
        They must be ruled, and they must submit to it, for it to work.
        The process of success with women, and I believe it is a process like building a business empire or just a reasonable life, most often takes considered reflection upon our own selves and no one else, in my experience. And that only after long experience, many women, even with consideration of our mother, grandmother and others, and much deep introspection.
        Self analysis, without condemnation but certainly correction, becomes a lifetime and daily habit. Through that we do, we may, indeed, become Kings and then they can be our Queens.
        Sorry if that sounds sappy but there it is.

        One question, for reflection, for yourself; did she tell you the real true situation regarding your friend, at least as she presented it, in vindication of her position through it all or, justification of herself of sorts, or, maybe some other? There is always a distinct nuance in their thoughts, words or actions which belies the truth, and, even if they don’t see it you may.

        The greatest men, which we attain to be, are always their best critics and best teachers.
        I know of no alternative.


  • Yeah, it does take a while to find out who your friends are.
    Not whom you thought!


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