Cultural Static: The Anglo-Feminist Cult of Foreign Interference

The Anglo-American goddess cult regularly interjects itself into the affairs of other cultures

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Anglosphere countries have a persistent habit of interfering in the affairs of foreign lands. This is not just in the military sphere, but also in the fields of culture, economics and even law. Not a day goes by without the Anglosphere threatening sanctions or military action against some sovereign state and its people. Where does this cultural arrogance originate?

The assumption that corrupt, repressive, divided, racist countries like the US, UK and Australia occupy some lofty plane of moral perfection goes largely unchallenged in the world.  The elitist Anglosphere media are primarily responsible for maintaining these delusions; by focusing on the rosy lives of unrepresentative economic elites, they hide inequality, injustice and repression behind a cloak of dreams. This is why visitors to Anglo-American nations are invariably astonished by the vast gulf dividing real life from the media’s carefully-crafted illusions: divided lands, with the Blue Pill simulation completely at odds with the Red Pill reality.

While the Anglosphere nations continually excoriate foreign cultures, it never occurs to them that Anglo culture is in itself riddled with dysfunction. Aside from a few private schools and elite universities, most Anglo-Americans remain resolutely anti-intellectual, lost in narcissistic fantasies of self-aggrandisement and largely unfit to make any socio-economic contribution. As is also well known, the Anglosphere contains a large, uneducable underclass prone to crime, Welfare dependency and drug addiction; a costly burden in social, legal and economic terms.

However, it is in the area of gender-relations where Anglo-American self-delusion reigns almost totally supreme. We could immediately point out the massive rates of singleness, childlessness and divorce that define the Anglo world (certainly the white majority within that world). Instead of blonde, lissom cheerleaders giving free sex to everybody, foreigners find the frosty Anglobitch in all her borderline, entitled glory; a misandrist legal system; high levels of male school failure, homelessness and suicide; and an endless torrent of false abuse allegations directed at men for the ‘crime’ of having a sex drive. In some ways, seeing the real Anglosphere is like Neo awakening from the Matrix to find his real body immersed in a vat of chemicals.

Despite this grim reality, the Anglosphere countries unthinkingly assume they have a right to ‘correct’ other nations and show them the way on every issue. Quite how the Anglo-American elite feel they have a right to impose their toxic values around the world only becomes clear when we examine the underlying pillars of Anglo-Saxon civilization. The most important of these is the extreme class distinction that characterizes the Anglo-American world, which has comparatively limited social mobility despite endlessly bleating about ‘equality’, ‘rights’ and ‘justice’. Simply put, Anglo social elites never encounter the uneducable underclass, falsely-imprisoned men and fatherless children their repressive culture creates, and consequently believe that culture must be perfect. The British sociologist Anthony Giddens calls this Anglo tendency ‘structuration’, a kind of social apartheid that cuts across every area of social life. Briefly put, if the Anglosphere elite had even the most rudimentary knowledge of their own societies, they would never assume an attitude of cultural superiority.

Another factor in play is the dominance of the empirical tradition in Anglo-Saxon intellectual life. While the concise rationality of philosophical movements such as American pragmatism or British logical positivism is intellectually admirable, the dominance of such empirical movements indicates a certain lack of self-awareness among the Anglo-American intelligentsia – and by extension, Anglo-American civilization in general. When analysis is one’s sole intellectual and cultural recourse, it inevitably leads a culture away from healthy self-awareness. For example, contrast the deep German shame over the Holocaust with the glib glossing of Britain’s pivotal role in the slave trade – whole cities like Liverpool and Bristol grew fat on this vile trade, yet Britain’s guilt about its complicity remains disturbingly negligible. In modern times, the same lack of Anglo self-awareness characterizes not only politicians and thought-leaders but Angloskanks themselves – how can men not be attracted to their borderline personalities, overbearing sense of entitlement and landwhale dimensions? No, guys that flee (or want to flee) the Plantation must be mad, blind or gay.

As a former newsman, RF talks a lot about the mainstream media’s abuse of Hegelian dialectic in the cultural war that engulfs us. Create a false flag threat of some kind – then concoct repressive measures to ‘counter’ and ‘protect’ the masses from it. By this means, the masses gleefully accept the terms of their own coercion; a good example being the recent ‘sex abuse’ hysteria. However, the same method can be deployed strategically: for example, the Anglosphere has used the Holocaust to deflect criticism of its own historical misdeeds for many decades now.  Yes, the Holocaust happened and it was wrong; but the Anglosphere nations have gleefully seized on it as the ‘greatest evil’ in history to hide their own crimes against blacks, Indians, Scots, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. A whole conceptual climate has been cleverly built on Anglo-Saxon opposition to Nazi Germany, which gives underhand legitimacy to modern Anglo-American imperialism and its warped mission to impose repressive Anglo-feminism across the globe.

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    There hasn’t been an Anglo nation since 1965 when that drunkard IRISH senator passed that infamous Immigration policy.

    If you really want a legitimate critique you’d have to grant Anglos their own nation, run by and for themselves. Then see what happens.


  • “Yes, the Holocaust happened and it was wrong; but the Anglosphere nations have gleefully seized on it as the ‘greatest evil’ in history to hide their own crimes against blacks, Indians, Scots, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.”

    This is one of the most annoying things about Anglos IMO. Whenever you call them out on past (and current) imperialist atrocities, they either deny them entirely or give you a repackaged version of “White Man’s Burden.” To be fair, every imperialist power in history has used some variant of “White Man’s Burden” to justify its actions. Although, past imperialist powers (e.g. Ancient Rome, Mongols, etc.) generally did bring some material and cultural benefits to their conquered peoples, unlike the Anglosphere which only brings some material benefits and a lot of cultural destruction. Then Anglos wonder why much of the world hates them because they still consider themselves the “good guys.”


  • It’s all social conditioning. It’s all social programming. It’s all social brainwashing. It’s all gynocentrism, male disposability and cultural misandry. Women are the privileged class. The matriarchy are the privileged class. The patriarchy created all of our social structures to ensure common men remained disposable on women’s and the state’s behalf. That’s how we got Title IX, Affirmative Action, Affirmative Consent, VAWA, The Male-Only Draft, Men Last in the Life Boats, No-Fault Divorce, Alimony, Asset Division, Child Support, SNAW, WIC, Female-Only Scholarships and why women get priority in health, education, employment and welfare. It’s all a scam. If you’re not on your knee simping to the matriarchy, then you’re not a ‘real man’ and will be targeted as an enemy of the gyno-state. It’s all about controlling men’s thoughts and actions and ensuring the surplus labor of men flows to women and her cucked state husband. It’s all a lie. All men have been conned. It was men who built and maintained all upon the earth. It was men’s lives that were trafficked, exploited and disposed of by women and her gyno-state husband for women’s and the gyno-state’s safety and welfare. That’s the human sacrifice of one group by another. That’s gendercide. Feminism is quite simply the appropriation of masculine achievement. The matriarchy wants men to work against their own best interests in favor of women and her socialist state husband. Funny how everyone loves ‘toxic masculinity’ when there’s a war to be fought and common men’s lives must be sacrificed for women’s and the gyno-state’s safety and welfare.

    Cast off thine socially imposed conditioning, illusions and enchantments. Free yourself from the misandry-matrix. The Red Pill Truth shall set you free. MGTOW 4 Life.

    Bishes be hoes. Bros before hoes always. FK dem bishes. Men rule for reasons.


  • Why do Angloskanks think it’s right to order US military to bomb entire foreign countries because of rumors that a 17-year-old female is married to an Arab or wealthy Nigerian Prince? Why? I thought Angloskanks are liberal that they support female teachers to engage in sex with 9-year-old male students as a sexual preference and “women rights”.


  • The major issue with American, Canada & to some extent UK/EU foreign policy is that it’s fixated on Angloskank feminist issues and coercion!
    Before the invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan, tradcon George Bush Jr. insisted that America should send missiles into Iraq in order to “liberate Muslim women from patriarchal oppression”.
    Obama in 2012-2014 also tried to invade Nigeria accusing someone named “Kony 2012” of kidnapping girls and marrying them off before the Angloskank sacred age of 18.
    The hypocrisy of Angloskank military foreign policy is that in order to appease an Angloskank feminist agenda, millions of innocent Muslims, Africans and non-whites have to be exterminated by the US Army in order to “liberate” those countries from “patriarchy”.


  • #Never Forget what Hitlery did to Cuba Dave in Costa Rica. That wretched & vile feminist crusader.


    • Yeah that was horrible but Cuba Dave should have kept his life off of social media. There was no point. If you’re going to ghost, then ghost.


  • I will give the Anglosphere credit for its material inventions (although created with help of knowledge from previous civilizations as is usually the case) and for capitalizing on the mistakes of other races to achieve world-domination (for a short time). However, those thing alone will only get you so far. It seems to me that humanity would now be much better off without the Anglo race. The forces of History would seem to agree seeing as how the Anglo race is currently committing suicide.


    • It is not the White Race that is a serious problem.
      It is the WASP’s. White Anglo Saxon Protestants led by London but ruled by Rome.
      The average white man in the street thinks he’s mulatto anyway; which is correct. Go back 4 generations and your have how many bloodlines? 30! One more and you have up to 62 different genetic lines.
      The immigrants, natives, blacks and hispanics in America are just as fucked as the anglo skanks (white bitchs) and their cucks (white eunuchs).
      Not to worry though, a short civil war will eliminate the problem of all those slaves that just cost in benefits. AND if the ruling WASP’s, and their Uncle Tom wanna be’s play their cards right, they can knock the planetary numbers down to a reasonable slave level in no time.
      Sounds like the plan to me.
      Not my plan though.


      • That’s why I said Anglo race and not white race. I am well aware of the fact that not all whites are Anglos.


      • Who are the Anglos really?
        Today, they are a mish mash of Anglo/Franco.
        Did they not both come out of the Roman Empire homogenization?


  • Miss America the Beautiful!!!
    Oh well, nice try Yankees.
    We gave you the finest pristine, fertile, verdant land on the planet and you raped it and butchered till you couldn’t sell it no mo.
    Sorry nor refunds and no where for you to go.
    Outer space is closed to Yanks until they clean up their room.
    It is not prison planet it is PRISON USA. Nobody gets out till they clean up their room.
    That includes you Trump the Bumb!


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